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The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts...

All on a summer's day. 0.45 45.0% [ 9 ]
The Knave of Hearts -- 0.25 25.0% [ 5 ]
he stole the tarts! 0.3 30.0% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 20 ]
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*cuts banner*

Welcome to Snolly's Quest thread!

I shall be back later to fill out many surveys and spend my time answering polls and chatting in various places to earn gold, but it is currently 5:30 in the morning and I have not been to sleep yet.
^__^ I think perhaps I am going to read a bit of the book Pretties before I go to bed. Either way, I'll have to wait until I can tear my boyfriend away from Metal Gear Solid 2 before I hit the sack.

So I really want a new signature or quest link, so I think I might go into a mini-shop forum for a pretty graphic since I fail at them. It shouldn't set me back too much gold.

Voila! In my never-ending desire for more gold, I am now going to fill out a million surveys in this quest thread to not only keep it bumped and active, but to earn gold through posting.
The first quiz is apparently a "girly quiz."

Do you stuff your bra?
Umm. No.
Have you ever stuffed your bra?
Again with the no.
What make-up do you wear daily?
If I leave my house I wear eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip gloss, mascara, and foundation.
What are your underwear like right now?
You nosy b*****d. I'm wearing a lime-green thong.
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Right now, one. I should have two more pairs packed away somewhere, but I can't find them right now.
Come on, tell the truth. Is that really your true hair color?
Nope. I dyed it red a couple of months ago and now it's time to do it again or go brown again.
What do you most like about your body?
My small waist and giant a**. I look hot in a pair of jeans.
And least?
Flabby thighs and crooked teeth.
How many fillings do you have?
Seven, and one root canal filled.
Do you think you're good looking?
Yes. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm like, "Damn, you are one sexy b***h."

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