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I sincerely apologize everyone.
I have had many things going on personally right now, and I also no longer have the ambition to continue this charity.
Hopefully, though, sometime in the future I can return when I am ready to take up the responsibility of hosting a charity again.
See you around!

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Hello and a warm welcome to Just Have Hope!
This tiny charity welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms, so feel free to hang around!
Don't let the page count scare you. The thread usually moves at a slow pace and is easy to keep up with.

The original Just Have Hope charity was fist created September 23, 2010. One year later, it was moved to a new thread to get a fresh new start. It continues to this day, and plans to go on as long as it can manage.

Although the charity is a bit old, it constantly tries to improve and attract more people.
But no matter what its popularity status is, the most important goal for the charity is helping the gaians who enter the thread.

The charity has been around for a while.
You can get a hit & run by going to the third post.

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Happy anniversary charity!
For one week, you have no requirements to get a donation.
Just chat away and you'll get it, no matter how long you stay.

The donations requirements have been changed!
Rather than 10 posts, the requirement is now 25.

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Updates from old thread can be found here.
Detailed updates from this thread can be found here.

Sep. 23, 2010 ๑ Charity first created
Jun. 2, 2011 ๑ Original 1 Million Goal reached!
Sep. 23, 2011 ๑ Thread is re-opened!
Nov. 25, 2011 ๑ 1/5 of the goal!
Mar. 11, 2012 ๑ Charity gets "Popular" box! :'D
Mar. 25, 2012 ๑ 2/5 of the Goal!
Sep. 23, 2012 ๑ Charity revamp! Happy anniversary!
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Follow the Chairty/Quest forum rules, and gaia's TOS and Guidelines
This is a given anywhere and everywhere.

No begging for gold
I understand that you are in need of help, but I have rules you should follow if you really want the gold. This also means no PMing the owner or mule for gold!

No flaming, bashing, or being rude to anyone in the thread
Charity/Quests is a forum full of kind and great Gaians. No offense, but if you aren't one or the other, then this place probably isn't for you.

No 733T speak
"d0nT typ 1ik dI5" is the usual example. Abbreviations like "omg", "lol", "btw", "gtg", "jk" are okay.

Don't overuse emotes
You don't have to :lol: :lol: :lol: for me to understand it's funny. You don't have to T_T T_T T_T to understand you're sad. One is enough.

Don't quote the front page!
There's seriously no need >:I If you want to know how I did some weird coding here, just ask!

Please DO NOT post the form before you have your posts!
I will most likely not remember you posted your form, and I'll ask you to fill out another one anyway, it's just a waste of a post.

Please try to avoid quote trees.
I usually keep it to one quote per post, but please try not to pass 3. I don't like scrolling too much because of quotes.

It's usually obvious to me when you didn't read the rules.
Also, when I do find out you didn't read the rules, you get a warning. ONE warning. Break any rule again, you're out.
You should put "I like pie" or "pi ≈ 3.14" when filling out your form.

You can get more than one donation.
If you come in and get a hit-n-run, you can still get a regular donation if you post 25 times. You can't get another hit-n-run though.
Also, if you fill out the regular donation form, after two months, you can get ANOTHER donation, if you need it.

More rules will be added as needed.

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These are the mods of the thread. They usually bump and chat, but are also able to enforce the rules, so listen to them!
Would you like to be a mod? Click this!

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Hello! I am the owner of this thread. Please call me Ani or Michi.
I like things like anime and manga, but really, I'm just a huge pile of likes and dislikes. xD
But don't be afraid to talk to me! I love talking to new people, and I always try to be friendly.
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This is the charity's mule.
You will most likely receive your donation from me, unless stated otherwise.
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Hai everyone, I am a moderator on this thread. You can call me Ally, seeing as that is my actual name IRL!
My interests include The Sims, CSI: Miami and Katy Perry. I'm a normal seventeen year old!
I promise I don't bite (hard). I love meeting new people and making friends so don't be scared to talk to me!
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I'm 21 years old
I have a cat named Smokie who is 5
I love making friends but do not accept random adds.

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The current goal of the charity is to donate 5 million pure gold.
The progress does not include any contests or items donated.

3,o14,ooo // 5,ooo,ooo gold donated

The current funds are
752,ooo gold

User Image

User Image
So here it is. Your ticket to gold.
There are only two requirements that are needed for a donation.
An active quest & 25 conversational posts
Click spoiler for more information on this. *recommended
An active quest - You must be questing something. You do not need a quest thread, but a progress bar or progress info in your sig/post code is needed.
25 conversational posts - So this might be a bit confusing, since it people have had trouble with it before. This simply means you need to talk to someone. Talking to yourself or emote-only posts do not count. If you have any questions about this requirement, feel free to ask! A mod will glady help you clear up any misunderstandings.

With that said, here is the form for a donation!
*Make sure to read the tips afterward, too!

[size=18][color=#00CED1][b]I have hope![/b][/color][/size]
[b][color=#00FA9A]Quest Progress:
[b][color=#00FA9A]Quest thread?:[/color][/b] Y || N
[b][color=#00FA9A]Anything else?:[/color][/b] [/size]

Need an example? Here's an ideal form!
I have hope!
Username: Just Have Hope
Quest: to donate X mil
Quest Progress: Xxx,xxx,xxx // Xxx,xxx,xxx gg
Quest thread?: Y || N
Anything else?: *Thecorrectanswer*

- You shouldn't post your form before you have 25 posts.
- PMing the form to the mods or mule is a bad idea because it could "accidentally" dropped into a black hole during its mailing process.
- You have no obligation to stay after receiving your donation. However, coming back 2 months later wouldn't be a bad idea~
- Numbered posts are appreciated but not required. Most likely, your post count will be checked anyway.
- Maybe getting a hit-n-run first wouldn't be a bad idea, either. *hinthint*
- Please, please, PLEASE tell me if you've changed your username between donations. I'm going by the honor system here, and I'm hoping you won't take advantage of it!

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This one is simple.
Fill out the form, PM it to xD a m n e d with hit-n-run somewhere in the title, and you'll be set to go.
The only requirement is that you have a quest.
No thread needed, but progress must be shown.
Hit-n-runs, however, are only a one-time thing.
You can never get another hit-n-run in your entire life. Evar.
Make sure you've read the rules, at least!

[b][color=#00FA9A]Quest & Progress:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#00FA9A]Anything else?:[/color][/b] [/size]
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All these gaians have received a donation from the charity!
You could be on this list, too, ya'know ;D

List of donatees from old thread here.
List from 2011 donatees here.

ღ II Kawaii Maka II
ღ Ai Nikos Senshi
ღ mizoryluvsme
ღ egyptianblue
ღ Disturbed Obssesions
ღ Flora Carrow
ღ iiTaeyang
ღ 1tty bitty kitty
ღ Beamsofsorrow
ღ IAmNerdE
ღ Ziporae
ღ Kenaa
ღ three patch problem
ღ Artemis Tigris
ღ Sakura Nekomimi
ღ hularoo13
ღ C l o u d 1 0 1 2 4
ღ SexyTLC
ღ Mrs Italy
ღ KatsumiKoomiGogo
ღ sunshine super star
ღ Panda_Madness
ღ -hinatasan-95
ღ Snake Oil Salesman
ღ Sinister Deal
ღ iiTaeyang
ღ Midnight Possession
ღ Pinku Echo
ღ Miruki Kimberly Urukai
ღ WhiteLegend99
ღ lord night blader ll
ღ Angelic Reprobate
ღ Zoomyasian
ღ Days of Raine
ღ xxdark master
ღ Teacup Sheep
ღ Nymphamarina
ღ Days of Raine
ღ Lost at Random
ღ Are You For Cereal
ღ KinkyRice
ღ Lantis_wolf
ღ xXTwisted_ObilivionXx
ღ iwaXneko
ღ Phos Omorhpia HnR
ღ We Fell Fast
ღ Phos Omorhpia
ღ blue CoolAid123
ღ The White Lily
ღ blue CoolAid123
ღ ohhlanae
ღ Roses0fChaos
ღ Aqua Fortise
ღ AdverseAlice
ღ desu-ish
ღ Machem
ღ lizhybridwolfbat
ღ BurnThisLetter
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Everyone who has donated to the thread in some way can be found in my journal.

This is the link.

These people are super awesome. Hail them!
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Everyone loves to play games, right!

To participate in a game, you must have 10 conversational posts.
(That means posts that are part of a conversation. Not with yourself.)
There is, however, one exception to this rule. It's under "Page Contest"

Each game will specify how many times you can win. If you are found using multiple accounts, say bye-bye to the thread!
If you win any contest, please PM the owner with the page number!

Click the images to be directed to the games.

User Image

User Image
The first person to post on these pages gets the specified amount of gold!

Page 10 - Gets 10k
Page ...350, 450, 550, 650, etc. - Gets 20k
Page ...500, 600, 700 etc. - Gets 50k
Page 1000 - Gets 100k

"Special Seven"
This game is probably the best one to win!
Every 30 pages, the seventh poster gets a chance to win a valuable item.
When the seventh poster has been determined, xD a m n e d or the charity mule account will quote them and say:
"Special Seven! You have a chance to win a valuable item or gold! Choose a number between 1-7 (Yes, 1 and 7 are choices as well), and you'll receive a random prize!"
Choose your number and the mule will send you a prize!

+ If main/mule is seventh poster, no one else is qualified and the chance is lost.
+ If it happens to be the gaian's first post, they CAN still get the prize.

This game begins with the seventh poster on page 600.
Good luck!

Page contest and Special Seven winners

User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
These are the people who have made a huge difference in the thread. You should hail these people. Seriously.

ღ Those who come here to get a donation. You help us get closer to our goal! ;D
ღ The people who have tipped or donated <3
ღ The "Regs"

User Image

User Image
You bad apples. You get one warning if you break a rule, but after that, you get banned from the thread.

The link is only for me to use as reference in case they change their name. Do not harass these people.

slimmx (Ban on pg 451)
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
If you wish to affiliate, please ask! PM the owner, xD a m n e d with a title around the lines of "I want to affiliate with your charity!". If your thread moves, becomes inactive or closes, please inform me so I can remove it from the list.
I'm only accepting 200 x 40 and 88 x 31. Other sizes will be linked.

200 x 40
User Image

User Image

User Image
Any quests found inactive for over two months will be removed from the list!

User Image User Image

User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
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Do you have any suggestions for improving the thread? PM the owner and suggest away! ;D

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Thread credits:
Graphics by xD a m n e d
Created in GIMP
Font Used: The Great Escape
Brushes downloaded from Deviantart.
GIMP Inner Universe by Axeraider70
Grunge brush set 3 by Damnicons
Cloudy by basmann
Leaves swirls by Lileya

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It's recommended that you use the GaiaLab's or BetterGaia's centered site to see what we see!

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