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W e l c o m e to my quest thread.

8th Gaianniversay is February 8 (joined in '04).
Original account is ~C()C()~
Birthday is November 23.
Married to Jonathan (Halfast) -- August 04, 2012
To support this quest, I own a bump shop and play BG.
Still, donations are hugely appreciated!
I'm a friendly, silly, curious person. emotion_awesome
Please, come in and chat! Company on this quest will make the time pass more quickly n_n
Q u e s t

Donations are super appriciated, as this quest will take a long time to complete. I do my part by owning a bump shop and playing BG.

With the help of donations and the gold earned from posting/bg/my bump shop, I have bought 16 wishlist items, but have over 100 left to go!
To choose which item I will quest next, I post a Random Number from 1-[the number of items I have on my wishlist]. Whatever the resulting number is, I'll quest the item that coordinates with it on my wishlist, which can be found in my profile :] Once the item has been bought/donated, I delete it from my wishlist to prevent it from coming up again when I do the next RN.
I have been asked, "Why do you have so many items to quest when you've been on Gaia so long?" I used to own a charity, which all my personal funds went into.
U p d a t e s
Bought Yorick's Curse (6Ok) → Jul 1O/12
Bought Stylish Captain's Hat, ornate Snowflake, and Quidis the Squid (total 85k) → Jul 16/12
Bought TLDR Hat 1k (3Ok) → Jul 18/12
Went on Vacation; got a concussion → Jul 18-22/12
Marriage/honeymoon/flood. Absense explained here → Jul 29-August 21
Bought Carol of Ol' Ebenezer 3rd gen. (23Ok) → August 29/12
Sold sucky invo items. Bought Jack Frost (111k), Winter Dancer (3OOk), and Delicate Death (355k) → September 5/12
Bought Sweet Lunarian (23Ok) → September 6/12
Bought Goti Clips (177k) → September 6/12
Bought YARLY! Hat (35k) → September 8/12
Bought Whip of Ice (45k), Ritzy Green Feather Fascinator (1.8k), and Sno Yeti Pillow Plush(chillin') (29k), Questing Gogh Reed (#52) → September 1O/12
Bought Gogh Reed (825k); Questing Milk the Cat (#29) → September 22/12
Broke 1 mil → October 25/12
Canceled Milk quest due to inflation. Bought Icy Prince of Thieves (~2mil) and Her Plundering Majesty (980k), Custom Cut (420k), and Sad Rainbow Ice Cream (19k) → December 18/12

Bought Chyaku Norisu Scarf (59Ok) → January 6/13
Bought Sweet Cherry Earrings (18k) → January 11/13
Bout Antique Shop (416k) → January 17/13

Currently Questing
I'm taking a break from my usual item quests to get some art <3 This tektek link will show you all of the avatars I would like art for.
15Ok pure gold.

Artsu Collected <3
Donated: 1 | 2 | 3

Bought: Pfefferminze |

S i d e
The Jeje Racing Bicycle → 136OO out of 450k tickets.

D o n a t i o n s
Listed from oldest to newest; I appreciate any help at all.
Thanks so much to those who've helped me!

Nor West Chic → 5Ok and 3814 Tickets emotion_awesome
xxien → 3Ok emotion_awesome
Sockss → Donated Art 1
Phanna (Pocketful of Wishes Charity) → The Keen Bandit emotion_awesome
Moonpie in the Sky (Moonpie's Money [Charity]) → 25k emotion_awesome
Anon. → Classic Chocolate Milkshake emotion_awesome
Dawh_hawD (DWAH Charity) → 1OOk, yellow daffodil bouquet emotion_awesome
mooglebot → tip, 2.5k Tickets, 38 Green Ink, Certain Victory Hachimaki emotion_awesome
THE Santa Claus → 1Ok emotion_awesome
Just Have Hope Charity → 9k emotion_awesome
Armageddon Majesty → 5Ok, Spirited 2k11 Merry Boots, Gilded Sleigh Skates, Mystery Liquid Accident, Blood Red Rose Cluster Hairpiece, Red Babydoll Gloves Yellow Babydoll Tunic, Kanoko's Frostee Sweets, Golden Snitch, Cherry Red Polyester Pants, Young Mrs. Claus' Garter, Blush Clown Makeup (low), Flower Crown (Total Item Worth: 161,638g LMP) emotion_awesome
Super Effective Mule (It's Super Effective! (A Charity)) → 6Ok emotion_awesome
Metalette → Sprout's Hair Pin (Bday Pressie) emotion_awesome
Ankisuru → 1mil (Bday pressie) emotion_jawdrop
Your_Destiny_Awaits (YDA Charity [for cat lovers]) → 55k emotion_awesome
cuddle pixie → Lily Starfire, Pink Baby's Breath Bow, Victorianna Currant White Lace Blouse, White Tigerskin Loincloth. (Christmas Pressie) (Total Item Worth: 29,820k LMP) emotion_awesome
The Atomic Cloud (Touch Kingdom (Ongoing Giveaway) → 5Ok emotion_awesome
Phanna → Donated Art 2 emotion_awesome
Viux → Donated Art 3 emotion_awesome

A f f i e s

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