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also since no one entered the tektek contest, it shall be extended 'til the festivities are over. 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
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Friendly Giver


                    Welcome to Kiss the Sky Charity's September Events!
                    As always, both new and old members are welcome to join! Just pay special attention
                    to each contest's guidelines and deadline. No submissions will be taken before or after the deadline.

                    ~Super Spectacular RNG Contest (sponsored by TimeKeys)~ (running)
                    ~Tektek contest~ (running)
                    ~Quote Me~ (yet to run)
                    ~Fifthversary Celebrations~ (yet to run/ u/c)

                    Please note: Do NOT send your entries before or after the dates specified
                    in the contest... they will NOT be accepted!
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Friendly Giver


                    ~Super Spectacular RNG Contest (sponsored by TimeKeys)~
                    December 1st - while supplies last
                    (/currently running)

                    Our comrade TimeKeys has graciously provided some prizes that you may be interested in, and it's all related to your favorite RNG. o;

                    Set your RNG from 1 to 15000, and if you roll one of these numbers, you'll win a prize.

                    (limit 1 per person)
                    127 - Durem Depot Grab Bag
                    9148 - Durem Depot Grab Bag

                    (limit 1 per person)
                    8750 - 15k
                    14340 - 15k

                    (may win more than 1)
                    2282 - Formula 1: Lawn Shark Blades
                    4140 - ZOMG Recipe: Clutch Rollerblades
                    4333 - Formula 1: Poseidons Legacy
                    4904 - Formula 1: Forgotten Reverie
                    8570 - Pro Bono Publica
                    8905 - Formula 1: Enchanted Golden Trunk
                    9160 - ZOMG Recipe: Flower Shield

                    Note - If you have a winning number, please PM the charity account with either the page number of your roll or link the post of your roll.

                    To reiterate, you may only win one Durem Depot Grab Bag and one 15k.

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Friendly Giver

                    Tektek contest
                    (September 1st to September 14th 23rd)
                    Fall's right around the corner, and KTSC is in need for some swank, fresh fashions. Ready to put on some small hats and jackets? Or perhaps you're feeling the need to match your clothes for back-to-school month. Whatever the case may be, tektek has you covered.

                    Using tektek.org create an avi that fits either back-to-school month or autumn fashion. PM the avi to the charity mule.

                    All participants will receive 50mil.

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Friendly Giver


                    Quote Me
                    On September 27th, i'll have a special "picture post" that looks like this!

                    User Image

                    Everyone who quotes that post, on this day only, will automatically win!! blaugh
                    (limit of ONE quote per person please... "no mules")
                    The winners get - 50mil!! blaugh

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Friendly Giver


                    (September 15th to September 23rd)

                    Welcome to the Kiss the Sky Charity thread's fifth anniversary week-long celebration (Fifthversary Week). Well...longer than a technical week, but it doesn't hurt to have that extra day or two so the celebration's filled with even more pump.

                    Five years ago our original lovely owner, Simply Spinks, decided to remake the Kiss the Sky thread into what it is today after the successful first thread. Since then the charity hands have changed slightly, but the remade thread remains alive thanks to the wonderful people that stick around and those who pop by even once in their Gaian lives.


                    So pop your favorite beverage bottle, grab some snacks, and let the Fifthversary begin!

                    p. 20000 shenanigans?
                    We shall see. cat_ninja


                    Before the Fifthversary's Spirit Week, we're starting off with a Monthly Collectible raffle. Everyone who posts in the thread at least once today will be eligible to win an August 2014 Monthly Collectible. The lucky winner shall be granted the MC; everyone else shall receive a consolation prize of 100mil (no mules, please).


                    Spirit Week


                    9-16 – robots
                    9-17 – transformation
                    9-18 – school
                    9-19 – skies
                    9-20 – underwater
                    9-21 – desertion
                    9-22 - wilderness

                    9-23 – ninja/explosions

                    tldr of situation;; dress up according to theme
                    every day one person will win 1bil and everyone else will win 200mil
                    additional task per day will allow person to win another 100mil
                    any drawings/stories/poems of either yourself or others in any theme day outfit will receive 100-250mil each (100 for self, 250 for others)
                    have fun, yo

                    9/16 – 1) - let the spirits begin!

                    One day you arrive at the Kiss the Sky Charity in a box, assembly required. You are not quite sure why you are in parts or how you were even packaged in a box, but the past is the past, and you are here now.

                    Lying on the ground by a mailbox is a door, which has a simple sign on it. 'Welcome,' it reads. All you can think of is that perhaps management shouldn't blow up their entrances...

                    Welcome~ today's day is robots. Dress up in your best robot-related outfit and bleep bloop the audience with your mad skill schematics. You are not limited to dressing up as a full-on robot. As there's not the biggest selection of mecha items, other suggestions include prosthetics , mechanics, and technology-related devices.

                    Task of the Day – Complete any type of puzzle (crossword/jigsaw/Sudoku/word search) and post your efforts in the thread via screenshot or photo.

                    9-17 – 2) – evolution, I choose you!

                    It's been twenty-four hours, and you're assembled into whatever your blueprints designated. You need to oil yourself to prevent rusting, so you pick up a cup and douse yourself with the substance. However, instead of feeling fresh, you suddenly feel like not-so-much yourself. A transformation sequence begins, complete with catchy music and B-rated special effects.

                    Above, the birds watch your sequence. Due to their heavily critical nature, they only give you 7/10 points. Tough crowd...

                    Welcome~ today's day is transformation. Dress up in one ideal alter ego and mark a monument for yourself. While this theme is inspired by magical girls and superheroes, you are In no way limited to dressing up as a magical girl or superheroes at all. If you feel like transforming into a fire hydrant, go right ahead. (no I AM items, please)

                    Task of the Day – Share in the thread what would be your transformation music through YouTube/Tumblr/Soundcloud/etc.

                    9-18 – 3) – “you can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!”

                    It's the third day, and you're having fun with your transformed self. You see a locker drop to the ground and decide to investigate. Bad move. A pair of hands pop out and drag you into the locker, bringing you into a mysterious place called 'school'.

                    Immediately a group of kids point and make fun of your appearance. What's wrong with socks and sandals. Honestly?...

                    Welcome~ today's day is school. Dress in your best school-related outfit and disrespect your disrespecters with your funky fashion sense. Suggestions include but not limited to school fashion, teachers, janitors, and ex-cons on the straight path (wut).

                    Task of the Day – Share with the thread a screenshot/photo of a back-to-school sale.

                    9-19 – 4) – 5000+ miles in the air and no decency In sight!

                    You've been trapped in the school for a day, and it's so boring. There's really nothing to do besides doodle on the desks and waste your money on the vending machines. To remedy this problem, you decide to climb through the vents and land on the roof. With the power of your mind, you suddenly gain the ability to fly.

                    The birds are worried. Their airplane monopoly is seriously threatened by your gift of flight...

                    Welcome~ today's day is skies. Dress in your flight-inspired outfit and soar the skies based on your awesomeness. Suggestions include but not limited to wings, birds, pilots, and clouds.

                    Task of the Day – Share with the thread a picture of your favorite flying creature.

                    9-20 – 5) – undah da wadda!

                    For twenty-four hours you've enjoyed your newfounded gift of flight. Unfortunately, the birds reallydon't like you gliding around their airspace, so they shoot you down into the nearest body of water with some hot glue guns. Thankfully, you can swim and breathe underwater if necessary.

                    The fish stare at you. They can't do much else...

                    Welcome~ today's day is underwater. Dress in your aqua-related outfit and make fantastic fish friends with the fish. You can be a merperson or a sailor or even one with the tentacles. (Any seafood allergies will not be threatened by your activity.)

                    Task of the Day – Share with the thread a Spongebob quote (or a quote from any water-related cartoon/show)

                    9-21 – 6) – one/two/three coconuts!

                    Your abilities to swim well goes swimmingly for you as you enjoy the day splashing around and talking to the fishfolk. But no land-lubber can stay there forever, and a whirlpool sucks you In, washing you up onto a deserted island. There's nothing there except for some palm trees and a gift shop.

                    Above the birds begin to cackle. They're really nasty creatures...

                    Welcome~ today's day is desertion. Prepare your avi to be able to withstand a day on a hot, deserted island. Suggestions include but not limited to angry coconut men, beachwear, and plain ol' undies.

                    Task of the Day – Share with the thread a tumbleweed picture.

                    9-22 – 7) – play that funky jungle music!

                    After a day running from gift shop pushers, you're exhausted from the little that the deserted island has to offer. Soon you stumble into a wooded area leading to the forest. However, if you're going to get through this forest, you'll need to blend with the wilderness.

                    The birds decide to leave you alone. The forest should do its job...

                    Welcome~ today's day is wilderness. Dress in your forest-related outfit and avoid being hunted by wild animals. Become a lumberjack or one of the wild animals or even a tree.

                    Task of the Day – Share with the thread an outdoors-related/camping experience.

                    9-23 – 8 ) – BOOM!

                    Your blending in with the forest works, and you make it out the other side to reveal that you are...back where you started. Congratulations. Don your ninja and explosion apparel, and let's end this week together with a b-b-BANG!

                    /inserts explosion noises here

                    Task of the Day – POST. <3
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