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Tis' the New Year and so we celebrate it the Funbox Way. By bringing the event to the forums, where it's easier to run it.
Read the Rules below before you start to post.
Have fun.

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Writing this on top. As people aren't reading the rules properly. So just to let everyone know , that I have the right to refuse you a prize if you're not doing as per rules. Please notice the lines in red.

Firstly follow the Gaia TOS and the forum rules. [each forum has it's own rules] 3nodding

If you're a winner for any game, send a labelled pm with a link as to what game you've won and what prize you've won. If you don't do this, I refuse to give you your prize

Remember that I work full time, so prize may be delayed.

I prefer that you put all your daily winnings into the one pm. Rather than separate, it helps me get your prize quicker this way.

Have fun. And read rules for each contest before you play them.

Oh and in order to qualify for a prize, please make sure you've had at least 30 posts in this thread.

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If you're a page prize winner. Label your pm as ' New Year page prize winner ' And inside your pm, please include a link to where you've posted and also what PRIZE YOU'VE WON.

1st on page 50 wins 10k - winner is - AmbitiousDESIRE
1st on page 100 wins 15k - winner is -
1st on page 150 wins 20k - winner is -
1st on page 200 wins 25k - winner is -
1st on page 250 wins 30k - winner is -
1st on page 300 wins 35k - winner is-
1st on page 350 wins 40k - winner is -
1st on page 400 wins 45k - winner is -
1st on page 450 wins 50k - winner is -
1st on page 500 wins 55k - winner is -
1st on page 550 wins 60k - winner is -
1st on page 600 wins 65k - winner is -
1st on page 650 wins 70k - winner is -
1st on page 700 wins 75k - winner is -
1st on page 750 wins 80k - winner is -
1st on page 800 wins 85k - winner is -
1st on page 850 wins 90k - winner is -
1st on page 900 wins 95k - winner is -
1st on page 950 wins 100k - winner is -
1st on page 1000 wins 105k - winner is -
shall add more if needed.

Shall add more if needed

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Just Generate a random number from 1 - 500 and if you get any of the numbers below you win. Something from the Champagne party collection. .

Please label your pm and include a link of where you've won, and also what you've won.

1 - winner is -
55 - winner is -
172 - winner is -
294 - winner is -
305 - winner is -
468 - winner is -
500 - winner is -

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If you wish to Bump. Just pick what amount you'd like to do. Once completed,
send a labeled Pm with a link from where you started, to where you've finished bumping. And also you must include WHAT THE PRIZE IS.

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100 Bumps - 20k
200 Bumps - 50k
500 Bumps - 200k
1000 Bumps - 400k
2000 Bumps - 800k.

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Contests shall be added in here as we go. Such as on the spot hosted contests, so watch this post.

Random Gen 53 wins - Chrysanthe's fountain - winner is- kalurkeiaketch

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To do the Quiz, just start it up and answer each question in a separate post
Once you've finished, send a labeled pm to me and include where you started the quiz and finished it and what your prize is.
The prize for this is 50k
Have fun

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Putting this in a spoiler, as it's too longated and stretches this post. heart

1. Just as Santa Claus is the mascot of Christmas, who is the mascot of New Year's Eve?
a) Father Time b) Baby New Year c) New Year's Ghost d) Keeper of Time e) b or c

2. The United States and Europe celebrate the New Year on January 1 of which calendar?
a) Lunar calendar b) Julian calendar c) Gregorian calendar d) Saka calendar e) None of the above

3. How do the Japanese welcome in the Gregorian New Year?
a) Fireworks b) A Champagne toast c) Good luck kisses d) 108 rings of temple bells e) a and b

4. What country did the famous New Year song "Auld Lang Syne" originated from?
a) Canada b) Great Britain c) Ireland d) Scotland e) Australia

5. What is another name for the Chinese New Year?
a) Lantern Festival b) Oriental New Year c) Spring Festival d) The Lunar New Year e) c or d

6. The famous Times Square is located in what city?
a) London, UK b) New York, US c) Paris, France d) Moscow, Russia e) Beijing, China

7. Which of the following significant events happened on New Year's Day?
a) First rover landing on Mars b) America's 49th state c) UN headquarter opens in New York

8. In Jewish tradition, what is used to symbolize a sweet New Year?
a) Chocolate pie b) Ice cream c) Apple cake d) Candy e) Honey

9. New Year trees are popular in
a) China, Iran b) Russia, Poland c) Turkey, Vietnam d) Pakistan, India e) Germany, Austria

10. What event traditionally follows the annual New Year's Rose Parade in Pasadena, US?
a) Rose Queen Contest b) Tournament of Roses c) The Rose Bowl d) Rose Idol Contest e) a and b

11. The first d**k Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve took place in?
a) 1970 b) 1971 c) 1972 d) 1973 e) 1981

12. What is the German term for "Happy New Year"?
a. Prosit Neujar b. Feliz Ao Nuevo c. Bonne Annee d. Chuc Mung Nam Moi e. None of the above

13. The first ball to be dropped in New York’s Times Square happened in what year?

a. 1908
b. 1925
c. 1938
d. 1962

14. The first time that January 1st was celebrated as the beginning of a new year was in 153 B.C. when the Romans moved the first month of their calendar back to January. For what reason did the Romans do this?

a. To coincide with elections of the two highest ranking Republic positions
b. To honor the god, Janus, god of beginnings and transitions
c. More sacred sheep were born in January than in February
d. To honor Tobasco, god of hang-over relief

15. In 567 A.D. the Council of Tours prohibited the recognition of an official New Year. Why did they do this?

a. They believed the end of the world would happen soon.
b. They disliked that the date was originated with pagans.
c. To move the date to August 9 in order to replace the Frankish holiday of Stickball Day with a less athletic-themed celebration
d. Because they were just a bunch of grumpy old geezers who hated celebrating anything

16. What famous Frank was born in Bayonne, New Jersey, January 1, 1938?
a. entertainer Frank Sinatra, Jr.
b. actor Frank Langella
c. football player and coach, Frank Beamer
d. Head of the barley cereal syndicate crime family, Frankenberry.

17.. In 1583 what event returned January 1st as observation of the New Year in Europe?

a. A severe earthquake in Portugal on that date that miraculously took no human victims
b. Papal fear surrounding a dire prediction by seer, John Dee
c. The institution of the Gregorian Calendar
d. The 67-year old Queen of Spain took her first bath

18. On January 1, 1788 the Pennsylvanian Quakers did what?

a. Disavowed Quakerism
b. Emancipated their slaves
c. Officially denounced the Amish as heretics
d. Opened the Quaker Oats company

19. The lyrics of the now-traditional New Years song, “Auld Lang Syne” began as a poem set to the tune of a much older Scot folk ballad. Who wrote the poem?

a. John Keats
b. Robert Burns
c. Lord Byron
d. Dr. Seuss

20. On January 1, 1877, what happened to Queen Victoria of Britain?

a. She got married
b. She celebrated her 50th birthday
c. She was proclaimed Empress of India
d. She got stuck in her throne, requiring three hours of man power and twenty pounds of butter to get her out

21. On January 1, 1906 the government of the Netherlands made what law?

a. Mandatory licenses required for driving engine-powered vehicles
b. A national census
c. Recognition of Dutch as the National language
d. Prohibition on the wearing of lamp shades as hats

22. Much to the dismay of millions, on January 1, 1945 this person announced they were not a god. Who was it?
a. Joseph Stalin
b. Emperor Hirohito
c. Gandhi
d. Clark Gable

23. On January 1, 1971 what kind of commercials were banned from American television?

a. Anti-free labor union ads
b. Ads for cigarettes
c. Anything relating to or suggestive of illegal drug paraphernalia
d. Car sale ads that feature a dealer’s annoying and untalented children

24. On New Years eve, 1985, this celebrity died in a controversial plane crash. Who was this celebrity?

a. Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercial icon, Clara Peller
b. TV newscaster David Brinkley
c. Radio disc jockey legend Wolfman Jack
d. entertainer Rick Nelson

25. The symbol of “Baby New Year” evolved out of what?

a. From customs in the reign of Elizabeth I, who had the court midgets lead celebrations on New Years day.
b. Back to the ancient Greek tradition of escorting a baby throughout the villages in honor of Dionysus, god of wine
c. From the ancient Hungarian day of Remembrance of the Infants (honoring babies who had died the previous year)
d. Out of remembrance for the young victims of the Great Minnesota Baby Juggling Catastrophe of January 1, 1928

26. On January 1, 1962 who failed to pass an audition for Decca Records?

a. Liberace
b. The Beatles
c. Comedian George Carlin
d. The Jackson Two

27. The tradition of eating black eyed peas on New Years Day is believed to do what?

a. Bring prosperity for the next year
b. Return loved ones from war
c. Bring a year of peace into a household
d. Relieve constipation

28. In some parts of the world, to insure a healthy household in the coming year, it is customary for the head of the household to spank who on New Years day?

a. his wife
b. his children
c. the oldest member of the family
d. his monkey

29. According to data at Box Office Mojo, the highest box office sales draw on a New Years day is held by what film?

a. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
b. Avatar
c. Crocodile Dundee
d. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

30. What celebrity, known for their convincing portrayals of the opposite sex, was born January 1, 1895?

a. Milton Berle
b. J. Edgar Hoover
c. George Sanders
d. Eleanor Roosevelt

31. According to southern U.S. beliefs, to make a New Years resolution stick one must do what while making it?

a. be inside a church
b. be at death’s door
c. be engaged or newly widowed or divorced
d. be beaten with the community stupid stick

32. In some parts of the U.S. eating pancakes with butter, syrup and whipped cream on New Years day indicates what?

a. You plan to make a marriage proposal in the coming year
b. You are turning your back on regrets of the last year
c. You are having breakfast at Shoney’s or Denny’s

33. What is the first country to celebrate New Year’s Eve each year? Hint: Where is the International Date Line?

34. January is named after what Roman god who had two faces so he could look ahead to the future and back at the past at the same time? Is it Jupiter, Janus, or Jason?

35. Up until 1750, what day was New Year’s Day? January 1, February 15 or March 21?

36. “Toasting” began in what country? England, France or America?

37. On New Year’s Day, what is the name of the parade held in Pasadena, CA?

38. Auld Lang Syne is language from what country? Wales, Scotland or Ireland?

39. What do the words “Auld Lang Syne” mean? “Old long ago”, “Long long ago” or “In olden days.”

40. The song is sung in a famous scene at the end of what 1946 movie?

41. What does the song Auld Lang Syne mean?

42. How do you say Happy New Year in Spanish?

43. For the last 34 years, who has hosted New Year's Rockin Eve on ABC? Regis Philbin, Jay Leno or d**k Clark?

44. From 1929 to1976, what band leader led his Royal Canadians from the Waldorf-Astoria ballroom? Les Brown, Guy Lombardo or Count Basie?

45. What is the diameter of the ball that drops in Times Square? 6 feet,10 feet or 100 feet?

46. What is the ball made of? Mirrored Glass, Waterford Crystal or Aluminium Foil?

47. How long does it take for the ball to drop in Times Square? 5 minutes, 1 minute or 10 seconds?

48. What year did the ball begin dropping in Times Square? 1907, 1935 or 1950?

49. In London on New Year’s Eve, they wait for what clock to strike midnight?

50. In the tradition of the ball dropping in Times Square, what do they drop in Orange County, California?

51. In the tradition of the ball dropping in Times Square, what do they drop in Atlanta, Georgia?

52. In the tradition of the ball dropping in Times Square, what do they drop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

53. In the tradition of the ball dropping in Times Square, what do they drop in Hershey, Pennsylvania?

54. Is New York’s Times Square the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve celebration?

55. What is the traditional southern New Year's dish which has the saying, "Eat peas on New Year's day to have plenty of everything the rest of the year."

56. What determines the start of the Chinese New Year?

57. There is a grand celebration that takes place about fifteen days after the day of the Chinese New Year. What is it called?

58. How many years apart are the years of the zodiac animals? For example: when it is the year of the monkey, how many years ago was the last year of the monkey?

59. Which of the following is not an animal on the Chinese zodiac?

60. Which year of the zodiac was it in 2005?

61. Which of the following is most widely accepted legend pertaining to the order of the Chinese zodiac?

62. Why would a person in China most likely ask another person what their animal is?

63. What is most widely celebrated at the time of the Chinese New Year?

64. What act is extremely important for preparing for the Chinese New Year?

65. What is most characteristic of New Year celebrations in a "Chinatown" instead of in China?

66. In which country do they eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight (one each time the clock chimes) on New Year's Eve?

a. Canada
b. Vietnam
c. Spain

67. In which country do some people eat long noodles to to wish for a long life?

a. Italy
b. Japan
c. Argentina

68. In which country do people go to the beach to jump seven waves and throw flowers in the sea while making a wish?

a. Italy
b. Spain
c. Brazil

69. In which country is a bell struck 33 times?

a. Korea
b. Puerto Rico
c. Colombia

70. In which country do people eat noodles while listening to a bell start ringing and strike 108 times?

a. Germany
b. Japan
c. Greece

71. In which country do people who want to travel take a suitcase and carry it around the house on New Year's Eve?

a. The United States
b. Venezuela
c. The Philippines

72. In which country do people wear white clothes in order to have good luck during the new year?

a. France
b. Papua New Guinea
c. Brazil

73. In which country do families dress a stuffed male doll with old clothes from each member of the family and then burn it, symbolizing forgetting all the bad things of the old year?

a. Hungary
b. Angola
c. Colombia

74. In which country do they pound rice into a glutinous form using a huge hammer?

a. Thailand
b. Japan
c. Indonesia

75. In which country do people wear masks to burn on December 31 to drive away bad luck?

a. Spain
b. Ecuador
c. Nigeria

76. In Italy, people wear what on New Year's Day as a symbol of good luck for the upcoming year?

77. According to surveys , what percent of American adults make one or more resolutions each year?

78. What are the top 3 New Year's resolutions Americans make?

79. By the second week of January, what percent of people have abandoned their resolutions?

80. Due to wartime restrictions , the New Year's Eve ball was not lowered in what two years?

81. The Time Square New Year's Eve Ball came about as a result of a ban on what?

82. What was the first ball in 1907 made of?

83. How much did it weigh?

84. Today how much does the new ball weigh?

85. What is the ball bedazzled with?

86. How many of them are on the ball?

87. What is the diameter of the ball?

88.What are the top three destinations in the United States to ring in the New Year?

89. Why should you ring in the New Year with family and friends?

90. Food plays a big role in New Year's traditions. Eating black-eyed peas, ham or cabbage are thought to bring what?

91. What foods are avoided and thought to bring bad luck?

92. true or false..... If the first person to visit you was a tall and dark-haired man, this was especially lucky.

93. What shaped food is considered good luck?

94. What does said food symbolize?

95. Often the Dutch will eat what on New Years?

96. Auld Lang Syne is sung at midnight to toast in the New Year. The song was composed by whom?

97. When was it written?

98. true of false.....On New Year's Eve, about 75% of American Parties are with 20 people or less.

99. The celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays. It was first observed where and when?

100. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, more _________ are stolen on New Year's Day than on any other holiday throughout the year?

The next 100 questions are in next post

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Putting this in a spoiler as it's too long

101. The Spanish ritual on New Year's eve is to eat twelve ______ at midnight?

102. The tradition is meant to secure what in the coming year?

103. When do the Chinese celebrate their New Year?

104. The first New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square happened in?

105. The Jewish New Year is called?

106. What does Auld Lang Syne mean?

107. Where is one of the largest annual New Year's Eve celebrations?

108. How many fireworks are set off from the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

109. How do they celebrate the new year in Edinburgh, UK?

110. What does Hogmanay have to do with new years?

111. Where is a centenary clock lowered at 23:59:48 on new years eve?

112. What occurs during Watch Night services?

113. On new years eve what is a First Night celebration?

114. Name one of the top 10 New Year resolutions.

115. Name the most popular New Year's Day parade.

116. When was Pasadena's Valley hunt clubs first parade?

117. How much does New York's Waterford crystal ball weigh?

118. When does the crystal ball begin lowering in Times Square?

119. In some countries what do they do with Christmas trees on New years day?

120. What is Father Time?

121. In what state is a pine cone dropped on New Year's eve?

122. What state drops a purple beach ball decorated with Christmas lights?

123. What city is a countdown done with an elevator?

124. In what countries is New Year's eve a public non-working holiday?

125. What is known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival?

126. What does Rosh Hashanah mean?

127. What is eaten to symbolize a sweet new year in Rosh Hashanah?

128. What country celebrates from April 13 to 15 by throwing water?

129. In the ancient Roman calendar when did the new year begin?

130. What year did they first drop the New Year's Ball in New York's Time Square?

131. When was the first new year holiday observed?

132. What New Year tradition began in Greece around 600 BC?

133. In what year did the Times Square ball first drop to mark the new year?

134. On the Chinese calendar, 2013 will be the “Year of the … ?”

135. Band leader Guy Lombardo became famous playing “Auld Lang Syne.” What was his band’s name?

136. In what country is the New Year’s celebration known as Hogmanay?

137. What holiday is associated with the year change on the Jewish calendar?

138. The British use what device to mark the change of the year?

139. What singer had a hit in 1981 with “Same Old Lang Syne”?

140. What is the oldest New Year’s bowl football game?

141. Mizzou last won the Orange Bowl in 1961. What team did it beat?

142. Illinois last won the Rose Bowl in 1964. What team did it beat?

143. What is the most common New Year’s resolution made by people in the United States?

144. What popular New Year’s custom helps ensure a good relationship and affection throughout the New Year?

145. Richard Wagstaff, born on November 30th, 1929 is better known by what name?

146. In what movie did Debbie Reynolds dance with a very inebriated Fred Astaire on New Year’s Eve? (Hint: the film also starred Bing Crosby and took place at a hotel in Connecticut)

147. What parade is held each year on New Year’s Day?

148. In “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year,” who was the voice of Father Time? (Hint: this famous comedian was also known for his comic portrayal of a hobo)

149. What day marks the beginning of the New Year for followers of the Jewish religion?

150. What is the translation of the title of the traditional New Year’s song “Auld Lang Syne”?

151. Though Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote “Auld Lang Syne,” who made it the most popular New Year’s song in the U.S.?

152. Which city hosts the first major New Year’s Eve celebration in the world each year?

153. What symbolic New Year’s character is often adorned with a top hat and sash?

154. The years 1895, 1899, 1906, 1910, 1916, 1922, 1934, 1937 and 1955 are significant as (a) years Wisconsin played (b) years it rained (c) years game was played on Jan. 2 (d) years Bob Hope was grand marshal.

155. Hallie Woods was (a) first Rose Queen, in 1905 (b) the game`s first cheerleader, in 1902 (c) first grand marshal (d) the Little Old Lady from Pasadena.

156. The Rose Bowl game wasn`t played from 1903 until 1916. What predominated were: (a) polo matches (b) foot races (c) bungee jumping (d)
chariot races.

157. Recovering a fumble, wrong-way Roy Riegels made the best-known play in Rose Bowl history in (a) 1918 (b) 1929 (c) 1938 (d) 1911.

158. They spent their first date here (a) d**k and Pat Nixon (b) Madonna and Sean Penn (c) Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher (d) Liz Taylor and Mike Todd.

159. In 1892, when a severe winter storm threatened the rose crop, the parade was almost dubbed (a) Macy`s Thanksgiving Day Parade (b) the Orange Tournament (c) the Tournament of Really Bad Roses (d) Pasadena on Parade

160. In the 1974 Rose Parade, Michael Jackson (a) was Rose Queen (b) moon-walked the entire parade route (c) rode with his brothers on a float (d)

161. In the 1981 Rose Bowl, Michigan`s Don Bracken set a record for (a)

longest punt (b) longest field goal (c) missing the most bed checks (d) most touchdowns.

162. Pasadena reporter Harlan Hall (a) was first grand marshal (b) streaked the parade (c) named the stadium the Rose Bowl (d) was a large man and got mistaken for a float.

163. In the 1922 Rose Bowl, Washington and Jefferson (a) came back from the dead (b) subbed for William and Mary (c) played a 0-0 game with California in the only tie (d) was renamed Orange Grove and Colorado Boulevard.

164. In 1942 the game was played in Durham, N.C., because (a) the Tournament of Tobacco had a nice ring to it (b) with World War II breaking out, officials feared for the safety of large crowds on the West Coast (c) The Rose Bowl was booked for a tractor pull competition (d) Duke wouldn`t play unless it was at home.

165. The only man to appear in the Rose Bowl as player, assistant coach, head coach, assistant athletic director and athletic director was (a) Knute Rockne (b) Glenn (Pop) Warner (c) C.W. (Bump) Elliott (d) Fielding H. Yost.

166. What is the length of the Rose Parade route?

167. The longest stretch of the parade route is along which street?

168. Why was the parade started?

169. Which one of the following is a long-held parade tradition?
A. Free balloons for children
B. Only live music
C. Never-on-Sunday policy
D. Nacho vendors

170. How many times has it rained on the parade?

171. What part of the world is the primary provider or roses for the parade?

172. How many roses are needed to cover a square of float surface?

173. The parade begins what time locally?

174. Which band made its debut at last January’s parade?

175. How many floats will be in the 2014 parade?

176. The Natural Balance Pet Foods float in the 2010 parade was the longest single-chassis float in parade history. How long was it?

177. What vehicles were decorated in the inaugural Rose Parade?

178. Catherine Wright, the first woman to pilot a float, did so in what year?

179. In 1926, Rose Queen Fay Lanphier was already famous as?

180. Isabella Coleman in 1929 came up with what innovation for decorating floats?

181. Which organization (still in existence) put on the original parade?

182. What does a prime grandstand seat sell for?

183. What honor was bestowed on the parade in 1976?

184. Who is the only show-biz celebrity to serve as the parade’s grand marshall three times?

185. What was the nationality of the man who made "Auld Lang Syne" the official song of New Year's Eve?
A. Scottish
B. English
C. Canadian
D. American

186. France is the world's largest producer of sparkling wine. Who is number two?
A. The U.S.
B. Russia
C. Italy
D. Germany

187. What is the longest distance on record that a popped champagne cork has ever flown?
A. 103 feet
B. 152 feet
C. 177 feet
D. 189 feet

188. In Mexico, it's traditional to express your New Year's hopes by wearing a brightly colored garment. Which one is it?
A. Shirt
B. Hat
C. Armband
D. Underwear

189. Which food is one NOT supposed to eat on New Year's Eve?
A. Collard greens
B. Boiled codfish
C. Lobster
D. Grapes

190. Which culture does NOT set off firecrackers to celebrate the New Year?
Czech Republic

191. According to tradition, who do families visit on the first day of Chinese New Year?
youngest family members
extended family members
oldest family members

192. What fruit, representing luck and prosperity, is traditionally the most popular to hand out for the Chinese New Year?
Star fruit

193. According to legend, a god asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. When 12 came, he named a year after each animal, declaring that people born in that year would have some of that animal's personality. What is the name of the god?

194. What color symbolizes fire, which according to legend, can drive away bad luck and evil spirits?

195. Chinese New Year's celebrations traditionally start at the beginning of the month and end on what day?

196. During Chinese New Year celebrations, what do Chinese people often paint with birds, animals, flowers, zodiac signs, hang in temples, and carry to an evening parade under the light of the full moon?
Bamboo sticks

197. What is typically made of silk, paper, and bamboo, and is the highlight of the traditional lantern festival?
A dragon

198. Which of these animals is not one of the twelve in the Chinese calendar?

199. Which of the following is not a trait of the rat?

200. In 2010, Chinese New Year falls on what date that is also a Western holiday?
February 14
February 18
February 29
February 2

Congratulations, you've completed the quiz, please send Orphie a labeled pm 'Shiny new year quiz'...And also include what prize you've won.

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Please DO-NOT Send me pm telling me you've won a prize from this randomly. Unless you're asked to spin this wheel, you will NOT get a prize. And your pm will get ignored.

You will be asked to spin the wheel and when you do. You'll need to generate a Random number from 1 - 100 and whatever number you land on, look at the prize to see what you've won.

You then send a labelled pm 'Orphie's New year spin the wheel'. And inside the pm, you write down what number and what you've landed on. All this must be included in your pm, otherwise you won't get your prize.

1 - You win 10k gold -
2 - you win - Philosopher's Cache Emerald -
3 - you win - Astra-115: Xmas 2k13 Filigree Flurry -
4 - you win - 20k gold -
5 - you win - Astra-48: Flish Wings
6 - you win - Aquarium Goldfish -
7 - you win - Enchanted Golden Trunk -
8 - You win 50k gold -
9 - you win - Durem Depot Grab Bag -
10 - you win - 10 Yellow ink -
11 - you win - White Tropical Dancer Top
12 - you win - Party Hat -
13 - you win - Watermelon Party Pirate Hat from Crossstich -
14 - you win - Citrus Party hat from crossstich -
15 - You win - Berry party hat from Cross stich -
16 - you win - Silver champagne part neck ribbon -
17 - you win - Silver Champagne party balloons
18 - you win - Black champagne party neck ribbons
19 - you win - black champagne party balloons -
20 - you win - pink champagne balloons -
21 - you win - Pink Champagne neck ribbons -
22 - you win - Silver champagne party hair ribbon
23 - you win - Black party hair ribbon
24 - you win - Pink hair ribbon
25 - You win - Yellow Hair ribbon -
26 - you win - Champagne shoes, mixed color
27 - you win 100k gold -
28 - you win - Astra-11: Lucky Clover
29 - you win - Aquarium Arrow Fish -
30 - you win random MC, no specified one -
31 - you win - 150k gold -
32 - you win - Crystal box -
33- you win - Philosopher's Cache: Aquamarine -
34 - you win - Jumbo Mouse ears -
35 - you win - Benny the puppy -
36 - you win - Radiant prism -
37 - you win - Happy Melody -
38 - you win - 75k gold -
39 - you win - Something for you tank -
40 - you win - Deluxe cat ears -
41 - you win - Loves warrior -
42 - you win - Vineyard
43 - you win - Pwee the moga -
44 - you win - Cloud iridescence -
45 - you win - Golden fleece -
46 - you win - titans legacy seed -
47 - you win - Champagne glass -
48 - you win - Solar headphone -
49 - you win - Regal feathered mantle -
50 - you win - Regal feathered headdress -

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Romantic Genius

15,700 Points
  • Pet Lover 100
  • Pet Trainer 150
  • Protector of Cuteness 150
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Read rules above. Remember to send labeled pm with a link to where you've generated a number and include what prize you've won.

51- you win - Crimson Tatsu helm
52 - you win - Azure Tatsu helm
53 - you win - Nitemare bustier
54 - you win - Feathered Shaman -
55 - you win - Kaya the cat -
56 - you win - A la Fondue -
57 - you win - Angelic earmuffs -
58 - you win - Angelic Camisole -
59 - you win - 95k gold -
60 - you win - Brown magical gift box -
61 - you win - Astra-25: Petite Glasswings
62 - you win - Astra-18: Fair Dragonfly -
63 - you win - Astra-51: Acid Arachnaweb Wings
64 - you win - Astra-44: Crimson Faetek Wings
65 - you win - Astra-33: Lunar Moth
66 - you win - Astra-55: Autumn Leaf Wings
67 - you win - Aquarium Hermit Cat
68 - you win - Nightmare chair -
69 - you win - Philosopher's Cache: Amethyst -
70 - you win - 150k gold -
71 - you win - RIG from a bundle, no specified, just what's opened.
72 - you win - Highwire Veronica -
73 - you win - Rose Throne -
74 - you win - Lady Longshot -
75 - you win - SBX -
76 - you win - Vintage White Pillbox Hat -
77 - you win - Rainbow Octopus -
78 - you win - snow witch -
79 - you win - Amethyst Purple Baker Boy Hat -
80 - you win - 250k gold -
81 - you win - Maltese Tigress -
82 - you win - Aquarium Arrow Fish
- 83 - you win - Astra-1: Spectacular Golden Halo -
84 - you win - 300k gold -
85 - you win - Random MC. -
86 - Spin again -
87 - You win nothing -
88 - Something to the value of 100k - Specify what in pm please .
89 - you win - Dark cape -
90 - you win - Kuiper belt -
91 - you win - Philosopher's Cache -
92 - you win - Playful captains hat -
93 - you win - The Golden Chuuchilla
94 - you win - 500k gold -
95 - you win - Ugly step sister -
96 - you win - Strike of the Giants -
97 - you win - Layla -
98 - you win - Lovey the dove -
99 - you win - Buccaneer Royal Pirate Coat -
100 - you win - 1 mill gold -
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Romantic Genius

15,700 Points
  • Pet Lover 100
  • Pet Trainer 150
  • Protector of Cuteness 150
Reserved for now.
Princess-Orphelia's avatar

Romantic Genius

15,700 Points
  • Pet Lover 100
  • Pet Trainer 150
  • Protector of Cuteness 150
Reserved for now.

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