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Donations by trade should be titled "For your quest.", thank you.

UPDATE: Ok, so I tried to improve my quest by doing a little exchanging. But in order to speed things up, I had to sacrifice my Devil Tail which is why I am questing for it at the moment. The Devil Tail would be my final item to complete my quest and dream avatar. I want to thank the big supporters for all the help and support they've offered. I am in debt and am extremely grateful for each one of you including past ones. I haven't forgotten about you all. Big surprises are coming your way. wink

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Everything is inflating and exchanging seems to not be my strongest nowadays due to real-life duties. Constant inflation/deflation and to so many rude kids in the exchange that make it even more difficult. User Image

I'm a little concerned of the fact that I miss having some of my old stuff. I really hate feeling this way but I felt I had to give it a chance and this is pretty much my only option: begging for gold. I mean, I know it's almost impossible to obtain, especially for a guy like me that is starting from zero on this quest but, you can never know if you don't take a risk. I am taking this risk and I am building up confidence that I may one day complete this big quest.

My quest is Devil Tail from the Thank You Letter of Oct 2003. This is a major quest and to be honest, it seems impossible to succeed without your help. So please, if there is anything you can help me with, anything at all, please do. This item keeps on inflating and to be honest, I'm not sure how I'll get this done but like I said before, I am building confidence with this quest.

I really appreciate the people that care and the people that donate to help. That's why I always give something back such as art to the people that donate. You can also buy an art-piece from me to give me a helping hand. 3nodding Here's a link with more information about my art and commissions: pm me. Sadly I haven't opened an official shop recently. But it's in my plans.

What I can assure you is that I really hope that you show some support, this is really exciting! I have a feeling it's a fresh new start for me. I really hope I get to meet new and good people. People to chat with and chill on the hard days with. I'm really looking forward to this. So, don't be shy. Subscribe and get to know me better. I sure wouldn't mind meeting you.

Ever since I got my Angelic Halo quest completed back in 2007, I've been exchanging and selling art to try and build up some of my favorite items that I had to give up for the halo. Of course, I understand why people might react negatively to my quest but in the end, I'm doing this without your help or with. This is a serious quest and I have no intention of backing out from it. If you wish to give me a helping hand, I will appreciate it very much. Any help towards getting this quest done will do. Bumps are also loved. I will try to keep this thread as active as I can but there's no doubt I'll need some help.

Here is a very common question I've gotten from users towards my quest: "Why not sell the Angelic Halo and get your items back?"

Answer: Selling my halo is out of the question. I worked the triple of hard I've worked on this current quest to get this item. I'm just here questing on the side for some of my favorite items back. Just because I have a halo doesn't mean I don't have a right to quest for other things. The halo is my top favorite item, but I also have other favorite ones. This quest is not greedy. This is like any other quest. I'm questing for items that I like and that are for keeps like my Angelic Halo.

Zarishi - 400k
Hera - 100k
madame uzuki - 200k
Motivational - 5k
Arnavoni - 1mil
x Sarnath x - 2g
NocturneNoon(other known as Dj SamyBaby) - 1.4mil
AGrazi - 10mil
Go Drink BIeach - 180k
D.T. - 26k
Badonkees - 5.1mil
Amlin - 10k
Call Me Eiji - 120k
xXKitiyaXx - 1mil
Atrocious - 4mil
oTazi - 60k
dolphins are my life - 100k
Vharcoleti - 200k
Badonkees - 2mil
LadyShi - 20k
l son zack l - 12mil
Skylander Circuit - 70k
Sir Humperdick - 5k
DEM0N0L0GY/Crypt Cutie - 280k
Shadow Star Forever - 17k
nicoIa - 4.6mil
DJ Ditzy - 58k
Meeki - 1.1mil
IPaul v2 - 150k
Molthead - 250k
Badonkees - 2mil
-[J e s s]- - 25mil


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