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Welcome to my shiny new quest thread, hide & seek!
(psst, +10 points to you if you can tell me who sings the song my thread is named after. +200000 more points if you actually like him/her.)

I am just another Gaian lusting after many pretty pixels, I do hope you will look around and hopefully decide to stay though - I get very lonely in this big thread, all by myself..

But enough of the rambling, let's get this show on the road!

NEW QUEST THREAD. GO THERE. Thankyou for being here with me for 500+ pages, but it's time for a change!
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intro // about me // rules // quest // side quest // the lovely donators // art // contests // lists // links in // affiliates // birthday list // reserved
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I don't think you should go any deeper into this, without knowing a bit about me!

My fancy name is Armageddon Majesty, you may call me Armageddon, Majesty, Maj, Armageddie or any other version of my fancy name. Or you may just call me Amy.. (cause that's my name xD)
I am 17 years old, and I hail from the Great Southern Land of Australia! I love Down Under, and I love meeting people from here, so if you come from Australia, post and say hi!
I have a year left of high school, then I want to be a photographer - either freelance landscapes or wedding. <3
I am a Christian, a pretty decent singer, a crappy dancer, a reader, a writer, a Twilight-addict, a camera-whore. I have been on Gaia since July '07, I'm addicted and proud of it.
Oh, and I'm about 5'4" (162cm for you Aussies), brown, curly, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. This is me: <3
I love Dylan, my camera, the colour yellow, chocolate soy milk, Secondhand Serenade, Sing-Star, the smell of vanilla, the show 'Friends', my yellow thongs (the SHOES, not the underwear) and my friends and family.
That was me. If you want to know anything else, post here or comment my profile - I'm very friendly, I promise!
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1 ~ Obey me, for I am the Thread Creator.
2 ~ Keep swearing to a limit - remember, I said I was a Christian. It offends me.
3 ~ Follow the Gaia ToS and blahblah..
4 ~ Talk to me - I don't bite! I love making new friends :3
5 ~ NEVER beg in my thread. The same goes for blatently advertising your quests in here, like a massive post of why people should donate to you. You will go in my bad-books.
6 ~ Try be reletivly literate. No 'omgggg haiiz ppl watzz up?!??!!1?' I will throw something hard at you.
7 ~ Donate? Not a rule, but it's nice to remember my thread has a purpose.

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Some people cannot donate, and I understand perfectly. There are many ways you can help me achieve my dreams, no matter how big they are.

1 ~ Donate. Duh. (gold or items, whatever you please xD) You can also donate tokens, I play Cards A LOT.
2 ~ Bump my thread when I'm not around, please?
3 ~ Vote in my poll! It get's you 14 whole gold!
4 ~ Tap, or visit, my aquarium. I love my fishies, and the more you play with them, the happier they are, hence the better prizes I get from it!
5 ~ Chat with me? I get lonely here...
6 ~ Put my link in your thread, advertising never hurt!
7 ~ Take 20 seconds to say 'goodluck!', it really helps me keep going.
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I've completed all the quests I want to do for now!

I'm going to take a break from questing now, to donate and buy art and stuff!

I'll be back eventually to resume my mad quests, I promise! - please keep posting here, I'm not shutting down at all!

Bye for now! <33 xx

UPDATE // 29 Nov, 09.

I AM actually questing again (gosh, I'm ALWAYS questing. xD)
But I'm far too lazy to update this post everytime I complete a quest or make 10k or whatevs. I'm still using this thread to chat and complain about Gaia's lameness, just not using the front page so much.

If you're new here and wanna know what I'm questing, read back a few pages cause I'm surely complaining about it there. ^_^ Or just ask me! I'll gladly tell you. (:

And onwards we go!

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So many in such a short time! Thankyou all so very much <3

Horns of the Demon, Picolitrosso's Urn, Enchanted Book, Oculus Magica, Biancamella, Mona the Platypus, A crapload of commons, Elemental Wings, Hermes' Moon, Coocoon, Wingding Shirt x2, Oh My Gumball, Angelic Camisole, Yemaya's Pearl, Cherry Blossom, Grace of Aphrodite, Jenny Doll, Sven the Penguin, Pudgie the Sparrow, Mono the Skunk Plushie, Cream Tam Beret, Angus the Scottie Plushie, Cheepz, Kottan Bell 3rd Gen, Purple Tam Beret, Cherry Blossom, Giftbox, Ladybug Crown x2, Jolly Hat, Starbabies, White Drome Egg, Raider Shih's Garment, Shadow Spirit, Vanilla Buttercream Rose, Unicorn, Royal Wizard <333


User Image

Feel free to donate any of these :3 I'll quest for all these after my current quest.

Mercury’s Moon || Golden Laurels || Queen Bee || Dark Halo || Starfish || Mythrill Halo || Yellow Body Dye || Green Body Dye || Blue Body Dye || Inari’s Beads x2 || Lauren Conrada’s Headband || Kinzie the Scottie Plushie || Buttercream Rose || Oisin's Blessing || Actaeon's Blessing || Chuchip's Blessing || Starfish Face || Trick or Treate Tote || Diapered Egg || Ginny || Peravian Set || Kissable Lips || Chill of Artemis || GO Phones || Gogh Reed || Nartian Rock || Gaia-sama || Prince Antoine || Angelic Manner || Demonic Style || Bear Pajamas || Posessed Med Intern || Talsi's Sash || Pale Marionette ||
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Okay. Amy has a new random Dream Avatar (what is it with me and black avatars? I'm supposed to be a HAPPY person! D: !)..yes. Anyway.
Maybe I'll quest these items one day, maybe I'll just let this sit here and stare it it dreamily like I did with my old side quest avatar xD

User Image

Items Needed ~

Black Heart Arm Tattoo
Grogain (any gen will do)
Coal Sprite
Onyx Milady Headpiece

Estimated Price (as of October 25th) ~ 204,000g.

User Image

Oh my, you donators make my world go around. I love every one of you, no matter how much or how little you give to me, it truely means the world that you care enough to help me. <33

Joshy1572 ~ 3000g! <3 (first donator!)
Kelsey Rai ~ Fresh Garlic Dress, White Umbrella, Black Umbrella, Blue Umbrella, Candy Pink Sweet Lace Skirt, Golden Yellow Ribbon, Blue Strapless Bra, Soft Blue Underwear, Sweetheart Silver Earrings, Chucky the Rubber Ducky, Red Fur-Trimmed Bra, Kung-Fu Panda (white belt), Labu Necklace, Pink Pajama Slippers, Lime Sparkle Empire Dress, Powdered Sugarplum Puff Sleeves, White Tennis Skirt, Black Tennis Skirt, Dress of the Swan, Bouncy Antennae, Ohaguro Smile, Black and Red Tennis Shorts, Black Tennis Headband, Midnight Black Sweet Lace Alice Bow, Coal Tavern Wench's Bustier, Gold Mountain Tie (black heart), Gino's Underwear, Benkei's Vest Red, Black Stripes Right & Left Arm Tattoos, Black Stripes Bottom Tattoo, Dionaesil 8th Gen, Pudgie the Sparrow, Sven the Penguin, Cheepz, Angus the Scottie Plushie, many MANY papers, 675 Tokens, 107 Old Cans, a Cuttlefish & 12734g! <3333 O_O
D R E A M T ~ 1000g! <3
Pink Gumdrops ~ Lovely Genie Gold Bangle Bracelets, Tonbo Furisode, Leather Punk Sock, Smashing Cities, Lilja's Petals, Dapper Gent's Pale Rose Spatted Shoes, much papers and 2,500g! <333
Kryymsyn Rayne ~ Decorated Gold Nose Chain, Gold Promise Ring, Lovely Genie Gold Arm Bangle x2, Lovely Genie Gold Bangle Bracelets, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, Gold Nosey Face Tattoo, Gold Kiss Mark Face Tattoo, Gold Whiskers Face Tattoo, Ritzy Blonde Wig, Yellow Ink, 75 Tokens, Aquarium Goldfish, Aquarium Christmas Gift x2, Aquarium Space Robot, Aquarium Cuttlefish, Aquarium Big Gem x3, Aquarium Skull x3, Aquarium Background (Town), Aquarium Basic Terrain, Aquarium Creepy Phonograph, Aquarium Fountain, Aquarium Coco Catfish + multiple tokens, papers and bugs! <333 O__O
r a c o n t e ~ Solar Hairpin, Lovely Genie White Embroidered Vest, Egyptian Crimson Ankh Pendant, Lovely Genie Gold Arm Bangle x2, Lovely Genie Gold Bangle Bracelets, Gold Nosey Face Tattoo, Gold Promise Ring, Plain Gold Nose Chain, Elegant Pearl Strand Bracelet, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, 3 Cuttlefish (named Pokey, Dopey and Bob), Multipants, Teal and Orange Galoshes, Pink and Brownie Ribbon Skirts, 7 different Umbrellas, Daisy Sandals, Wingding Shirt 1st Gen, Oh My Gumball, Giftbox + 45,000g! <333 O_O
F R U S T R A D A ~ Ritzy Cream Pearl Necklace, Biancamella 2nd gen, Auspice Doll, Mackintosh the Scottie Plushie, Spring Nymph, Candy Pink & Gentle Lavender & Pure White & Soft Blue Sweet Lace Alice Bows, Elemental Wings, Coocoon, Angelic Camisole, Elegant Antoinette Wig (Black) + 15,000g! <333 O_O
LAMBs first lady ~ Green/Yellow Sun Visor, Ahhr!! Hat Ocean Blue, Aquarium Big Gem + Spirited 2k6 Corsage (won in free raffle/charity) <3
Razaera ~ 100,000g *falls over again* <33
rukia_orange ~ 150g + papers and flowers <3
HellShattersAngelicDreams ~ 50,000g! <33
Asakii-chan ~ 150 tokens <3
DeadGirl_Calaway ~ Aquarium Pirate Skull, Lidless Demon Armor (Leggings) and (Chest), Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace, Red Heart Balloon, White Cross Belts, Daisy Sandals, Midnight Black Sweet Lace Headband, Pora Ice 4th Gen, little ferret plushie (forget the name..), Deluxe Cat Ears, Ladybug Crown + 300 tokens! <3333
screw up your courage ~ many papers and a new Cuttlefish for my tank (named Tiny Terror)! <33
Acid Rejects ~ Fresh Garlic Dress, Durem Water Festival T-Shirt & Heart of Gold! <3
Ruganui (aka Hokii) ~ MANY papers, Titans Legacy, Labu Necklace, Kokeshi Kimono, Ducky, Tama's Basket, EIGHT Cuttlfish (all named STEVE), WTF Hat, Gambino Water Festival Shirt, Kachina Clown Body Paint, Sakura Flush Plushie, Thankyou Letter for January 2009, Green Velcro Sandals, Oculus Magica and Deoxygenated Apocaripped Scarf! <3333
RadicalMeg ~ HORNS OF THE FREAKING DEMON (thankyou so, so much!) <333
Nehpets Virus ~ Cuttlefish! (named Steve xD) <3
[.Snow Angel.] ~ FIVE Cuttlefish and many papers <3
Montressa ~ many papers! <3
Zalantra ~ 10,000g! <33
ceirwy ~ White Snowgoggles <3
I demand a shrubbery ~ Aquarium Bamboo 1 <33
Milorganite ~ 1,206g! <3
P A N N S I E ~ Achromatic Apoccaripped Tank <3
Flawless Wings ~ 244 Tokens! <3
xX Chanty Xx ~ Ritzy White Pearl Necklace, Bao, Suspenders, Candy Pink Sweet Lace Headband, Fairy Wand, Candy Pink Sweet Lace Socks, Black Glamrock Jean Skirt, White Glamrock Jean Skirt, Black Yamanba Wig, Powder Blue Sweet Lace Headband, Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Headband, Yemaya's Pearl, Mono the skunk plushie, multiple papers and 20,000g! <333
Sychronised Mosher ~ Sacred Leaf! <3
Lil_LocoCocoa ~ Konfuzed Rainbow Toe Sox, Victorianna Tea Rose Floral Fan + 5,000g! <3
foony_ness ~ Ritzy Black Feather Fascinator! <3
Lily in Wonderland ~ Wingding Shirt 3rd gen! <3
g e o c e n t r i c i t y ~ 34,567g! <33
Vanilla Blitz/Cinnamon Cloud ~ Heavenly Awesome, Young Mrs Clause Garter + 9,200g! <33
P 0 i s 0 n B e r r y ~ 2,000g! <3 (for winning a page contest! <3)
elysia x ~ 5,000g! <33
Kale Demos ~ 11,000g! <3
t i n y - c r a v i n g s ~ 5,000g! <3
trinityEDGE - - xx ~ Raider Shih's Garment! <333
LittleAngel13 ~ Ladybug Crown! <33
Kolbrun ~ Jolly Hat, Swimming Goldfish, My Friend Cupid, Lovebird Plush, Giftbox, Jackster Wand, Gino's Underwear, DandiiDooDad Spore 2nd Gen, The Experiment 3rd Gen, Orindae, Tama's Basket, White Drome Egg and Green Corralus Egg! O__O <3333

An anonymous benefactor ~ Elegant Snowy Cravat! Thankyou, whoever you are! <33
Another anonymous benefactor ~ Green PomPom Gloves! Thankyou for your lovely message, I really appreciate it =] <33
Dec 29, 2009: Anon donated a Prince Antoine! THANKYOU SO SO SO SO MUCH. <333333

Twilight Night Charity ~ 4,000g! <3
♥ Grateful Goodwill Charity ♥ ~ Water Meat Set (won in contest!) <3
Philanthropists' Society Charity ~ 1,500g! <3
Kawaii Charity ~ 5,000g! <3

I love you all <33
User Image

Here, I shall be displaying my absolute favourite art that I've been given, no matter how old or how cheap.

Art Received ~ (please look at it all, it's so pretty!)

abstanator. <3 || Vanilla Blitz. <3 || Hakudoushi Kun. <3
Angel no Kokoro. <3 || Kitsune_Lord_Kai. <3 || P A N N S I E. <3
Soul.Soul. <3 || Lala. <3 || nearlydisturbed. <3
Nah-tah-lee. <3 || Retasu. <3 || Lavita. <3
Nothatfun. <3 || Plumems. <3 || Hokerou. <33
Corrupted Sin. <3 || Skaeth. <3 || iKinkyChink. <3
demonic_bubbles22. <3 || certainly. <3 || Shattering Skies. <3
Hokerou. <33 || ittymarshmallow. <3 || shuiame. <3

Thankyou to everyone who has drawn me in the past! <3 And anyone who wishes to draw me (current avatar or otherwise) please wander over to my NEW request thread here. Give it a bump, it's a little unloved..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My Art!

Ahahah, and now to the shameless advertising. I also do avatar art, even though it's not too wonderful, here are some examples of recent avatars I've drawn: One. Two. Three.

So, if you like what you just saw, then post here, or send me a PM, and we'll discuss prices.. they won';t be very high! xD
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I don't plan on having too many contests in here. But there is one thing I've wanted to do for a while.

TekTek Contest
I'm always on the lookout for a new avi! So, using THIS BASE, make me something you think I'd like. If I do infact, like it, then I'll give you a prize! Between 1k and 5k, depending on how kind I'm feeling. xD
If you like, use some of these to give you inspiration. Only some though, I won't tell you which ones. XDD Keep it reasonably cheap too, something actually achievable please.

Page Contest!
Everyone who posts on page 500 will win 500g each. You can only win this once, so if you post on page 500 twice, you won't win 1000g. Only 500g each =]
It's not a huge prize, but it's a special milestone and I like to celebrate it with my friends and everyone else!
User Image

(the people who keep me logging on every day <3 i wouldn't be this happy without you, you all mean the world to me =) (aka ~ whitelist)

r a c o n t e ~ always donates heaps of stuff, she helps me with my Gaia issues and such <3
F R U S T R A D A ~ desu is the coolest, she donates and helps me stacks, and she's super fun to talk to <3
Lil_LocoCocoa ~ she has the same name as me! always has something nice and amusing to say <3
Mizz Faith ~ a fellow GIE'er, such a sweet girl <3
Pink Gumdrops ~ donated to me, even though she was questing, her avatars always inspire me xD - and she's a fellow Twilight addict! <3
Razaera ~ he's nice to my little sister <3 and me, of course.
DeadGirl_Calaway ~ proof that thanking people for buying your listings pays off <3
Kelsey Rai ~ my aussie buddy, she introduced herself in my old quest thread and stuck around like a good egg. ily kelsey!<3
Vanilla Blitz ~ kimmy is a legend, cause she does me pretty arts and in return i buy all her delicious desserts! <33
Hokerou ~ dylan is my star, he's taught me a lot in the short time i really knew him. <3
P A N N S I E ~ my little sister, and my biffle! i'm gon' kill joo! <33
Stonewaltz ~ she did the post banners, as well as my button and banners! she did such a good job <3
xuxaLoves ~ a reletivly new person to the thread, but I appreciate all her bumps and lovely conversations with me very much <3
RadicalMeg ~ this complete stranger chose me to donate her Horns to, as she is leaving, so thankyou so much hun! Gaia needs more wonderful people like you <33
+ all my other wonderful Gaia friends <3 You are always welcome in this thread.

I won't have a blacklist until I actually have the need for one (hopefully never!)
User Image

These are the links you can use to get to my quest thread! Feel free to put them in your thread, your profile, signature, anywhere! I won't complain :3

My Banner:
User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.46146847/][IMG]http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/ArmageddonMajesty/quest thread stuff/hideseekbanner.png[/IMG][/url]

My Button:
User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.46146847/][IMG]http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/ArmageddonMajesty/quest thread stuff/hideseekbutton.gif[/IMG][/url]

Both made by Stonewaltz, thankyou! <3
User Image

Here, I shall put all the links to other people's threads/guilds/shops/whatever (and maybe some of my own, as well).
I will only accept 88x31 and 200x40 size banners (see below if you are a bit confused.) If you do not have either of these, I have a space for text links, so don't fret! Or, you can go to Stonewaltz's graphics shop and order one for yourself!

If you'd like to affiliate with me, please add my link to your thread first, and then post your banner/button in the thread with your link, so I can add you! <33 I love links~ -nomnomnom-

Text Links:
My First Quest Thread
(^not in use, but it's amusing to read anyway. xD^)

Colourful Kelsey's Rainbow Quests <33
P A N N S I E's Art Shoppe <333

MCL's Quest For Chicken Lovers <3
Mizz Faith's quest for 1 million Green Dragonflies <3
Dei's Quest Thread.
There's a Party in My Tummy! ~a quest thread!~

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User Image
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

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Okay, so I decided to make a list of all my friends birthdays. This will help me a lot in remembering the lot of you, but it's also a little way of saying thankyou to you guys for everything you've done for me! <3

5th ~ Lil_LocoCocoa! (1996)
12th ~ cmdood! (1992)
15th ~ Kryymsyn Rayne! (1990)

23rd ~ Flosse! (1984)

11th ~ Razaera! (1990)
28th ~ DeadGirl_Calaway! (1989)

3rd ~ F R U S T R A D A -aka DESU!!- (1991)
9th ~ P A N N S I E! (1995)


16th ~ Tskukikage Hokerou -aka Hokii- (1989)

7th ~ P 0 i s 0 n B e r r y! (1994)
23rd ~ foony_ness! (-)


17th ~ xX Chanty Xx! (1987)
27th ~ Kelsey Rai! (1994)

16th ~ Mizz Faith! (1987)

3rd ~ Armageddon Majesty! (1992)
8th ~ Vanilla Blitz! (1990)
14th ~ HellShattersAngelicDreams! (1991)

13th ~ Soul.Soul.! (1992)
24th ~ Tensaiji! (1991)
30th ~ Mighty chicken lady! (1963)


I've put the year people were born next to their name, instead of the age they're turning, since I want this to be here for a fair while, and I'm too lazy to update every year =] Please do the maths yourself. (:

If you see anyone's bday coming up, feel free to drop them a comment or send them something pretty! <33
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-cuts pretty yellow and red ribbon with massive yellow and red scissors-

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