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+1 I want the giveaway 0.38095238095238 38.1% [ 8 ]
This is bogus 0.38095238095238 38.1% [ 8 ]
I'll tip but no giveaway 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 3 ]
+1 I didn't tip though 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 21 ]
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Can everyone please bump and tip THIS POST! If you want to tip my other post or other people's posts that is fine. The winner will probably be whoever tipped the mst (not including other people because I can't check each post)


Bump this post to get the most amount of people to tip, if I get enough tips then I will do a random giveaway and give one person most of the tip money. Whoever tips the most will be the one to get the tip money
tip please
Thankk you Mizuki Wakahisa for the tip
thnks EmpheralBeauty for the tip
Another tip from EmpheralBeauty anyone else can join in smile
Looks like Bloody Rose Of Misfortune joined in on the fun, thanks or tipping.
Bloody Rose Of Misfortune is serious about her tipping, tipped 5 posts so far. Greatly appreciated.
Two more tips from Bloody Rose Of Misfortune
Mitsuki_Amakura is now in the game,with her firrst tip for the thread.
I'm thinking the person I split the tips with will probably whoever tipped most, I mean it's only fair, and there's still a profit in that if mulitiple people tipped. SO keep tipping, I try to beat everyone else
Bloody Rose Of Misfortune has tipped once more
Bloody Rose Of Misfortune is really serious about this, she's probably tipped at least 300g the more people join the more chances you have of scoring big
Bloody Rose Of Misfortune is still going strong with tips
Zoey Yamamoto just joined the horse race with 4 tips
775 tips so far! Keep tipping so you can win the giveaway at the end

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