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Oh my gosh, here I am questing eek

I've traveled these forums for many a day now, and decided I finally needed to put my best foot forward and go for the gold.

I have decided to put my All Hallows Eve quest on hold.
I am going to try my hardest to get all SDPlus Dolls. I will show a list of those I already do have.

SDPlus #190 Auspice Doll
SDPlus #185 Bishr

Bumps would be loved greatly.
Donations would be appreciated, but not expected.

Thanks to all the people who have taken time to read this, and more thanks to those that help.

Collectible letter -- Feb 2013
I would really really like this collectible letter
~Table of contents~

Post 1: Quest
Post 2: Here smile
Post 3: Donators
Post 4: Bumpers
Post 5: Charities
Post 6: Contest
Post 7: ~~~~~~
Post 8: ~~~~~~
Post 9: ~~~~~~
Post 10: ~~~~~~

Shannon2112 --- 5,000g heart

heart heart Past Donators. heart heart
Pico-Tan User Image eek heart
Vacant 10,000g eek heart
IrukaBufu 200g + 7 ghost sheets heart
Angelic~Silver~Wolf 5000g heart
Akkhima 700g heart
*Name Here* Charity (for bumping thread) +++ heart
PureAngel (for bumping thread)+++++ heart
Monthly Charity--Demon_Yokotsu 300g(dice game)
CeymoreUser Imagejack uniform shoes '05 heart
fae's quick lotto--500g for bumping

Saerlin (first bumper) biggrin
Angelic~Silver~Wolf sad
Icytear (her quest) biggrin
I Ceymore Ratz (his quest) heart
Ceymore (his quest) heart
Vacant heart
gladitude (her quest)
Muilen (her quest)
Contests--Bump to 500 for 1000 gold, for as many times as you would like.

A few rules:

A. Follow TOS
B. Do not beg
C. Speak a language I can understand.
D. Please do not swear
E. Number your bumps please.
This quest on hold. More so now a wish of things never to be.

User Image
User Image
User Image

reserved - 8
reserved - 9
reserved - 10
Now the time is at hand.

I am now going to be fixing it up, so people can post if they want.
What are you setting up for?? whee
What are you setting up for?? whee
I am going to try my luck in getting '03 jack outfit.
Mainly the Kandy Korn hat. I just love how it looks. And its my favorite candy too.
What are you setting up for?? whee
I am going to try my luck in getting '03 jack outfit.
You like halloween don't you?? Well, Bump and Goodluck!!

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