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I've got them. 0.2189349112426 21.9% [ 74 ]
With my girlfriend. 0.06508875739645 6.5% [ 22 ]
Donated 'em. 0.050295857988166 5.0% [ 17 ]
They be Kawaii Yo. 0.10355029585799 10.4% [ 35 ]
Eww. 0.050295857988166 5.0% [ 17 ]
Bouncey Bounce. 0.20118343195266 20.1% [ 68 ]
Say what? 0.12721893491124 12.7% [ 43 ]
Just your typical Poll Hoe. 0.18343195266272 18.3% [ 62 ]
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Sup Bro cool
Haaaaay Guuurl Haaaaay emotion_awesome
Welcome Everyone User Image

Please dont be scared of the post-count, its all good. Im usually all alone
in this roneri cave. Feel free to drop a line or hit and run emotion_yatta

Anyhoo, I've started questing for things by around 2011.
I have liquidated most of my items to vend / exchange to achieve the quest.
But lost a huge chunk of gold to bad investments >>;
Le inventory is somewhat an abandoned warehouse, without the goods.

Soooooo~ Panko is back to try and recover what was lost emotion_c8

Its kinda like this sapling turning to a tree moment,
where you could just stand and watch maybe, or be the sun / rain that
would assist this lil sapling emotion_kirakira

Brace yourself. More Text is coming:

Lets all be grown-ups here. emotion_0A0 .
Nah jk. go crazy.
Unless you are both emotion_dowant
....Don't worry, I didnt get that either. emotion_donotwant

Can you see the emotes? I rape my posts with them.
Its probably no a good thing since Im old lol

Do what you like in the thread.
Spam, edit your graphics, write your drafts, design floorplans,tickle my ribs.
ToS is cool too emotion_yatta

<3 / emotion_bigheart / heart The thread please? emotion_kirakira
I don't know what it does though, but I'm sure it'd bring good vibes emotion_hug

Its either you caught my sugar-rush vibe , or your head must be hurting now emotion_drool
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I do not know the first thing about how to make myself like-able. sweatdrop
So what you see here, is probably how I am.

For most of the time, I am brain dead.
Whenever I am braindead, I go to the exchange.
I am in the exchange, for most of the time. emotion_zombie

I don't really talk much. Or do I?
... ? I'm naturally introverted. That, or I have social anxiety.
I don't know.
I like light convos though.
Something like:
'Hey Sup',
'My dog is on fire',
'awoo awoo awoo',

Those that don't require much thinkin'

Or we can go deep if you like o;
Introspect with me. redface

But seriously,
You can ask me about anything emotion_c8
About your avi, for love advice, why the sky is blue, the value of x, what I'm wearing now,
how to dougie...
I don't guarantee they'd be correct though o;

I draw stuff too, mostly lineart. Lineart Samples
I've closed down at the moment, because my tablet broke emotion_facepalm

I'm usually mellow exclaim

Im probably gonna be here a lot, so I've decided to make this, of kinda like a journal thread.
Thus explaining the monologues here and there gaia_diamond
Oh and yeah, basic Info:
I'm still attending school of course.
Workin' part-time.
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User Image

Devil Tail

This D that she wants, the D that I want. Yes, well what else can I say, it is a plug for butts. completes the whole look.
IDEK. Its just awesome ok? emo One of those things that don't really need fancy justification

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4m / 64m

This Week's Individual Progress:


User Image

Portable Stereo Headphones
Kanoko's Illusions
Siku the White Wolf User Image
Sly the black fox User Image
Adventure Time Style
Heart x Mind
Midnight Rainbow
Ninja Band
Dullahan's Edge User Image
Butterfly's Lament User ImageLa Bella Figura User ImageSkylar the Awesome User ImageSoft Leoli User ImagePetite Cerise FilleUser Image

User Image

User Image
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These people either took pity on me,Had money/gold to burn, Felt like donating,Are just naturally nice, or developed a love for me to a degree redface
Eitherway, I'm really thankful emotion_kirakira
No donation is too small redface heart

(Free doodle involved on next post.)

X-Ayame-Hime-X ~ 500g
Santa Roy M N ~ 4 000 000g o3o.... Digital

User Image
Click the Red Button if you want to help <3
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500k+ Donors Get Arts! User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

-closed atm-
(unless you are willing to wait months for the art
I have no tablet at the moment)

User Image

This is the place where I post links to threads / avis that I plan on drawing,
Check this area for WIP updates and pick ups.

Currently Doodling:

Next in Line:
Kawaii Onyx

Kawaii Onyx

Yayyyy! -attacks

well you can pick lol outta these
- my current
- any of these 3
- my rl persona NEW OUTFIT!!! Blk cardigan either unbuttoned or buttoned whatever is cuter / beige shirt underneath / in my beige brownish hobo bag and my black gladiator Sandles don't forget my blk glasses
- me in my Halloween Minnie Mouse outfit

Some have refs: clicky

Arashi Erina
is it she
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Gracing the thread with your presence is much appreciated~ thank you for coming!
Oh and this be teh affiliates o 3o !


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Tired of Getting hacked? Want to know more of the latest scamming modus and NOT fall victim to dastardly deeds?
Educate yourself by joining this guild exclaim
Equipped with:

*A very kind Captain
*An equally nice crew of awesomeness cool
*Guild contests
*Guild activities now and then~

Dont Delay wahmbulance You know you wanna click dat button emotion_awesome

Random Vid for today:

Oh and also, if you wanna link this thread to yours:

Here it be I found it blaugh
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