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          Your graphics are gorgeous.
          Good luck.
sinistral scaevity

Thank you for the luck!
I got my graphics here, she did quite a lovely job.
But I was on a different account when I bought them, :3

          Oh my, the prices.
          This is why I do my quest threads by myself.
          My amateur skills are put to the test.
sinistral scaevity

Good luck with your quest,
And I'm terrible at graphics, so I chose to buy some.

          Want some company?
          My thread feels so forlorn.
sinistral scaevity

Company would be lovely!
I know that feeling, all my quest threads are always empty other then my bumping,

          Ha, lonely bumping your thread along.
          So, how are you doing?
sinistral scaevity

I'm doing well, thanks,
How about you?

          Snacking on some candy.
          Lifesavers sour gummies.
          Saw an hour of Pride and Prejudice.
          I love watching that movie.
          Great book too!
sinistral scaevity

Lifesavers are delicious,
I've never seen Pride and Prejudice
Never read it either, although I have seen it around.
Maybe I should read it some time,

          True, but I wish my sister got white chocolate Lindt truffles.
          Ah, to be human. Always wishing for more and better things.
          READ IT. WATCH IT.
          If you're interested in historical fiction, then yeah, go ahead, darling.
sinistral scaevity

Now you're making me hungry for candy,
But for me, I don't like a specific genre of books,
I kind of just have to start it to see if I'm interested in it or not.
That's what I did for the last few books I read,

          We got cookies today too. Keebler's fudge stripes and cheesecake middles.
          Ha, I feel like most people I talk to on here don't have any definite genres.
          It's all:
          "I listen to whatever comes on the radio."
          "I read whatever interests me."
          I'm more of a routine oriented person, hence my favoring of genres, i.e. fantasy and historical fiction.
sinistral scaevity

So much sugary goodness, emotion_dowant
Yeah, that is pretty much how I am,
There is some exceptions of things I'm not to fond off though,
At least you know what you like so you can find those books,
Last books I read were from the Hunger Games trilogy.

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