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    Hello and welcome to Sugar Pies.
    We made this thread in hopes of meeting new people while we complete our quests.
    Don't be afraid to drop in and chat, bump, donate to our quests, or simply just say good luck.
    We'd appreciate anything we can get from our fellow gaians.

    Remember to give our thread some <3

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Big Bear

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                        ❝ { 9/29/13New contest! } ❞
                        We've all 3 decided to add page contests in hope to bring more people into our thread.
                        So please check out the contest post below! (8th post)

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                        ●❛ | one. * Follow gaia's ToS and Rules and Guidelines
                        If you don't know them they're located here and here

                        ●❛ | two. * Keep all drama out of the thread

                        ●❛ | three. * Don't steal our thread graphics
                        Thread layout credits go to peritardis on gaia
                        PNG credits go to photosoma and myshinyboy on deviantart
                        Quest bar credits go to shiniiBBY

                        ●❛ | four. * Keep quote trees small

                        ●❛ | five. * Don't beg for items/gold
                        I understand we're not the only ones questing here but begging wont get you anywhere.

                        ●❛ | six. * More rules may be added later if needed

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                        I'ma go now since you little shits didn't wanna wait for me. >:T

                        Anyway~ Hello everyone! I'm Rachael. I like collecting nicknames so give me one. c:
                        FIRST OF ALL~ Lemme just say that I'm extremely awkward.
                        I'm a twenty-one year old SoCal girl.
                        I'm a mutt - my dad was a full blooded Irish man and my mom is German, English and Dutch.
                        I want to become a Forensic Scientist.
                        I make stupid sound effects when I'm thinking.
                        I have this terrible habit involving teasing people.
                        It's 'kay though, I only do it if I love you. So feel blessed if I ever decide to pick on you.
                        I also have a habit of calling people babe, baby, sweetheart, hunny/hon, dear, darling and other similar endearing little pet names. So, unless you're Bran, don't take it as flirting. Okay? Okay! o u o
                        I'm really open and talkative so you should be my friend. No really, I'm freaking amazing. You'll adore me. c:

                        ... Bran got after me for not writing enough. Y U GOTTA DU DAT, GOD.

                        HNNNG, I don't know what else to saaaaay.

                        I'll tell you my likes and dislikes because obviously you want to know everything about me.
                        Why wouldn't you?
                        I like bitter and burnt food, disposable cups, hip bones, the color orange, anything fluffy, clouds, sun flowers, fog, tickle fights, board games, kisses on the forehead annnnd Brandie.
                        I dislike ungrateful people, inconsiderate people and foods with too much flavor.
                        For hobbies I like... to tease people, draw, listen to music, read, laze around outside/cloud watching and peep on Bran.
                        I'm a bit of an airhead at times. Please forgive me if I ever act reeeeally slow.
                        Also, I have an obsession with kpop... and legs. Yes, legs. I like legs. I don't know why.
                        Oh and I like pretending to be conceited. ... I'm really not, like at all. ; u ;''

                        Mnnn~ MMMMMNNN. wut else. Bran. Iunno wut to say. halp? orcanzistahp?

                        NNEWEI. If you want to know more about me, talk to me. 。・ω・。)ノ <3 let's be besties and frolic through fields of se- flowers. We'll frolic through fields of flowers.

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                        My current quest:
                        User Image

                        Completed quests:

                        ● | 11/26/13 - Bought Striking Thief
                        ● | 11/23/13 - Bought Emery Flower
                        ● | o9/o7/13 - Bought Princess Chimes
                        ● | o9/o7/13 - Bought Jada the Unicorn
                        ● | o6/o6/13 - Bought Cutthroat Cook
                        ● | o5/o4/13 - Bought SDPlus #187 Jenny
                        ● | o4/20/13 - Bought Rosamund's Redemption
                        ● | o4/15/13 - Bought White Delight

                        Future quests:

                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Imagex1User Imagex3User Image

                        User Image

                        User Image

                        ● | Saviors_Tragedy - Maltese Tigress
                        ● | -[J e s s]- - 24O,OOOg
                        ● | Gnarkansas - 7O,OOOg
                        ● | edokitty - Pink Frosting Cop
                        ● | Keiko Nakanishi - Apple Rendezvous
                        ● | Aeiya - Cream Tam Beret
                        ● | La Biancaneve - Band of Bremen
                        ● | BenjaminBriggs - Sleek Criminal
                        ● | Brolis - 1,OOO,OOOg
                        ● | minniesaurusrex - Astra - 111 Wisteria Breeze
                        ● | Its Rylee with The Chubby Charity - Queen's Vengeance

                        Thank you all so much. < 33

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Big Bear

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                        I'm Ashley, eighteen & from North Carolina.
                        Video games are my thing <3 I love MMORPGS, JRPGs, action-adventure and old school like Mario even though I suck at that s**t~ o3o
                        I enjoy staying up late, watching twerking videos on youtube with Brandie, South Park, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Doctor Who, horror movies and umm.. yeah.
                        I stick mainly to charity/giveaway threads and I love making new friends. I'm not good at making interesting conversation and I'm socially awkward (thank you anxiety //orz) butbut.. I do try my very best o3o;
                        I'm a freebie-obsessed cheapskate.. most of what I spend my time doing is looking for free things online //facepalm

                        I consider myself a generous person when it comes to close friends, and I have a tendency to joke around a lot so don't take much of what I say too personal.

                        I'm not as active on here as I used to be, but feel free to start a convo with me :3
                        I also have Skype, so if you'd like to talk to me on there.. just lemme know~

                        I play FFXIV on the Hyperion server, hit me up if you do too!

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                        My Quest;

                        I'm on a quest for all things pink and cute!
                        anything pink you want to donate to me would be lovely~

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                        More goodies;

                      xUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
                      xUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

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                      4/22/13 Gnarkansas 70k
                      4/24/13 Sorivity 100k & Dark Halo
                      4/30/13 Dips 110k
                      5/12/13 Keiko Nakanishi Sweetie Delight
                      8/5/13 Aeiya Lilac Finch
                      9/27/13 La Biancaneve Beloved Velveteen
                      10/5/2013 Innocent Roses Strawberry Charlotte & tons of cute pink items
                      10/31/2013 Tzukita Sleepytime Bunbun Pajamas
                      10/31/2013 Herrliche 3m

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                        I'm Brandie as you may already know.
                        You may call me by my name if you'd like.
                        I'm a twenty year old female born and raised in North Carolina.
                        I'm currently in the process of looking for a job.
                        Later on planning to go to college to get a degree in something involving computers.
                        I also hope to take classes in Baking and Pastry Arts, which I've loved since I was a freshmen in High School.
                        I'm a friendly person and I can get along with pretty much anyone.
                        I like to joke around and have fun, but can be serious when needed.
                        I'm taken and in love with a wonderful guy.
                        I've been with my boyfriend two and a half years coming this December. It was love at first sight.
                        He's in the Navy and leaves for basics in Feb.
                        I'm a gamer girl and I have been since I was a kid.
                        Some of my favorite games are Fear 3, Silent Hill Downpour, Borderlands 2, the Bioshock series, and Dead Space 1 & 2.
                        I play a lot of first person shooters and horror type games.
                        I currently play lots of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 on xbox 360.
                        Smite and Cube World on pc are amazing too.

                        I like..
                        ●Hello Kitty, Eiffel Tower, Union Jack, Gamer, and anchor stuff.
                        ●Japanese food.
                        ●Sweet tea.
                        ●Spring weather and all the flowers and pastel-y colors.
                        ●Watching the night sky.
                        ●Texting and gaming, they are my favorite past times.
                        ●Revenge, Shameless US, Hemlock Grove, Bates Motel, Degrassi, and Skins UK.
                        ●Horror movies.
                        ●Getting in the pool, even if I can't swim.
                        ●Staying up until the sun rises.
                        ●Hanging out with my cousin/best friend.
                        ●My boyfriend.

                        I dislike..
                        ●Deep and clouded waters.
                        ●Cold weather.
                        ●Rude people.
                        ●Spiders and snakes.
                        ●Awkward silences.

                        If you wanna know more then don't be afraid to ask in the thread or PM me.

                        XBL & Skype: Branflakes03

                        User Image

                        My quest:
                        User Image User Image User Image

                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
                        User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                        User Image

                        xxxxxxxxxxxxTall Dark and Snarky - Cafe Miam
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxGnarkansas - 70,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxSorivity - 100,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxOXlDE - Easter Bunny Ears
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxSPONNNGE - 20,000g & Purple Serafuku Bow
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxmaianh2 - 20,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxWeakboi - 13,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxKeiko Nakanishi - Tea for Two & Headless Marie
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxmoonlight34 - 100,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxAeiya - Classilke
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxMs Sunny Bunny - 3,200,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxFriendly Care Package - 500,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxLa Biancaneve - Froufrou Francé
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxGifting Troll - Thank You Letter For June 2008
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxMADD CASSH0LE - Kottan Bell
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxTigersaurus - 60,000g, Lumiere Noire, Haigha's Madness, & Ciro's Costume
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxzapping pikachu - Goodies from Buttercup Cafe, 2,025,000g, Grunny Shirt, Fruits de Mer, Rosie Bridesmaid,
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxSeraphique Messenger Bag, Cashmere Coat Set, Breezy Top Set, & SDPlus #365 Princess Rosamund

                        xxxxxxxxxxxxOz da Beast - 100,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxYennah - 130,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxiAdorkableKitty - 1,600,000g, Loving Heart Mood Bubble, Supercharger (regular), Midnight Citadel,
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxNoble Plumage, Pink Sugar Mini Angel Wings, Rosamund's Devotion, Volant Reverie,
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxMoira's Fashion Flashback, & Puppeteer's Doll

                        xxxxxxxxxxxxiAstrid Serra - 15,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxImperial Shockies - 1,100,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxdebilyn808 - 10,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxMiss Mezzy - 1,500,000g & Emery Flower
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxosowneb - All Birthstone Sashes, Fathom of the Deep, & Black Butler: Prince Soma
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxBWCW - Black Cat Fleece Hat
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxHerrliche - 3,000,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxCatching Fireflies - 5,000,000g
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxHallow Hearts - Depth of Hades & Lava Flow Dress
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxTaiigah - Energetic Plantimal
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxJensen Is Awesome - Sweet Kreme Cake
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxElyralith - Peony Hair Clip Set & Breezy Frill Skirt Set
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxAnonymous benefactors - Evil Red Princess, & Barton Water Festival Shirt

                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPast Donations

                        Items I've bought
                        Pastel Sweetie
                        Maraschino Cherry
                        October Birthstone Anklets
                        Whim Sea
                        Cassiopeia Cutie
                        Dark Heart
                        Peachy Scarf
                        Cupcake Cutie
                        Sweet Pink Princess
                        Seven Day Love
                        Charming Bowler
                        Volant Reverie
                        Club Verge October 2013 Birthday Crown
                        Club Verge November 2013 Birthday Crown
                        SDPlus #222 Buttons the Pierrot
                        Cup of Milk
                        Noble Nuptial Tea
                        Dainty Damsel
                        Astra-110: Verdant Waltz
                        Winter's Rose
                        Blushing Bride's Veil
                        Emery Flower
                        Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace
                        Audrey's Black Ankle Strap Heels
                        Rosamund's Revenge 2nd Gen.
                        Astra-112: Mournful Breeze
                        Mini Chequer
                        Light Crowned Ranks
                        Lil Sultana
                        Meido Lemon Yellow Dress
                        Marquis de Marquee
                        Sigrdrifa's Prayer
                        Frosty Kisses
                        Hera's Lace
                        Gifts for Her
                        Gifts for a Princess

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                        Link In: Add our banner to your thread, please. <3

                      User Image

                      User Image

                      User Image

                        Link Out: Please let us know if you'd like to be affies with us! Just PM one of us a 200x40 or 88x31 banner and we'll be happy to add it. c:

                              Fellow Questers

                        User Image
                        User Image
                        User Image User Image
                        User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                        User Image User Image
                        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


                        User Image

                              Mini Shops

                        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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Big Bear

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                      If you win any of the contests, feel free to send a PM containing a page number or link
                      to your winning post to any one of us. There will be plenty more contests added later,
                      so please no hit & runs. We love conversing with people and making new friends &
                      hope that you do as well. Have fun and good luck!

                      Page Contest:

                      8th post on every 5 pages wins 10k

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