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Hello, I am Swelt, and this is my quest thread. Alter ego is all about my quest to achieve my dream avatar seen in the next post. However, there is much more reason behind my quest than just a simple dream avatar. Swelt is the younger brother to my to my first account Katty Kabob. Swelt and Katty are nearly perfect opposites. The dark red color Katty wears is the negative color to Swelt's cyan blue. Katty is outgoing, flamboyant, and considers herself a total badass. She's fun and witty but she can be obnoxious and rude and not really realize it or mean to be. Swelt on the other hand is shy, nerdy and withdrawn, he has a hard time approaching people but is sweet natured and considerate. Katty and Swelt bot represent myself their creator. No I don't have Multiple Personality Disorder, but I can act very differently between people and places I'm familiar with and new ones I'm not. So this isn't just a dream avatar I'm looking to achieve, it's a reflection of myself.

But in order to complete Swelt's appearance, I'll need some help. If you scroll down, there is a list of things I'm doing doing to raise money for my quest and donations would be greatly appreciated. 3.3 million gold is a ways away, but I know it isn't impossible.

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I'll be willing to give people art in order to raise funds. Please respect my prices, I don't haggle because I'm questing, but tips would be greatly appreciated. Here is what I offer:

Avatar Art

Raw Line Art: This is were I simply draw you avatar, scan it, and give it right to you. I usually don't put this up for sale, but it's here if anyone is interested. You have my permission to trace/color it, just please please please give me credit. I may tweak the original image on phototbucket in order to bolden it, or erase stray dust marks.

Chibi- 7k
Examples: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Regular- 12k
Examples: [x] [x]

Digital Line Art: I've never actually done this so I don't have any examples. It's half way between the raw scans and full digitally colored. I'll trace over my work in a program like photoshop or gimp so that the line art is much more clean and the white areas will be transparent so it'll look better on backgrounds like in profiles and signatures or if you wanted to color it, you could. Again, if you do color it, please give me some credit for the outline. I'll do it in your choice of color. If a color isn't specified, I'll pick for you. c:

Chibi- 20k

Regular- 30k

Full Color: This is full, digitally colored avi art. Coloring takes more time then drawing and tracing combined, so it'll take a lot longer to complete.

Chibi- 50k
Examples: [x] [x] [x] [x]

Regular- 100k
Examples: [x] [x] **couple art is twice the price**
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Anyone who makes me a banner will go directly on the white list. :3

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• Inner Cave - Purchased Avi Art •
• H U M A Nico - 35k •
• 125th - 100k •

Gold Raised Thus Far
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gaia_angelleft White List of Saintly Gaians gaia_angelright

gaia_nitemareleft Black List of Misfortune and Other Bad Stuff gaia_nitemareright
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If you'd like to become an affiliate, please pm me a (relatively small) banner linked to your thread. Thank you. c:

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↝Gifts inside↜
Giveaway thread

I am currently participating in a tektek contest. To vote for me, follow this link and select 1 under Swelt in the poll option.

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