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Welcome In

Table of Contents

1st Post - Welcome

2nd Post - Quest Details and RULES

3rd Post - Donations to Me

4th Post - Links to Other Quests

5th Post - Links to Charities that can Help You Out

6th Post - Special Mentions

7th Post - Contests

8th Post - Reserved

Silent Friend
But...if I reveal myself, who i really am, then not only does it ruin the magic, but it also allows for people to...well...know who I am. If you understand.

It is my honor to honor such as you, shining examples of true Gaians. Never lose hope in kindness, nor society. Somewhere, there is always another person as kind as you.
A lil about Me, Quest Details & RULES

To all who came in here and will come... All I could say is a Thank You......


1> No Flaming whatsoever >.<
2> No Begging... I donate to others only if they deserve it sweatdrop
3> When you're in here, you gotta respect others who are in with you
4> No Trolling
5> I don't like rules either but I would gladly add some more if I see fit

Username : as you all know I'm Ganymede Mj
Real Name : Herbert
Nickname : Mj
Hobbies : Reading, Manga, Anime, documentaries, cooking, writing, listening to music and many others you don't wanna know >,<

not interesting was it and now off to my quest

User Image
as you can see I'm a litlle off and will like every bit of your help even if it is just trash or the like..... I'm not picky wink

User Image here comes one of my so called crazy quests but as you know I'm really stubborn when it comes to questing rofl

User Image
Call me crazy but someone just gave me one....... I'm in your debt Silent Friend ^^
Donations to Me

JadedTiger22 = wood trunk/perf rod/2k6 boots/ubi ramen/515 g
Kerryee = 5000 gold
Chirstine = 300 gold
FreeRice = 390 gold
Akabi chan = 500 gold
Letolas Reloaded = Syaoran's cloak, Mokona hat, 2 fai coats
Fairytale Queen = 1100 gold
Surprize- = 1000 gold
Melandra = 2000 gold, 35 tokens and game items
Meeki = Mochi the Puppy........ 3nodding heart
daphyroxxazz = 6000 gold whee
Minime-sama = 100 gold, labu necklace and starter items
mochar = 300 gold, icecream
Cosmix Santa = 2k6 spirited scarf whee
angel baby 4 = 1000 gold
unicorn100188 = 1200 gold
Shopping Spree 101 = 110 tokens
chaos butterfly = labu necklace, snuggle window, 100 daffodils
-[.Moo.]- = 3 yellow retro phones, ice cream, black orchid brooch,
dashing gentlemen pristine white gloves, 1000 gold whee
--Lady l-lawk-- = 1000 gold
BBQPenguin = 500 gold
dinosaurbites = 1294 gold and 1 blue ink
AthCova = tan peasant booties, banana split, 2 green inks, 2500 gold
Geez Mom = 1000 gold
amielrodas = coal gunner boots and hat
rockIN cLOVEr = 3000 gold
Akiko-Onosawa = roman candle firework ^^
Dr. Gumdrop = 5000 gold
krislovejmt = 2000 gold
Slave of Death and Sato = 500 gold
Triangular Dice = 500 gaia cash 3nodding heart
creaver21 = dried grass skirt
Aknara = Summoning Tome 3nodding heart
Mrs Reaper = 11000 gold
In Memoriam~A Charity = 1000 gold
Zooplankton = moss wine hippie shoes
Razzly Star = 1200 gold, toaster ^^
[Grunny][Chow] = 500 gold
Pretty Kitty Kitsune = 10000 gold 3nodding heart
Bjust360 = 13000 gold 3nodding heart
LittleMissSick = Mythic Hair 3nodding heart
8_Hello x Kitty_8 = Gift of the Gods 3nodding heart
blovem = November 2k7 letter 3nodding heart
DaddysD3vil = 9143 gold
Celestial Kiki = 1000 gold
Pinkfifties_ = 1000 gold
Smexy Gummy Bears = 1000 gold
Lizzie the Meow = 2500 gold
Mairi Poppins = 500 gold
Star of Christmas Charity = 3000 gold
Silver Wings Charity = Gift of the Gods 3nodding heart
Destiny Charity = 1000 gold
NWC Charity = 2000 gold
The Charity Woman = 3000 gold
Plastic Peach Charity = 8755 gold whee
Ashandriel = 20000 gold 3nodding heart
Anti - Apathy Charity = 500 gold
The Silver Wing Charity = gift of the gods
The Sealed Giveaway Charity = Dec 2k7 sealed 3nodding heart
Asylum Blue = tama's basket, heart mood bubble
anonymous donator = angelic mood bubble
Golden Seiryu Charity = 15000 gold 3nodding heart
bang007 = 6 jack grab bags 2k7 (1 of 8 )
PandaManda's Charity = a bouquet and blue paper cat headband
[palm full of stars] = Kiki Kitty plushie eek whee
Demonic_Snow_Fox = 5500 gold, lip ring
Angel's Badass Charity = 1000 gold
Lord of the Waffles = puppy ears
littleanabel = 300 gold
Ace Paladin = 2100 gold
Shrinking Lemon = 6500 gold
Blonde Haired Kid = 5 OMG boxes 3nodding heart
Xure = 108000 gold 3nodding heart
Bedlam's Bard Charity = 1000 gold
Guiding Light Charity = 400 gold
Santa Ly0nn's Christmas Charity = 8000 gold
Sealed with A Kiss Charity = 700 gold
Click Me Charity = 1500 gold
PB & J Charity = 1000 gold
Pretty Kitty Kitsune = Chyaku Norisu Scarf eek whee
Aeriality Charity = evo black stealth pants
[G]aiaWoman = OMG box
Pure Souls Charity = 10000 gold 3nodding heart
Eat My Penguin = 40000 gold 3nodding heart
The Theme Charity = 1500 gold
Destiny Charity = 1000 gold
Alessa chan = Fausto's Bottle First Gen, autumn glory heart heart heart
Free Fairywings Charity = Fairy Wings heart heart
Keeper of Balance Charity = 9000 gold
Silent Friend = Coco Kitty User Image
Potato Charity = 20000 gold User Image
WOMG Charity = 500 gold
Frostmane = Dark Halo User Image
Utopian Charity = 2 March 08 letters
Freakin Sweet Charity = 4000 gold and a March letter for the prize
Naruto Lover = 2000 gold
and many more other's which will not be forgotten although I forgot their names User Image
Links to Others Quests

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User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Links to Charities that Can Help You

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Special Mentions

User Image


is pleased to announce
the finalization of the
gaia adoption of her new son

Ganymede MJ

born on N/A
adopted 14 nov 2007

he is welcomed by his gaia brothers

Ronin of the Abyss
Ambassador of Peace
Estatic Fetus
Hacked Eternal Blue

and sisters

Miss Fro
Lady Rai

Mommy bandaidd = piggie plushie, Dec 2k7 letter, pantheracorax agate 3nodding heart
Daddy Doctor Blovem = Nov 2k7 letter

Post Contest = first on every 10th page gets 1k gold...... must have bumped 15 times before the prize pageUser Image
JadedTiger22's avatar

Barton Lunatic

8,500 Points
  • Friendly 100
  • Conventioneer 300
  • Medalist 100

Thx ^^

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