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A couple of Months ago, there was a Charity called 'Heaven's Touch Charity', the Owner was 'The_Ancient_Angel'. Someone you may remember. Well that was me! I was hacked about 2 months ago and lost everything i had. The Charity was doing quite well too.

So now i am back and am starting a new Charity up! I will not let 1 hacking ruin my Gaia experince!

This is a charity, which is looking forward to helping out lots and lots of you questers, and other charities! Stick around and have fun. Bumpers are loved and donators are adored.

My Personal Questing Items:

Fairy Wings: User Image
Angelic Bracelet: User Image
Angelic Headband: User Image
Angelic Pendant: User Image
Angelic Scarf: User Image
Angelic Sash: User Image

These are impossible items to get, but at least i can try to get them!

Announcements & Updates:

30/09/2006: Charity has began!
01/10/2006: First donation - 'given by Sexy Bellatrix'
03/10/2006: First given donation (random bumper prize)!
03/10/2006: We have reached 100 pages! Whoo hoo!
04/10/2006: First person to go 'Hall of Fame' is: 'August Day 01'
05/10/2006: Teh Spoonage - First person to reach 100 bumps on page 121

Current Funds: 50,000 gold!
Table of Contents:

1.) Welcome
2.) Table of Contents (you are here)
3.) Rules & Regulations
4.) Application Forms
5.) Hall of Fame & Black list.
6.) Members of Staff
7.) Donatees
8.) Donators
9.) Top Bumpers
10.) Links to Friend’s Quests/Charities.

To find your way around, here is a little reminder
Rules & Regulations:

arrow Follow the Gaian TOS (kind of self explanatory really).
arrow Do not beg. I hate beggars. Beggars will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Straight to the black list.
arrow Do not Spam
arrow Do not Flame
arrow Do not quote first page!
arrow Do not PM me! (unless it is about banners).
arrow Bumps are most welcome. (Don’t forget to number them either)
arrow Be polite and courteous to all others.
arrow Respect the members of staff or feel their wrath!
arrow Be grateful for anything you get and do not moan if someone else gets more than yourself.
arrow Donators are loved
arrow Read all the rules.
arrow Have fun!
arrow Bump 10 times before you post your application form.

Remember them well, and there will be no mess.
Application Forms:
You need to Bump 10 times before you can be accepted. If i do not see 10 bumps before i will not accept you. Simple.

Application Form for Non-Questers:
You must have been on Gaia for at least 1 month. You must have had 200 posts. We will check.

Gaia Name:
Post count:
How long have you been on Gaia for:
What is the 5th rule:
Reason why we should give you a donation:

Application Form for Questers:
You must have a quest page with 25 or more pages. This is to show us that you are dedicated to your quest and are not just scabbing money. You must have been on Gaia for 3 months or more. We will check.

Gaia Name:
Quest link:
How long have you been on Gaia for:
What is the 7th rule:
Reason why we should give you a donation:

Application Form for Charities:
Your Charity must have 100 pages or more. The "Owner" or "Co-Owner" (who ever is in charge) of the charity must have been on Gaia for 3 months or more. We will check.

Gaia Name:
Charity Name:
Charity link:
How long has the "person in charge" been on Gaia for:
What is the 11th Rule:
Reason why we should give you a donation:

Please correctly fill out these forms. If the form is incorrect you will have to wait until next month to apply. If you post another application form beforehand you will be automatically put onto the blacklist and banned from the Charity thread. We do check.

I tend to give more in my donations to questers with big quests, and other well known charities. So bare that in mind. wink

NOTE: If you are not active enough on the thread, between the times you posted your application form and the end of the month (when all donations are given out), you will not get a donation at all.

NOTE: If we spot someone who has posted with a mule account, or who has posted more than 1 application form a month, then we will automatically put you onto the Blacklist, report you and you will be banned from the Charity thread!

NOTE: Only the first 25 accepted application forms will get donations and will be put onto the waiting list. Any further application forms will be turned down and will have to try again next month.

Waiting list:
People who have applied for an application and we have accepted SO FAR! If any of the rules are broken then they will be taken off!

1.) Vahrley [Quester]
2.) x Aundrea x [Non-quester]
3.) chad3434 [Non-quester]
4.) August Day 01 [Quester]
5.) OneWierdDude [Non-quester]
6.) Aravie [Quester]
7.) `Matsuo Yumi` [Non-quester]
8.) Sweetkitty [Quester]
9.) TasmanianTiger [Special]
10.) slayer459 [Non-quester]
11.) Kikyoluvr [Non-quester]
12.) billiej0e [Quester]
13.) STylerluv [Quester]
14.) Teifling [Quester]
15.) Jessk [Quester]
16.) Kiky_the_Devil [Quester]

Generally i will give more in my donation depending on what your application form was. For example:

[Special] > [Charity] > [Quester] > [Non-Quester]

[Special] = an amount ranging from 5k+ because it is someone special or someone who i think deserves a special donation!
‘Hall of Fame’:
People who go on here have had to either do something in anyway shape or form to tremendously help this charity. Top bumpers, donators, and people who are polite or people who stay around months after they receive their donation.

1.) August Day 01 - For making 2 beautiful banners.

‘Black List’:
People who end up here are banned from this Charity thread altogether, you do not want to end up here!

*None yet*
Members of Staff:
These are the people who run the Charity. Keep it organised and are generally nice people. Be nice to them, show them respect or you shall suffer the consiquences!

Myself (Owner): User Image

Teh Spoonage (Super Moderator): User Image

Varhley (Moderator): User Image

Chad3434 (Moderator): User Image

Sexy Bellatrix (Moderator): User Image

Sensei Tien (Moderator): User Image

If you wish to become a Member of Staff then PM me saying why you would like to. You will never be asked to help with the guilds funds unless it is dire need (even so you can say no) or you actually wish to donate. [MODERATOR JOBS - CLOSED]
These are the donations given out by the Charity.

1.) Oiseau_immortel (random bumper prize) - [1,000g]

Lets see how many we can give out!
These are the people who have been so very generous to give up their own time to raise the money to help this charity. We love you with all our hearts and you will be loved greatly! If you are so kind to want to send a donation....send it to this account. That's: Mystic_breeze

1.) Sexy Bellatrix - [Sealed Envelope] eek (thank you) heart
2.) Capricious sex - [10 blue daisies & 200g] xd
3.) Rigas - [Thank you letter for August 2006] eek heart
4.) OneWierdDude - [1,500g] heart
5.) helpinghandscharity (helping hand charity) - [300g] xd
6.) Teh Spoonage - [10,000g]+[3,000g] eek heart eek
7.) Kakura_san - [2,500g] heart
8.) Chad3434 - [2,293g] heart

Thank you so much! heart
Top Bumpers:
Here is a leader board for the bumpers who keep this thread alive. You must have 50 bumps or more to get on though.

STylerluv - 290 bumps
Kakura_San - 263 bumps
billiej0e - 210 bumps
Teh Spoonage - 176 bumps
Rigas - 104 bumps
Oiseau_immortel - 100 bumps
slayer459 - 98 bumps
Chad3434 - 53 bumps

Prizes May be given out randomly! Also for every 1,000 Bumps someone does, the Charity will give them 5k! eek

So remember to NUMBER YOUR BUMPS! (if you want to win prizes).

I keep a record of everyone's bumps myself. So if i see you are cheating or have just missed one out i will PM you about it.
Links to Friend’s Quests/Charities:

These people are very nice, helpful, extreemly funny and chatty. They do not have a banner, but here is the link: Click HERE!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image

User Image

If you wish to be on this list, and if i think you are worthy then PM me about it.

User Image


User Image


User Image


The one below is made by 'x Aundrea x'. Thank you.
User Image


This was made by: 'August Day 01'
User Image


This was also made by: 'August Day 01'
User Image


Put these in your siggy if you like. I would appreciate it alot! Thanks.
*Cuts Ribbon*

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