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SO I've been wanting to change my gaia username since being recognized wont matter when this shuts down. Vote?

THE INSEMINAT0R (to celebrate my recent AI certification.) 0.4468085106383 44.7% [ 21 ]
starfarts (because I'm a sick ******** and because starpoop is taken) 0.34042553191489 34.0% [ 16 ]
other (preferably something with star, post in thread) 0.21276595744681 21.3% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 47 ]
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                WELCOME TO ★ STAR PROJECT!
                GOLD DONATED, FINAL COUNT: 22,276,900g

                Thread now closed. Reasons are below. It's been fun, love y'all, bye.
                My mod fauxpaws has opened a charity to not only replace but outshine this one.
                Old friends, please stop by and keep our group together. See you there!
                New faces, I really recommend visiting her. She's a sweetheart.
                kim's GOLD BUFFET

                WE KNOW YOU'RE QUESTING. STFU.
                We're a little bit like fight club. The first rule of questing here is that you NEVER TALK ABOUT QUESTING. You wouldn't be here if you weren't questing. If you want any chance at donations whatsoever, keep this in mind. Reading the rules before you post is a must.

                This is a hangout style charity. There are no donation applications to fill out. I created this thread to welcome all gaians and converse with a variety of people. HOW IT WORKS; Stay for a while, receive a donation when I feel you deserve one. In the mean time, make some new friends. Looking for gold fast? Not your kind of thread? Here, let me help you with that. This place isn't for everybody. There are plenty of charities out there who don't mind begging, hinting, and a** kissing. Go find one if that is what you have in mind.

                If this sounds like your cup of tea, don't be shy, have fun! Warning: I'm 22 years old and I have a slightly twisted, perverse, and inappropriate sense of humor. I'm not mean, but I'm very blunt. I won't say minors aren't allowed, but enter at your own risk. Cursing and mature topics are guaranteed.

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                Consider linking us in your signature.

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              Friday, January 25th, 2013
              Star Project will be permanently closing on February 11th, 2013.

              If you’re curious as to why…read on. If not, that’s fine too…it’s a pretty long rant.

              I opened this charity on February 11th, 2012. The project has lasted a full year and I’ve given away more than 20,000,000 gold (and still counting) to you fellow gaians. Most of the gold was my own personal, hard earned gold, but I want to take the time to give a warm, appreciative shout out to those of you who helped keep the charity going with donations ranging from 1g-1,000,000g. You guys are awesome! Never lose that giving spirit, both on gaia and in real life. Heaven knows we need a few more decent people in this world.

              I also want to give an internet hug to the handful of you who were here for more than just gold. An extra big thanks to Define Interesting and Kim/FAUX/whoa (whatever she goes by now) for helping me run this place and keeping everyone else in line. To the rest of you, I enjoyed the conversation, company, and friendship…and really, that was the one and only main point of this thread.

              That being said, I am no longer willing to run this charity. There are so, so many reasons. For one, I absolutely hate the gaia administration. In my opinion, they’re sell outs. This site has become garbage and more about quantity than quality. ******** that.

              In addition, the never ending greed has turned me so bitter that I find it hard to appreciate those of you who are true gems. I would like to point out that this is a website and nothing more. These pixels don’t actually exist…and as the most un-artistic person I know, I could probably doodle for you a pixel in MS Paint that is of higher quality than some of the items that cost a millionbazillion gold. How can you be so greedy over something that doesn’t even really exist? Come on now. This site was originally intended for social purposes (role playing if you want to be technical, but that’s beside the point) and it has turned into a huge race for who has a larger fake bank account and a bigger inventory of fake items. Obviously I’m no longer interested. Is it okay to want these things? Well, yeah, materialism is fine when you’re a rational human being. But wanting pretty things is a far cry from being an obsessed whore who will ******** over anyone in their path to get a halo, or a kitten star, or whatever it is on your pixel questing agenda. Hacking, scamming, nonstop begging, hinting, whining, or even just being a complete d**k with gold as your only priority…again, it’s a website. How does a pixel matter so much to you that you forget how to be a human being? It baffles the hell out of me.

              Then, of course, there’s real life to consider. My two jobs, three majors, and actual social life leave little room for gaia. All things considered, I ask myself: why would I want to spend the free time I do have being stressed out over a website? The answer is pretty simple: I don’t. My heart hasn’t been in it for a long time, and I think it has been obvious to those of you close to me. Half-assing everything is no way to run a charity, and for that I apologize.

              There will be no big giveaway, no liquidation of my inventory, no huge event. The usual donations to those who deserve it will still occur for the last couple of weeks, but that is it. I’m not currently in an extra-giving mood. I also don’t feel like spending the end of our time together attracting hit-and-run pixel whores. I’ve had enough of that s**t. (Can you tell?)

              Most of this announcement has been really negative, so I’ll try to end on a more positive note. I enjoyed most of the time this charity was here. I enjoyed giving out over 20 million worth of gold and items to you deserving people. Pixels mean very little to me and I’m glad I could help you guys out. I feel like this thread’s one year anniversary is as perfect of an ending as possible. To the handful of you who care more about the loss of a hangout/losing touch with friends: I’m sorry. I’m giving this notice way ahead of time for you guys! If you want to keep in contact with me, let me know. A very select few of you who I know I can trust are already on my facebook. I can guarantee I won’t be adding any other gaians to it so please don’t ask. It’s nothing personal I just don’t want to be raped. For now, I am not totally quitting gaia. I’ll still sign on to reply to PMs and maybe help bump some of your booty grab tank. PM me and we’ll set up some way to keep in touch. If there is anyone else from the thread that you want to keep in touch with, make sure you add them or exchange emails or whatever it is y’all want to do. If someone wants to make a hangout thread to try and keep the group together, go for it. All I am saying is that by the morning of February 11th (EST) I will have already asked a moderator to freeze the thread.

              Thanks for your time, guys.
              - Star / Abbey

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                The Golden Rules
                Do not beg in any way (PMs or posting)
                Do not ask for a donation.
                Do not state you are questing or what you are questing unless specifically asked!
                Do not use a post style that somehow includes a quest.

                    Doing any of the above guarantees you will never receive a donation.
                    This is my form of natural selection/darwinism. If you can't even read this far into the thread before posting, you'll never get anything from me. KTHX. Plenty of people who have the courtesy and common sense to read rules are way more deserving of MY things than you are..

                The Other Rules
                Follow ToS
                Do not spam or troll
                Do not stretch my pages please, edit asap if you do
                SHOW RESPECT and include all
                Listen to what my mods and I say
                Be as literate as you possibly can
                Grammar Nazism is not welcome either
                Donations are given when I feel they are deserved
                Try to quote people when responding, but trim quote trees!
                Do not advertise here, PM for affiliation
                Mature, off-color humor/themes & extreme foul language are always a possibility
                If you have a problem, get over it. If you can't, use PMs not my thread!
                IN REGARDS TO BUMPING!!!
                Quote pulled straight from Charity/Quest Rules and Guidelines written by Umaeril, a forum assistant
                Bumps are posts made, generally using the word bump or an emoticon or an image, for the purpose of moving the thread to the first page. If your thread is on the first page there is no reason to bump it up.

                I am WAY more lenient about these rules, guys. I shrug minor offenses off, stuff happens.
                I reserve my right to change rules and add anyone to my ignore list for any reason.

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                User Imagefauxpaws
                I'm Faux (or Kim). In real life, I'm a 21 year old science-based
                major. I've been part of Gaia on and off since 2004 (this
                account used to be a mule) and currently I don't plan on leaving
                again anytime soon. I spend most of my days here in star
                project, in other charities, the exchange, or in the art forums.
                If I'm not online I'm either studying or working. I like chatting
                and making new friends. I also like to be helpful and informative,
                so if you've got a medical or human body question but don't know
                if you should actually see a physician yet, then I'm your gal! In my
                spare time I'm on Gaia (duh), reading, or eating. Please stay and
                chat with me. :3

                User ImageDefine Interesting
                Star insisted I write something so here it is stare
                You can call me Define, DI, or whatever little creative nickname
                your mind can come up with. 19 years old and I have been
                around Gaia maybe two years(I know I know but we all can't
                be 7-9 year members lol ) My interests on Gaia include but
                not limited to Booty Grab, Alchemy, Art Forums, and generally
                being a nuisannce to the regulars in Star Project. emotion_awesome I'm rather
                nerdy as well so if you want to talk video games, super hero
                movies, or TV shows I'll usually have something to say. Brownie
                points go to those that figure out what show my username is derived from.

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                STAR PROJECT → YOU
                This thread's FINAL donation -
                kim's GOLD BUFFET (fauxpaws) - 1,800,000g, Cyrus Achaemenid, Traveler's Saga, Mint Chocolate Queen of Cups, First Frost, Laceback Golashes, Outlaw Wolf

                She's the giver now. Good luck, Kim!
                I really suggest hanging around her thread. Link to be posted.

                previous donations -
                Treasach - 150,000g
                KathyMariexo - December 2012 Sealed Envelope, 100,000g
                The Solarised Night - 100,000g
                Ladybug Hyuna - 100,000g
                Ethomara - 100,000g
                binghu - Wed to Darkness, 30,000g
                iFizafrin - 30,000g
                Horny Mushrooms - 100,000g
                Technicolour Smile - 100,000g
                Nyl Moros - 100,000g
                bee pollen - 100,000g
                Undie_Stew - Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, 50,000g
                Ayasha Hiroshi - 140,000g
                mintcube - 100,000g, Dark Reflection 2
                Awesomely Awkward Allie - Winter Rose, Kiki, Coco, 70,000g
                TrueBonanza - 100,000g
                His Favourite Nightmare - 100,000g
                Purple Pimp Crusader - The Suspended Traitor
                [Ja.Lo.Yo.Lo.Ti.] - 150,000g
                BreakingPromises - 100,000g
                o-Bear-o - 100,000g
                ayyitskimberlay - 25,000g
                Fairy Black Candy - 100,000g
                DramaFish - 50,000g
                Queen Dearie - 150,000g
                Peach Syrup - 100,000g
                trishalee66969 - 100,000g
                Skarlis - 100,000g
                edokitty - 50,000g
                JessehBoo - 125,000g
                the Quinncess - 175,000g
                Microphone Rain - 100,000g
                viasindios666 - 120,000g, Astrostella
                Hazel Madoku - 100,000g
                Chai Vee - 20,000g
                Ms Sharra - Pink Dragoness
                -SHINEESHIDAE- - 100,000g
                Riixke - 100,000g
                Wolfertons - 50,000g
                Hyoz - 100,000g
                nanodotbunny - Corroded Strongman
                l3ubblegum l3last - 100,000g
                xPlay Dead - Custom Cut, 3rd gen
                Days of Raine - Beat Gear, 100,000g
                Beneventum Loves Hannah - 100,000g
                Dusty X Heart - 100,000g
                Na Noh Sheelo - 100,000g
                Shmooze - 100,000g
                Raspberry Flavored Milk - 250,000g, Yemaya's Pearl, 3 Bikini Sets
                the purple mew - 100,000g
                Razumi Yazura - Thor's Passion, Hanakage's Dance, Punk Raven, 50,000g, Dark Reflection 2
                Avid Desire - 100,000g
                - Sorrowful Elegance - 100,000g
                The Angry Emperor - 100,000g, Bleeding Suits, Peeling Green, Bird of Unparadise
                Wafflesaurous Rex - 40,000g
                Define Interesting - Formula 3: Fausto's Bottle, 175,000, Grunny Sub x14, Formula 5: Floating Devil Imp Potion B, Wed to Darkness
                Snake Oil Salesman - 100,000g
                Shining Wizard - 100,000g
                The Malfoy Mistress - 100,000g
                Hey Youu - 67,000g
                Child of Horus - 100,000g
                ItchyQuilt - 100,000g
                Celibalra - 150,000g
                woah kimz - Blue Belle, 395,000g, Celaeno, 2x Lawnshark, Outlaw Wolf, Apprentice Charm, Happy Capsule, Dark Reflection 2
                l Astraia l - 100,000g
                SilverDolphin - Fraulein Marzen
                -ProcrastinatingSpazz- - 475,000g
                izJessRawrz - Fragrant Heartbeat, 175,000g
                Enchanted Seduction - 150,000g
                xXUnusually_UniqueXx - 100,000g
                mindlessmeghan - Rosamund's Revenge, Rosie Bridesmaid, Glittering Carouser
                o 0 R e i k a 0 o - 150,000g
                hollyleaf8120 - 100,000g
                RoyaI Decapitation - 200,000
                Voodoo Kittie - 100,000g
                Vaiche - 150,000g
                Rainbowrific Renia - 930,000g, The Wasp, LSP Companion, Elven Space Cadet, Dark Reflection 2
                Shilosaur - Runcible Spoon, 2nd gen
                Double Boubble - 100,000g
                earthkai - 100,000g
                hipthenstir - Demonic Anklets
                Onetruelove09 - 100,000g
                opened once - Mystery of the Stolen Sapphire
                Beamsofsorrow - 150,000g
                Apple Amazing - Custom Cut 2nd gen.
                Glamazon Archer - The Nightmare (3rd gen), Untoten Genger
                djraitz3194 - Nitemare Sash, Lyndexer's Journal, 75,000g

                total donated: 22,276,900g*
                *I include LMP price at the time all items are donated in above calculations!
                Most donations will be sent from a mule. My main mule is SAMSQUIRREL.

                YOU → STAR PROJECT

                Undie_Stew - 20,000g
                Apple OMFG - Wed to Darkness, First Frost, Travelers Saga, Onyx Galaxy Belt, Cary's Guitar, Blue Spacefleet Uniform, Cosmosis' Cape, Bollywood Big Finish, Daring Diamond x2, Highlander's Pride, Red Plaid Luggage, 576,374g
                Ayasha Hiroshi - Sickly Triplet, September 2011 MC Letter, 250,000g
                anserine - 100,000g
                Awesomely Awkward Allie - 100,000g, Princess Kaguya, December 2012 Sealed Envelope, Brown Magical Giftbox x2, Blue Magical Giftbox, Enchanted Wooden Trunk
                Infinitize - 3,000g
                P l N K D O N U T - 524,966g
                Infinitize - 3,000g
                Exotic Tea - 598,000g
                TazzyC123 - 21,000g
                Razumi Yazura - 45,000g
                ayyitskimberlay - 42,772g, Angelic Camisole
                terra_hill - Spirited 2k9 Cape, Overseer Tarp Cape, Gwee the Dragon, Freki the Red Wolf, Elegant White Knee-Length Trousers, Moon Lantern, Actaeon's Blessing
                Fairy Black Candy - 15,000g
                Homicidal TicTac - 713,670g
                anserine - Pink City Cowboy Boots
                the Quinncess - 15,000g
                Peach Syrup - 99,980g
                viasindios666 - 115,700g, Arrow Phaser, Electric Shock, Unseen Wizard
                Zukiloid - 120,300g
                ExtraSweets - 7,500g
                Riixke - 40,000g, Ribbon Rapture, Various Aquarium Items, Fausto's Bottle 11th Gen, Dead Inside..., Bloody Bunny Slippers, Blue Sweetheart Ruffled Dress
                Stacey dono - Red Corset Vest, Carmine Red Robo, Heroine Trenchcoat, Healthy Thermometer, Fever Thermometer, Blood Red Nurse Cap, Blood, Red Nurse Shoes, Blood Red Nurse Uniform, Claret Red Neck Warmer, Red Dotted Stockings, Red Checkered Stockings, Red Zigzag Stockings, White Sweetheart Stockings
                Teh Rainbow Socked Ninjas - 45,000g
                Microphone Rain - 3,000g
                Avid Desire - 25,000g, Aquarium Big Gem x10, Aquarium Background (Gaia), miscellaneous lite fish
                xPlay Dead - 1,000,000g
                Raspberry Flavored Milk - 31,500g
                Razumi Yazura - 75,000g
                Quillu - 210,500g
                Person who wishes to remain anonymous - 2x Airshark, 3x Giant Stone Coatl, 393,000g
                F A U X S H 0 W - 225,000g, Irrawaddy Dolphin, FMAB Ling Yao, Elegant Veil, Shadow Spirit, Elemental Hair, Oculus Magica, Path of Luna, Kaya the Cat, Gimpi 4th gen.
                Shmooze - 100,000g
                Holy Blasphemy - 10,073g, Ocean Summer Top (x6), Purple Babydoll Gloves, Red Babydoll Gloves, Yellow Babydoll Gloves, White Babydoll Gloves, Basic Black One Piece, The 4th Amigo Lucky Pants
                Guine - 100,000g
                Devilish Cherub - Kiss Antennae Ball, Pink Magical Giftbox
                Teacup Creations - Thimble's Tea Part, 53,000g
                Evelin333 - 10,000g, Harry Potter's Wand, Kiki Fleece Hat, A Fat Cat Bag, Groucho Glasses, Sagamate, Celaeno, 433 tickets, Aquarium Squid [lite], Cute Ghost Mask, Marshall Companion, Ghostie, Dark Elf's Circlet
                Onetruelove09 - 150,000g
                l Astraia l - snow feather, the moon (mewn moo!), monsieur panda, polar bear hat, stereo hearts, sauvignon blanche
                mindlessmeghan - aquarium arrow fishx2, aquarium seahorse[lite], aquarium sharktooth fish, aquarium mr. crooks[lite]x2, aquarium octopii[lite], aquarium knight fish[lite], aquarium squid[lite], aquarium droops[lite], aquarium spikey, teal honeymoon camisole
                Voodoo Kittie - inks, papers, 10 tokens, wind halo, red heart balloon, pink magical giftbox, blue magical giftbox, summon gingerbread fluff
                I Am Ferret - stylish ochre winter skirt, yellow babydoll tunic, kung fu panda (white belt), lidless demon armor, red babydoll gloves, Glittering Carouser, tiered tinsel dress, white babydoll gloves, Sweet Sealie, The Wasp, beastly rose, playtex surfboard
                SilverDolphin - Rosamund's Revenge, 15,000g
                Vaiche - heart antenna ball, yellow puppy fleece hat, fluff battle tshirt
                djraitz3194c - 127,000g
                Sexually Psychotic - 50,000g
                opened once - 460,000g
                coeur de khun - 500,000g
                Darkwraith Void - 10,000g

                about announcements rules moderators donations contests link in link out about star

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