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↘••● ¤ ╬Welcome to the Open Heart Charity V2↘••● ¤ ╬

I am ii_eatdotz. I have been a member of Gaia since 2004 and have just recently returned to the virtual world of Gaia in 2008. Like most of you I was once gold hungry on gaia and my main concern was all about becoming Gaia's next new millionaire, but recently I have lost my motivation towards becoming a millionaire and almost thought about quitting Gaia once again...That was until I ran past a great charity called HOLY! which lead me to wanting to start my own charity and help others achieve their goals of becoming Gaia-millionaires all while still having fun and being socially active on Gaia. && There you have it [the story behind the opening of The Open Heart Charity!]

‖︱Announcements ‖︱

→Grand Opening 10/28/09←
10/28------100k given away on opening day yay^^
10/31-------Halloween contest (270k given away yay^^)
Friday- 11/6/09
I have been MIA since this day due to a relative passing away in my family. I need a while to recover, but I do expect this thread to keep going at the same pace while I am gone. So keep your hearts open my hearties and I will be back soon.
11/15-----I have returned from the dead!
12/1------Closed until further noticed!
1/25-1/30----Grand Re-opening!
2/04------First 1 million gold dump!
2/19------For all of you considering to start your own charity and you need some funds Click the following link Click here!!!! This is a awesome place!

‖︱Special Shout Outs ‖︱
Resistenc3- Gifted me winged Anklets heart
Chow Mein- Gifted me black/Blue unmentionables heart
Dippin Dotz- Gifted me Sagamate heart
Booty Grabbing link
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♦ ♣ ♠ • ◘ ○ ◙Rulez♦ ♣ ♠ • ◘ ○ ◙

∟0o1→Please refrain from Trolling!
Ex: Posting something that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the forum. (That means no advertising or selling things in this forum.Unless it is part of your signature.)

∟0o2→ Code your images if it is bigger than icon size!
Ex:Icon size Vs. Non-Icon size

∟0o3→This is a DRAMA FREE ZONE
Any arguments that start in this thread must be taken into Pm's. I hate drama and it can get very annoying and aggravating especially when it turns into a group size argument.

∟0o4→Follow the T.O.S and Rules of Gaia!
You agreed to follow them when you signed up so continue to follow them as long as you are on the website.

∟0o5→Do Not Delete Your Post!
Even if it does violate any rules just Edit the post and write something else.

∟0o6→Be as Literate as possible!
We are not all perfect when it comes down to grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. But!... just do not write in IM, text, or Numb3r format. It get's confusing and annoying.

∟0o7→No begging!
We all have heard the story before, "I was hacked and need to earn back my gold". Even if that was the case that is why you are here now! We all want gold!

∟0o8→Do Not post Your Quest Into Your Post!
It is annoying to constantly be reminded of what you are questing. I do page check ups for everyone who comes into this thread and I know what everyone is questing. Eventually you will get the gold or item if you stick around long enough.

∟0o9→Keep profanity to a minimum!
When you curse too much it makes you look ignorant. There are over 100 different words you can use besides the curse word you are using that would make you seem more profound.

∟0o10→ Do not PM me/ add me!
Unless I know you or give you permission to, I will delete the PM and deny your friend request.

∟0o11→ You only can win the heart dump or page prize if you have been here for over 50 pages!
It is unfair for you to randomly come in and think you can win anything when others have worked harder for them and spent more time in the thread.
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◐๑۩۩..Questioning the Open Heart system?◐๑۩۩..

Here is how the system works. Like other Charities; You donate Items, and gold. Once we reach a certain point of heart 's i blow all of the gold away on one, or some lucky people. Although you may think that you will be wasting your Items and gold on this charity, you must think otherwise. After every open-heart blow out that is made I will be opening up contest to be completed by the members in the thread (still giving you a chance to win back your gold or maybe twice as much gold you have donated)

◐๑۩۩..Frequently asked questions◐๑۩۩..

0o1--How do we add hearts to the open heart blow out?
»By donating obviously. Each donation counts! Below I will post the general idea of how the heart meter works. Each time a item is donated depending on it worth gets a certain amount of hearts. The same goes for the gold.

0o2--Were does the gold/ items go?
»The items go into the market place to be sold. The gold goes into my account and I SPEND IT ALL!!!! XD Just Kidding! Well not really, I do spend the gold on the exchange. Were I buy items for cheap and then sell them in the market place at a higher price. It is called making profit! This helps me get gold quicker to help kill some of you guys will piles of GOLD =P.

0o3--Even If I don't donate, am I still eligible for the Open heart blow out?
»Yes, anyone is eligible for the open heart blow out as long as they post in the thread enough so that I consider them a part of this community in this thread.
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Profitable Businesswoman

◐๑۩۩..Items To Donate To Help The Heart◐๑۩۩..

10 heart 's

**anything worth 100k-200k=10 hearts

20 heart 's

**anything worth 200k-300k=20 hearts

30 heart 's

**anything worth 300k-400k=30 hearts

40 heart 's

**anything worth 400k-500k=40 hearts

50 heart 's

**anything worth 500k-600k=50 hearts

60 heart 's

**anything worth 600k-700k=60 hearts

70 heart 's

**anything worth 700k-800k=70 hearts

80 heart 's

**anything worth 800k-900k=80 hearts

90 heart 's

**anything worth 900k-1000k=90 hearts

100 heart 's

**anything worth 1000k+=100 hearts

[note:** If you are donating anything between the values I round off the value of the item to the closes heart. Meaning If you donate something worth 50k It would only add up to 5 hearts not 10. If you donate something worth 120k it only count as 12 hearts. It is not as complex as it sounds. BTW I love letter donations considering that they are easier to get more money off of, but I also value the letter for the items inside not the letter itself.
&& Remember you can donate Anything!

◐๑۩۩..Health Of The Open Heart◐๑۩۩..


**Dump= 150 Hearts= 1.5 million gold.**
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Profitable Businesswoman

◥▆ ▇ █ █ ■ ▓Helpers!◥▆ ▇ █ █ ■ ▓

This is were all the great Open Heart surgeons go(people who donate)!

AzunaUchiha- Golden Fleece+ cape of Oneiros+ Items+3k!
Demented Yogurt- 10k+ aquarium Terrain
Meck Designs- Glamrock coat, Starfish face, and Verizon glasses+11k
Chow Mein- 25k+golden fleece
C.U.T-items (about 20k worth)+10k
Waterkeyblader-Trash Items+ 6k
Crimzon Ink- Oh My Gumball
`I c e y-Fluorite Borelis, Alnar Doll, Moon Latern, Gift Of Gods, and 4,667
iCubie-600k! heart
Ziggy Zero-5k+Items
iishNINJArawr-SDPlus #209 DARKNRGY Doll
J30 the DJette-9k+items
Zeraphine-Celestic Wrap
iiSnugglesCookii- 10k+ Silver laurels
Walrus Pouch-A bunch of items
The Little Reaper- 10k
resistanc3- Lets just say you all owe him a huge thanks
Rathinomilus- 10k
Fawk me Panties- 10k and items.
Resistenc3: 400k for the valentine's day event!
The_Toxic_Muffin93-100k (for the page 1k contest)
cherryberry-kitty- momo,timbles tea party and 50k
Lunita-chan: 200k
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Profitable Businesswoman

๑۩۩.. ..۩۩๑ ๑۩۞۩๑ Flat liners ۩۩.. ..۩۩๑ ๑۩۞۩๑

These are the people who get killed by the open heart blow out.(Random people who win gold, or items)

I dorki cookii monster I-50k For her quest!
Wolf Zombie-50k for last post on page 10!
AzunaUchiha-50k for fifth post on page 50!
I dorki cookii monster I-October 2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
Ninjakiwi82293-October2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
[C.U.T.]-October 2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
O M B L_-October 2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
iCubie- October 2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
iAnnaPorn- October 2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
iishNINJArawr-October 2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
Cookeh-Monstah-Love-October 2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
terrible tim- October 2009 Letter (pumpkin post)
[C.U.T.]-Coco the Kitty (part of the 1.5 mil dump & because he was questing it-(2nd place prize)
iiSnugglesCookii- Lila's Stockings, Queen Bee, and 2k (500 page prize)
ICubie- 50k (500 page prize)
Smart Comment- 150k (page 500 post)
iiSnugglesCookii-850k from the 1 mil heart dump!
Rath-150k from the 1 mil heart dump!

ii-Fr3shy_I- 10k Just because
smart comment- Demonic Anklets for her dream avi
MentalNightmare- A love charm and Labu necklace cause I love her XD
resistanc3- Tiger plushie for being my gaiantine XD
Hanbei Takenaka- Love charm (heart post)
I dorki cookii monster I- Love wrapped (heart post)
Hanbei Takenaka- Love charm item (heart post)
ll -iiStarDust- ll- Love charm (heart post)
Hanbei Takenaka- Love charm (heart post)
xxL Arc En Cielxx- Love charm (heart post)
ll -iiStarDust- ll- Love charm item (heart post)
ninjamusicprincess- Love charm (heart post)
I dorki cookii monster I- Love charm (heart post)
l Bon l- Love charm (heart post)
Hanbei Takenaka- Love charm (heart post)
ninjamusicprincess- Love charm item (heart post)
Monster In A Bottle-Love charm (heart post)
ll -iiStarDust- ll- Love charm item (heart post)
Death_Lover17- Love charm item (heart post)
ll -iiStarDust- ll- Love charm item (heart post)
I dorki cookii monster I- Love charm item (heart post)
ninjamusicprincess- Love charm item (heart post)
ll -iiStarDust- ll-Love charm item (heart post)
ninjamusicprincess- Love charm item (heart post)
ll -iiStarDust- ll- Blue unmentionables (task contest)
Smart Comment- Love wrap (task contest)
xX Mika onee Xx- Love charm (Just because)
xX Mika onee Xx- Thief of hearts (page 1000 contest)
iCubie- Scarlet rose and Lovely Petals (page 1k contest)
MentalNightmare- Scarlet Rose (page 1k contest)
poisonivy1219- Gaia anniversary letter
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Surgeons get to work!

For the people who post on page 1500 only!!!!
(Still thinking of what to do with this...PM me idea)

**more coming soon**
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Show the Love!

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Click Me : D

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Look out for these people! They are the moderators for this thread...Each of them are hand picked by me, so therefore meaning you must show as much respect to them as you do to me!

User Image

iCubie: Boom! eek She has donated the most to this thread,and has helped me annihilate some of you people! She has been here since page 50, and has never left ever since then. She is a very kind and loving person, and loves to chat. We have had some interesting conversations XD. So yeah, the same rule applies for her: If she reports anything out of the ordinary to me the person she reports will be asked to leave. No discussions or forgiveness (she is very aware of the rules I have and will enforce them when she is online and when I am not). BTW she also asked me to post her quest thread here: Cubie's Quest thread Check it out, and donate ^^.

User Image

He donated ENOUGH to this thread and I am extremely grateful. && You guys should be too. He has not been here long, but he has done enough to earn his place as a moderator. The only thing he wanted you guys to know about him is that he is a Killer Ninja XD, he will be helping me with the heart meter. So make sure every time he post, you guys thank him.
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Extra Info

User ImageI am questing some Winged Anklets. I have 550k/2.7mil (different gold from the charity funds) If you do donate please send a trade stating it is for my anklets and not for the charity so I know. && In advance thank you for your help! THANK YOU SOO MUCH RESSY! I EFFIN LOVE YOU!

User ImageI am collecting commons ^__^. Preferably in bulk (and in outfit sets) but any common is fine ^__^. When you send trade, please inform me the commons are for me and not for the charity. I plan on making a bunch of outfits out of these commons, as oppose to wasting millions of gold on outfits made from Ei's and expenses >.< In advance thanks for the commons.

User ImageI am collecting love charm bundles/singles/ love charm items for the upcoming Valentine's day event, it would be much appreciated if people generously gave me some of these. If you do donate any I prefer them to be sent in gifts. I have 20 out of 20 (some items and some charms), in advance thank you! Thank you Resistenc3 for the huge donation!

User ImageI am questing valentine's day cards. (click the cupid on the top of your home page to send me one) I would like to have atleast 20 by Valentine's day. I have 11/20 so far. biggrin

User Image Dotz is questing a quantity of the following items:
D.anklets: 1/10
Nightmare Sashes: 3/10
Wind halo's: 100/1000
Heavenly Drapes: 2/10
Goti the kid's: 1/5
Silver laurels: 4/10
In advance thank you for the help!

User ImageThank you for all your help. Some more updates might be coming soon.

I totally was not stalking this page for the past few minutes waiting for you to open it...
Heh sweatdrop

Anyways, I think it's good what you're doing.
I'll stick around for a while!
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1st 2nd post! 8D
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@sweet: XD Yeah sure you weren't. ^^ Thanks for coming

@dorki: hi!
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

@eat : I've met you/seen you in HOLY before ;3
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@dorki: Yeah I know ^^ and I believe I have seen you in Wishing Well a few times as well

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