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To the Sapphire Tears Charity.
This is the third thread since the charity originally opened in Oct. of 2004.. If you haven't guessed by now, I am the charity mule! ^_^ Black and Polar aka
B i p o l a r S c i z o both have access to this account all transactions dealing with the charity will be made to and from this account
At any given moment Polar and I may be questing our selves, and if that is the case, feel free to send us the trades to our main accounts. Well, let the Donating begin!!!

If you want us to donate to you please fill this out
Please send it to me

[b]How Much Is That Item:[/b]
[b]How Much Do You Have So Far:[/b]
[b]Why Should You Get a Donation:[/b][/color]

Link to very first charity thread

Link to last charity thread.
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1) No Begging
2) No chat speak or any other annoying forms of computer lingo. The English language works just fine.
3) Follow the TOS its there for a reason.
4) Do not post your dream avi either in a post style or just in a post. Dream avis in siggys are fine.
5) Do not quote anything on the first page.
6)Refrain from bumping unless no one is here.
7) Do not be rude to ANYONE in this charity. You will be blacklisted.
8 ) If you want a donation stay and chat..don't just post and leave. You will not be donated to if you post and leave, never to come back.
9) DO NOT ADVERTISE ask either Me or Polar and we will let you know if you can post it in the thread or not. Advertisements in siggys are still welcomed.

You will be blacklisted if you do not follow these simple rules

Note: Rules are subject to change so please keep updated on them.
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Username: Shadowxwolf623

Questing: Limit breaker

Username: necromatic goth

Questing: the knightmare

Username: Laninia

Questing: elemental hair,aquatica

User Image

Username: helenangel734
Questing: Mini Angel Wings
~~ Donated 4k to help her quest

Username: Neon Ipod
Questing: Staff of the Angels
~~ Donated 5k to help her quest

Username: Pavao

Questing: Chuchip's Blessing
~~ Donated 100k to help her quest


Questing: Bone Dragon Helm
~~ Donated 3k to help her quest

Username: `duckyy

Questing: Angelic Bracelet, Staff of angels, & angelic Wind
~~ Donated 31k to help her quest

Username:dark storm27
Questing:panda pack
~~Donated 7k to help his quest

Username: A-K-A Bassist

Questing: Fallen Wish (2nd generation)
~~Donated 8k to help his quest

Username: xXImperfectDisasterXx
Questing: Dark Halo
~~Donated 9k to help his quest

Username: F a m i t s u
Questing: Demonic Anklets
~~Donated Anklets

Username: Kitsune Kumo
Questing: Items from her Demonic Birthday quest
~~Donated Demonic Halo


Questing:Coco Kitty Plushie
~~ Donated Coco Kitty Plushie
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Elephant Ali~~~1,514

Stop Dont Believin ~~~100k eek heart heart heart

'Silent friend ~~~ 1mil. eek *huggles tightly*User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Zolena~~~ a few random items and 3,728g

ll son zack ll~~~ 100k eek heart heart heart
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This is where we will post our current quests and don't forget to take a look at our profile wish-lists as well ^_^

Black _leather's Dream avatars

She doesn't have one at the moment o_O shocking!! But she does have a quest...

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Polar's Psycho Crazy Dream!
1 Billion Gold!
User Imagex10
The catch is she can't spend any gold on herself, but has to spend all gold she collects on others. Once a week she transfers half of whatever she made to a super secret hidden account which will be collected and stored til it reaches the 1 billion gold mark- at which point contests, games, and spoiling galore will be unleashed on the charity and the GGA.
Think of it like one of those giant money machines that you put a quarter into once a week then it explodes and give you 100,000 dollars in one pop!

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Our Beloved MODS Disrespect them and you disrespect us! They have the right to ask you to leave if you do not follow the proper conduct of the thread.


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People Who annoy us (The Banned List)

Page Contest

If Polar or myself happen to win..it will go to the person above or below us depending on if its top or bottom of the page. ie: if I happen to be at the top of page 75 then the person below me would get the gold, or if Polar happens to be the last post on page 100 then the person above her would get the gold.

Page 25: The first person to post will get 200g ~dark storm27

Page 50: The last person to post will get 400g ~punky_brewster

Page 75: The first person to post will get 600g ~punky_brewster

Page 100: The last person to post will get 800g ~punky_brewster

Page 150: The first person to post will get 1k ~icecreameatingpanda

Page 200: The last person to post will get 1k ~NiZhaorong

Page 250: The first person to post will get 1k ~CallMeNight

Page 300: The last person to post will get 1k

Page 350 The first person to post will get 1k

Page 400 The last person to post will get 1k

Page 450 The first person to post will get 1k

Page 500 The last person to post will get 1k

Tektek Contest
This contest will be held every month where two winners will be chosen by us (BLBC picks hers and Polar picks hers) each month to receive 1k each. (Runners up will receive smaller prizes as well). So, make sure to submit new ideas each month. Please pm your entries to the mule and label it charity tektek (BLBC or Polar) .You may submit up to 3 entries per contest each month. Entries will be accepted until the last day of the month. Winner's will be announced on the first of the month.

BLBC'S Tektek!
I'd like this to be a tektek of my avi with the same skin color ( female style #3), eye style #2(blue), and hair style (black Terra-twist). You can enter up to three entries at once. Be creative!(p.s. I love color schemes wink, but I don't like clutter ) The September 09 contest begins now and the winners will be announced October 1st. The Septenber contest theme is Ninja angel

To be announced.

Polar's Tektek!
(Female Skin Style 1 ~ Hair Black Terra-Twist ~ Eyes Gray Style 1 or Fluorite Borealis) *Optional*

September's Theme: Greek God/dess

Win 50!!!
RULES: All you need to do is post and chat with people. the first person on page 1,000 will win 10k, the thirteenth post on page 1,000 will win 50k and the last person on page 1,000 will win 10k. To avoid and hit and runs, you must post 10 times in the thread before being eligable and it must be a conversation. Three chances to win free gold!! HAve fun ^_^
About the Owner:

Gaia Name:: black_leather_biker_chick
Real Name:: You can call me Kiara
Gender:: Female
Age:: One never asks a Lady her age.
Location:: North Carolina
Height:: 5'0"
Weight:: Only I will ever know
Hair and Eye color:: Long ( I can sit on my hair) very dark brown(always mistaken for black) hair with natural red and blond highlights. Deep dark blue eyes that change colors.
Favorite Colors:: Black, Cobalt Blue, Royal Purple, Silver, and Garnet Red.
Color I despise: Pink

Alright a bit about me. I am a Happy go Lucky person with a dark twist to it. I love to watch storms as well as walk in them. I cherish the true friends I have and wouldn't give them up for the world. Nothing comes between me and my friends. I have 2 cats, one dog, a male and a female beta and 2 African Dwarf frogs. I use to have a Blood red Corn Snake, a pet Bat as well as some rats, dwarf hamsters, a bunnies, and the best Rabbit in the world!! I love to walk at night in the cemetery behind our house as well. And last but not least I am an honest person, I will tell you how it is and not hide things from you. So if you have any questions feel free to PM them to me.

About The Co-Owner

Gaia Name~
B i p o l a r S c i z o

Real Name~
Give me a nick-name they are more fun

I am of the XX Chromosome

Observe me then tell me how old you think I am.

In a world of my own.

I’m surrounded by tall people yet I’m not short…

I can be carried up and down the stairs yet take down a guy twice my size, so take your best guess.

Hair and Eye color~
Hehe, I wonder how you’ll picture me from how little you will know of me.

Favorite Colors~
Bwahaha….tell you and ruin the fun of being able to hold contests to see if you can guess?

You Want More?~
I am a college student, so will be on when my classes and homework allow. So far, I have been able to still get on pretty regularly, but I have been warned that the homework load is going to get heavier, so we shall see. I love talking to people and I am quite random. Just get to know me and you will see. >.<
Inspire Infekt's avatar

Interesting Autobiographer

8,850 Points
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Citizen 200
  • Generous 100
Ello and welcome to the Sapphire Tears Charity ^_^ Please make your self at home and here is a cookie and rice cake

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