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So, you guys voted increasing the gifting minimum value. How much exactly? O.O

2k 0.067717996289425 6.8% [ 73 ]
3k 0.029684601113173 3.0% [ 32 ]
5k 0.11966604823748 12.0% [ 129 ]
8k 0.0083487940630798 0.8% [ 9 ]
10k 0.47959183673469 48.0% [ 517 ]
Don't change the value! Leave it at 1k! 0.139146567718 13.9% [ 150 ]
Other values (PM me) 0.040816326530612 4.1% [ 44 ]
And guys, stop bashing Angels Alibi, she did it with good intentions. 0.11502782931354 11.5% [ 124 ]
Total Votes:[ 1078 ]
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Hi guys, based off Cg Sacrilegium's Popular Thread, I have made a Second Edition!

Basically you gift the person who posted above you a gift, with the Spirit of Gifting!!
You may send a Trade too, with Gold/Items.
Please follow the Rules Of Gifting* (Gift 1K's worth and above,* Read all the rules please!!) or you will be Blacklisted without notice.
Check all the rules before you post seriously. I have warned you guys here.

Why make a Second Thread?:
Welll, Cg Sacrilegium have not implemented any Rules, which made people unhappy.
Where people were giving Junk, while others give so much better items. It was a little unfair.
And with the Request of MagnumPetals, I shall do so.

Oh, and do <3 this thread if you have been receiving good Gifts and perhaps make it Popular!! = More Gifters! (We did it!!! Yay! Thanks for your support guys! <3 )

(P.S I've been putting a lot of effort into this thread. Appreciate my efforts? :> )
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(Failure to follow rules = Blacklisted)*

1 ) Do not Gift Junk! (How much I have to stress on this.)
Seriously, who likes receiving Junk? You wouldn't like people to do the same to you right?
Gifting stuff worth 100g while they gift you something worth 10K. They would definitely Blacklist you. So do it, for your Pride. (Read Blacklist Consequences.)

The least you should give is an Item/Gold worth 1K gold in Market Value (Excluding Sell-Back Value for Gold Shop Items and Lowest Buy Price)

We don't allow Lowest Buy Price as there's a chance of players manipulating it by artificially inflating the value.
For example, an item was usually sold at 50g but all of that is hoarded and then resold at 5k.
We do not allow that.

Note: It cannot be a bunch of Junk/Items combined to be 1K!

If you are really unable to, I suggest that you do not post here yet. They are here for acceptable gifts. (Play some Booty Grab and return!!)

2 ) Your account must be at least 3 months/90 days old to post on this thread. (Any lesser, you will blacklisted immediately.)
In order to counter Scrooges from creating multiple accounts, gifting low to make profit, we have implemented this rule.
Also, if we have any suspicion of you using spare accounts to take advantage of this thread, a ban is immediate without warning.

3 ) No usage of mule accounts will be allowed. wahmbulance
No, no, never, ever. Any suspicion of mules will get an immediate ban.
People have been using it to gift others badly and exploit the gifts gotten without ruining their reputation. By using mules. Yeap.
Any suspicion should be PMed to me, and action will be taken.
No. Mules.

4 ) When you post, you agree that you are Gifting above.
Well, that's quite much what's this thread about. Remember to check your trades. Some people may gift you gold instead.

If you've been skipped, gently remind them that they did not Gift you. (Via PM. And give them 15-30mins grace!)

5 ) If you keep on giving the bare minimum, 1K or just a tad more often, you'll get a suspension from the thread. (Temporarily Blacklisted for a month) wahmbulance
Well there's been a bunch of obnoxious people making a profit out of this thread, taking advantage of the rules.
"Since the bare minimum is 1K, I shall just do that and profit from the people who give 10k-100k+"

I'm sorry, we don't like the sound of Scrooges coming to the thread. You lack the spirit of gifting.

6 ) No Sandwiching (Do not post under the person that was under your previous post. Wait till someone else posts.)
Thou shall not be the bread, squishing the ham from the top and from the bottom.
Wait for a lettuce to post before you, the bread come to squish.

7 ) No Drama on the thread, do it privately. (The after effect of your actions would disrupt the thread.)
If you were to wrongly accuse them in public, the thread would be disrupted as people would avoid gifting to that person. And if they happen to be an innocent good gifter, that's not nice.

Please just take it to private messaging.(Have you accidently opened a gift box and received a junk item? It's not their fault. You opened the item they gave.)

8 ) Do Not Gift Anonymously to the person above. (It's nice to let them know who gifted them and who have not.)
Do not leave your gift nameless. Yeap. If everyone gifts you anonymously, you wouldn't be able to know who's the culprit who gifted you crap and the angel who have given you treasure. Makes it easier for everyone too.

9 ) Do not expect to receive as much as you gave. (Good Values!)
Sadly, sometimes you would not get something as much as you gave. But don't worry!
Good Karma will be on their way! ^^

10 ) Follow the TOS. ('Nuf Said.)
Rudeness towards fellow gifters will not be tolerated. Being a b***h especially, taking gift revenge (You gift me so-so, I give you less), quite much a jerk, and say goodbye to this thread.

Well, that's all for now, go to this Thread if you suggest any Fair Addition of Rules!
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To make it Neat, here's a Spoiler Button!! Click on it to view Current Updates/News.

wahmbulance (UPDATED:30/10/13) emotion_donotwant

Hear ye, hear ye, WE HAVE NEWSS!!!

1 ) Hi guys, I guess it's time for me to STEP UP and do something about the thread.

I have busy lately with assignments and all.

You know, as a popular thread, especially threads like this, it takes loads of dedication and time to make the thread turn out nicely. And hey, maybe I don't have much time as some of you would have.

Well, I don't know what should I do to make it better.
The same thing is happening to this thread. sad
Humphrey's Thread of Enkis (Closing)

Of course, no matter how much we tweak the rules, people would still break them.
But I guess we should still do something. Make changes.

You know, being a popular thread, people would take notice of it.
Some of them would be hit and runs, some of them would stay and attempt to leech and profit from the thread gifters as much as possible.

This is normal for such threads, I know most of you have such misfortunate encounters, making you gift lesser to people and all.
Thanks to those guys, they make the thread s**t.
And make the rest gift s**t too.

I'll try my best to do what I can to improve the thread.
Thank you for reading, I love you. blaugh

So I would like YOU GUYS to GO TO this thread link below and discuss about the rules or whatever should be implemented into this thread.
I will be there to reply you guys.

LINK: Discussion Thread for GTPAY2 Improvement


2 ) STILL UNHAPPY. As always Really unhappy with how this thread is turning out.
Ok, let me list this problem out:
My thread is becoming similar to Gaia Exchange Forums.
"I exchange my items you like, for items that I like at the same value"

How so? Well.
Look at the majority of the posting styles now.
(E.g. Give me bad - I'll gift you bad / Gift me wishlist item, I'll give you wishlist item / Gift me cheap gifts, don't expect anything expensive back.)

Ok, my thread is kind of here for you to receive donations and to encourage generosity in this thread. But look how it turns out.
I don't know what's the purpose of this thread any more.

I can empathise with you that "everyone likes to receive same/more value in terms of gifts. We all like to get more than we receive, make profit and be satisfied with the items received."

But that's not the point of this thread. You might as well scram and just go to the Gaia Exchange Forums.

I don't know what's my objective of writing this, perhaps to encourage better morality and goodwill.
Cause, I don't like where this thread is heading. It's going nowhere, really.
(I don't even know what's the use of having the rule: "Do not expect more than you gave." You are still abiding it but still...)

So here's the catch: If your posting style happens to be similar regarding the examples I have given, whereby you expect gifts of the same value/more you have given, you shall be blacklisted.

I would like to request that you remove such demanding/subtle statements off your posting style.
I give you all 3 days from the 30th October onwards to remove them.
After those 3 days, I shall commence a check on all the posts.
Anything marked on the 1st November onwards with such posting styles shall be eliminated from the thread.

Do not come PMing me, if your account got banned from this thread due to posting styles.
I have warned you here, on visible parts of the thread and I do not want to repeat myself.
No appeals are accepted regarding this. It's your duty to be informed of the thread's updates by yourself.

I apologise for my strict ways of controlling this thread.
For the better of this thread, I have to do so.
If you are unhappy with this, I suggest that you leave.

Or if you would like to voice out your opinion/ask a question regarding this update, please PM me.

Thank you for reading this till the end.

3 ) If you were to send me a PM, please put a title... Not an empty subject.
I would prefer it to be titled with the reason of PMing me.

Such as "Candygirlz96 Report/ Suggestion for your thread/ Feedback/etc." emotion_dowant
Rather than "Empty Subject/PM message/GTPAY Thread." emotion_donotwant

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! heart

5 ) gaia_star Link to Thread for you to nominate! >>Thread<<

There's a reason for this new way, and well, I wrote the reason there in that thread!

6 ) Rudeness and being mean to the people in the thread will not be tolerated.
Especially revenge.
( Like example, you gave me 3k, I shall give you less cause you gave me "s**t" )

wahmbulance - Important Update
emotion_dowant - Good News!
emotion_donotwant - Bad News..
dramallama - Something Awesome!
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This is used to recognise the Generous people in our thread that have been Gifting really awesome stuff to people!
(50K and above*)
Do 'Nominate' People who you think they deserve to be in this list! (Go to this Thread, to nominate them!)


1.) Kitana Hiki heart (11)
2.) Meiriana (2)
3.) icyventus
4.) Lady Rosett (4)
5.) The Sacred Darkness heart (6)
6.) x-Syrup*


gaia_diamond - A Lengendary Saint (Extraordinary! Awarded by other Gifters and me, lots of Nominations)
gaia_star - A True Samaritan (Well-Recognised and Awarded by me for their Kindness and Generosity/By what I observe and experienced/Good Values.)
emotion_bigheart - An Awesome Outstanding Gifter (Been constant in their Generosity)
heart - A Valid Generous Person! (Averagely Generous)
No Heart- Not enough nominations to be Valid enough (Perhaps 5 or more!)
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For those Scrooges who Gift Junk and expects more for what they give!! / Don't even gift at all!/Gives the bare minimum all the time!
PM me those Assholes! (Please do not Sabotage Innocent People or I shall haunt you and you'll be Blacklisted)

Do not give them gifts until they have redeemed themselves!!

How Do I Redeem Myself?: Send Good Gifts to People, sending active mods evidence of it (e.g. Pictures of Trade/Gifts,People thanking you for it.)

See how hard it is to get back to a Clean Slate? Follow the Rules of Gifting!

The Blacklist has been resetted. I'm gonna update it from now on.

And.. Just to remember.
People who are temporarily suspended due to certain circumstances:

1 )

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User Image

The ones who keep Law and Order on this thread!
PM me if you would like to be one!

But you must meet the Requirements!:
- A Frequent User in this Thread
- Follows the Rules of Gifting Diligently!
- Someone who would actually contact me? (Some of them became mods and I have not received any updates from them)

Sign up now!

1) Keep on the lookout for any Bad Gifters! As long you are around the thread, keep an eye for posts of bad gifters etc.

If necessary, give them a warning. Do report me about the details**, stating a title appropriate for the PM.
(If you don't PM/communicate with me, what's the point of being a mod? Say goodbye to your position.)

2) Generate Certificates of Generosity / Letter of Nominations, quoting them, in Ornate/Document respectively.
I would send you a PM, of the name of the person, and his/her new title.
(Sometimes, I really do not have the time for it. Please volunteer~)

3) Count Nominations in the Nomination Thread


Based on what you see on the list, this is what you should write! (Though it's more of a guideline)

You could also include praises or thanking whatever they have done~

Letter of Nomination Format (Document)


[align=center][size=24][b]~Letter of Nomination~[/b][/size][/align]

[align=center]Dear [b]Name, [/b]you have been [b]nominated[/b] on the generosity list!


Receive [b]more nominations to get a higher title![/b] :heart:[/align]

Certificate of Generosity (Ornate)


[color=gold][align=center][size=24][b]~Certificate of Generosity~[/b][/size][/align]

[align=center]Dear [b]Name,[/b] you have been awarded [b]A Valid Generous Person! :heart:/An Awesome Outstanding Gifter! :bigheart:/ A True Samaritan! :star:/A Legendary Saint! :diamond:[/b]

[b]Congratulations on receiving one of our prestigious titles! [/b]

You have [b]contributed much[/b] in this thread,[b] giving great gifts that would bring people joy.[/b]
Thanks to your [b]great/awesome/stunning/astounding generosity[/b], you have been[b] recognized [/b]to be on this list.

(Insert whatever good deeds/compliments you would like to say)

Receive [b]more nominations[/b] to get a more [b]well deserved title![/b] :diamond:/:star:/:bigheart: [/align][/color]


1 ) Kitana Hiki emotion_bigheart
2 ) Zorosgirl11 emotion_bigheart

NOT SO ACTIVE MODS: (I think they are dead. Anyone wanna sign up?)
1 ) MagnumPetals :zzz emotion_bigheart
2 ) Lucy Whistles emotion_zzz
3 ) Vampirette_Knight emotion_zzz emotion_bigheart
4 ) Starie Mareep confused heart
6 ) S n e c k s emotion_zzz emotion_zzz
7 ) Mista Pickles confused heart
8 ) l3 0 N E 5 emotion_zzz (Apparently moved to the 3rd Edition)
9 ) Lizybridwolfbat heart (She moved on to 3rd Edition)

Legend: (Hearts stand for how much of a great mod they are!)
emotion_dealwithit - Active! Deal with it.
confused - Somewhat Active
emotion_eyebrow - Close to rarely Active.
emotion_zzz - Really Inactive.
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~Generous Gifters of 2012~

1 ) Naturally Feline emotion_bigheart (Nominated by Lucy Whistles, MagnumPetals, Tholia, Padfoot_Moony_Forever, Vampirette_Knight, Zorosgirl11 and more. O.o)
2 ) Collector777 gaia_diamond (Thank you for the Sep 2012 Letter, Lusty Scoundrel, Sucubbi's Modesty, Trilune's Promise, Dappy Dandy, Bibbles, Zodiacal, Juno's Lace, Cloud, Angelic Manner, Rosamund's Revenge, Coco Kitty Plushie, Little Lucie, Band of Bremen and Sexy Present!! emotion_bigheart )
3 ) Tholia gaia_star (I'm touched by your views and your great Contribution to others! emotion_kirakira )
4 ) Midnight_ Caelum gaia_star (You're really generous with your gifts, from what I heard and thanks for Juno's Lace!)
5 ) Lizhybridwolfbat gaia_star (She's always giving Good Gifts constantly! You may have Gifting Mood Swings kind of thing but it's the thought that counts! Thanks for the Kiki Plushie!)
6 ) Violet-Shay gaia_star (You have shown the people what a genuine gifter is.)
7 ) S n e c k s gaia_star (You're a Regular!! You know how to attend to people's Wishlists when you have the money! Jr. Collector777! )
8 ) b r e 4 h x gaia_star (Thanks for Powdy Penguin, White Neko Cosplay and lots more from my wishlist! Just plain awesome.)
9 ) Starie Mareep emotion_bigheart (Thanks for the Glomp Me Sign and your constant good gifts!)
10 ) Devon Bon emotion_bigheart
11 ) CakieCookieLover emotion_bigheart
12 ) Music Boxes emotion_bigheart
13 ) Tinkerboricua emotion_bigheart (It's nice of you to donate 1mil to Collector777!)
14 ) PSiluffyew emotion_bigheart (You are really generous, 50k items worth of wishlist sometimes.)
15 ) Chuuyya emotion_bigheart (You have been nominated for great value gifts! Thanks for Wisteria!)
16 ) Rayniie emotion_bigheart (Thanks for the Random Bubu Kitty Plushie Gift!)
17 ) Vampirette_Knight emotion_bigheart (Thanks for the Silver Sprite!! >w< )
18 ) |-Free Hugs-| heart
19 ) Im Yoon-a Panda heart (That ultra gold giver that usually ranges from 25k-??k)
21 ) That Awkward Girl heart
22 ) Lucy Whistles heart (You deserve to be recognised! D: )
23 ) PukukuLily heart
24 ) Padfoot_Moony_Forever heart
25 ) Mista Pickles emotion_bigheart (Thanks for the Band of Bremen!)
26 ) Yaoi Jesus emotion_bigheart
27 ) DramaFish heart
28 ) Sweet Frostessa heart
29 ) JAM_Jessica heart
30 ) One Wonton heart (Thanks for Vittoria's Intimates!)
31 ) Cirque in Murderland heart (Thanks for the Kitty Slippers!)
32 ) Mirraruka heart (Thanks for the Astra Wings!! You're the one who gave me it rightt?)
33 ) ElenoreMari heart
34 ) Boxing Lily heart
35 ) sacrificed apple heart
36 ) Ameko Chan heart
37 ) MagnumPetals heart (You have been gifting good! )
38 ) Ayame Shizuko heart
39 ) Lemeur heart
40 ) Zyanya heart
41 ) Shinto-Kenshin heart
42 ) SumiXChaos (Thanks for Alrunette!)
43 ) Deezy-Sama heart
44 ) Maggie Iratus
45 ) Angry Burnt Toast heart
46 ) Nahella heart
47 ) Phenis heart
48 ) X-Need A Demonstration-X heart
49 ) Chipper Phantom heart
50 ) Futanyari
51 ) Orlando1210
52 ) Neko Girl Jade
53 ) Fluxit Aqua et Sanguine heart
54 ) Arealo
55 ) Zombie Massacre x
56 ) Loveless 13 The Elder
57 ) Fallen_Miki emotion_bigheart
58 ) The_Mistress_Of_Music
59 ) Captain Dinosaur Nipples
60 ) ][ . Milk . ][
61 ) MY rusty h a l o heart
62 ) Pagla_92
63 ) Oliveyhu heart
64 ) Partying Panda
65 ) Elreka6 heart
66 ) Sera-Love heart
67 ) Ixora Fen heart
68 ) ii penguin heart
69 ) Exquisite Rose heart
70 ) pornographic bonbons heart
71 ) trishalee66969 heart
72 ) Senko_Maki heart
73 ) foxy_the_music_lover emotion_bigheart
74 ) Sumiko Aimi heart
75 ) Jirein heart
76 ) Sheepy Mareep
77 ) AnnaSayOink
78 ) my name is ariel heart
79 ) carolfang heart
80 ) Shooting Stargazer 28 heart
81 ) 1-Hope_Estheim_13-1 heart
82 ) ChuuuBear heart
83 ) MsLyricism heart
84 ) Rizzarrr
85 ) Zoo-LaBell
86 ) aka m a r c o heart
87 ) Azurentia heart
88 ) Another Mindless Teen
89 ) iSweetii
90 ) ECMLG
91 ) Lalenka
92 ) Futanyari
93 ) Miss-Kyra
94 ) -Frosted Blue-
95 ) -Lustful_Lullabies-
96 ) DaR33 heart
97 ) Narwhalicorns
98 ) sweetEmi02
99 ) Chaiya Ko heart
100 ) Lafosse
101 ) Scarred Secrets
102 ) Li Akitso-ra heart
103 ) Im Not Crying
104 ) OnigiripaiV2
105 ) |3linkee emotion_bigheart
106 ) iPervertedxCupcake
108 ) Lil Red Panties emotion_bigheart
109 ) xowlz
110 ) Guan Yingping

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Well, you know in life, some people have it easy, some have it tough, and some are just plain busy, like me.

So, I need somebodeh/everybodeh more likely, to help me maintain this thread, so that we could keep the thread in top condition with good quality gifters.

I am calling for people who goes to my thread to help me out! (PM me if you wanna volunteer)
In return, you would have an enjoyable thread~ (And recognition by me.)


Counting Nominations

1 ) Count the recent nominations in the Nomination/Feedback Thread.

Send me a PM of the recent nominations, including the nominated person's username and number of nominations each have:

E.g. of PM: 1. Cool_Cat87 (5)
2. Sweetheart Wine (1) <--- Number of Nominations that person have.
3. Dark Fortune (3)
4. iCe CrEaMeR (4)

Stopped counting at: Page 70 (So we could keep track on where to count)

Status: Vacant
Task taken by: No one

Generating Certificates`

2 ) On another thread, I would like someone to volunteer to generate the certificates
(Letter of Nomination/Certificate of Generosity)

Format is stated at the Mod's post, under the spoilers.

Status: Vacant
Task taken by: No one

3 )
4 )
5 )
6 )

Current Willing Volunteers

1. Kitana Hiki
2. Yichi
3. Ayame Shizuko
4. The_Mistress_Of_Music
5. xStarsFaded
6. Ijeumi Konata
7. Wondering_Love

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Tell me what can I put in here and stand to receive a nice gift!! yum_puddi
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Always Gifting Up!!
~~ Gift Ideas ~~
Cutie Animalie 40k
<3 All Gifts Are Loved & Thank You For All Gifts And Good Gifting Karma! <3
~Below Are Gift IDEAS,(More On My Page) Dont Feel Bad If You Cant Get Me Something From It, Or Just Decide Not To. Every Gift Is Loved And Appreciated!

-The Gift Ideas-
These items at Gambino Outfitters are neat!

-Electric Popstar Leggings 2100g
-Lipstick Popstar Leggings 2100g
-Blacklight Popstar Leggings 2100g
-Candied Rosy Flats 2520g
-Minty Rosy Flats 2520g
-Porcelina Soft _____ Beret 4800g
I Like These FromH.R. Wesley

-Boyfriend Sleepshirt 5,100g - minus black & red & white-

These items from Durem Depot are a good choice as well.

-Vintage Stepford Dresses 5.4k - minus black & white-
-Black Diamond Jackets 4,980g -minus pink-
-Black Sock Hop Poodle Skirt 3,900g
-Yellow Vintage Pillbox Hats 3,780g
-Black & yellow Knit Boots 3,600g
(You can find these items cheaper on the marketplace)
Global Imports

-Wooden Sandals 500g
-Mid day Yellow Wrap 600g
-Sunset Lavender Wrap 600g
-Ocean Blue Wrap 600g
-White Zoot Suit Tapa 900g

I remember these things, they used to be so popular and drowning with people.
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  • Team Jacob 100
  • Peoplewatcher 100
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  • Threadmaster 200
I remember these things, they used to be so popular and drowning with people.

Haha it still does, but not much people though..
Keeping it alive. ^^
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  • Millionaire 200
Awesome, new thread <3 !

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