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What happened to Hakimsrazor?

who cares? 0.13903743315508 13.9% [ 26 ]
hadn't noticed 0.06951871657754 7.0% [ 13 ]
I'm devastated and am fasting until she returns! 0.18716577540107 18.7% [ 35 ]
the threads better off without her 0.010695187165775 1.1% [ 2 ]
who's Hakimsrazor? 0.4331550802139 43.3% [ 81 ]
managing to suffer thru it 0.16042780748663 16.0% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 187 ]
Just give and take. . . .kinda like life. Please gift or trade someone. . .It doesn't have to be extravagant. If you're just here to get something, you're obviously lost.

If anyone is ignoring TOS or general ticking you off in this thread. Please PM me immediately!

How to give an item as a gift:
1. Go to your inventory.

2. Click on the item you want to wrap as a gift.

3. Click the "Give as Gift" button.

4. You get a screen that looks like this.
A. Click which wrapping you want.
B. Put in the person's name.
C. Add a message if you want.
D. Put in your password.
E. Click the submit button.

5. Confirm who you're sending your gift to.

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How to upload and post your image on Gaia.special thanks to Wick Was Here
There's two ways to do this. You can either use Photobucket or Imageshack. There's two very small differences between the two really. Photobucket requies you to have an account and has a limit to how big a file size you can upload, ( due to the fact that you never know when someone with a bad connection is going to pop by you shouldn't be uploading 10gig pics anyway ;P ) Imageshack does not require you to have an account in order to upload pics to their server. Theres a catch though, without an imageshack account whatever pic you upload will only last for four weeks. Now then onto the uploading.

Both are really really simple to do.

After you login to your account you'll see This box. SImply click on the Choose Files button and a window will pop up under your My Documents ( if your on OS X or a Linux distribution it will open in your respective directory. ) Simply locate your picture and double click on it. Photobucket will proceed to automatically upload the picture into your album. Once the picture is uploaded you simply want to locate the preformated BBcode to display the image. I have circled it in red for you Here. Right Click, click copy( it should do it for you but if your using Firefox it won't always do so) and then just paste the code into your gaia post. smile

If you decide to use imageshack things are painstakingly similar.

You'll be faced with this box Simply click browse search for your picture, then click the button that says host it. Just so you know though. you see that add with a checkbox next to it? You may just want to unclick that.

Now your faced with this box. Don't be daunted by all the different codes User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.. Simply right click on the middle line ( make sure it's all selected) and click copy. Then simply paste over here into gaia.
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Bump and good luck with this thread =)
i want a gift
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I like gifts! *waiting for gifts* Any amount of gold would be nice (Im saving up for a kiki)
I'm starting to second guess my thread. . . . I've given to everyone here but I don't think any one else is giving.

I wasn't trying to create a greedy collective. . .I was trying to foster generosity.

Don't bother posting if you're just going to be greedy!!!
looking for friendly generous people to join my thread. . .please!!!
anybody out there??
I'll give u something.

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