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Come one come all! This is Secret Santa Charity (from here on to be referred to as SSC.). This is more than just a charity, more than a place to go to when you're seeking help for funds. I want this to as well be a home for our fellow Gaians to come together and bond as a family. I've held this charity for many, many years and I have finally decided it is time to completely update it and start from scratch. We shall get rid of past donations, and past donatees. No longer are we holding grudges against bad tomatoes. From henceforth, we are starting fresh! And with a fresh beginning comes fresh introductions!

Old Intro
When you first joined gaia...
Did you ever think everyone looked spiffy even the people with cheap avatars? Well we have and we want to make everyone have spiffy avatars no matter how new they might be. Now some people may hate newbies and think they should work for their own gold, but I think otherwise. When I first joined nobody helped me either, but I still like them because they haven't done anything to me. More than half of the gaians on gaia hate n00bs/newbies, but they don't realize that they used to be ones themselves. You should always treat others the way you would like them to treat you. So PLEASE stop hating on newbies/n00bs.

Anyways, here you can not only earn stuff to get a wicked avi, but you can also get advice on how to earn gold and avoid flamers. C= Secret Santa is always available when you need her...unless Secret Santa is asleep then your screwed. You can always PM Secret Santa for questions on gaia or for real world advice, but never pm for a donation! This Charity is also going to be for meeting new people and making new friends! I mean the more friends the merrier...but if you want to be Secret Santa's friend your going to actually have to talk to me... C=

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Hello one and all I'm SSC but you can just call me Santy, yes sure you'll get to know my real name once I feel you've earned it. ^.^ I don't have as much time as I used to have when I was an adolescence, so bear with me. I do however constantly come online and raise up funds, as well as donate to Gaia online so that I can keep up with the evolving community. I will try my absolute best to be on as much as possible, and once I get my hours shall post what times of the day you can catch me online. We will be starting a new game, though I will talk about that later. Now I've held this charity for many years, so I know what to expect and I know what I want.
Before you get anything out of me, or from me, you need to understand the following: I in no way am obliged to give you ANY item I own, NOR am I obliged to donate to you simply because you are questing. We ALL are questing at the end of it. I CHOOSE to donate and help others in need. So don't attempt to say other-wise, I find it very rude. Unfortunate to say, I've had some nasty PM's which I am unappreciative of. On a lighter note, I look forward to new faces and new life stories. I hope that SSC will provide you with whatever you came in searching for be it friends, help, or conversation!

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Hey first things first yes I like being santa, no I'm not a cross-dresser. and No, I'm not a boy. I'm a female, and I like Christmas and making people smile. I'm an adult and I have a job, so I can't be on 24/7, so my apologies if I tend to disappear for a couple of days at a time. Though I will always come back with a banging new Youtube video or a story of some sort. On that note, I love awesome youtube videos and will probably donate to you if you find one that I have to favourite or haven't seen. (It has to be worth recommending to my friends though.)

I love talking about myself so if you ever want to get to know me just ask away, I will answer honestly. And with that, no I don't believe in love it is quite dead to me, the moment divorce was created love was a lost-cause. I am however completely infatuated with someone that lives in another state, it is quite magnificent. He's romantic and charming, and makes me feel like I'm the sunshine in his day. <3

Dancing is my passion, Acting is my career, modeling is my hobby. I like to write as well and climb Rock walls. I am an artist, though I do not do avi art, my art is not for Gaiaonline. I love conversation and am a jack of all traits master of none, so talk to me. I'm sure it'll be interesting!

Secret Santa used to be "unkownuser" Unfortunatley Secret Santa's account got stolen, along with all the things I worked ever so hard for. Than Secret Santa was "Misanthropic-Chronic" and again someone took advantage of my kindness and stole my account, so now I had to make YET ANOTHER Gaia online. And restart from SCRATCH everything that Secret Santa had created. -_- [how I'm getting any of my old things back that I used to love... I have no Idea, but I will always be willing to help you with your quests.] Secret Santa now works at Windixi Pharmacy!! biggrin Yay I'm moving on up in the world. smile

Here in Secret Santa's charity we have a crew!!! Yay us so you best respect them or you will not be happy with the consequences...

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~Secret Santa Charity

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-Donaters Now Get Signs <3333
-I shall be adding page prizes soon! biggrin
-I will give you 1k for every 10 people you bring to this thread. THEY MUST SAY YOU REFERRED THEM!
-Please advertise us, Banners are up.
-Getting new banners to make the thread look nice and spiffy! ^.^
-Renovation complete!
-Page Prizes are now here!
-Looking for advertisers.
-Looking for bumpers will pay for 500 bumps a day, PM me.

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- Anything you can do to make this charity better let me know. biggrin
-If you are an elf and you refer someone, please keep track of the number of people you refer when they came in, and if you reffered them please have them say so in a post. This way I can keep track of who should get a christmas bonus. smile
-Be sure to advertise the charity now that the banners are up and linked. We will get more as time progresses. I just haven't had the time to do so lately.
-Elves if you have any creative ideas for winter events please tell Santy ASAP!
-Please Private Message Santy any applications you see, I can't read every page of the thread.
Thank you.
-Please let me know what I can do to make this charity better.
-Help me find advertisers.
-Looking for artists.

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First post: Intro/About Secret Santa/ Secret Santa's Crew/Updats and new/memo's for santa's helpers and elves.
Second post:Table of contents, Rules, and Order form.
Third post: People we have donated to and that have donated to us.
Fourth post: We have to have a special place for the bumpers ^_^.
Fifth post: Santa's little elf helpers.
Sixth post: Our links/Banners and links to other charities, quest threads, and shops.
Seveth post: Where contest will be held.
Eigth post: Crew members questies :3
Ninth post: Avatar Art
Tenth post: Good Tomatoes/Bad Tomatoes
Eleveth post: Rserved for...something o-o??

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~Be patient Secret Santa can only do so much
~Do no p.m. SSC for donations Santa gets mad. mad cry
~Be polite
~Do not post and say I want " " You will not get it and you will be blacklisted you must read the whole first page I wrote it you should read it. 3nodding
~Read the news. :]
~If the item you would like is worth more than 30k, ask only for a donation twoards that quest, or you will recieve nothing.
~If you leave for a one month period or longer, you will forfeit your place on my list.
~Only 10-20 people on my list a month.
~You may only post your form ONCE. No re-posting it, nor quoting it.
~Don't be dissappointed at what you get. Secret Santa doesn't have to donate to you...she just chooses to ^_~.
~Don't flame Secret Santa or no donation for you!
~Be kind to others
~ Post your form in hotpink and size 16 so that I know its a form. :]
~Help advertise Secret Santa's charity
~Donate to Secret Santa's charity, if you can, because Secret Santa isn't made out of money o.o;.
~Be happy...It makes Secret Santa cry when people are sad, and Secret Santa doesn't like crying.
~ Everyone gets off with 1 warning..only 1...if you break 2 rules you will be black listed.
~ The ONLY way to be removed from the blacklist is to pay a fee of 2ooog
~ Post 3 hearts at the bottom of your application for a donation
~NO I repeat NO complaining in this thread, no I feel like s**t-ness and no complainging that someone hurt your feelings. We are here to helo you with quests and make new friends and help you get gold NOT solve your problems and NOT be your mom.

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After you are done reading the rules here is an order form you must fill out in order to aquire a donation from...you guessed it! Secret Santa! C=

You MUST Write dear santa on your Request form!!! I write all these down! D<

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Donation Form
Do you want a donation? Are you questing something, well fill out this form and I might be able to help you. wink
[align=center][b][color=#7107CC]Hey Santa![/b][/color][/align]
Date you joined: Helps show how active you are relative to your amount of posts.
Amount of posts: This is just so I know how active you are on Gaia, no use donating to a null account.
What would you like SSC to donate?: Read the rules before answering.
Do you have a quest thread? Helps prove you're questing and not trying to scam me.
If you answered yes to the above question post a link: ^
How long have you been on this quest?: I want to know you didn't just start it to get a donation.
Why you are worthy of Secret Santas donation: Well why are you?

Suggestion Form
Feel like the thread is missing something?
Put in a suggestion through either post or PM and if it gets added in..
You could win a easy 10k!

[align=center][b][color=#7107CC]I have a suggestion![/b][/color][/align]

How it would benefit the thread:

There are contests going on!!! xd .

Alrighty that is all for this post moving on!

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<3KTSC: 5ook
<3Carbonated Cola: 1,300g
<3Noxious Weed:150,000g, White Drauma Doll
<3Simply Spinks: A lot. o.O
<3 Lost_Angel_Kairi: Winter Snowball
<3devilimp69: 5,ooo g! Thank you so much!
<3Lonewolf_Eyes: 3o,ooog! :O And 2 strong man's might, Neon simulator, 2 pollution growth, Bretells Demonique [5], Le Saltimbanque.
<3Dreams do come true Charity gave a generous donation of 15,ooog!
<3Negima_Final gave a generous donation of: Princess Bird.
<3Spekled Bear gave a generous donation of: 7,ooog; Angelic Headband;Wind Halo; Hannya Mask;November Birthstone crown; Kitty Slippers;Langer the dragon plush; Tama's Basket 3rd generation;Smashing cities, 15,ooog kaya the cat, unsightly body hair, spirited 2k6 boots, bullseye shirt. :O Thank you so much!
<3BS0D from Rabbit;s Feet Charity donated: 7o,ooog! (well I won a contest)
<3ChipmunkChunk made a generous donation of: 25o,ooog!
<3EmoHoboDomo made a jaw-dropping donation of: 1,ooo,ooog!! [Honored guest alert you better be nice to her!

User Image

People who donated to Secret Santa in 2008:

<3IceWolfCanada- Game Stuff. heart <--- awe first donation! <3
<3kjprojeckts- 70 tickets 70 gold
<3 PurplePencilCrayon-400 tickets! <3
<3rollypolly13- 300g warm furniture set
<3Wolfy- MY DUCKY HATT!! heart heart
<3Commander Hatake Kakashi- 252 tickets, tolens, flower, cary brothers
<3Midnight Minx- 119,000 gold! eek
<3LtP2- 3,ooo tickets!
<3Quick_star_blossom- 5k tickets+61 tickets!
<3Quick_star_blossom- 1487+505 tickets.
<3Veene- Swimp+tuga the narwal Plush
<3Quick_star_blossom-4,025 tickets! <3


User Image

User Image

User Image
People who Santa has donated to 2010-2012:

<3UsedRomanceCH: Grab bag of stuff for her thread Almost Gaia Salvation Army
<3Nilyaj: Black Silk Boxers
<3jooraffes: 10,000g
<3Shankskanks: Panda Plushie. :3
<3Kiss The Sky Charity: 50,000g
<3Amigurumi Queen: 10,000g
<3Disney TV:3,000g
<3Evelin333: 30,000g
<3Spider Snoogy: Holiday Cardinal
<3 Lost_Angel_Kairi: Shadow Spirit
<3Starfish: 1o,ooo g christmas bonus
<3cheezkake1129: 1o,ooog christmas bonus
<3ChipmunkChucker: 1o,ooo g (Most frequent visitor)
<3` e c s t a c y.: 9,ooo g for being a supporter of the thread!
<3[x]Living Dead Girl[x] : 1oo,ooo g towards her Angelish Sash quest.
<3AB91 :Nartian Rock ( quest item. smile )
<3Evelin333: 3,1oo g (Dice contest)
<3Idothea:For the lovely Banner: 3,ooog and a Golden crown
<3AB91 for helping think of Christmas events: 2,ooo g
<3Sceneric Sachiko For ideas for Christmas events: 2,ooo g
<3 Negima_Final: 1o,ooo g
<3AB91: 3,7oo g (Dice contest)
<3Amigurumi Queen: 4,3oo g (Dice contest)
<3Babyevil30: 2,6oo (dice Contest)

User Image
People who Santa has donated to 2008:

<3 Run_like_the_wind-Panda Plushie. :3
<3 xX_XIII_Xx- 2,ooog
<3 Miss PixiStixXx-Easter Bunny Ears
<3 Quick_star_blossom-3,ooo gold
<3 MidnightMinx- July 08 Letter
<3 Speckled Bear: Grunny.
<3 Perfecto_Amor: 1,ooo gold
<3 Yur Gay- July 2008 Letter
<3 Diermo- 1o,ooo gold.
<3 Shadow Gnome Grimm-6,ooo gold
<3 Magician_soul-5,ooo gold [Won in Bumping contest]
<3 quick_star_blossom: Magic girl.
<3 Magician_soul-1o,ooo gold
<3 Quick_star_blossom-Trash,bugs,ext
<3 Quick_star_blossom-March 2008 letter

User Image

<3 Shadow Gnome Grimm: Chain of Command.
<3 Quick_star_blossom: Angelic bracelets
<3 Teh Pengu God: Cn Scarf
<3 Paulina666: Cowhide Santa hat + alice breeze dress
<3 Midnight Minx: Coco Kitty
<3 umikotheblueelf: Elegant Blue Gloves
<3Midnight Minx: Bunny hat
<3 negima_final: 10,000 gold
<3Kagome-Angel-Kitty: Dark Halo
Hockeynutt59: boppin blue headgear,Garbage mask, Prisoner pants
<3Madey20: Fox ears
<3FireSkater: Elf top + Elf bottom
<3Reidar: Chain of Command
<3-x-xEmilyx-x-: Emo Glasses
<3Kamoku_Hyuuga:3,ooo gold for his blanket. ^_^
<3ispecialixeinyourmom:blue FLEX top,neutral starter slacks,dress shoes
<3lDarkl:#0000FF Complex Shirt
<3-x-Dancer-x-Musician-x-:2,ooo gold.
<3 Comcastic: outlaw biker pants-coal
<3XxXTara-ChanXxX: 1,000 gold
<3Rawr-beezies: Angel bow
<3 Iluvdaniel: Red jersey top+ hot basic skirt+ warm starter sandals.
<3 Puppy puncher 5000: Prisoner's shirt.
<3 Hikaru-chan009: 1ooogold for her D-pendant quest.
<3 Nefertem: Goldenrod paper catband.
<3 XOctoberXTearsX razz rism Butterfly Matialla
<3 JessicaSephiroth: 5,ooo gold.
<3 ecsimons93: Reindeer slippers.
<3 [Loading....]: puppy ears. ^^
<3 Your_Favorite_Weapon: Some shoes. ^^
<3 Hartsent: 1,ooog
<3 Dr. Chocolate Chair: Faerie cloth.
<3 AGothicRomance: Prisoner Shirt+ Prisoner Pants.
<3 gun+gun=bangbangbang: Sand Summer Top+400g
<3 Fantasticated: Present+500g
<3 jadeoracle: Bunni Mask+200g
<3 Cindzey: Goldenrod Paper Headband+100g
<3 Tali Nekokaburi: Gift box
<3 Kitsuwa: 500g
<3 ash_kin: 400g
<3 EliteDanneh: Whole Jacked Uniform
<3 ChiefMiCHASZEK: Present+200g
<3 grape-vampire: 400+Purple Pants
<3 TUSHYNIPS: 100G + Blue medical shoes
<3 Zaffire: 100G + white top
<3 Kikori Malaia: 400g
<3 Questina: Goth Skirt
<3 Murdurbunny: 400G
<3 Native of Darkness: 150g + Sand summer top
<3 Koala~Bear: 500g
<3 Cyrus_Fey: Yellow Guppy Hat
<3 D_the_Slayer: 500g
<3 ryans girl: 150G
<3 Imperial Beast: 100G + Blue Jeans
<3 Star . Dust: 100G + silver wrist watch
<3 Th3Eagle: 150G + Radicool chill Shorts
<3 hot les girl: 100G + Sand summer top
<3 firefly_anime: 300g
<3 Shadow_of_Darkness_6: Present+Ocean Summer Top+200g
<3 PerfectionistLynn: Ohh~Cean Black Head Wrap+200g
<3 ikanobori: Present+400g
<3 iheartjrock: Paper Party Hat+200g
<3 Ningenskiller: Jacked Uniform Gloves+200g
<3 An Angel Of Darkness: 500g
<3 DreamOfAll: 500g
<3 ZodiacSlash: 1.5k
<3 Asakimaru: Silver Wrist Watch, Prisoner's Top+100g
<3 [.Hold-me.]: Flashy Summer Top, Flashy Summer Short, Tropical Beach Sandals+100g
<3 -wish.upon.you-: 500g
<3 hawaiiangaldreams: Yellow Guppy Hat+200g
<3 Mazumi Momoko: 500g
<3 gangsta589: 400g
<3 Golden_Wolfen: Uniform Jack Belt
<3 Llandon: Burnt Shirt+Work Jeans+100g
<3 element_fire_ice: Black Shirt+500g
<3 Sephiroth_Synt: Uniform Jack Pants+200g
<3 Angel204: Fancy Virgin Dress
<3 DeathWulf: 2k
<3 permanent-rose: 500g
<3 Serenity1217: Black shirt + white nurse's skirt
<3 MizuFubuki: Sand summer top + Jack uniform pants
<3 Phoenixxangel: white stockings
<3 iGnit3: jack uniform pants + red guppy hat.
<3 Oko-ki: red t-shirt + radical pink trimed shorts
<3 Cold VOltage: Grunny shirt + sand cut off shorts
<3 hailey6782: red shirt + ocean cut off shorts
<3 Charon D. : Yellow Han knit top
<3 Stargurk_3: Ocean summer top + ocean cut off shorts
<3 iuana:500gold
<3 .Grey.Needles.: Jack uniform shoes
<3 lalaLiz: sand summer top Tropical beach sandals
<3 .River.Ottah.: balck castaway shirt grey trim radical shorts
<3 Meluvdogs-bug catching net
<3 Blue grunny Girl: Blue grecian top + Elegant blue gloves.
<3 .[-Oodles-O-Fun-].: 500gold
<3 ChiiMisha: Aviart for all the banner/art she donated to me. heart
<3 Sixx_Chick:500 gold
<3 tisue: 1500gold.
<3[Lady Mizer]: Emperor's Beard
<3 zombie_from_your_fantasy: Coco kitty, Gwee, Katana
<3Funky Munky
toriyama__masaki: 6oog

I lost a huuuuge amount of my donatess list on my original thread! ;~;

I have donated around 2 mill+ in gold.
I have donated around ? In items.

Do not pm me for donations ask politley and don't demand for them either.

Alright MOVING ON!

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User ImageUser Image
Secret Santa loves it when people stick around and talk with us.
Of course bumpers and chatter hold a special place in Sercet Santa's heart, so this little post is saved for them whee heart .

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Negi. heart
Speckled Bear heart
Diermo heart
Midnight Minx
Tasty Socks Fairy
Sneezes and Orgasms
Shadow Gnome Grim
Speckled Bear
Brittney the ninja
.Holy STFU.
Wolfy(Yur Gay)

(most people are in the photograph)

[If I forgot people which i know i did...i will add you soon!]

User Image
User Image

User Image

Since Secret Santa has a life she will be searching for people, that are very good rule follwers, to help me track down the rule breakers and put them on the BAD Tomatos list. ^^These people will be Secret Santa's Elves! I will only have 9 elves at a time...when an elf misbehaves they will be removed until they prove they deserve to be a faithful helper again.

Okay since I keep forgetting, please if you want to be an elf you CAN sign up. Just make a post in rainbow lettering [using tektek dur!] with yourusaername, nickname, Avatar Picture, and a Small [round a paragraph?] description of yourself. :]

User Image



A Lil' about Star:
Hey there I am star, there is nothing much to say but Starfish like's shiny objects and cute things. I sometimes refer to myself in third person, not all the time though so don't worry. English isn't Star's forte so expect a lot of grammar mistakes and misspelling; due to this I tend to make no sense at all sometimes. I am nice person and I like to help when I can so if you're nice I'll do my best to help so that is star for you... Oh I love stars that how my name started.

Username - PinkElephante

Nickname - Pinky

Avatar Pic -
User Image

About me -
I am unique -- in a strange way.
I love anime and has taken up
Japanese in hope that
one day I'll be able to watch anime without subs ^^
I like animals, especially big cats.
My favourite is the Snow Leopard -- Endangered, sadly crying
Words could never sum up everything about me

User Image
Username; iMarionette-x
Nickname; Marion, Mari. Or call me Lucy.
'Sup dudes. I'm just an ordinary, asian teenager. I'm nice, LIKEABOSS. You'd have to quote me for conversation. I can keep you entertained, I think. And welp, I can and may donate to you, if you really want the item. c; I'm outgoing, don't be afraid to talk to me. LAWL; I don't know much about myself, so.. KThanksBye. xD


User Image

Link to Avi:

EmoHoboDomo's Avi

Here is the text in rainbow:

Username EmoHoboDomo Nicknames Lee or Hobo Age 14 I am a odd but interesting person. I love dark stuff but also cute things. I love to be around my friends and family. Gaia is like my family... I have a Gaia mom, sister, and boyfriend. Except.. I've just never met my mom and bf in real life. My gaia sister and I are very close friends;) =^.^= I love to be random. My dad is pretty weird so he gave it to me. [color=#00dc50
User Image

Since Secret Santa(me) and all her crew have been so kind to you...please return th favor ^_~!!! Please help us advertise our charity!! Please make us art and banners too, if you really love us <3! We really appreciate it!

Make us a Banners?

User Image


User Image


User Image


Thank you very Much Starfish. <3

User Image


Thank you very much Starfish. <3

User Image


Thank you EmoHoboDomo <3

User Image

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/secret-santa-charity-grand-re-opening/t.67230125/][IMG]http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii156/aliiartificial/Decorated images/12827-620x-boxheader11.jpg[/IMG][/url]

User Image

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/secret-santa-charity-grand-re-opening/t.67230125/][IMG]http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii156/aliiartificial/Decorated images/2007-12-14-wrapped20gifts1.gif[/IMG][/url]

User Image

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Almost Gaia Salvation Army - Cheap prices for new users

User Image
User Image
Here is the list of people that I luffle and rock and you should luffle to!

-New year, new people-

User Image

User Image

Only Ugly people Break the rules...You guys make Secret Santa cry cry ...but I get my revenge! Cause now you dont get a donation form Secret Santa! D= I am smart and thought up a new idea... the only way to get off this list...is to donate 2,ooo g =D

And like every new year, we are clear of Bad tomatoes.

User Image
User Image

-This is where I put funny things that I feel should be on the first page! biggrin

User Image

Thank you star! <3

Hang the banners
Call the geusts
the queens arriving home today,
she'll be bringing wondrous creatures
from a country far away,
a majestic pony thingy
and a ball of yellow fluff,
get the stable master ready
this is going to be tuff.
by W.S.
" :Heart:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image User Image
User Image
User Image

User Image


Dear Santa;
Name: LegendHearts
Date you joined: Well this is my new account (I had stalkers on my old account) So I'll use my old account's join date and combine the posts. September 16, 2010
Amount of posts: Around 1,500.
What would you like SSC to donate?: Some gold.
Do you have a quest thread? Yepadoodle.
If you answered yes to the above question post a link: ^^
How long have you been on this quest?: Well, I've been wanting KiKi kitty for a long time, but it was more of a side quest. I just started getting really 'I'm going to go for donations and not spend ANY money' around the middle of this month right before I bought my dream avi. I made the thread today because I realized I wasn't going anywhere without a thread.
Why you are worthy of Secret Santas donation: Because in the past I had a charity. Also because even when I'm questing I still try to give a little.

spekle bear- kitsune mask. (this is my personal friend who I am trying to help any and all help is appreciated!)

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Page Contest

Page 200 - 20k
Page 250 - 25k
Page 300- 30k
Page 350- 35k
Page 400- 40k
Page 450- 45k

User Image
^^Credit goes to Zombie Latte visit her thread.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User ImageUser Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

This is where all the contests and events will be posted. Check here frequently for new chances to win!


[This idea was created bt ecstacy from her lotto, you can find her in the affiliates. I like the idea so I used it. ^_^]

Every roll wins! Roll 10, 100-sided dice.
NOTE: Since every roll is a winner, there is a maximum of 5 rolls per person.
PLEASE number your rolls! (eg. 1/5, 2/5)
Please PM me your winning numbers and the page number where you won, I will send the trade once you have completed all of your rolls.

1-100 ~ 1oo gold!
101-200 ~ 2oo gold!
201-300 ~ 3oo gold!
301-400 ~ 4oo gold!
401-500 ~ 5oo gold!
501-600 ~ 6oo gold!
601-700 ~ 1,ooo gold!
701-800 ~ 1,ooo gold!
801-900 ~ 2,ooo gold!
901-1000 ~3,ooo gold!

Roll 25 and win item worth 1-10k
Roll 888 and win item worth 10k-15k
Roll 88 and win item worth 10k-40k
(May add more of these later)


Okay so every month I'm going to pick 1 person to have a sealed letter of that month. I will be using the random number generator to choose who will win the letters. The only way you will be able to enter this contest is if you become a regular here, and you ask me to enter. (The list will be created from the most active posters of that month)

How to enter:

1. Become a Regular.
2. Than ask Santa.


Busiest Elf

Only for the elves, bring in 25 people and you get 10k.

Best youtube video contest

I love youtube, and I love nothing more than a good youtube video. So whoever enters this contest and wins will get some big winnings. Pm me your awesome youtube vids (doesn't have actually be yours but something you saw.) and than we will have a voting when we have 50 videos. I will choose the top 10. And those will be entered in the contest.

1st place 200k.
2nd place 100k.
3rd place. 50k

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Events coming soon

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