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Having a hiatus due to personal life issues.
( if that interested - see one of my posts on page 942 )

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Hello Lovely People! yum_strawberry

Come chat and maybe get some gift's or a donation! ^_^
Join our contest's! Bring Your friends! Grab a Bag if You are a New User of Gaia!
( first page unfinished - in the transition of turning a quest thread in to a charity! )

Few simple Rules :

1. If I am not here,the person in charge is : Tamurii and Literatic heart
2. Follow Gaia Rules and Tos at all times. ( needles to say but to make sure. )
3. Do not beg/spam/pm about giving you stuff and gold. ( if you do -specially if you ask for gold/items on your very first post - You shall be ignored. )
4. People who don't say thank you - will NOT be gifted / donated to again.
5. Do not expect to get big items right away - the one's who have
gotten items that are big/bigger - have either been here a longer while - or done something special to deserve it.
6. Greedy people are not deserving.
7. It doesn't matter if you have little or if you have a lot - if you are kind,appreciative and active -
you are deserving <3
Helping is what we like to do, but we like to choose the targets by ourselves.

- will add rules if needed. -

Have fun! 4laugh

About me :

I am 26 years old and I live in Finland.
I love music and I sing nearly everyday. I also work in a bar as a karaoke host smile
My favorite anime show´s are Fairy Tail,Elfen Lied,Samurai champloo,Death Note, Ao no exorcist, Dance in the Vampire bundle and Naruto.
There are many more but,those are on the top I think.
Also love the big bang theory,supernatural,the vampire diary's and the vikings <3 Sheldon-Fan <3
I Usually am very positive and smile a lot and like to talk to everyone! ^_^
So You are very welcome to stay and chat! <3
I am very Interested in other countries and cultures,I have few penfriends.
I play games on x-box (mostly) and starting to learn Magic The Gathering.

I had my first gaia account made in January 2004.
Due to busy life I left around 2009 and now I have returned with
a new account! ^_^

I am enjoying Gaia very much now and I am happy to see that there are so much nice
people who actually take the time to talk with me!

As a Quest I am hoping to get myself most wanted items from my wishlist.

If You have a Quest thread,give me a Bump,feel free to leave a link
( once please ) and I will give a Bump back! ^^

This is and always will be My Quest/Charity Thread. I will keep All my Quest's / Gifting events of the Future if they are
to come, right HERE! This will be my little home in Gaia.

Well,let us not bore you further!

And I do apologize for the bad spelling,don't let it bother You! whee

About Tamurii :

Hi, I’m Tammy. I’ve been a member on Gaia since ’09.
My favorite things to do during my time is watch TV shows, movies, draw, write stories, play videogames, and read. I’m about to be a freshmen in college this year, finally!
I am an anime freak, even though I haven’t had much time to watch any lately. Hopefully, you can recommend some of your favorites?
I want to write my own book one day pertaining to mystery/fantasy genre. <3
I’m also in love with the Chinese and the Japanese language.
I really love all my friends here on Gaia! Hopefully, I’ll get to know some of you people and continue moving forward with this.

( Side Note from Tholia : Tamurii is questing Dj's wink )
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

About Literatic :

My name is Literatic, though most call me Lit. I am twenty-three and currently study Teaching as a Foreign Language. I've been a member of Gaia since 2OO4 but have taken many hiatus' from the site since then and used various different accounts and usernames. I have a passion for reading; particularly historical fiction, cross-stitching and animals. I have five cats and a puppy.

Tamurii has an art shop ( specially Chibis! <3 )

User Image

And Please feel free to stay and chat!

- First post
- Donators
- Gifts and Mystery Prizes
- Helper - link
- contests
- Links out to other peoples quest's
- Donators of last year's quest
- Weekly announcement <3
- Regulars
- New User of Gaia - Grab A Bag!! -
-Special art Quest
-Art's of Shiro

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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- Lovely Donators Who are Loved and Remembered For Ever -

- Towards Gifts and Donations heart -
Please label the trade so I know what the donations is going towards! <3

JustCallMeElmo - 10 million

before autumn 2014 :

illogicool - 137.500 g
Shuurei-sama - 2 million
Tamurii - 600k
pig_girl - full trade of items for the new user grab bags
Albruna : Full trade of items worth total around : 51 million!!
Literatic - 50 million!!
Tamurii - 900 million!!! emotion_jawdrop emotion_bigheart
Yimoe - 100 BILLION ?!!!!?!!! emotion_facepalm emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop emotion_bigheart
A Darkened Heart no name - 400k
Simply Keira - 1 million
Runes of Infinity - 100 million

- Towards My Quest items-

Misaki The Cute - WHITE LAURELS!! emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop
queenofsleepingforest - THE LEGEND OF LAGERTHA!!! emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop
CrimsonBells - 25k
Shuurei-sama - 2 million
Tamurii - 600k
the DreamedBigDreamMagic Charity - 2million
Anon - Evening Lotus
proud irish mom - 100 million!!
Literatic - 50 million!!
Misaki The Cute - Doki Doki Milk Chocolate,Cere's Lace,Diana's Lace,Archangels Blade and
Demon's Dignity, Little Hatsya and Polar Ice Sea!!! ( all from my wishlist )
ToxicHailstorm - Divine Golden Halo!!!
Runes of Infinity - 100 million

Thank you so much to All! <3

- Towards Siku the wolf heart -

illogicool - 137,500 g
watermelans - 500,000g
eiffiee - 150,000g
Tik Tok in the Coffee - 3 mill
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People I have gifted/donated to:

- Since January 25th of 2014 -

Boss Level - 500k
as stars lean down - 150k
castlefaire - Space Curiosity ( dream avi item )
MageQueenHoshi - 2 x wishlist items for her birthday
castlefaire - 1 mill + 500k
Broken Logic BHP - 1 mill + Cerise the skunk plushie ( reward for making my lottery )
Kaoya Chijiru - 1 mill + 1 mill
Broken Logic BHP - Shadowplay + Femme Fatal + Milk The Cat
MageQueenHoshi - Letter containing Fluttering Moth
Runes of Infinity - Celestial Emissary,Northtown Ghost Story ( wishlist item )
Broken Logic BHP - Peachy Scarf ( wishlist item )
Kaoya Chijiru - Pride of Hera ( wishlist item )
MageQueenHoshi - Amethyst Diamond Dog
Kaoya Chijiru - Spring Nymph, Prism Armor ( wishlist items )
Runes of Infinity - The Celestial Queen of Solair ( wishlist item )
Tamurii - 5 mill
kawaii 69 queen - black heavenly Unmentionables ( quest item )
Broken Logic BHP - Jade and Black Short Keido Wig ( quest item )
AluraLaVeer - Rajkumari Velvetine ( quest item )
FIERCELASHES - Lady Evangeline ( quest item )
Runes of Infinity - 2 mill
MageQueenHoshi - Snow Deer Companion
castlefaire - Danse des Etoiles, Astra-6: Jelly Bubblepop ( wishlist items for her birthday )
iAngelicDemonicKayKay - Summoning Tome ( quest item )
Kaoya Chijiru - Navy Angelic Sash,2 mill, grab-bags of Durem Depot,Ivan's garagesale,Barton
Runes of Infinity - 2mill , Frog , Obsidian Hellion, Durem/Ivan's/Barton's garb-bags
Broken Logic BHP - Durem/Ivan's/Barton's garb-bags, Gold Nitemare Scarf, 2 mill
Tamurii - Rave Rouille 11th gen , Durem/Ivan's/Barton's grab-bags,2 mill
Runes of Infinity - Easter Cherubim's Lime Green Wings, Kitsune Mask ( wishlist items )
PurpleLovr - Astra-111: Wisteria Breeze ( wishlist item )
Tamurii - Astra-58: Shrouded Night, Space Meow,winter's rose,10mill
MageQueenHoshi - Black Bishop Tactician ( wishlist item )
Kaoya Chijiru - 4 mill + 50 mill
MageQueenHoshi - Mini Lavender Angel Wings,Lavender Grunny ( wishlist items )
Seabook Arno - SDPlus #210 Black King, [Animal] Arctos ( wishlist items )
Tamurii - Pink Hearts Mood bubble, Ribbon Candy,My Sweet Murder,15 mill + 50 mill
MonsterBugg16 - Pepper the cat ( wishlist item )
MageQueenHoshi - AStra - 280 - blue sparkle ( wishlist item )
PurpleLovr - King of creation ( wishlist item )
Saiori the Fallen - AStra31: Crystal wings ( wishlist item )
AlemTehCrunny : 30 million + winky emote

Since June 1st 2014 :
Literatic - Midnight Rainbow , Allu the Brown Wolf (wishlist item)
Misaki The Cute - Cool Cutie Pigtails + 200 mil + Sexta's Wings
Schizophrenic Chicken - Lavender Marionette,Midnight countess, MPP Macaron Cosplay
SinfulGaze v2 - 200 million
Le Sablier .- 200 million
Kaoya Chijiru : Little Hatsya , cream mini angel wings , will-o-the-wisp ( her birthday <3 )
Runes of Infinity - Loving Manner ( wishlist item ) , Wary Intrigue, Midnight conductor,white russian,345 million
Tamurii : Actaeon's blessing,Astra: Mini Gold Flapping Angel Wings
Literatic : Noire chevalier,princess of cakes,Astra: Royal Indigo Wings
SinfulGaze v2 : 50 million,Lunar sash,dark conductor
MageQueenHoshi : Doe-eyed-darling
Pikkonoloidlee : Perfumed Bower,Empress Cotton
kimberly michaels : Sugary Wings,Lilac Scarf, Minerva's Lace
Wennymon : Rome and Juju
Broken Logic BHP : Danse des Etoiles
Misaki the Cute Astra: Rolling Rainstorm
lizhybridwolfbat : Doki Doki Milk Chocolate
Arinnel : 300 million
NocturnalVeil : Fallen Emperor ( wishlist item )
Seabook Arno : SDPlus #271 NeoGaia Ian
Arinnel : HoC: Eldwyn the Bright
kimberly michaels: Sweet Porridge
Schizophrenic Chicken: Summer Grass Field
Kaoya Chijiru : 600 mill + red devil tail + 5 [animal] items
PassionFIower - Howaito De no Keki
Broken Logic BHP - Kitten Crescent Moon, moroni's wings ( contest prizes )
Evil A Moira's Fashion Flashback 2nd Gen.
iiScarlet - Project Old School
RandomChibiKitty - Gwee the Dragon
lizhybridwolfbat -Project Old School
You gave xx I met my fate xx - Dexterous Marksman
Tamurii - Mythrill Coin Package (100,000,000 Gold)
The Raven Rose - Leading poppet ( wishlist item )
XDEmotions_Dying_HeartDX - Gunslinger

Various donations off thread - billions given away - don't always bother to write them all down and I tend to forget what I gave away xD

- Having a large variety of big and small items in Your wishlist helps.
- Having a wishlist in general helps too x)

*The * Mystery * Prize *

The people who post on page 50 will be listed and one of them will be chosen by random number to get a mystery gift gaia_star
This happens every 50 pages 3nodding
- gaia_crown Requirement : Have posted at least 5 conversational posts before the winning page gaia_crown -

Winner of Page 50 mystery prize : Powerful Snail - Gifted : Crystal Box

Winner of Page 100 Mystery Prize : Metal Kumo - Gifted :Monster Music yum_cupcake
Winner of Page 150 Mystery Prize : LinLihaw - Gifted : Purple Butterfly Short Kimono (wishlist) yum_strawberrypie

Winner of Page 200 Mystery Prize : Metal Kumo - Gifted : Rudeboy yum_donut
Winner of Page 250 Mystery prize : Beautifully Meaningful - Gifted : Ritzy Dame yum_icecreampie
Page 300: annadel - Gifted : Cupcake Confection ( Quest item ) yum_wasabipie
Page 350 : MageQueenHoshi - gifted : Stella Leporidae ( wishlist item ) yum_onigiri
Page 400 : Runes of Infinity - gifted : She Sells Seashells ( wishlist item ) yum_shrimp
Page 450 : FierceLashes - gifted : Dumpling The Bear
Page 500 & 550: Tamurii - gifted : Gerubim's Ruby Wings and custard the kitten
Page 600 : MageQueenHoshi : gifted - I don't remember anymore xD
page 650 : Literatic - gifted : Blue Belle

- Tired of updating this , giving mystery prize every 50 pages still -

Decided on page 250 , beginning now Mystery prizes are at least 100k worth 3nodding
January 29th - let's make that 200k whee

feb. 19th - let's make that 300k 4laugh
march April 6th - let's make that 3 million! emotion_awesome
june 3rd : let's make it 100mill!!! emotion_dowant
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A Charity You should visit :

User Image

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

New To Gaia? Visit Here! :
User Image

And awesome anon gifting thread:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Here Is mine if You want to take it :

User Image
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Page contest :

First on page 348 wins : 100k - winner Terumi Yumi
page 394 : 350k winner - NekoAnimeLuv
page 415 : 500k winner : Misaki the cute
444 : 400k winner : Tamurii
page 485 : 500k winner : Broken Logic BHP
507 : 350k w: Tamurii
593 : 500k w : Tamurii
page 892 : 1 million w: XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD

A small gift / a small donation to everyone who post on page 400 & 500,600.700..!!

Quote contest :

gaia_kittenstar First one to quote me when I ask you to wins a mystery gift! gaia_kittenstar

A Raffle for Items and millions of gold!
( I will update the items and prizes list all the time as I will be adding them
more and more when I go through my inventory!!

End Date : Okay we have 50 ticket's added now, You have until
September 1st to earn ticket's 3nodding
I Do the Raffle on Sunday September 7th - be here for the fun 4laugh
want 50 ticket's to be added before adding an end date.

Will do a raffle for :

300 million gold
200 million gold
100 mill gold x 2
50 million gold x 2
25 million gold x 4
50 mill Item You want
25 mill item you want
10 million item you want
Random item from my inventory x 4
Avi art x 2
Pastel Sweetie
Fremere's Guard 8th Gen.
Truffle Chizukeki
Astra-66: Coy Cotton
Demon Vassal
Pale Triplet
Crystallized Plantimal
Cupcake Darling
Striking Arms
Sassy Bass
Silver Puppy Cosplay
Highwire Amaryllis
Botis' Wings
Astra: Crystal Wings
Kimi's Cool Bashful Braids

How to get ticket's in to the raffle :

Go fill out these MADLIB stories!
With every story you post on the thread you get 2 ticket's to the raffle!

My wedding Day
Advice From Dad
Dating Ads in the Newspaper

You can choose your own too and make as many as you wish!!
Click here to Choose my own story!

Other ways to get ticket's :

Post pictures / gif's that make me laugh! ( 2 ticket's ) ( Good hint's can be found of what I like in my profile and on "about me section" in the first post!
Send me a gift with a nice note/ story! ( nothing big - this is a charity after all! ( 5 ticket's ) )
Roll a 20 sided dice and get 20! Quote me if You do! ( 2 ticket's )
Make me art! ( 10 - 25 ticket's )
Make me a tektek avatar! ( Female base) ( 2 ticket's - if really love it - 5 tickets )

I will grant them to whom I wish when I wish to do so for various reasons.
( those could be sincerity,kindness,sharing,laughter- anything I think is worth it. )

gaia_angelleft Someone You want to give a ticket to? gaia_angelright
Quote them here,with a note or a reason why You want to give them a ticket in to the
raffle! You can only give 1 ticket per person, but You can quote as many as You want! ^^

Ticket's :

3. Ooie-chan
4. Ooie-chan
5.SinfulGaze v2
6.SinfulGaze v2
7.Schizophrenic Chicken
8.Schizophrenic Chicken
12. Mishies
13. Mishies
14.Schizophrenic Chicken
15. Schizophrenic Chicken
16.Kaoya Chijiru
17. Literatic
18. Arinnel
19. Darkestkitty1
20. Darkestkitty1
21. Darkestkitty1
22. Darkestkitty1
23. Darkestkitty1
24. Darkestkitty1
25. Kimberly Michaels
26. Kimberly Michaels
27. NocturnalVeil
28. DarkRybrin
29. Hunter Toga Yagari
30. flubberwhale
31. flubberwhale
32. MageQueenHoshi
33. Kaoya Chijiru
34. Kaoya Chijiru
35. MageQueenHoshi
36. MageQueenHoshi
37. Mini Gummy Shark
38. Mini Gummy Shark
39. Broken Logic BHP
40. Broken Logic BHP
41. Kaoya Chijiru
42. The Raven Rose
43. The Raven Rose
44. XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD
45. XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD
46. a Place of no Return
47. a Place of no Return
48. a Place of no Return
49. Tamurii
50. The Raven Rose
51. Arinnel
52. Arinnel
53. Broken Logic BHP
54. XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD
55. XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD
56. XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD
57. XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD
58. XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD
59. XDEmotions_Dying_HeartD
60. Literatic
61. darknightcavalier
62. darknightcavalier
63. The Raven Rose
64. The Raven Rose
65. The Raven Rose


Make a purple avatar, 2-4 colors using MageQueenHoshi's invo.
Please do not use duplicate items! Only 1 per item thank you <3

Here's the base.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

For every avi made You get 500k!!
If it's super good - get a random item from my invo!
( super good mean something MageQueenHoshi likes so much she would wear! )

This weeks Contests :

Recipe Time!

I am a food-lover! I love to cook and I love to eat!
Sometimes though You get a feeling I want something - -
something that I haven't done before or don't do very often.
Now my mind is just empty! The last food I made was an Indian
style spicy-coconut-tikka masala-chicken soup,
it was super yummy! Now I want new ideas!

Post here Your Favorite recipe -
and the one I choose I will try to make wins a prize!

Guess the item!

Hints :

no items listed yet -

2 guesses per post - try as many times as you want.
Prize : 1 billion gold.
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- My lovely Donators Who are Loved and Remembered For Ever - Past Avi Quest During 2 years

Aykii : 500k!!! emotion_jawdrop emotion_kirakira emotion_hug crying heart Thank Youuu so Much!
Kakkara18 - 240K --- AND NOW I CAN GET IT!! Thank YOUUU!! crying 4laugh emotion_hug heart
Selifer : 464k!!!Thank Youu!! crying heart emotion_jawdrop emotion_hug
ii_GrEEn_ChrONic_MaNN_ii : 200k!!! Thank Youu!! heart 4laugh
NocturnalVeil : Fanciful Light Charmer!!! Thank Youu!! heart emotion_hug emotion_kirakira
koala bear : 100k!!! - Thank Youuu!!! heart 4laugh
MajesticPickles - My Friend Cupid - A part of my dream avi! emotion_hug Thank Youuu! emotion_bigheart
x-suicidal strawberry-x : Sleepytime wildfire bed, red rose bouquette, stupendous strawberry, crimson heaven pircing drill, sleepytime cotton bed heart Thank You!
Lokipoo : 60k! Thank You!! heart
Oh Fox - familiars of demonic affection,lots of tips Thank You! heart
Powerful Snail - 35kThank Youu! heart
Mista Pickles from GE Charity - 34.3k Thank Youuu! heart
The very generous people heart
- msganja x3 : 5k and my very First donator! Thank You! heart
Optisaurus P R I M E : V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade Thank You! heart
Paper Mache Dollfie : Red baby doll gloves,Gold tiara,Mystic weave x 120,Lace x 32,Yellow retro phone,Fabric swatches,Gold Ink x 2,Blue ink x 2,Yellow ink x 40,Brown ink x 139 Thank You! heart
Powerful Snail : So many tips I lost count xd Thankies! Friendship pendant ( gift ) Strawberry Margarita ( gift )Sweet Mint Ice Cream Sundae ( gift ) Thank You! heart
Lord Penguin Pants : Giant red bloodshot eyeball, Scream Emote Mask, Gonk Emote Mask, Soace buble,Mantis Mask, Alien Mask, Snowman Mask, 12 pairs of starter/cool/warm shoes, 11 neutral/cool/warm shrits and the fly suit,the 4th amigo pants,pink babydoll shoes,soft black underwear,blockhead,flashy cutoff shorts,purple nurse skirt heart Thank You!
Oh Fox: Many Many tips! Thank You!
The Shipwreck Pirate Jin: 5k
anon send me a gift with benny the puppy! Thank You! heart
- jana88 : Blue seenkin, Green seedkin, leviathan's grace ( chest ) slate gunner top, violet mink jacket, purple babydoll socks, black castaway shirt! Thank You! heart
Metal Kumo : Tipped every post in my first page! biggrin Thank You!!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Total Value: 12,859,949 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Fireman&#039;s Axe - thank you Sweet Alivia!!! heart
Whim Sea[/url] - bought for 14 mill!!
Madoka Magica: Sayaka Miki - Donated by : ѕρє¢ιαℓ ∂єℓινєяу! ~ α ¢нαяιту - Saffie-Chan heart Thank You so so much! heart
Cutthroat Cook- changed to princess rosamund and Fallen star - bought both! <3
Black Butler: Hannah Anafeloz Donated by : xXBath Salt ZombieXx heart Thank You so so Much! heart
Aye Aye Lassie - bought for 13 mill! <3
Modus Operandi -Bought! August 10th
Changed the face.
( wanted gaia-samas mouth but it was so expensive I left it out and put rosamund instead)

CHALDEA : Full 2005 letter set! eek emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop emotion_jawdrop emotion_bigheart emotion_hug THANK YOUU!! You have my heart! + letters 07 , 3 x demonbow and items for me to keep and to Give
to other lovely people! heart
MAD MULEH!!! :Zodiacal !!! + 1mill+ 5Mill+katana+1mill ( this girl is nuts I tell ya! I love nuts xD ) !!! heart emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop Thank Youu!! emotion_bigheart heart emotion_hug
Misaki The Cute : Zodiacal !!! heart emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop Thank Youu!! emotion_bigheart heart
The Psychedelic Rose - Fallen star !!! heart emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop Thank You!! emotion_bigheart heart
Millie990 - 1 million!!! heart emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop Thank you!! emotion_bigheart heart
Oh Fart : 164k600g + items + 22k335g + 36k154g +21k362g
+Shepherdess de l'Agneau + 9k237g0House pride+Wensleydale prep uniform vest !! emotion_bigheart Thank You!! *
Hiro17 - 100k and a Long-Stem Black Rose+Death Whisper+50k!!! emotion_bigheart heart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
fatesdesciple - Azuramella!!! emotion_bigheart Thank You!!! emotion_bigheart
NocturnalVeil - Fanciful Light Charmer emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
THAT CRAZY OLD LADY : 150K!! emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
Beauty of Grace : 40k300g emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
Kadashi : 10k + 10k + lot's of trash for me to sell! emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
Kanshisha no Yume : 1,5k emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
Dollop Daisy : 15k emotion_bigheart Thank You!!
Hajimeyuki27 : 2 full trades of items and 8k , emotion_bigheart Thank You!!
moonlight34 : 100k!! emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
aquaorator : Lower banner on my first post!! : Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
jeno135 : 35K!! : emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
Daxion the Reaper - 10k + woody,grunny wall tile,mushroom head,branch x 2 and screw x 2 emotion_bigheart Thank you!! emotion_bigheart
x_oOJckAnnieOo_ - 12k emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
Beautifully Meaningful - 20k emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
Sinister Lynx - Sealed letter March 2008 emotion_bigheart Thank you!! emotion_bigheart
PurpleLovr - Flynn's Booty , got 300k from it! emotion_bigheart Thank You!! emotion_bigheart
Leonaenae - 3 mill!! heart Thank Youu!!! heart emotion_kirakira emotion_hug
Sphynxzy - 4 mill !!! heart Thank Youu!! heart emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop
Jinglybell - 150k heart Thank youu!! heart
ѕρє¢ιαℓ ∂єℓινєяу! ~ α ¢нαяιту : Saffie-Chan - Madoka Magica: Sayaka Miki heart Thank Youu!! heart
Eevster - 30k - heart Thank Youu!! heart
anserine - 585k heart Thank Youu!! heart
Astrid Serra - 11k heart Thank Youu!! heart
Hex Charm - 1 mill!!! heart Thank Youu!! heart emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
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- Something about this Week -

Sick sick sick sad

Updating next week again!

Have a lovely week! <3
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yum_puddi My Lovely Regular Posters yum_puddi

Schizophrenic Chicken
Kaoya Chijiru
Runes of Infinity
Broken Logic BHP
Seabook Arno
The Raven Rose

Means they are special to me <3
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A New User Of Gaia - Grab a Bag!

Are you new to Gaia? Wanting some clothes to dress your avi with?

Tell me You want a New-You-Grab-Bag!
It will be a full trade ( 12 items ) filled with small items ( worth 1g - 10,000g ),
Everything always start's small ^__^

This means You will need to have a Trading Pass 3nodding

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As mentioned in the first post, My family lost our lovely dog Shiro early this year.
As a special Quest, I am collecting art made from Him <3
Tell me if you would like to make me art from Shiro,a lovely member of our family,who we miss so much! <3 Shiro was a happy dog,playful and laughing a lot ( yes,he really did! ) emotion_bigheart

Here is some pictures of Shiro :

Shiro being pretty 4laugh
User Image

Shiro as a pup, sleeping emotion_kirakira
User Image

Last healty photo of Shiro crying :
User Image
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~Shiro Art received~

Done By Athella:
User Image

Done By VOids :

User Image
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Good luck!!
You'll be there in no time
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msganja x3

Good luck!!
You'll be there in no time

Thank You so so much! <3
Feel free to stay and chat ^___^

And Thank You very much for the Donation! 4laugh

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