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Gold fer yoo. <33

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31/07/'06 - OMG, we have an UPDATES post?
lol yeah. <33
POST 2 dudes. x33

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Become a REGULAR at my thread. I'm here alot. Chat to me. <3

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Currently: ONLINE - In here/in WG with friends! Accepting donations. surprised

Hello there, its me Sophie. I am on a Quest for the famous Angelic Scarf. Why? Because I love it! <3 I used to belive it was impossible, it rose in price incredibly. To think - on my old account, I had been here when they were hard to sell at 10k... Now over 950k? surprised But I won't give up! I have many expensive items that I never wear, and will help me acheive my goal. I won't say "I don't want donations but I would appreciate them" like other people because thats not how I feel. And heck, if you have a donation thread in the Charity forum surely it will be for donations? So, I would LOVE any form of donation, gold, items or art! Thank you for taking your time to read this, as I become one step closer to completing
SOPH!E's..._____ANGELIC SCARF_____...QUEST. <33

Post 1: iNTRo
Post 2: UPDaTEs *=*NEW*=*
Post 4: DoNATORS
Post 5: BUMPeRS
Post 6: BLACK LiST
Post 7: LiNK To ME
Post 8: oTHER LiNKS
Post 10: CoNTeSTS *=*NEW*=*
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Much thanks to someone for the banner<3

    & i n t r o d u c t i o n . . .

    Hey all! And welcome to our quest insert quest name here

    Now, I know that if I have any chance of achieving this goal, I`ll have to have lots&lots of patience. @@;; That itself will be a challenge, since I don`t really have much patience. Dx I also realize that this is indeed a big quest, and it`ll take a whole lotta hard work, but I`m willing to put forth the effort~

    DJs are the one item on gaia that I`ve wanted for the longest time. I`ve just never been too confident that I could get em, so I figured why even try? I still have my doubts, but I`ve realized that I`ll have the support of my friends, giving me that extra push to achieve this quest.

    I do apologize for the crappy layout. Dx I`m all out of ideas and colour combinations~ ;___; *so uncreative*<//3

    Butyea. Since I was never good with introductions or anything, how about we just move on to the next post? xD;;
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Angelic Scarf
They say the fabric that was used to make this scarf came from Angel feathers that fell from the heavens. [Unisex] (--)
LUCKY DEVIL 900k - 1 mil
Sell Back Value: 1000
Equip: Neck


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279k pure
Guitar of Angellus (43k)
Demonic Pendant (64k)
Chyaku Norisu Scarf (21k)

Thats it so far. Almost halfway-ish. :] I am wondering whether to add Angelic HB and Baby Seal Slippers to raise it, and get them back later, but I don't know yet. XP
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Here are the kind people who have donated to me. I really appreciate all and any donations (including art), thank you. :] <3

LiLRed0o0 - You are honestly the best person, ever. <3 3689 gold + Nitemare Claws + Fighter Ghost Sheet + 4000 gold + 5000 gold + 5000g heart heart heart
Crusty Toe - Dark Halo + Chestplate of Arachne + Chain of Command + Sun Staff + 1000 gold eek OMG, thanks. <3
Kitty-Cato - 1001 gold Thank you very much! <33 3nodding heart
Emikay - 1000 gold. Thanks hon', you rock! heart 3nodding
Teru teru bozu - Jacked-Up Cape. Thanks Teru! mrgreen heart

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - Thanks Fang!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
- Thanks -i forgot. s0rry.- <3

Past Quest:
Eventider - 1000 gold + 1000 gold surprised heart Thanks alot hun. <3

LiLRed0o0 - 500 gold + 5588 + 15000 eek heart Thanks!! *hugs*
Maru~Takahashi - 100 gold heart Love ya. <33
Joe_mama727 - 1000 gold Thanks!! <33
The Great Giver - Silver bracelet + Gold bracelet. Thank you!! heart
Zelda-628 - Silver Watch. Thank you!! heart
Mixtress - 1000 gold. Thanks Mix!! surprised heart
Anti Apathy Charity - 100 gold. Thanks. :]]
Killer Demon - Silver Wrist Watch + 8 gold. Cheers. :] heart
Stormstunner - 100 gold. Thanks. =)
The Faerie Charity - 1000 gold. Thanks! <3
Northawke_rs - Silver Pocket Watch surprised Thank yoou. <3
Laugh.As.I.Die - 1158 gold. Thanks! surprised heart
Moroi Tama no Kaosu - 500 gold. Thanks/ <3
PadishahIV - 400 gold. xD This little mexican skeleton guy rocks.
Sayuki S. - 2000 gold + SLIK shades (: *hugs* THANKS!! heart surprised
ABC- Angel's Badass Charity - 200 gold. Thanks.

Total: 30654 gold + Silver Bracelet + Gold Bracelet + Silver Pocket Watch + 2x Silver Wrist Watch + SLIK Shades. surprised heart I'm so lucky! So many donations. eek Thanks.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
By Mixtress. surprised heart

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By the lovely Northawke_rs. <3 =D

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Also given by Northawke_rs. eek heart

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By Chemfire. xD Thanks.
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BUMP ME! Bumps may seem like a pointless little post BUT THEY DO HELP! Please bump me as many times as possible, because if you bump more than 15 times you get to on the list below. <3

LiLRed0o0 - 15 times and l o n g conversations with me. (counts as bumps) heart Love yooou.
Maru~Takahashi - A long conversation with me. heart
Mixtress - A long conversation and some bumps. cool heart
th3darkone - Lots of bumps. 3nodding
Maggot Corpse - Lots of bumps and he talked to me too. whee heart
PadishahIV - Over 15 bumps. 3nodding
Northawke_rs - PiRATE bumps! <3 xD
The Collector - Pirate bumps as well! domokun heart
-i forgot. s0rry.- - Over 15 bumps. ^_^ Thanks hon'! heart
[equivocator] - He chatted alot and bumped. Thanks. <3 3nodding
[.Jelly.] - Lotsa bumps. <3 Ta, honey! heart
tuitu - Many bumps and chatting. <3 You rock, honey bunny! heart xd
Fried Tree - Lotsa bumps. Thx!
Zorbo Red - Such a loveable, chatty gal! Mwah. <33 4laugh
Emikay - Ohmigawsh, this girl ish amazing! Love you! heart
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You go on here if you post any form of negative comment about me or in my thread, if you post long posts that stretch the page or do anything that annoys me. </3

The Black List:
No-one so far. Keep it that way, k?
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Link to me!! I'd LOVE it if you put ine of these in your sig, or in your thread or guild or wherever! Also, if you would kindly make more for me, I'd really appreciate it. wink

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Just drop me a PM or post here with your Quest/Charity or whatever's link and banner. I'll gladly put it here for you. Oh and if I put yours up, would you be kind enough to mine up too in yours? wink

Friend's Quests. <33:

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And like.. zomg I wuv youuu more. heart xd heart

Nuu, you thinkin I'm wrong,
makes you cute.
so now you rock and are cute. <333
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Contest 1:
Roll The Dice!
Roll 7, 20-sided dice and get an answer of 129.
If you do, PM me the page number (has to be in this thread) and I will send you a prize of 2k!!

Contest 2:
First person to bump 500 times gets 2k. ^_^
PS, ya gotta number your bumps! XD

Contest 3:
TekTek Avatar Contest!
5 slots, 500g entry fee, 2k prize!
First to 40 votes. 3nodding
0.5k goes towards my quest. <3
Just send me the gold title "Avi Contest" and PM your entry to me.

o No using mules to vote for you.
o No advertising yourself. PLEASE advertise this thread though. <3
o Tektek may and SHOULD be used.
o No being rude to other contestants or me.

Current Entries:

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