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Imi's Quest For Nitemare Headband


1st post//Index
2nd post//News [New! 28th May]
3rd post//Donators
4th post//Imi's Quest
5th post//Suzu's Quest


Imi's accounts:
User Image
From left to right:
Jonathan, Sierchra, Illuusio, Imitaatio, Kierran, Raekhar, Routa

Edit: Jun 21st 2010
Yeah. It got really tiresome dragging this thing around. So, no more. mrgreen
Thanks and bye~
There's a new thread though... Needed a fresh-ish start. ninja
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Mon May 28th, 2007
And I have the hat! Yay! Thanks to an old friend, King Deviant, who was taking offers on his OMG. whee heart
Now changing my main quest back to the Nitemare Headband. biggrin

Sun May 27, 2007
Second million! 3nodding

Sat May 26, 2007
I've now officially made my first million. xd
Only two more millions worth of letters left to exchange. They might take longer to exchange, though, because they're more expensive and people don't buy them that fast. sad
But yay! I'm 1/3 done with the "side quest" to exchange my OMG budget into pure gold. xd

Wed May 21, 2007
Starting to sell all the letters I've hoarded during my years on Gaia. Their current value is over than the price of an OMG. whee Hopefully I'll get them sold before the people selling the hat at the current price of 3,1-3,2mil vanish... ;O

Tue May 1, 2007
Not really getting sidetracked, but I'm adding another item to my current quest.
biggrin An OMG.
Pretty much just because I've always wanted one and now I have most of the money for it already - even though it's all in items for now.

Thu April 19, 2007
I'm giving up on the Jacked-up Shirt (for now at least) and replacing the Legendary Quest's item with... duh duh dunn, my secret dream item, Nitemare Headband. I've always wanted one, but since it's a rare event item I thought paying for it would be lame. But with the rare events getting rarer and rarer, I think I'll swallow my ...pride stingyness and buy one instead of waiting for the lucky box which will probably never appear. sweatdrop

Thu Sep 21, 2006
Changed my name from Miyashima Azuma to Imitaatio. I've still got a mule by Azuma's name, so Suzugami will not be left alone. xd

Sun Aug 2, 2006
As of today you may hug the teacher (Suzugami Takezou) for 1k (1000 gold)! In return you will receive a pixelated emoticon stare and an imaginary cookie. 3nodding

Wed Oct 26, 2005
Decided to start a new large quest. eek A Jacked-up Shirt. Wish me luck... gonk

Wed Sep 21, 2005
Added two more items to the list. sweatdrop Gray and Blue SKA shoes from the new items update. 3nodding

Sat Sep 17, 2005
Suzugami-sensei updated his Quest. 3nodding
(I've already spent the huge donation.. sweatdrop Also, decided to invest some of the money on a Sept04 letter.)

Mon Sep 13, 2005
Received a huge donation from ~Miss Sarah~! @_@ Suddenly I'm halfway through my quest! Woah woah!! whee

Mon Aug 29, 2005
Started a new quest. sweatdrop x_x I never paid much attention to all the stuff at the stores.

Sun Aug 28, 2005
Lo and behold! I have ze Scarf!

Sun Aug 28, 2005
Thus I have the gold! Trade sent, now waiting for her to come online and comfirm the trade. 3nodding
>Click here to see what I had to go through to get the gold.<
Check the last five or so pages for the exciting climax. xd

Fri Aug 26, 2005
Got a seller! homg! homg! Now, all I need to do is sell all my letters so I can give her the pure in exchange for the scarf! whee

Fri Aug 26, 2005
Opened a thread at the Wanteds and am now trying to find a patient NMScarf seller. =o
>Click Here To See My Buying-thread!<

Wed Aug 10, 2005
Started to edit the quest thread now that we've happily moved in together and Suzugami can get online frequently. 3nodding

Tue Mar 08, 2005
I managed to persuade my friend Suzugami Takezou to create an account early - so that I could place the avatar in my house.

Now, Suzugami isn't going to come online frequently until fall when we'll be moving in together as roommates. I promised to gather up some starting gold until then, but it's a tedious job to do all by myself.

I'm sure we'll be able to clothe Suzu properly with just a few thousand golds and I already have gathered 1k by myself.

Can you help me raise more gold for Suzu?
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1. FlyingPegasus - 10g
2. chobits197 - ?g
3. Buffynick - Jan05x2, Dec04, Lunar Cloak, Ducky[!]
4. Mer-chan - ?
5. Neko-Pawz - Hammi Hat[/hammihatquest!]
6. x. Hiroshi_sama .x - 500g
7. Chaste Libertine - Monkey Pajamas[/monkeypajamasquest!]
8. DancingTuna - Doll Ears[/dollearsquest!]
9. [Gaijin Schuldig] - Angelic Headband[/angelicheadbandquest!]
10. Majda - Angelic Boots
11. derukusaiianu - 1000g
12. Arbitor1 - 60,000g[/penguinsquest!]
13. DJPandaHat - 1000g
14. 70scheese - 1000g
15. Orange-Senorita - 100g
16. Akiroti - 200g
17. Green_Sky - 500g
18. Diamond Cross Charity (_Angel of Bordem 101_) - 50g
19. Univarjo - 5000g[!]
20. Suzugami Takezou - Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, Silver Locket [A gift!]
21. Suzugami Takezou - Thank You Letter for March 2005[/nitemarescarfquest!]
22. Ninamarth - Those Black 90s Pants
23. ~Miss Sarah~ - 150000g[!]
24. truwolf316 - Salmon Scarf [A gift!]
25. Jenalei - Red FLEX Top
26. spinfingers - 120g
27. truwolf316 - 1000g
28. StealthgamerPXS - 1000g
29. Shimi-Baka - Morgana's Gloves
30. Funky Rivers - 150g
31. Shard Aerliss - 2500g[!]
32. Icecracker - 500g [/OMGhatquest]
.New Quest Starts Here.
33. SpaceAce23 - 1000g + White Daisy
34. samsonite - 1500g + Black Skeleton Mask
35. kyolema - October 2006 Thank You Letter
36. Nahuu - Basic Red Hammer
37. Grouther - Wed to Darkness[!]

1. Azuma Miyashima - 1000g
2. Kyoneko Rose - 100g
3. Miyabii-san - Black Silk Boxers, Vintage Wash Bootcut Black Jeans, Flashion Red Top, Black Leather Belt
4. Azuma Miyashima - 100g
5. Seraph Aure - 50g
6. Mine-chan - Short Red Socks, Reindeer Collar
7. Trumpetjenn - KoNfUzEd rAiNbOw ToE SoX
8. vistell - 50g ((lost during the rollback.))
9. Koldrynia - 28g ((lost during the rollback.))
10. Darkflight_246 - 120g
11. Meseo - 120g
12. Sugarless~Shanghai - 700g
13. Cruz Bluepaw - 2000g[!]
14. ? - ? [?]
15. [Tonn] - 2500g[!]
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  • Grunny Harvester 150
  • Survivor 150
MY Quest!for STUFF

Currently Questing For:

Blue/Pink Giftbox

User Image Nitemare Headband

Midsummer Swirl

User Image Radio Jack

User Image Fremere's Guard

User Image Reve Rouille

User Image The Nightmare


Finished Quest:

November 2003

User Image OMG BOUGHT!


Currently On Hold:

Halloween 2k3

User Image Jacked-up Shirt


The Faktori

User Image Charcoal Steel Dresser 1315gBOUGHT!
User Image Charcoal Steel Chair 1250gBOUGHT!
User Image Steel Halogen Lamp with Red Bulb 1000gBOUGHT!
User Image Potted Rubber Tree 775gBOUGHT!
User Image Basic Black Bookshelf 750gBOUGHT!
User Image Basic Black Standing Lamp 550gBOUGHT!


The Barton Boutique

User Image Dark Tuxedo Coat 2500gGIFT! heart
User Image Radicool Fluff Socks 290gDailyChance
User Image Heart Boxers 1007gBOUGHT!
User Image Dark Trousers 900gBOUGHT!
User Image Glacier Sleet Pants 2100g
User Image Blue Ski Hat 425g
User Image Wooden Baseball Bat 3000g
User Image Red Ceramic Mug 550gGIFT! heart
User Image Glacier Sleet Beanie 1900g
User Image Morgana's Gloves 450gDONATED! heart
User Image Gray Longjohns 550gBOUGHT!
User Image Blue Longjohns 550gBOUGHT!
User Image Black Musketeer Top 11000g
User Image Charred Tundra Coat 1100gBOUGHT!
User Image Glacier Sleet Jacket 2600g
User Image Black Musketeer Cape 16500g
User Image Colonial Cape 5700g
User Image Dark Cape 15000g
Total: 66122g


Crate and Apparel

User Image Ronin Yukata 10000gBOUGHT!
User Image Blue Sleeveless Rough Top 605g
User Image Red Sleeveless Rough Top 600g
User Image Yellow MehTRO T with Cross 1900gBOUGHT!
User Image Blue MehTRO T with Cross 1900gBOUGHT!
User Image Red MehTRO T with Cross 1900gBOUGHT!
User Image Onyx Martial Arts Top 3000g
User Image Crimson Martial Arts Top 3000g
User Image Guys Gung Xi Top 3100g
User Image Basic Red Hammer 900g DONATED! heart
User Image Straw Hat 2095gBOUGHT!
User Image Blue MehTRO Sports Jacket 2890gBOUGHT!
User Image Red MehTRO Sports Jacket 2890gBOUGHT!
User Image Green MehTRO Sports Jacket 2890g
User Image Gray SKA shoes 1090gGIFT! heart
User Image Blue SKA shoes 1090g
Total: 37950g


Gambino Outfitters

User Image Nice Olive Shirt 469g
User Image Orange Vacation Shirt 350gDailyChance
User Image Red Vacation Shirt 375g
User Image Old Skewl Orange Sports Jacket 5600g
User Image Ballin' Black Sports Jacket 5800g
User Image Orange Street Top 1200g
User Image Red Street Top 1200g
User Image White Street Top 1200g
User Image Pimpin' Red Shirt 12000g
User Image Ohh~Cean Black Fitted Swimtop 1925g
User Image In Da Hood Blue Sweater 2000g
User Image In Da Hood Red Sweater 2000g
User Image In Da Hood Green Sweater 2000g
User Image In Da Hood Orange Sweater 2000g
User Image In Da Hood Gray Sweater 2000g
User Image In Da Hood White Sweatet 2000g
User Image Red FLEX Top 450gDONATED! heart
User Image Purple FLEX Top 450g
User Image Gray FLEX Top 450g
User Image Green Swimtrunks 320g
User Image Red Swimtrunks 300g
User Image Black Street Pants 4999g
User Image warpFlare pants 2046g
User Image BLUE CRUSH! Bottled Cooler 1100g
User Image RED RAGE! Bottled Cooler 1100g
User Image Red Phat Sneakers 750gBOUGHT!
User Image Platinum Gray Pinstripe Vest 2400gBOUGHT!
Total: 56484g

Gambino Hat Rack
User Image Black Paintbrush 500g
User Image Puppy Ears 3500g
User Image Dairy Worker Cap 480g
User Image Grey Beret 2099g
User Image Chef Hat 2595g
User Image Ducky 25000g
User Image Black Skeleton Mask 500g DONATED heart
User Image Reindeer Antlers 1000gBOUGHT!
User Image Dark Cloud Fur Hat 2800g
Total: 38474g


Durem Depot

User Image That Black 90s Top 2600gBOUGHT!
User Image Dont ask Dont tell Olive Shirt 660gBOUGHT!
User Image That Black 90s Visor 2000gBOUGHT!
User Image That Red 90s Visor 2000g
User Image Outlaw Biker Boots - Ashe 2688g
Total: 9948g

HR Wesley
User Image That 70s White Shirt 2500gBOUGHT!
User Image That 70s Red Shirt 2500gBOUGHT!
User Image Fitted Olive Tshirt 700gGIFT! heart
User Image Salmon Scarf 1020gGIFT! heart
User Image Stylish Charcoal Winter Pants 5720gBOUGHT!
User Image Dancer Bottom 6600gBOUGHT!
User Image Black Top Hat 4111gBOUGHT!
User Image Soldat Steel Officers Cap 19000gBOUGHT!
User Image Stylish Charcoal Winter Coat 9500gBOUGHT!
User Image Suspenders 5100gBOUGHT!
Total: 56751g

[[TOTAL: ~965729g]]
Suzugami Takezou's avatar

Wheezing Codger

6,850 Points
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Hygienic 200
  • Wall Street 200
No longer questing

But will accept donations. Because. You want sensei to look good, yes? You want sensei to live comfortably and keep taunting you, right? Gold is the key. It makes sensei stare at you. stare


Past quests:

I expanded my A-booty quest to getting some stuff for my aping twin brother, who wanted to look like me (because I'm so hot and sexy):

User Image Black Tuxedo Pants, 2500g
User Image Guy's Amore' -hair, blonde, 2600g
User Image Gold Pocket Watch, 1500g

To return the favour of donating, I offered to insult you in a vile, but negligent manner, if you so desired (or even if you didn't, really). 3nodding


People who donated:

5000g AFreeBird, possibly a masochist, but can't be said for sure. Donated anyway. stare Thank you.

2500g [Tonn], whom I consequently threatened to eat as soup. Or possibly just cook and throw away. Thank you [Tonn].

5000g [Tonn], the persistent little bugger, received an honourable mentioning in my journal, right after I taunted him "a second time-ah". stare

I also recall someone else donating at some point. My complimentary insult in this case is to completely forget their existence for an indefinite period of time. I will also continue to ignore that they have ever donated, until such time as they donate again (a considerable sum).
If such occurs, I will consider further slandering their person.

Others were mentioned in A-kun's post.

Thanks everyone. Have a nice day! scream

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