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New poll. what is your fav season?

Spring 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 2 ]
Summer 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Fall 0.4 40.0% [ 6 ]
Winter 0.2 20.0% [ 3 ]
None 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Gold 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 2 ]
...... 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 2 ]
0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes:[ 15 ]
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What to do, or not to do is never the question

1) No flaming or bad mouthing. if you do not like the thread of the topic then do not post

2) Do not quote more then three times

3) Be polite to those around you

4) Unless i say you can do not link your own quest in your post

5) Please do not stretch the page. this really grates my cheese

6) No being a jerk face and posting with font this big

7) Caleb is teh awesome. buy him stuffs.
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All the news that is the news around the world
AKA the FAQ and Thread key

Q: Jasper what in the fudge bunnies is this quest for?
A: Why to make my Caleb pretty of course

Q: Whats your goal?
A: to gain all clothing items that are uni sex and make my dove happy

Q: Can i give you gold?
A: Yes please

Q: Can i give you the item?
A: even better

Q: Whats a Gothic Lolita
A: This

Q: Dude Caleb is a boy
A: that he is. he even has the dangly bits

Q: Can i make you stuff?
A: if you do you will get lots of love

Q: How often do you change the poll?
A: I don't know when ever i want to.

Draco the Dog of War
From Caleb Kros

"I is"? stressed It seems I lose IQ points why RPing out Caleb's personality. I really should work on that. but I have so much fun with him that I can't help but have him come off as really childish.

I felt the need to post and let you all know my grammar is in NO way that bad. Most, I am not saying all, but most of the errors Caleb makes are done on purpose. Most of you know me and know that each of my accounts[1] has it's own life (personality) Draco being overly strict and deliberate in his actions thus the perfect account to make this post. But some of you who are just getting to know me I don't want you thinking I'm really that annoying.

Now to address Caleb's other quark. Jasper has on more then one occasion answered questions about whether he knew that Caleb was taking him for every cent he is worth. "It just seems like he is milking you for your gold and I didn't want you to be taken advantage of". Trust me when I say Crys (Jasper's handler) can handle herself. It was decided well before I even created the Caleb Kros account that the boy would NOT spend a penny of his own, that he would in fact be a kept boy. Since that point in time his personality has taken a whiny side rode that I'm not sure I even like. However I never have been one to control my character's development. For the most part, Ignore it! You should never feel that you should get the little whining boy anything he asks anyone for this is coming from the man behind the curtain. I have created a monster so to speak. Why do I bring this up, because as I play him out then go back and reread his past posts it seems almost like he is demanding and sometime begging[2] even tho I'm sure when I first made the post that was not the intent. He just comes off as such.

Perhaps Prince[3] Caleb will have that curbed, ether way I never meant to take up so much of your time with my explanation of his actions. I will be logging off now.

[1] I have over 25 mules, any five of which can be active at the same time.
[2] I hate beggars and I want to slap Caleb senseless.
[3] Plot twists and character development! (Caleb in boy clothes? O_O)
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Things that Caleb already wormed out of me

User Image Gothic Veil x4
User Image Christian Siriano's Black Lace Gown
User Image Christian Siriano's Purple Black Gown
User Image Onyx Milady Bodice
User Image Ribbon Luv Sleeves Black
User Image Stealth UltraViolet Boots
User Image Black Coal Gathered Tavern Wench's Skirt
User Image Onyx Milady Skirt
User Image Elegant Veil

User Image Light Pink Tennis Dress
User Image Light Pink Tennis Jacket
User Image Pink sports bag
User Image Regular Tennis Racquet
User Image White Tennis Socks
User Image Light Pink Tennis Shoes

User Image Red Flow Prom Dress
User Image Dark Wine Leather Stiletto Boots
User Image Red Web Strap Shoes

User Image Magical Girl's Black Uniform x4
User Image Magical Girl's Lovely Heart Gloves
User Image Magical Girl x7

User Image Black Web Strap Shoes
User Image Coal White Gathered Tavern Wench's Skirt
User Image Clean White Tavern Wench's Blouse

bought from Area 11
User Image Buttoned Down Fauna Skirt
User Image Earl Grey Tea Time Waitress Dress
User Image White Paper Cat Band
User Image White Wool Top
User Image Ribbon Luv Sleeves White
User Image Black Leather Shoes with Loose Socks
User Image White Stockings
User Image Blush Clown Makeup
User Image Plate of Cookies and Milk

User Image
Birthday Crown

User ImageSnow witch x2
User ImageLovely Genie Yellow Headpiece
User ImageSugarplum Slippers
User ImageWhite Flow Prom Dress
User ImageBiancamella 3rd Gen
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My Beloved Donationers. if not for you My life would be hell

I would like to thank NightSymphony for making all my lovely Banners. You are a huge huge Help. Lots of love heart heart heart heart heart

Where The Beauty Ends - 1500 gold heart my first donationer heart
DanaKScully - 1000
NightSymphony - Ring: Mantis
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My Bumpers. whee

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Picuters of Caleb heart
User Image

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User Image
Art work of Us
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Woot the first Avatar art heart
User Image By Vache Mauvaise
Art work of my baby
User Image By
Candycane Scartissue

Art work of Me
User Image By Candycane Scartissue
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Because i love them
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image
User Image
User Image
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Caleb's Pets
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Links to people i adore

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And now for something completely different

Caleb is working hard to clean up Towns! You can help by sending your trash and weeds to him. (send them to Caleb Kros as poor Jasper don't want your trash gonk ) ((the Pink Daffodil is a symbol for all weeds (flowers) and the paper bag for all trash they do not mean I'm only taking one or the other so please feel free to send 'all' your trash and weeds.))

User Image User Image User Image

Quest trackers updated in increments of 100 (or once a day).
You can click Caleb's name to start a trade.
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Don't come around here no more

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