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Welcome to the Kill Inflation Shop!

>:Orignal Thread Here:<

-Our Purpose-
-Shop Rules-
-Staff Members-
-How It Works-
-Star List-
-Shop Bank-
-Anti-Inflation Journal-
-Affiliates and Banners-

If you get a chance, say thank you to these people listed below.
Kamikazi-Cloud participated in the Nudist Event and raised 172k for our shop!
Thank her for doing that for us, and thank these people for putting their money into that fund.
-turtlegirl81 - 100g
-lil_sweet_huni - 100g
-muzaz - 100g
-PurpleLovr - 1k
-Snowtiger009 - 500g
-Hiriyou - 150,000g
-Rex Bannon - 20,000g
-[P u n k i n] 3.14 - 500g
-TequilaStarlight - 100g
-Kamikazi-Cloud - 100g

Also, a big thank you to an anonymous donator who donated a Guitar of Demona for one of our members to buy at a discounted price! <3333

-Our Purpose-

Many of you questers know how supremely annoying inflation is. For those who don't know, inflation, on Gaia Online, is when items are being sold for higher prices than before. There is a normal inflation that happens when items get older and harder to get; this is simple economics. The inflation we are trying to stop is artificial inflation that small, greedy, groups of people are doing. They buy tons of popular items at normal prices, then sell them for WAY more then they are worth. This has been going on for so long that everyday Gaians have to buy it at their prices.
The only way to stop this madness is by REFUSING to pay for those insane prices. We are selling items for their FAIR prices. We are not, however, selling these items to everybody. If we see that you've been selling items for higher then their fair prices, you will not be able to purchase anything from our shop. Only people who will help support us to stop inflation will have the buying priviledges. Also, we prefer to let questers buy from our shop first rather then others. We will also be selling normal items for cheaper than the store price so new Gaians can get clothes easily (once we get enough money of course, and only if they are willing to stop inflation also, meaning NO MULES!)

-Shop Rules-

Follow all Gaia ToS.
[They own the site, so they rule all here.]
No fighting.
Want to complain? Put it in your Journal.
[Nobody likes that crap.]
Beggars will be blacklisted.
[Go poll somewhere for crying out loud!]
No advertising unless you have our permission.
[That's the people in the affiliates section.]
No taking our items and leaving or selling them for profit.
[Why did you even come here if you do this?]
Failing to obey the rules will put you on the blacklist.
You will only be warned once.
[You've read the rules, now obey them.]

-Staff Members-

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User ImageUser ImageUser Image

I'm the mule account! If you wish to donate, please send the trades to me! Thanks! X3

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-Owner, Lover, and Creater of the shop. She rules here.
User ImageUser Image

User Image
-Owner, Lover, Peace keeper, and Creater of the shop along with Seority. She has power over all also.

User ImageUser Image

User Image
-Staff Member-

User ImageUser Image

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[]Demonic Angel[]
Currently off of Gaia due to hacked account.
;( "We will miss you!"

[If you'd like to be a staff member, you must donate to the shop, advertise the shop, and, most importantly, support anti-inflation with a passion.]

-How It Works-

Why we need donations
We are not magical; we can't go into our backyards and pluck donation '03 items off of a tree to sell. If we could, it would make life a lot simpler. ^^;;
Since we cannot get the items ourselves without help, we're turning to you.
Donations will be an essential part of this thread staying open for business. Without items, how can we sell them to you at fair prices?
So, we're asking you for your help.
If you have any extra items in your inventory, we'd love to have them.
If you want to support our cause, buy us something and donate it.
We'll appreciate anything you do to help us; it doesn't have to be mini nitemare wings that you donate.
So please, help our cause-- Donate today! <33

How to purchase items
Before you can purchase items from the shop, you have to be a member. To do so, PM us with red coloured font, size 9. We do this so we know you read the directions. Please make sure that you either have the 'Forums' section in your profile, or the old school profile set up BEFORE PMing your application.
We will do a background check on you to make sure you haven't sold items at inflated prices, and if you haven't, we'll put your name on a list. We will then implement the star-system made by Seority so you can buy your item. When you want to buy an item, just PM us and ask if you can buy it before sending the trade. If we give you the okay, you can send the trade with the gold and buy your item.

I've had a lot of confusion about the applications and what to put. So, I'll make it uniform and easy. *Le sigh*

Item you want:
Are you questing this item?:
A thank you for [possibly] allowing you to buy items at un-inflated prices:

Fill out this form when you send your applications.
If you don't include any of this info, you will be automatically declined.
Yes, I want a thank you. We run this shop so you can have items you want for cheaper prices; the least you can do is thank us.

Star-system? What's that?
The star-system makes it so you can spread the word about anti-inflation and our store while working for your item.
When you are put on the list, you start with one star.
You can earn stars by chatting and helping our thread and otherwise helping to bring down inflation.
We decide how many stars you get by how hard you work towards this cause and for your item.
Now, items will have stars next to them. The amount will vary due to rarity of the item.
When you reach the amount of stars next to your item, you can buy it for the non-inflated price that we specify in the inventory post.

How many stars do I get for doing certain things?
Well, here's some things you can do that might get you a star or two:
-Bumping the thread regularly
-Bumping the thread many times (count if you'd like)
-Putting an anti-inflation banner in your signature and keeping it there for awhile
-Making us a good banner
-Inviting your friends here to sign up or donate
-Going to the exchange and reasonably explaining AI (artificial inflation) to sellers and trying to influence them to buy -and- sell cheaper

This isn't all you can do; if you think of something, PM me, the mule, with your idea. PMing this account ensures that your idea will be seen.
Keep in mind that we are not always online, so be patient if we haven't given you a star yet.

Also, please PM the mule if you have posted a lot in the thread in hopes of getting another star. We are often busy and don't have much time to look at all the posts here. So a little "Hey, I posted a lot. Wondering if I could get a star, thanks." will be fine. ^^


Last Update: 11-1-09

-If you donated yet don't see your name, please PM the mule-

+ 2oo gold - pumpkinking_jakskelington <-- first donor!
+Hammi Hat, Seal Slippers, Coco Kitty and 75 other items - anonymous celebrity - BIGGEST DONATOR!!! We'll never forget you! O: <333
+5oo gold -torrinne
+Cool Starter Clothing set and +25o gold - anonymous
+Solar Headdress, Chyaku Norisu Scarf, Angelic Parasol, and a Purple-Red Winter scarf - Trixie107
+Chalk Outline, G-Shades x3, Grade F Fish Bait x10, Emo Glasses, Jack Uniform Pants, Grey Loafers, Grey Longjohns, Grey Cap, Morgana's Gloves, Performence Rod, Bunny Tail, 3x Orange Guppy Helm, and 1,ooo gold - Darius D.
+Easter Bunny Ears, x2 Easter Bunny Shirts, Red Wulf Tail, Castaway Blue Shorts, Wine Hippy Pants, Bani Mask, Easter 2k6 Bunny Tie, Easter 2k6 Chicky Tie, Single Purple Daisy Bouquet, Pink Daffodil, Green Bouquet with Black Ribbon, and Carrot Plush -wolf_named_rose
+1oo gold - Rivant
+Goldenrod Paper Headband, White Paper Headband, Dirty Newspaper Combover, Starter Clothes, bugs, flowers,fish, and paper -xShmelleh
+Starter Clothes - Knappykrappy
+Maid Collar Necklace -Junrudi2008
+Starter Set Furniture, lots of flowers, White Medical Scrub Pants, Thank You Letter for July 2007, 3x Red Guppy Helm, lots of paper hats, Orange Guppy Cap, 3x Orange Guppy Helm, Pirate Patch, Buck Teeth, Zorro Mask, Yellow Kitchen Clock, Red Bino Energy Drinks, and Thank You Letter for August 2007 - The_Canadian_Eh
+Starter Shirt, gaia towns items, Carrot Plush, Holly Jolly Earmuffs and Boots, Island Girl Wig, Newsprint Fro, White Paper Headband, Paperbag Cap, Newspaper Combover, Jack Uniform Pants and Shoes, G-Shades Yellow x3 - FlyingSnow
+Green Paper Hat, Easter 2k6 Tie, Holly Jolly Boots x2, and Bunny Tail - broken666
+Pandy Pack, Angelic Collar, and Angelic Parasol - [Yuya.Shiina]
+2oo gold - Kimimoto Shrimari
+Starter stuff, Black Pearl Vinyl Strap Top, Catfish Whiskers, Thank You Letter for July 2006, Gills, G-Bot, Master Credits, Flower on my Head, paper hats, Unibrow, Piggy Plush, Tama's Basket, DaniiDooDad Spore, Giant Green Eggshell x 2, Tiny Pixie Wings, Black Spider Back Tattoo, Labu Necklace, WTF Hat, Azure Tatsu Helm, Green Corallus Egg 2nd Gen., Angelic Mood Bubble, Cuttlefish Skull Mask, Four Horsemen, Cuttlefish Keytar, and 9,o5o gold - Anti_A.I._Ninja
+Ghost sheets, Nurse Hat, Cool Basic Skirt, Single Sunflower Bouquet, White Puffy Hat, Dancer Bottom, many flowers, fish, and bugs - Ignorant_dude tolaughat
+11 Shade Hats, 7 Spikey Hats, Newspaper Stars, Silver Bracelet, 1oo daisies, and 5oo gold - []Demonic Angel[]
+Blue Sleeveless Rough Top, Gray Peasant Top, Prisoner's Pants, Starter clothing, Curly Elf Shoes, and Mummy Mask - 7Sappire8Dragon9
+1,777 gold - [-L.U.C.K.Y-]
+Burnt Hot Top, Red Tied Top, Starter clothes, Stethoscope, bugs, and flowers - Aj.yay
+2,ooo gold - A I R
+3,ooo gold - The+Raindrops
+Felicia's Gloves and Pink G-Shades - laurie_waurie
+Black Ink, 3o credits, Deer Hoof Shoes, Reindeer Gloves, Starter clothes, and 2oo gold - moviestar29
+Basic Fishing Rod, Yellow Daffodil Boduet, Paperbag Cap, Holly Jolly Poinsetta Earmuffs, Marshmellow Snowman, Blue Paper Crown, Easter Bunny Ears, Flower on my Head, Grunny Shirt, Warm Basic Starter Boots, Curly Elf Shoes, Blue Grecian Sandals, Bunny Tail, Easter 2k6 Bunny and Chicky Ties, Holly Jolly Mittens, Island Girl Wing, Morgana's Hat, Red Shirt, and Easter Bunny Shirt - Sarena128
+Fish Bait, Starter clothes, flowers, paper, tetris block, White Tied Top, Ocean Cut-Off Shorts, Wine Hippy Shoes, ink, bugs, and tickets - Acid-Poptart
+2,ooo gold - AxeSlayerMiaavi
+35o gold - fernshouldburn
+flowers, bugs, and paper - ~+Demon Fox Idiot+~
+Dark Halo - Blackmage29
+Dark Halo, Hammi Hat, Catfish Whiskers, Angelic Parasol, G9 Laptop, Helm of the Vikings, and Red-Nosed Reindeer Mask - Neonkitty
+Island Girl Wig - tristanel
+Thank You Letter for July 2006 and Lunar Cowl - ASHempknight
+Green Ink x2 and 5oo gold - Doofyz_Princess
+112 tickets and 4oo gold - Rose Koneko
+Newsprint Fro, Blue Paper Crown, Gung Xi Pants, Marble Pedestal, and 25o gold - sutoyou
+White Ruffled Top, Starter Pants, and Noise Maka - nightstar12
+Green Spikey Paper Hat, Pink G-Shades, paper, flowers, and bugs - Nanashi Rose
+Flowers, paper, and 331 gold - Zan_Demona
+Starter stuff, Basic Rod, and Catfish Whiskers - DegenerateGirl
+Mask Ghost Sheet, Starter Shoes, Yellow G-Shades, Gaia 2nd Anniversary Balloon, Cola Bottle, Basic Rod x2, bugs, and 5oo gold - MeyAyamae
+3,ooo gold - Briton
+Sprited Hat/Shirt/Pants/Boxers/Shoes/Socks/Scarf, Jingle Bells, and 1oo gold - PartTimePoet
+Holly Jolly Poinsettia Earmuffs and Wingin' It Blue Shirt - ~ Wishing.For.A.Heart ~
+5oo gold - Hell_Wrath
+999 gold - Tradgity...On.The.Run
+Newspaper Combover, cans, Elftek Gloves, Bunny Shirt, flowers, and Starter clothes - Kallirroe
+Rust Longsleeve Baggy Shirt, Island Girl Wig, Tinfoil Hat, Blue Paper Crown, Green Grecian Top, Brownie Basic Top, Enchanted Wooden Trunk x2, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, White Stockings, Honorable Black Cushion, Angelic Microphone, Chickes, Magic Swamp Orb, Magic Forest Orb, Ubi Fan, two Enchanted Trunks, and 62,4oo gold - Skyeler
+Thank you Letter for July 2006 x2, Thank You Letter for June 2006 x2, Thank You Letter for October 2005 x2, Thank You Letter for September 2005 x2, Easter Basket 2k5 x2, Grunny Slippers, Jack Uniform Shirt, and paper - Trunnk
+Bugs, flowers, fish, 2oo tokens, 1oo tickets, and 1,5oo gold - [JessKitty]
+4,ooo gold - jubireaxnuxmaare
+Starter stuff, Snowbored Jacket Red,1oo tickets, flowers, bugs, cans, and Fish Bood - Naruto_155
+Flowers and paper - Uriko Himura
+Prisoner's Shackles, Flower Wrist Band, Fishing Rod, and 11,953 gold - Lady Shi
+Starter stuff, Carrot Plush, and Fishing Rod - striaghtfromNY
+White Shade Hat, Jack Uniform Cap/Coat/Pants/Shoes, Elftech Hat/Shoes/Gloves, Paper Crown x2 (blue and green), Blue Spikey Paper Hat, Ice Tiara, Easter Bunny Shirt, Pine Peacoat, Grunny Shirt, S-Corp Labcoat, Chain of Command, Pandy Pack, Bunny Tail, G-Buckle, Pale Head Fins, Sun Staff, 2k6 Chicky Tie, Ghost Sheets, Red Paper Spiky Hat, Goldenrod Shade Hat, Crimson Red Pimpin' Cane, Flowers, Sea Green Matte Floor Tile, Bachelor's Credit, Master's Credit, Side Wood Table, Black Leather Chair, Tickets, White Audio Reciever, and 2,ooo gold - Ty Ty <3
+33o gold - Daniku
+3,5oo gold - Neppa Didler
+4oo gold - QuteFoxie
+Easter Bunny Ears, bugs, Starter shoes, Bunny Tail, credits, flowers, and 1oo gold - Alexandrus Gambino
+Tickets, Bachelor's Credit, Master's Credit, Tokens, Gwee the Dragon, and 295 gold - purashii
+Snowman Mask, Loose Knit Canary Yellow Top, Tan Hippie Shoes, bugs, flowers, Grade F Fish Bait, Ohh~Cean Black Head Wrap, Cave Boots, White Toaster, Blue Ink, and 1oo,ooo gold! - Ze_Mole <3
+Chicken Mask, Ash Hot Top, and Heart shaped box of sweets - SparklyButterfly
+Thank You Letter For August 2006 - VoodooBabyAsuka1981
+Lots of paper hats - SirTracey
+Paper hats, Flame Shirt, Right T Blox, Sand Summer Top, Grecian Top Brown with Rose Trim, Inverted Red L Blox, and Cool Starter Shirts - Pandemonium7
+1,ooo - x.XNightX.x
+Ghost Sheets, Roco Rochel Earrings, G-Shades, Easter 2k6 Bunny Tie, and Tokens - PrincessCallie
+6o,ooo gold! - [ FishySpy ]
+Grey Peasent Dress, Blue Flame Shirt, Blue Ink, Grey Peasant's Shirt, Grey Peasant Gloves, Purple Matte Floor Tile, Green Matte Floor Tile, Cowhide Santa Hat, Ohh~Cean Black Head Wrap, Green Ink, Jade Peasant's Top, Makeshift Chair, Grey Peasant's Top, Red Milk Jug, Chicken Mask, Doctor's Parabolic Reflector, Flashy Summer Top, Tan Hippie Shoes, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, Blue Matte Wall Tile, Navy Matte Floor Tile, Violet Matte Floor Tiles, Tan Peasants Gloves, and Labu Necklace - Shanarah
+Doctors Parabolic Reflector, Green Flame Shirt, Jade Peasants Pants, Long White Socks, Lucky Star, Basic Fishing Rod x 2, Island Girl Wig, Chubbi Chicky, Mimzy, Gold Promise Ring, Labu Necklace, Mummy Mask, Tan Peasant's Shirt, Garage Sale Lamp, Pizza, Salmon Audio Receiver, Pink Leather Ottoman, Trampoline, Giant Banana Split, Black Single Unit End, Loaves of Bread, Makeshift Window, Banana Split, Blue Kitchen Clock, Cowhide Santa Hat, Blocks, Pink Nordstrom Hat, Hot Basic Shirt, Ocean Summer Top, Flashy Summer Top, Ghosty, Brownie Basic Shirt, Cool Basic Shirt, Grey Peasant's Pants, and Strawberry Cheesecake - RPGfan2005
+Long Bull Horns, Icy Snug Layered Tees, Icy Snug Balloon Skirt, Icy Snug Slip-On Sneakers, Side Light Wood Table, and Makeshift Chair - [-Ari-]
+Flowers, tokens, and 2oo gold - ShyVampire
+Tokens, Fish Bait, and 124 gold - [Death_Note]
+Blue Shade Hat, The 4th Amigo Guappa Shirt, Skeleton Gloves, Oak Bar Chair, Single Pink Daffodil- Black Bouquet, Wine Hippie Shoes, and 5o gold - Hippilicious
+Combovers, Ocean Summer Tops, Labu Necklace, and Sand Summer Top - [AnoxiaSan]
+9oo gold - madam_death25
+S Blox, Green SQUID Tail, Crimson Slick Cargo Pants, Black Skeleton Shoes, Stethoscope, Dead Sexy Blood Bat Cravat, Floor Tile, Basic Black Shelving, Bachelor's Credits, Master's Credits, Doctorate's Credits, Tokens, and 1,ooo gold - amandasedai89
+Floppy Clover, Mimzys, Master's Credits, Bachelor's Credits, Mantis Mask, Detective's Flashlight, Gracie's Soccer Balls, flowers and a bouquet, Scion White Under Glow, Winter Rose, Bachelor's Credits, trash, lots of paper combovers, Paper Cat band, Mummy Mask, Card Shark Bands, Brown Tribal Torso Tattoo, Black Orchid Brooch, 4 Leaf Clover Pins, 4 Anniversary Blue Roman Candle, Bachelors Cap, Ghost Sheets, Paper Hats, flowers, Framed Gaia Artwork #26, Mummy Mask, Paper Bag Hoody, Watermelon Hat, Used Chain Saw, Uni Brow, Vampire Bite Marks, Bee Movie Guns, Bee Movie Helmet, Blood Drop Brooches, Black Orchid Brooches, Blue Dragon Tail, Detective’s Kits, Detectives Magnify Glass, John Cena’s Cap, Magic Swamp Orbs, Sicon Bling Necklace, Gracie’s Soccer Ball, Ubi Parasol, Ubi Ramen, Golden Compass, Cary’s Guitar, Black Rose Chest Tattoo, Black Spider Chest Tattoo, Black Spider Back Tattoo, Red Turquoise Dragon Tattoo, and 1o,2oo gold - Kamikazi-Cloud
+Blockheads, Ohh~Cean Head Wraps, Mantis Mask, Z Blox, Black Castaway Shirt, Liquid Hot Sandals, Grey Peasant Gloves, Wall Tiles, Blush Taj Tops, and 85o gold - Devils Mistress 666
+Salad, Giant Banana Split, Chesnut Wood Cutting Board, Blue Kitchen Clock, and 5oo gold - AmberYoung
+1,444 gold - Fiery Snow
+Ink, trash, and bugs - Lirilei
+Cowhide Santa Hats, Long Bull Horns, paper hat, Floppy Clover, Lucky Star, Labu Necklaces, 4th Anniversary Blue Roman Candles, 4th Anniversary Super Roman Candle, 4th Anniversary Red Roman Candle, Framed Gaia Artwork #01, Framed Gaia Artwork #12, and trash - AtoMic_mE9
+Drop Dead Gorgeous Onxy Skull Choker, Sand Summer Top, Cloud, and 430 gold - Kaibas Revenge
+Purple Nurse Shoes, Gorilla Mask, Mantis Mask, Dumb Ghost Sheet, Mummy Mask, Tokens, Ink, and 380 gold - iPurplez
+Right T Blox, THE MASQUE, and 1oo gold - kittie_kyotsu
+Floppy Clover, Doctor's Parabolic Reflector, SSS Top, Heart shaped box of sweets, and 5oo gold - icy_wyvern
+5 April 2008 letters, WTF Hat, Green Corallus Egg, Tama's Basket, DandiiDooDad Spore, Angelic Mood Bubble x 2, Centaur Black Potion, Tiny Pixie Wings, and 1,ooo gold - ~Michiko Mint~ <333
+Garbage Mask, Ohh~Cean Red Head Wrap, Floppy Clover, Island Girl Wig, Red Paper Crown, Egyptian Rose Linen Dress, Sheer Stockings, Crimson Mink Pants, Shadow Spirit, THE MASQUE, Flashion Purple Top, and Fancy Virgin Dress, Smoke Glamrock Sleeveless Top, KoNfUzZeD rEd ShOeS, Scion Pink Under Glow, Wings Side Decal, Speedy Black Wheel, Wicked Ear Horns, Mirror Ring, Shark Fin, and 4,ooo gold - E l l i i e x
+Enchanted Wooden Trunk and Reindeer Gloves - RawrPower
+Chicken Mask, Red Ink, 12 Tokens, Bouquet, Slip-On Sneakers, White Castaway Shirt, Watermelon Hat, Bee Movie Suit, G-LOL Dark Dollie Socks, Moss Hippie Shoes, White Solar Flare Belly Tattoo, Gold Water Balloon Trophy, tickets, tokens, cans, Basic Fishing Rod, Yellow Guppy Cap, and 2,3o5 gold - Leximaya
+5,ooo gold - Jello Star
+Prisoner's Top - Hollow Form
+Lovely Genie Purple Headpiece, flowers, Black Leather Ottoman, Carrot Nose, Holly Pin, Ubi Ramen, Ink, Green Sleeping Cap, Emerald Beaded Halter Dress, Spirited 2k7 Boots, Spirited 2k7 Scarf, Young Mrs. Claus' Gloves, Eggnog with Cinnamon Stick, Plate of Cookies and Milk, Tama's Basket, Neutral Starter Surfer Girl Hibiscus Halter, and 2,857 gold - II Ryuu II
+Halloween items, Magic Orbs, flowers, Leap Year Frog, Tiny Christmas Head-Tree, T-Box, shirts, socks, Enchanted Wooden Trunk, Spiderwick Field Guide, Wild Armor, Starter Fridge, Wall Tile, and 155g - iceghost100
+White, Blue, and Goldenrod Paper Cat Bands - nikia estie
+1o,ooo gold - xKani
+Buddhist Monk's Tonsure, Brown Tribal Right and Left Arm Tattoos, and 2137g - Gigaforce19
+3,ooo gold - rockman32
+5oo gold - yoko77
+2o,ooo gold - Rex Bannon
+Doctors Parabolic Reflector, Holly Hairpiece, Hockey Mask x2, Skittles Medallion x5, Brown Magical Gift Box, Cowhide Santa Hat, Black Beatnik Sandals, and 2,ooo gold - xX_PaPeR_CuTz_Xx
+1oo gold - turtlegirl81*
+1oo gold - lil_sweet_huni*
+1oo gold - muzaz*
+1,ooo gold - PurpleLovr*
+5oo gold - Snowtiger009*
+15o,ooo gold! - Hiriyou <3*
+2o,ooo gold - Rex Bannon*
+5oo gold - [P u n k i n] 3.14*
+1oo gold - TequilaStarlight*
* - donated to Kamikazi-Cloud for the Nudist Event, then donated to us <33
+Crimson Tatsu Helm, Leap Year Frog, Missy Sapphire Ribbon, Black Castaway Shirt, G-LOL Choke Dollie Top, Natural Leather Mini Skirt, Leather Elf Shoes, Wedding Doves and Ribbons, Golden Compass, and 23o gold - Lenne-Kun
+3,746 gold - Remnant Blade
+Radiant Prism - Aziku Peppercoin
+S Blox, Ocean Cut Off Shorts, Tan Hippie Shoes, Langer the Dragon Plush, Holo-grid Floor Tile, Basic Concrete Wall Tile, Basic Dark Concrete Wall Tile, Blush Matte Floor Tile, and 12oo gold - crystal_assasin
+Angel Imp Potion - ilovmusic11
+Bone Scythe x 2 - Jagster22698

-Your name will be posted here if you donate, unless you state otherwise-
-Star List-

[User Image = 1 star]

Last Update: 11-1-09


Ze_Mole - unlimited stars - Ruler of shop

Seority - unlimited stars - Other ruler of shop

Kamikazi-Cloud - almost unlimited stars - Great staff member, wonderful helper around the shop.

[]Demonic Angel[] - almost unlimited stars - Once a great staff member. We miss you, Demonic! D:

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***Please let those who are wanting items save up to get them. We lean towards those who are questing rather then those just wanting to buy an item.***

Last Update: 10-14-08

*NOTICE: You are only allowed to buy ONE donation item per month. This is so others can get what they want and you won't hoard all the items.

THIS LIST NEEDS TO BE UPDATED. No buying or selling will occur until this update can be finished. I apologize for the inconveniece. :[

User Image1 starUser Image:

-Angelic Mood Bubble x 2- 600g
-Arrow in my Head- 20g
-Azure Tatsu Helm- 400g
-Baby Chicky- 100g
-Baby Jack Mask- 2g
-Bachelor's Credit x 265- 2g each
-Basic Fishing Rod- 60g
-Bee Movie Gun- 50g
-Bee Movie Helmet- 5g
-Bee Movie Suit- 2g
-Big Ghost Sheet- 1g
-Black Beatnik Sandals- 600g
-Black Castaway Shirt- 30g
-Black Orchid Brooch- 20g
-Black Rose Chest Tattoo- 500g
-Black Spider Back Tattoo- 5g
-Black Spider Chest Tattoo- 10g
-Blood Drop Brooch x 3- 30g
-Bloody Hands Wall Tile- 30g
-Blue Dragon Tail- 40g
-Blue Paper Crown- 3g
-Bompin' Blue Head Gear- 1g
-Brown Tribal Left Arm Tattoo- 100g
-Brown Tribal Right Arm Tattoo- 100g
-Carrot Nose- 10g
-Carrot Plush x 2- 400g
-Cary’s Guitar x 2- 200g
-Catfish Whiskers- 30g
-Chicken Mask- 30g
-Chubbi Chicky x 2- 300g
-Clock Egg- 1g
-Coon Tail- 800g
-Cowhide Santa Hat x 5- 200g
-Crimson Tatsu Helm- 800g
-Detective's Flashlight- 1g
-Detective’s Kit x 2- 100g
-Detectives Magnifier- 1g
-Doctorate's Credit x 3- 25g each
-Doctors Parabolic Reflector- 40g
-Dumb Ghost Sheet x 2- 1g
-Easter 2k6 Bunny Tie x 8- 100g
-Easter 2k6 Chicky Tie x 4- 100g
-Eggnog with Cinnamon Stick x 2- 10g
-Emerald Beaded Halter Dress- 50g
-Enchanted Trunk x 3- 400g
-Face Veil- 80g
-Fai Coat- 600g
-Floppy Clover x 4- 20g
-Framed Gaia Artwork #01- 10g
-Framed Gaia Artwork #03- 10g
-Framed Gaia Artwork #05- 10g
-Framed Gaia Artwork #12- 10g
-Framed Gaia Artwork #26- 10g
-Frightened Ghost Sheet- 1g
-Frozen Rainbow Helm- 800g
-Ghosty x 2- 20g
-Giant Green Eggshell x 2- 100g
-Gills x 2- 250g
-G-LOL Dark Dollie Socks- 600g
-Gold Promise Ring- 800g
-Golden Compass x 2- 10g
-Gold Water Balloon Trophy- 600g
-Gracie's Soccer Ball x 3- 20g
-Green Stockings- 70g
-G Shades [Blue- 3, Yellow- 5, Pink- 4] 600g each
-HiTek Gas Mask- 600g
-Hockey Mask x 3- 5g
-Holly Jolly Boots x 2- 600g
-Holly Pin x 2- 1g
-InfraRed Goggles- 300g
-Island Girl Wig- 10g
-Jack'd Shoes 2k6- 100g
-Jack Uniform Pants x 2- 250g
-Jack's 2k7 Armor Boots- 90g
-Jack's 2k7 Armor Plate- 230g
-Jack's 2k7 Headphones- 760g
-Jack's 2k7 Pumpkin Ballgown- 50g
-Jack's 2k7 Pumpkin Beret- 50g
-Jingle Bell Earrings- 1g
-John Cena’s Cap- 110g
-KoNfuZeD ReD SHoEz- 400g
-Labu Necklace x 6- 220g
-Langer the Dragon Plush- 100g
-Leap Year Frog x 2- 1g
-Leather Elf Shoes- 50g
-Long Bull Horns x 3- 110g
-Lovely Genie Purple Headpiece- 200g
-Lucky Star x 2- 400g
-Magic Forest Orb x2- 30g
-Magic Island Orb- 30g
-Magic Mountain Orb- 500g
-Magic Plains Orb- 30g
-Magic Swamp Orb x7- 1g
-Master's Credit x 107- 10g each
-Mimzy x 2- 500g
-Missy Sapphire Ribbon- 500g
-Mummy Mask x 6- 20g
-Natural Leather Mini SKirt- 150g
-Neutral Starter Skater Girl Cargo Pants- 3g
-Neutral Starter Surfer Girl Hibiscus Halter- 3g
-Ocean Summer Top- 50g
-Ohh~Cean Red Head Wrap- 20g
-Orange Guppy Cap- 250g
-Pale Head Fins- 800g
-Paper Cat Bands [Blue- 4, White- 4, and Goldenrod- 4]- 1g each
-Paperbag Hoodie- 1g
-Pearl Castaway Shirt- 30g
-Plate of Cookies and Milk- 20g
-Prisoner's Pants- 1g
-Prisoner's Top- 20g
-Red Tied Top- 160g
-Reindeer Collar- 60g
-Sandy Baggy Jeans- 120g
-Scion Bling Necklace- 1g
-Sheer Stockings- 140g
-Skittles Medallion x 5- 1g
-Sleeveless Charcoal Top- 60g
-Smoke Glamrock Sleeveless Top- 400g
-Spiderwick Field Guide- 1g
-Spirited 2k7 Boots- 10g
-Spirited 2k7 Scarf- 5g
-SSS Top- 300g
-Tan Peasant's Shirt- 1g
-Tickets x 37- 1g
-Tiny Christmas Head-Tree- 1g
-Tokens x 29- 1g each
-Ubi Fan- 50g
-Ubi Parasol- 40g
-Ubi Ramen x 3- 1g
-Ugly Orphan Sweater- 5g
-Unibrow x 2- 600g
-Used Chain Saw- 500g
-Warm Rainbow Helm- 400g
-Watermelon Hat x 3- 50g
-White Solar Flare Belly Tattoo- 500g
-Wicked Car Horns- 300g
-Wild Armor- 800g
-Yellow Guppy Cap- 250g
-Young Mrs. Claus' Gloves- 700g
-3x Orange Guppy Helm- 20g
-3x Red Guppy Helm- 20g
-4 Leaf Clover Pin x 2- 100g
-4th Anniversary Blue Roman Candle x 2- 60g
-4th Anniversary Red Roman Candle- 40g
-4th Anniversary Super Roman Candle- 40g

User Image2 starsUser Image:
-Black Olympic Tshirt- 2,000g
-Brown Magical Giftbox- 1,000g
-Bunny Tail x 6- 2,000g
-Easter Basket 2k5 x 2- 1,400g
-Easter Bunny Shirt x 4- 1,600g
-G-LOL Choke Dollie Top- 3,500g
-Green Corallus Egg- 1,000g
-Green Corallus Egg 2nd gen.- 1,000g
-Jack Uniform Cap- 2,200g
-Kitty Slippers- 1,800g
-Noise Maka- 3,300g
-Red Nose Reindeer Mask x 2- 3,300g
-Red Turquoise Dragon Torso Tattoo- 1,800g
-Tiny Pixie Wings x 2-4,000g
-Vampire Bite Marks- 1,000g
-Vial of Unknown Liquid x 3- 2,500g
-Wedding Doves and Ribbons- 1,100g

User Image3 starsUser Image:

-Angelic Parasol x 2- 6,000g
-Dancer Bottom- 4,000g
-DandiiDooDad Spore- 6,800g
-Radiant Prism- 6,800g
-Sun Staff- 4,500g
-Thank You Letter for April 2008 x 6- 6,200g
-Thank You Letter for March 2008- 5,700g

User Image4 starsUser Image:

-Centaur Black Potion- 7,000g
-Ice Tiara- 7,000g
-Sword of Aegis x 2- 7,000g
-Tama's Basket x 2- 7,700g
-Thank You Letter for July 2007- 8,300g
-WTF Hat- 9,000g

User Image5 starsUser Image:

-Mythrill Armor- 14,000g
-Thank You Letter for August 2006 x 2- 14,000g
-Thank You Letter for August 2007- 10,000g
-Thank You Letter for Feb 2007- 10,200g
-Thank You Letter for September 2006 x 2- 14,000g

User Image6 starsUser Image:

-Thank You Letter for May 2006- 29,000g
-Whip of Fire- 29,800g

User Image7 starsUser Image:

-Cloud- 48,000g
-Pandy Pack- 47,000g
-Thank You Letter for September 2005 x 2- 39,000g

User Image8 starsUser Image:
-None right now- D:

-Bachelor's Cap
-DandiiDooDad Spore
-WTF Hat

-Bani Clips

-Shop Bank-

Total Gold Donations: 534,64o gold

Total Gold Gained Through Sales: 1,335,435 gold

Total Gold Used To Buy Items For Shop: 974,5oo gold

Total Current Amount for Shop: 659,4oo gold


These are people who will never get to buy any of these items, and are not welcome in our store. I regret having to make it, but the circumstances call for it.

-DarkAngel757- For harassing members of the thread, starting a fight, and being a general nuisance.
-cookies_and_candy- For cussing Ze out, being rude, and starting a fight.
-[Yuya.Shiina]- For buying the Baby Seal Slippers and bailing.
-Munkie Samurai- For begging.
-Binaryz Princess- Using the shop for her own benefit (meaning she bought stuff here and sold it in the marketplace to gain profit) and disrespecting Seority.
-Insidioustic- For following Ze around in her threads and advertising when told not to.
-E l l i i e x- For buying the Bani Clips and bailing.

This is the post where I will store all the things our members want, big or small.
This way, when we are looking to buy things for the shop, we can pick things that we can afford at the time from this list, and make someone very happy.
If you would like your quest item added to this post, please PM me, the mule, with your request. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just a small "Hey, I've been questing for _____ for some time now, and I would like you to add it to the Wishlist." will be great.

Items our members want:
Kiki Kitty Plushie - requested by Lenne-Kun
Ancient Katana - requested by II Ryuu II


No contests are going on right now.
Check back later. ; D

Questions? Comments?: PM the mule about them. We love all imput to make the KIS more enjoyable for everyone.


This journal is for information on inflationers, anti-inflationers, the thread's health, and thread events.

- 6/16/06 Found a gaian named black_bettlequeen. They said they were leaving gaia and were selling all their items. From the looks of their profile, they weren't leaving soon. I sent them a PM asking for them to donate their items to this thread. There has yet to be a reply from them.

- 6/19/06 I have PMed many people trying to advertise our shop. Only a few reply just to say they have quest going on, yet I only PMed them because I saw they made a thread in the Wanted section going something like, " I have A LOT of money! I wanna buy things! Sell them to me!" One has replied saying that if we had more pages, that he would donate. Fair argument I guess. There was one thing that struck me most. Anoymous Celebrity posted (on page 10) that she is leaving Gaia and would love to donate her items to us. I almost cried. She donated all her items with a smile and logged off. This has changed my veiw, slightly, on trusting others on Gaia. I hope that we get more donations, but she was really the one to start us off. Forever Remember Anoymous Celebrity, and thank her for starting us off at killing inflation.

- 6/28/06 Gaia has become a little boring for me, but it's not like I have a job or anything that would have me doing anything else with myself. rolleyes Well, I think that when we have 100 pages is when I'll start advertising again. I see now a days that there are tons of these, "I'm leaving Gaia. Bump, Chat and I might give you something." People are idiots for these things. The stay on those threads ALL DAY, but the person who wrote the thread only posted twice then left. They 'say' they have extremly good items, but they dont do a 'show inventory' thing which only a few smart people come in and say "Show your inventory!", but like I said, they never posted again.

-7/4/06 (Happy 4th of July! Independence Day!!)
I was on Gaia Towns and I met an inflationer. How could I tell? One, he was playing with 2 characters. Both of which were ove 2 mil. gold in worth. Two, he said he was selling one of them and had over 3 mil. in gold. Three, because he said so himself. He started to run away at first, but he appently liked me because he never really left. I asked him questions, personal and non-personal. He's older then me. From what I came up with, Gaia is a game to him. No not the fishing or Gambino. It's to make lots of money no matter what the cost. As far as he was concerned, collecting items then selling them higher online was nothing. Yes, in real life terms, these items arn't needed, but if this is a game, there's also a thing of making things fair to all those who play it. If this 'game' was about getting tons of money and squishing the little guy, then who would be playing? (Maybe the top buisness men of America, but that's off topic.) In his terms, we want to keep things fair on this game of ours. People like him need to understand that by the people who run this 'game'. The people who can decide weither he plays or not. That, my friends, is our goal. Helping Gaia become more fair, not to mention, more fun for EVERYBODY.

- 7/6/06 I was doing my usually deal with posting in the exchange, telling others to stop buying inflated priced objects. There is a new sticky out saying that you can't put that, EVEN if it was just to state the right price. Well, this got me pissed. Apparently, the Admins and Mods don't seem to care that there is Artifical Inflation on Gaia. They've become too preoccupied with making money, and making the site bigger. If fills me with rage and sorrow. I wish things were better then this. I really do. The ending of AI will surly take time and lots of effort. Hopefully the petioin will be signed by 25,000 gaians, and that's when the Admins/Mods MUST do something. So, keep advertising in the Chatterbox and to your friends. They more gaians, they better the chance.

- 7/19/06 After a good FIVE HOURS of reading what I had missed on the thread I saw that there was a complaining girl and her 'friend' posting here and harassing the staff and supporters of this shop. I saw that newcomers had seen what was went on and most ran away. This made me feel bad.
Look, if you have issues with me, or anyone for that matter, please PM us about it. DO NOT post it here and get all of us pissed off. I'll respect your sayings when you deal with it approprietly. Posting crap like that in this thread only makes you look like a complete idiot and jerk, while it makes us have to look like mad dogs that have to b***h at you, which none of those qualities are what people want to see ANYWHERE.
As long as you keep you cool and treat us respectfully, will you be heard.
I've been bogged down a bit by donations, applications, and updating peoples stars and haven't been able to post much. I do appologize for this. To help things out, Ze is now able to get onto our mules account. Other people are helping us also by welcoming and helping others here. I am very glad to see so many people coming to help us out. This really boosts my spirits of seeing inflation die one day. Thank you all so very much for helping Ze and I to sell things right and keep things here light hearted. ^_^

- 8/1/06 (holey moley! where'd summer go? T T)
Due to summer pretty much shirveling up, I have decided to spend time with my enjoyable friends and do more art commissions. I'm currently trying to hand over the star system to Ze, but she seems to be more absent also. So big appologies for Ze and I having huge absences. Also in turn, if you have bumped 100 times, or have posted a lot, -for staff and staff in training, if you see any person post a lot, PLEASE PM me (for now) and I will look at it. We get about 20 pages minimum everyday, and reading through all those takes hours. Hours which I'd rather be doing something else >_<. Again, sorry about this, but it is becoming quite a burden. Donations and sales will be done the same. Also, during the upcoming school year, I will have LOTS of time at home, but very very very very very limited online time, so this will also help me with my studies ^^. Thank you regulars and staff for being such giving peope ^^.
I also want to sell like everything we have soon. I hate having so much in the mule's storage. It's also scary because of hackers who look for rich people >_<.
I will also be giving prizes to everyone who posts on page 1000. You only get one prize if you post at all, so be nice and let others post also ^^. (Yes, they will be worthy prizes. No starter items rolleyes )

- 8/6/06 Yay we moved! Why? It's so that Ze and Seority can BOTH edit the front page, rather then buging each other about each others posts. Seority is also adding a Appreciation Plack for ignorantdudetolaughat who has currently gone to basics, along with other friends of hers. Seority is also adding a Letter Bananza. Hopefully the shop will run smoother now and much more efficient. We hope you guys will become comfortable with the new thread. Please re-direct your links also.
Another announcment to make is that we want to sell all our basic items, so most now are about 50% off. Plesae, buy a nice cheap item so that Seority can concider the possibility of a Ninja Headband or maybe even an OMG ^^.

-8/17/06 Seority is going on vacation and won't be back for awhile. If you need any assistance, PM Ze_Mole for now. We would really like to sell as many items as we can. We have MANY letters now, but don't have time to post them. If you are interested, PM Ze and me. Thanks for all your supposrt in keeping this shop active and booming with success ^^!
We also have a huge heap of gold that needs to be spent. More sooner then later, we'll have about 300k. Please PM Seority with your ideas.

-9/9/06 Hello everyone.
I really want to apologize for my continued absence.
I've started school; I just finished my second week.
I'm in 3 AP classes, and they all require about 2 hours of homework minimum every night, so I haven't had time to get online.
I really don't want to neglect the shop, and I think about you guys and the shop and Seo every day without fail, but I'm just not able to get on as much as before.
I'll still be here for questions, but you have to PM them to me. I just don't have time to read every page anymore.
Once again, I'm terribly sorry, and I'll attempt to be on more.. but I can't make any promises. I'm having mental breakdowns over the amount of homework I'm getting, so.. yeah. ^^;;
Much love,
~Ze <3

-10/7/06 Yes, I'm temporarily closing the shop.
Why? Because Ze might of misunderstood me when I said we could buy winged anklets for her friend. I agreed that she can buy them for her because we had enough money anyway, BUT what she did also was give her friend the other 100k we had. We had never agreed to this, NOR did she even mention this. I'm sorry you guys for doing this, but I need to find out what has happened and maybe open up the shop this summer since I am blocked up with school and work.

-11/10/06 The shop is not closing. Why? Because there are so many gosh-dang nice and determinded people here that don't want that. ^^
So what's going on now?
Well, Seority going to attempt renovations. That means new items and prices, stuffs like that. I know things are really slow now. Why you ask? Because Seority is the ONLY person running the shop now a days and she is already on a cramped scedule. So, if you can handle doing some managment work weekly, and think that I can trust you, Seority will be looking for a new manager, besideds herself, to help her out with the shop. But if you have any evil intentions, don't even try me. Also, about 100+ people will come raid your houses because of what you've done. Capesh?
Anyway, Seority is debating wheither or not we should sell common items or not. It's a big hassle to make up prices for them and keep track of sales. That means the shop will only sell donation items and letters, and event items. Let Seority hear your thoughts because she's only gonna think about it for a week, then just change it to what she see's is better.
BIG HUMONGUOS UBER GRACIOUS THANK YOU to all of you who are trying hard to keep the shop alive. You guys keep it alive.
~Sincerly KIS Management ((aka Seority))

-1/21/07 Happy New Year everyone!
I have been busy, I'm human. But a resolution of mine was to get online as much as possible to help the shop. I know I won't be able to make it online as much as I used to be, but what can I say? I'm an 11th grade AP student - it's only natural that I'm bogged down with the weight of the world. And I'm working on my senior exit research paper too, but I'm finding time to update and socialize with you guys.
I would do more to update the item list, but I don't know what all we have. Some of the items are in Seority's inventory, I believe, so I'm afraid to really update anything. But I gave a star or two, and if you've been contributing and posting a lot and feel you deserve a star, PM me, Ze_Mole, and I'll see what I can do.
I also updated the donations list, and the avatar contest. We want you to participate! For rules, look at the post with the really expensive avatar at the top. xD;;
Well, I guess that's all. Glad to be back. <3
Much love,
~Ze <3

-2/18/07 So I've found myself all alone in this venture as of late.
Seority has not been visiting the thread; she hasn't updated since November of 2006. Also, she has been avoiding my PMs. So I've decided to take it upon myself to re-make the thread how the regulars want it.
I've had so many people PM me with questions about the new item list, how the stars work now, etc., that it has made me want to change things back to the way they were before. The old method of arranging items into a list was harder to keep up, sure, but I'm willing to put time into it for the customer's benefits. Also, I'm taking suggestions on new items to buy for the thread. The money's been sitting in the account, rotting away basically, with no clear use. I want to get items that people want so the original intent of this thread can be lived out: to sell wanted items at uninflated prices.
In the near future, I may create a new contest, but renovating the thread once more is going to take the majority of my time.
I hope this turns out well, and I'm always working to serve you better.
~Ze <3

-3/3/07 I'm so happy I changed the inventory. It makes things so much easier to find. xD
I got a PM from Seority today who informed me that she's been having family issues, thus her non-activity. Hope to see her soon in the shop.
I still need ideas for possible items to buy for the questors in the thread, and I still need 9 other participants for the contest. Doesn't anyone want to make banners and such? I guess I could send PMs to all the people who've created banners for the shop thus far and ask them to join in, and if by then the spots don't fill up, I'll make a thread in the art forum to recruit people.
That's about it for an update, and I hope to have my partner back soon.
~Ze <3

-3/26/07 So if you read the announcement, I deferred you here for all the details of my ten-day absence. If not, here's your chance to catch up on what's going on.
I'm going to be leaving for Germany on March 31, this Saturday, and will be coming back on April 9. I most likely won't get on that day or the next day though, since I'll be jet-lagged from the 8 hour or so flight and the 6 hour time difference.
I'm going as a class trip with some other German students and our teacher, and I'm really excited about it. I'm nervous as well, since I usually freeze up and forget every ounce of German I know when I talk to real German people. ^^;;
So now for the apology. I won't be online any of the time I'm there, since my laptop is not coming with me, and we probably won't even see a public-access computer in our hotel. And since Seority has not been able to make it here in a while, I have a feeling the shop is going to be inactive for the ten days or so I will not be online.
It would be greatly appreciated if you can do everything in your power to keep the shop alive while I'm gone, and when I come back, I'll dote lots and lots of love on you if you were a good little regular. : D
I'm sorry for this guys, but I'm sure you want to see me happy [and if you don't, I don't want to know. D:], so bear with me and keep posting in my absence. I love you all to death, and keep me in your thoughts.
~Ze <3

-4/12/07 I'm back! =^^=
I'll do some major updating, i.e. making sure the prices are still accurate and such, tomorrow when I have time, but I gave a few people stars, updated the shop gold amount, and such today.
As usual, if you think you deserve a star and did not recieve one, PM and tell me. I'll be happy to give you one if you earned it.
Germany was so much fun, and it was a great experience, but MAN I'm glad to be home. xD;;
I've missed you guys, and summer is fast approaching.
And guess what? So is our first anniversary! I'm going to make a fun contest kind of thing this weekend to celebrate, but I won't post it until the week before it's kicked off, which will be the week of June 16, the day our thread was created. All I'll say is, it's going to be awesome, and you'll like it. ^_~
Anyways, I'm out for the night to get some sleep.
I'm so glad to be home.
~Ze <3
[UPDATE: I've bought the majority of the items for the event, and I'm very excited about putting it together. <3]

-6/9/07 Yay!
The contest will begin tomorrow, and run through the 17th.
I expect a huge turnout because there are such items as Fairy Wings and a Sealed Envelope at stake!
I participated in a contest like this last year, and it was a lot of fun, so I decided to duplicate it for the members of this thread, and anyone else who wants to come.
Good luck to all who join in the festivities, and I will make sure this is an anniversary you will never forget! : D
~Ze <3

-6/16/07 Happy anniversary to us!!
Today is a very special day, for it marks a year we have been open to Gaia. It has been a roller coaster of a year, but I still would not trade it for anything. The friends I've made here, the time spent keeping the shop at it's best, and the excitement and joy when one of our members can buy an item here for a low price- that will remain with me forever.
Even if, god forbid, the shop was to close today, I would always keep it close to my heart and remember the good times we've shared.
So here's to the Kill Inflation Shop, the year we've spent, and the many years to come!
~Ze <3

-6/21/07 Huzzah! We've passed the 2k page! o:
Anyways, I was posting this journal entry to forwarn everyone that I will not be on for the weekend, or possibly Monday and Tuesday. I can't say for sure yet. I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow morning, and I will be doped up to delirium for a few days.
I apologize for the inconvenience it will cause everyone with me not being here, but this is something that can't be avoided. I promise I will get back to work as soon as I know where I am, accepting trades, returning PMs, etc.
Wish me luck, because I'm really scared. ;_____;
~Ze <3

-6/26/07 Okay, I'm back, I guess.
I'm still not feeling very grand, but I feel bad about not coming online to be with you guys, so I got on for a bit to update and such.
I probably won't stay for long and interact much for a bit because I've found out I'm a very slow healer, and I got violently ill from the pain meds I was given, so I have to take regular over-the-counter pain relievers, so it's not helping my pain situation much.
If anyone is religious, please pray for me. If not, keep me in your thoughts.
I'm glad to be back, even if it's not for long, and I'm doing as much updating as I can, meaning I've done everything but a full inventory update, which takes hours to do. -_-;;
~Ze <3

-7/9/07 Huzzah! We are now on YouTube!
Thanks to Kamikazi-Cloud, who made a video protesting artificial inflation for us- the video can be seen in the first post by clicking on the screenshot, or in the links post at the bottom.
I think this is a great thing to do, especially since so many users on Gaia watch videos on YouTube. This was a very creative idea, and I'd love to see more videos in the future.
Thanks once again for the video, and I hope everyone's doing well.
~Ze <3

-7/25/07 I thought I might as well dedicate a journal entry to the release of the last Harry Potter book on the 21st. I'm halfway through it and love it to pieces- not literally, of course. xD
I've spent hours upon hours on it, and finally the inventory post is back up!
I've added new items we have, taken off ones we no longer possess, and re-priced a few things, hopefully to your advantage.
I was thinking, now that we're back in the 200k range, that we should possibly save up for a more expensive, coveted item. Does anyone have any ideas? Keep it within the range of possibility, though: nothing over 500k for the moment. If you have an idea, PM it to the mule, [.sweet.sorrow.].
I'm trying to brainstorm a good idea for a contest to conclude the summer break. It will run the week before I get to school, so if it is before or after your return, I apologize. Any thoughts on that can also be sent to the mule.
Okay, I guess that concludes my newest journal entry. Good luck earning stars everyone! ^^
~Ze <3

-8/9/07 Today is my birthday!
To celebrate, I've put up a notice in the inventory post that anyone who sends an item request PM to the mule before the end of today, my time, will get the item they want at 10% off, no matter the item. I figure this is a great deal, and it's a good way to share my birthday joy with everyone else in the shop. I won't be on much, if at all, but every PM recieved on August 9th will get this discount when I give the trade a go-ahead. I hope this goes well and everyone enjoys it as much as I will enjoy my birthday.
~Ze <3

- 9/26/07 HALO 3! mrgreen
Hello all. I'm back! (again) I do appologize for not doing jack-squat inlike ever, so yeah, MI SOWWIE! >_<'
I hope all of you have been enjoying yourselves here, and so far I can tell that you all have. I'm very pleased. I have decided to sell some of the shop's items in the marketplace at a lower rate. Do not worry, they were items that can be purchased in stores, and I sold them for a little more then half their costs. We made a good 30k from all of it. I also would like to inform you all that I have also purchased some donation items with our collected lot. We now have bani clips up for grabs. The OMFG is kind of special for Skyler. She has been with us since the begining, and has been questing the item for a long time. We haven't gotten any request for items, so I just decided to go with the Bani Clips.
On another note, we have had tons of donations and I'm am just thrilled to see that. I have been vacant from gaia for quite some time and I saw a huge difference in the market. Many things have been repriced for a more suitable price, so I believe that our goal is becoming successful into killing inflation. Thank you all for your hard work and caring support. I do really appriciate all you guys do for the shop.
~With love, Seority

- 12/1/07 Updates galore!
So today I finally got the time to update the items list.
I priced all the items and added the items that were aquired since the last update.
I saw fit to sell some junk items that are found in daily chance and I felt no one would buy and made 1,460 gold profit for the shop. Woot! : D
I just thought I would tell everyone that the list is now up-to-date.
Thanks for keeping the thread alive and growing, everyone.
I love you all. ^____^
~Ze <3

- 12/25/07 Fweeeee!
Happy Christmas, everyone!
Today was a special day for many, and the TekTek contest is in its judging stages.
I hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas and please send your suggestions for the next item we should buy with the gold in our possession to this account, the mule.
~Ze <3

- 1/8/08 I've added a new staff member! Let's all welcome Kamikazi-Cloud to the team!
I've needed help around here for a while, and she has been an awesome member. She's made YouTube videos promoting our thread, she donates regularly, she posts as often as she can, and she helped me make a price list on a big donation she made recently. That gave me the idea of having her help me when I do inventory updates. Those take about 4-5 hours for me at a minimum, so with her help, I'm hoping it can be done much more quickly, which will allow more updates.
I also added icons under all the staff's pictures [except Demonic Angel because he is no longer with us. D:] to make it easier for our members, future members, and visitors to locate our profiles, PM us, and in the mule's case, send a trade. Give me feedback on whether you like it or now - I love feedback. <3
And as always, I'm looking for good items that you guys are questing to buy for the shop 400k and under.
~Ze <3

- 4/4/08 Okay guys, I'm leaving the country for eight days tomorrow. I know, that means no sales, no accepting new members, and no star updates for eight days. But don't stop posting! Please keep the thread alive, and PM this account, the mule, if you need anything, and I promise to get right on it when I get home.
I'm planning a huge event to regain popularity for this site.
It's going to start the 14th, and it is going to be awesome.
All I will say is, if you don't already have celestial themed clothing, go buy some. >D
I will update the front page very soon to make it more aesthetically pleasing at the request of many members.
And remember, I love you guys, and I look forward to coming home to throw a party for you! ^^
~Ze <3

- 5/6/08 The event was a success!
We didn't raise as much money as I had hoped, but that's okay. We got some of our old members to return, so that is good enough for me. <3
Thank you to everyone who helped make the event fun - I had a blast, and I hope you did too!
The next thing on my agenda is to revamp the thread and give it a makeover.
I know I have gotten many, many requests from members asking me to make the front page more aesthetically pleasing, so I am going to start working on banners and new graphics this week.
Along with the new look, I will update the inventory post [which is badly needed, I know D:] and anything else that needs to be changed or upgraded.
Thank you for your patience, and I hope you like the new look the thread will have!
~Ze <3

- 6/12/08 Huzzah!
The front page modifications are now complete!
To see the announcement about it, go to page 2381. ; D
Make sure to tell us what you think about it - give us feedback.
Also, I want everyone to know that I may be in and out of the shop for the next week and a half. I have to clean the house tomorrow because my brother and his fiancee are coming Saturday, and Sunday is my graduation and graduation party. Then, Monday and Tuesday are student orientation dates for me, meaning no computer on either of those days since I have to spend the night.
Wednesday, I leave for the beach with my boyfriend and I'm going to be staying for a week. I will try my best to get on at least once a day, but I cannot make guarantees since we are poor and can't afford to go up to the coffee shop every day for internet.
It's sad that I will be busy, too, because Sunday is our two year anniversary, and I really wanted to do something grand.
If someone would like to volunteer to hold some sort of contest, I will provide the prizes when I get home on Tuesday, just give me a heads up.
I guess that is all for now! Hope you guys like the renovations, and I will do my best to be online over the next week and a half. : D
~Ze <3

-7/19/08 -Visits for 5 seconds-

Hope ya'll are doing well.
I'm doing fine myself.
I know this announcment is kinda lame right now, but whenever I believe it's time to leave Gaia, I will donate all I have, excluding*, to this, if it's still alive of course! X3
Just to warn you all, this will be no time soon, but I did just want you all to know that. I haven't been around much at all, and I guess that is my appology to it. I started this with Ze_Mole and I hope to leave with some reputition intact.

Thank you all to those who are regs here. I'm on Gaia daily now, but on late at night, so no one else is.
Anywho, maybe I'll stop by more often to chill with you late nighters. Other then that, love you all and I hope you are all having a fantastic summer. ^_^

*I will try to make a thread and invite my friends to make a vote upon my best look. Which ever look wins, I will keep on my char for the remainder of Gaia's life. (Sorry, I'm not giving this account away. =P ) I'm planning on getting 1000 different looks, so that's what I'm occuping myself with right now.
~ heart Seo
[taken from page 2419. I posted it here so everyone will see it. -Ze]

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