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Technicolour Smile

          OH MY, exactly the same! If I'm already in a routine, I'm set for life.
          Ha, in my computers class, we've been typing from this book and when the teacher started offering book holders I definitely rejected it because the whole time I've been having the book next to my keyboard, all inconveniently flat and with me constantly peering over. Stupid, but I'm too stubborn to adapt. Change is not my friend.

          Luckily, all went well. Despite the fact that I attend a different high school than them, we're relatively well. Not that awkward. Basically avoided the issue. She's actually being upfront about not being able for us to meet up much due to her parents. It's all very charming.
          Ugh, I'm empathetic enough to feel anger on your behalf. People who take advantage of others continuously make me angry. Glad that you're free from those bindings!

          Ditto. Most people in life are the ones I have no inclination to deal with. Vapid idiots, the whole lot of them. Of course, there are tolerated exceptions. But still, I'm very no-nonsense and upfront. Also I have a tendency to be sarcastic and blunt, so irritating people are chased away. I've been told I have a naturally angry, bored expression on my face.
          Not the most friendliest of people, but the most clearcut and stubborn (you can take that as loyalty too when i'm very invested).
          Ugh, I just hate being around large groups of people. A swarming mass of humanity. . .

          Indeed. Ah, if only I had a modicum of sewing talent. Think of the possibilities!

          bump 11 and oh, here i am!
          bump 12 and oh dear, page 6?
          bump 13 and have you ever of jack and the beanstalk?
          "Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman."
          bump 14 and i ought to be replying to an RP, but haven't got any inspiration. and really, the post has nothing for me to reply from and it's not very lovely considering the fact that the last sentence hasn't ended.
          bump 15 and it's raining. hearing the swishing of the rain and the whoosh of passing cars.
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          bump 16 and definitely going to watch a doctor who episode tonight on bbc america.
          bump 17 and i wonder, oh how i wonder, about time.
          bump eighteen and see me scurrying along to type clickity-clack for an rp.
          bump nineteen and oh dearie me, very silly, aren't i? apparently that unfinished rp post has been declared incomplete in a startling red. i've been warned not to read. but read, i most certainly did.
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          bump 20 and ha, long, rambling post up top.
          words are so very lovely.
          bump 21.
          a friend has said that i reminded her of sirius black. silly.
          bump 22 and reading fanfics.
          human is as human does.
          bump twenty-three and i'd like to just be me.

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