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Welcome to my quest thread!

List of Items I'll Be Questing
List of Completed Alchemy Items
List of Donors
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  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Battle Hardened 150
Hi! I'm Ping of Death. You can call me Ping.

This is my first time to put up a quest thread. I decided that this would be a good way to motivate myself to keep questing if I can monitor my progress.

I've never really quested before. I just buy stuff I can afford randomly. I have a bad habit of going on a shopping spree when I have enough gold to buy several items. And I won't even use those items for months. gonk

Why armor? I've always been fascinated with warfare and its technology (though I'm not an expert on this subject) for a long time now. Armor, from the leather armor to the mythical mythrill armor, is for me one of the most interesting detail to learn about.

How will I be questing? One or two item/s at a time. Items that I've already acquired are crossed out. Name of donors (if any) will be indicated beside the name of the item. List of items is on the next post.

I will also be questing for Alchemy formulae and components.

How do I earn my gold? I earn most of my gold by playing BG for hours. Tiring but it feels great when you finally get the item.

What type of items will I be questing? The items have the keywords 'armor', 'helm', 'shield', 'weapon', gauntlets, bracers.

Will I donate to others? During special site events I will gift anonymously.

I'd appreciate any help for this quest too. Thanks for dropping by!

Stuff about me:
- I like reading books, watching movies, documentaries and anime, playing video games, and dancing
- I'm a fan of Dean Koontz, the Malazan series, Prince of Tennis, Cao Cao, God of War series, Tim Duncan
- I studied Media Arts at UP Mindanao
- I write reviews on my blog and LJ from time to time. I draw for fun.
If you wanna know more feel free to visit and comment on my profile.
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Bashful Exhibitionist

17,100 Points
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  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Battle Hardened 150
Items I'm questing (I'll be adding more to the list if new items come out):

Alfie in Underland - Bought
Alien Chest Burster - Bought
Alien Raygun - Bought
Alruna's Rose (any Gen.)
Ammo Box - Bought
Amorous Knight Isis - Bought
Anima Adamantea (any Gen.)
Anchor - Bought
Ancient Defender - Bought
Antique Keymaster - Bought
Apep Cobra Armor - Bought
Archangel's Blade
Arrowhead Fish Sword - Bought
Assassin's Guise - Bought
Autumn Red Wayfarer Bracers - Bought
Autumn Wayfarer Shoulders - Bought
Azure Tatsu Helm - Bought

B.O.O. Shield - Bought
Barbarous Linebacker
Barton Regulars Armor - Bought
Barton Regulars Gauntlets - Bought
Barton Regulars Helmet - Bought
Bee Movie Gun - Bought
Bird of Paradise
Black Drome Egg - Gifted by Anon
Black Ice Weaponry - Bought
Black Rocque Biter Blade
Black Ops Gear - Bought
Blade Armored Helmet - Bought
Blade's Gold Chainmail Tunic - Bought
Blade's Silver Chainmail Tunic
Blood Ironjaws
Blue Dark Elf Pauldrons - Bought
Blue Flyswatter - Bought
Blue Sword Sash - Bought
Bluestone Biter Blade
Bolt Screw Ring Blade
Bone Dragon Helm
Bone Scythe
Brimstone Blade
Bright Silver DASH Arm Guards - Donated by GingerCoffee
Bronze Ookami Armor - Donated by GingerCoffee
Bronze Prince's Rapier
Buddhist Monk's Staff
Bullet Belts

Canine Warrior
Captain America's Shield - Acquired
Captain Ara's Nestegg - Bought
Cardboard Roleplay
Caretaker Tia
Carol of 'Ol Ebenezer (any Gen.)
Chain Of Command - Bought
Changeling Baby Boy
Changeling Baby Girl - Bought
Charcoal Gray Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield - Bought
Charithalos Blademaster - Bought
Checkmate - Bought
Chestplate of Arachne
Chill of Artemis
Club of Huitzotl
Cobalt Galaxy Grenade
Condor Dynasty
Cool Starter Fantasy Bracers - Bought
Coral Edge
Coral Staff
Count's Vengeance
Crimson Tatsu Helm - Donated by GingerCoffee
Cutie Clobberer

Daemonsteel Slayer-blade
Damascus Armor - Bought
Dark Elf's Light Armor - Bought
Dark Elf's Spider Dagger - Bought
Dark Knight Fish Lance
Dark Matter Galaxy - Bought
Dark Star
Datamancer - Bought
Dead Korps - Bought
Deadly Music
Deadly Thread
Death Whisper (any Gen.) - Bought
Defender Pump-action
Deep Sea Enforcer Suit
Delicate Death
Delphic Oracle
Demonic Armor - Bought
Demonic Pitchfork
Devil Trap Card
Devilish Dancer
Devoted Pawn
Diamond Galaxy Grenade
Diapered Egg
Diplomat Magnum
Draco Ladon
Dragon Knight
Dragonmetal Champion
Durem Knight

Ebony Ookami Armor
Ectomane Hellfish Helm
Electric Green DASH Arm Guards
Electric Green DASH Boots
Elephantine Guard - Bought
Errant Green Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield - Bought
Ethermane Hellfish Helm
Exalted Rook - Gifted by Glitchy Red
Emerald Galaxy Cannon Blaster
Emerald Galaxy Grenade
Event Horizon Guardian
Executioner of Spades
Eye of Callisto - Bought
Eye of Europa - Bought
Eye of Ganymede - Bought
Eye of Io - Bought

Faded Gold Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield - Bought
Fall of the Morning Star
Fallen Wish (any Gen.)
Fate's Artillery
Father's Armor - Bought
Fausto's Bottle - Bought
Fellowship Armor - Bought
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Reaping Sword - Acquired
Fire Flower
Firemane Hellfish Helm
Fiscal Shrike
Flame Sword - Bought
Flower Shield - Bought
FMAB Alphonse
Forest Green Wayfarer Bracers - Bought
Forest Green Wayfarer Shoulders - Bought
Four Horsemen - Bought
Fremere's Guard (any Gen.) - Bought
Frostbite Blade - Bought
Future Assassin

G Blade
Galahad of Templar
Gatorskin - Bought
GAU-3 Sasha
George's Pipe
Ghost Hunter Neutron Blaster 2007
Gift of the Gods - Bought
Gold Bullet Helm
Gold Prince's Rapier
Golden Decobot - Bought
Golden Dragon - Bought
Golden Victory - Bought
Gore Red Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield - Bought
Grace of Eros - Bought
Green Corallus Egg - Bought
Green Flyswatter - Bought
Green Knight - Bought
Gro-gain (Any Gen.)

Harbinger of Pestilence - Bought
Harpoon Gun
Heartless One
Heimdal the Ram - Bought
Hell's Welder - Bought
Helm of the Vikings - Bought
Holy Gauntlets - Bought
Hook's Cruelty
Hot Iron Crossbow
Hot Rod Red DASH Arm Guards
Hot Rod Red DASH Boots
Human's Crowbar - Bought
Human's Smoke Bomb
Human's Makeshift Shield - Bought

Ice Prince - Bought
Imperial Guardian - Bought
Imperial Queen
Improvised Flamethrower
Inari's Beads (any Gen.)
Ironcrusher Armor - Bought
Ithilldyn Armor - Bought
Immaculate Bishop - Bought
Infernal Spirit (12th Gen.) - Bought
Ivangelia - Bought
Ivory Ookami Armor - Bought
Ivory Wayfarer Bracers - Bought
Ivory Wayfarer Shoulders - Bought

Jack's Autohack
Jack's 2k7 Armor Boots - Bought
Jack's 2k7 Armor Gloves - Bought
Jack's 2k7 Armor Plate - Bought
Jinxi's Charm - Bought

King of Fruits
Knight Fish Lance - Bought
Knight of La Mancha - Bought
Knight Patrol
Kung Fu Panda Bamboo Staff - Bought
Kung Fu Panda Chinese Star - Bought
Kuro's Induction

La Dragonne - Bought
Lady Justice Armor
Lady Longshot
Lawful Master
Lazor Fish Lazor
Leather Bound Tomahawk
Leather Wayfarer Bracers - Bought
Leather Wayfarer Shoulders - Bought
Legend of the Astro Logger
Legion Armor
Lidless Demon Armor (Boots) - Bought
Lidless Demon Armor (Chest) - Bought
Lidless Demon Armor (Helm) - Bought
Lidless Demon Armor (Leggings) - Bought
Lightning Bolt - Bought
Lightning Lash
Limbs of Fury
Lord Wilhelm
Lost Odyssey (Kaim's Armor) - Bought
Love's Warrior
Lumberjack Axe - Bought
Lunar Scythe - Bought
LUV-01X Cupid's Fast Response Armor - Bought
Lycanstriker Zero - Bought

M-2008 Gauntlets - Bought
Magenta Sword Sash
Majestic King - Bought
Martial Arts Bracers - Bought
Metal Pipe - Bought
Metallic Blue DASH Boots
Military Formal - Bought
Minotaur Asterion
Mizuki's Glaive
Mossy Mutant Crab Arm
My Friend Cupid
Mythrill Armor - Bought

Napoleon of Crime
Naruto Kunai - Bought
Nation of Rebellion
Navy Formal - Bought
Neon Simulator
Neutral Starter Fantasy Bracers - Boughtbracer
Nightwalker's Reprisal
Nikola's Yo-Yo
Ninja Sword

Obsidian Maqhuitl
Obsidian Tatsu Helm - Donated by GingerCoffee
Old Machete
Onyx Bolster Sword
Onyx Dragonslayer
Onyx Galaxy Grenade - Bought
Orange Sword Sash
Order of Atlantis - Bought
Order of the Valorous Heart - Bought
Order of the Iron Rhino - Bought
Orion's Belt
Otami Greaves - Bought
Otami Shield - Bought
Otami Upper Armor - Bought

Padmavati's Lotus (any Gen.)
Painful Cold - Bought
Pangolin Armor - Bought
Paradise Lost
Passionate Knight Venus
Picolitrosso's Urn (any Gen.)
Piercing Rose Rapier
Pistolera 2nd Gen - Bought
Plasma Gear
Pora Ice (on my head) - Bought
Preda-Armor - Bought
Preda-Gauntlets - Bought
Preda-Helmet - Bought
Predator's Boomerang - Bought
Prince of Fennecs
Prince of Thieves
Prism Armor
Purple Dark Elf Pauldrons - Bought
Pyrite Biter Blade

Queen Bee

R3Tr0 Bot
Race Start Gun
Racing Pink DASH Arm Guards
Racing Pink DASH Boots
Randy Orton's Steel Chair - Bought
Red Dark Elf Pauldrons - Bought
Red Flyswatter - Bought
Red Wing - Bought
Regal Blue Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield - Bought
Regalia of Ancient Fire (Circlet) - Bought
Regalia of Ancient Fire (Leggings) - Bought
Regalia of Ancient Fire (Mantle) - Bought
Regalia of Ancient Fire (Vest) - Bought
Resolute Steel Trooper - Bought
Reve Rouille (any Gen.)
Romantic Knight Aphrodite - Bought
Rogue Bravado - Bought
Rogue Narok
Royal Keymaster - Bought
Ruby Galaxy Cannon Blaster
Ruby Galaxy Grenade
Rule Breaker
Rusted Mutant Crab Arm
Ryuusei the Celestial Dragon

Samurai Yoroi - Bought
Sand Boldur Chestplate
Sapphire Plume - Bought
Saw Shield - Bought
SDPlus #101 Radio Jack
Seahorse Scepter - Bought
Sharktooth Knife - Bought
Sheriff Law
Sherwood Outlaw
Shovel Blade - Bought
Silent Night - Bought
Silver Bullet Helm
Silver Dark Elf Pauldrons - Bought
Silver Prince's Rapier
Silver Revolver
Sister of Jiang Shi
Slate Boldur Chestplate
Slate Mutant Crab Arm - Gifted by OG LoLo
Slayer Champion
Sledgehammer - Bought
Sommelier Accessories
Soulfire Arm
Space Channel Gaia Beta
Space Wars Tech
Spacefleet Tech
Spartan Shield - Bought
Spartan Spear - Bought
Spear of Chaloc
Spear of the Overseer
Spectrobes Rallen's Sword - Bought
Starfish Shuriken -Bought
Sulfuric Brawler -Bought
Super Brawler Bash
Staff of The Angels
Standard Issue Chainblade
Stone Boldur Chestplate
Strongman's Might - Bought
Sun Staff - Bought
Supernatural Arsenal
Sushi Master
Sword in the Stone
Sword King
Sword of Aegis- Bought

T-1 Medi-kit
Tama's Basket - Bought
Taylor's Crowbar
Techno-Mage - Bought
The Accursed Ring
The Brass Knight - Bought
The Nightmare (3rd Gen.) - Bought (with the help of Evalayn's donation).
The Rightful Heir - Bought
The War Sniper
Thief of Hearts - Bought
Titanium Iron Jaws
Topaz Galaxy Grenade
Tragic Tower
Triste's Rapture - Bought
Truck Stop
TX-5S Sonic Combat Armor

Used Chainsaw

Valhalla's Abyssal Armor
Valhalla's Eternal Armor
Valhalla's Obsidian Armor
Valiant Knight
Vampire Hunter Hat - Bought
VFM-01F Stryker-F
Very Protective Fantasy Armor
Viking Love - Bought
Violet Trigger
Viper Black DASH Arm Guards
Viper Black DASH Boots

War of the Warlords - Bought
Warrior of the North - Bought
Warm Starter Fantasy Bracers - Bought
Warmth of Apollo
Water Trident - Bought
Weapons a Plenty
Weapons Stockpile
Western Zodiac
Wheel of Chance
White Drome Egg - Bought
Whip of Fire
Whip of Ice
Wirewood Bracers
Wooden Baseball Bat

Y Paddle
Yama no Tamago (2nd Gen.) - Bought
Year One Armor - Bought
Yokai's Treasure - Bought
Yuki Otoko - Bought

Zhou Yu Staff - Acquired
zOMG! Monster Armor - Bought
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  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Battle Hardened 150
Completed Alchemy Items (Armor and non-armor items):
Note: I will not include the completed items in the progress and highlights posts to save space.
Aspiring Alchemist (8 pieces)
Twin Snake Shoulderpads
The Drill
Golden Gift Box (2 pieces)
Live Free or Pie Hard (2 pieces)
2k11 Masquerade Brooch
2k11 Werewolf Skin
2k11 Werewolf Hunter
Giant Rainbow Lollipop (2 pieces)
Long Tusks
Silver Sable Coat
Tire Dress
Gary's Island Adventure
Peppermint Stripe Apron
Lawnshark Blades
Gold Bullet Helm
Silver Bullet Helm
Oh My Pizza box
Deerskin Loincloth
Philosopher's Cache
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Bashful Exhibitionist

17,100 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Battle Hardened 150
List of Awesome People:

Glitchy Red - Exalted Rook
GingerCoffee - Crimson Tatsu Helm, Obsidian Tatsu Helm, Bronze Ookami Armor, Bright Silver DASH Arm Guards
Evalayn - Donated 95,554 gold and the ff. items: Stupendous Strawberry, Sleepybye Princess, Bright KISS, Balloonimals and Medusa.
Yogurette - Donated 30,000 gold.
Chouryou - Sent 3 Broken Tusks and 10,000 gold
Eternal Raine - Sent Depth of Hades
OG LoLo - Sent Slate Mutant Crab Arm.

People who sent me gifts on Christmas 2k10
People who sent me gifts in 2k11
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Bashful Exhibitionist

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  • Partygoer 500
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Battle Hardened 150
Link me:
User Image

I also have a petition.
User Image
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Bashful Exhibitionist

17,100 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Battle Hardened 150

I will be giving away prizes to the winners.

What is the name of the guy on my banner?
Must have first and last name. Clue: a character from the Malazan Book of the Fallen series.
Prize: 10,000 gold
Post you answer in this thread.


I will be giving a prize to the first person who posts on pages 10, 50, 75 and 100. Cancelled contest since no one else is bumping anyway.
1. Page 10 - My Silly Life (10k)
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Bashful Exhibitionist

17,100 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Battle Hardened 150

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