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              Update - Hiatus.

              I'm noob at this whole charity thing, so excuse the retarded-ness.

              The Story :
              Once upon a time, I was questing for some item[forgot]
              and I looking through all those charities and they had some stupid requirements like
              must have 455340 post
              account must me 45897345 days old
              and s**t alike
              So now I'm here to bring suffering to you all biggrin
              jk. But I try to make this a MUCH SIMPLER process

              Read third post for more info. :]
              Don't worry None of that three paragraph "How to" s**t

              Gold Funds ; Low
              Item Funds ; Low

              1: Intro
              2. Rules/ReadMe/Updates
              3. How to get donated/form
              4. Event
              5. Donation Given
              6. Donations to thread
              7 - Reserved
              8 - reserved

        The Duhhs

              one. Follow Gaia ToS
              two. Respect everyone in this thread
              three. Do not spam, page stretch, troll, etc..
              four. Try to be literate. I don't mind abbreviations but d0n't typ3 lyk3 dezzz
              A few curses here and there is okay, but don't curse every other word.
              five. Do not beg
              six. Read the Readme below. It may answer some of your questions.
              seven. I reserve the right to add more rules whenever (:
              Eight. Hit&Runs - Send me trade labeled "Charity-H&R" or I won't know what it is for.
              [Yes, Hit and runs MUST send me trade first]
              Nine. Post ALL forms in this thread unless states otherwise.

              Ten - You can post any one form once a month

              Follow the rules (:
              I don't have a blacklist; sodon't make me add one D:<


              12/28 - New Years Event Added

        READ ME

              Q: wow. Only XXXXXXg. Are you that Asian?
              A: If I had enough to donate 1mil to everyone; don't you think I would rather get my OMG instead? talk2hand

              Q. How do I get donated?
              A. Read next post [mainly, just post]

              Q. When will I get the donation
              A. If loansharks are after you I'd give it to you the second you submit me the form.
              Patience the key virtue. neutral [I'm not online everyday]

              Q. Are you retarded?
              A. Maybe. talk2hand

              Other question? PM Me. :]

              READ BETCH

              *I may not have replied to you even though it says I'm online because I'm just lazy rofl
              *Say thank you. IDC how little the donation is, its nice to know I'm appreciated


              Use the regular form if you are planning to stay and chat for a while after you get a donation 3nodding
              Use the hit and run form if you are just posting and leaving OR
              if you are a mule OR

              I Have very special rules made for hit&runs. Read under Hit&Run form (dw. Its not asking for an essay) biggrin

              REGULAR FORM

              [align=center][b]I'm staying to chattt[/b]
              Give me some love
              [b]Date Joined: [/b] [Self explanatory]
              [b]I am questing for: [/b][Item name - or Gold?]
              [b]Progress: [/b] [000g of 000g]
              [b]Quest thread: [/b] [optional ]
              [b]Are you are a mule?[/b] YES/NO[/align]

              HIT AND RUN FORM

              [align=center] [b]I'M HITTING 'N RUNNING[/b]
              Shame me with love
              Quest Progress : 000g/000g
              Quest thread/Dream avi : [optional]

              Attn. Hit'NRun's
              One - You MUST send me a trade labled "Charity - H&R" or your form will be ignored
              why because, I'm lazy and I want to make you miserable.
              Two - 98% of the time, you won't get a donation higher than 15k
              Three- YES. SEND ME TRADE!

              ** You can fill out one form once a month neutral
              [This rule is subject to change anytime]

              How much you get donated depends on how much funds I have and my mood.
              You don't have to have a quest quest thread to get a donation.
              But those who have a quest thread or proof that they are questing will receive a higher donation


              ► First on page 50 - 10k
              ► Second on page 85 - 15k
              More to be added



              ** Unless stated otherwise, you can enter each event only ONCE
        Donations Given

              Past Donations '10
              1. Mr Kasoogi - - 10,000g [Feb. 2]
              2. Aino Ailill - - 10,000g [Feb. 3]
              3. Mister Sunday - - Bunny Necklace (worth 19k on that day) [Feb. 5]
              4. Naranimous Wumbleurth - - 9,999g [Feb. 6]
              5. xzx K A N O N xzx - - 1,600g [Feb.7]
              6. Omicidio - - 12,999g [Feb.8]
              7. Demonic Breeze - - 6,666g [Feb.9]
              8. Lady Demonic Sexy - - 9,336 [Feb.14]
              9. Self Induced Downfall - - 10,000 [Mar.06]
              10. iiJelloh - - Water Meat Set (worth 14k on this day) [Mar. 30]
              11. Mr Jayy - 10k [Mar. 30]
              12. Dark Malakim - 10k [Mar. 30]
              13. Alice In Wonderbread - - Doll Ears [Mar. 30]
              14. Iseijin8330 - - Mod Mood Bubble (worth 6k at this time) [Mar. 30]
              15. dcheeky_angel - 10k [Mar. 31]
              16. John Reese - 15k [Mar. 31]
              17. alphagirl101 - 25k [April 3]
              18. Almost Poetic - 30k [April 3]
              19. M a d a m C h e s h i r e - 50k [April 5]
              Total Donated Including Items: 264,600g

              1. Mr. Sardonic - - 65k [Jan.1]
              2. cloudmarc - Blue Sweetheart Teddy + DandiiDooDad Spore 2nd. Gen [Jan.1]
              3. tonecameg - 40k [Jan.1]
              4. KaTron Sensei - 30k [Jan.1]
              5. Cupcake Confetti - 15k [Jan.1]
              6. maddyj1995 - 25k [Jan.2]
              7. NicolettisStudent - 25k [Jan.2]
              8. Team Jose - 10k [Jan.2]
              9. Lyrca - 15k + Black Champagne Party Dress [Jan.2]
              10. Lascivious Lullaby - 15k [Jan.5]
              11. firey_chronicles - 10k [Jan.8]
              12. Piika Pie - 60k [Jan.8]
              13. Choxiie - 40k [Jan.11]
              14. NobodyLovesRaymond2 - 7k [Jan.12]
              15. Redditor - 7k [Jan. 12]
              16. FATALRakushou - 20k [Jan.16]
              17. Pepsi Loving Girl - 15k [Jan.16]

              Total : approximately 387k

Donation log can also be found here
        Donations to thread (:

              These people help make this charity possible
              Thankyou! ♥

              1. Mister Sunday - 110k + Golden Yellow Beardhat♥
              2. Mr. Kasoogi - 4,532g♥
              3. Cupcake Waffles - 1,000g♥
              4. Radiie - 219,994g + AshFace + DoubleCompleteRainbow + SecretPurpleButterflies + SantasBagOfToys ♥♥

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