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.........Hello one and all! I am the Mule That will one day open the Chatting Charity. Unfortunately, i don't have enough funds to right now. So until that time, I will be bumping here to track my progress. When i finally achieve this quest, this thread will be closed. Until then, wanna stick around and chat?
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1. Follow the TOS - they're there for a reason.

2. DO NOT BEG - Yes, i know its a quest for a charity, but if you beg, you will be blacklisted, and you will not receive any donations from me. I cannot stress this enough.

3. Do not flame anyone!

4. I reserve the right to change these rules if i need to.

5. Do not advertise here.


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(any misc. items will also be listed here)

Chocolat M ii s u:
Ancient chest, Lovebird Plush, Plain Fluff Plushie, Tiny Terror Doll

Sexy Fox Samurai:
Thank You Letter For April 2008

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Yorka (Made me a banner for free!)
o1xdream (consistent bumping)
Bjartskalur1 (bumper)
Armageddon Majesty (consistent bumping, made banners and whatnot)
R Gorey (donated 10k from The Slightly Mad Charity)

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shooting_star1212 (posted begging)
Xo_MiSS_ MaD_ HaTTeR_Xo (pm'ed begging)
imakeyoudead (^'s mule)

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If you take our banner, please let us know! And give us one back so we can link you too!

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None currently, but check back later!
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Well, why not? I'm saving up funds to help other people. I wanna help people. I've been helped plenty of times! So now its my turn to give back :3 Its gonna cost me a bit, but I'm willing to save up for it. Any and all Donators are welcome to join the charity once its open. I won't give up til i have 1 mil to open my charity! Any donation of any kind is more than welcome!
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Armageddon Majesty
The Darkened One II

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