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~ Long story short, this place formed from the ashes of .:*:.Loveable Outkast.:*:. Charity ~

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1. To be noticed for a donation, fill out this simple form
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2. Stay and chat! Posting often will increase your chances of someone noticing you and donating.
We enjoy your company and love conversation!

3. Enter some of our contests and giveaways to win cool stuff!

~ The Staff ~

kitsune_guitarist (charity mule)
Mario_Maniac (co-owner)
Dmmklpy (co-owner)

*** Note ***
The staff and I will NEVER ask for your passwords to donate to you. If so, report it immediately.
.:*:. Rules .:*:.

1. Obey all of the rules and the staff

~ Arguing with us will get you blacklisted

2. Be respectful to everyone here, please

~ This is a not a place to post hateful comments, obscene pictures, or arguing.
Constructive debates are allowed, but not encouraged

3. No spamming

~ Ask us if you wish to advertise

4. No flaming

~ Be courteous to others or face our BanHammer/ Be fed to our ravenously starved interns... Who don't exist

5. No cybering

~ If you can't get some in real life don't try to here, BOW CHIKA WOW WOW

6. Keep the bumping to a minimum

~ If five or more of your posts are consecutive bumping, you will be warned. Failure to comply will blacklist you
(Note: Emotes/emoticons, talking to yourself, and "bump" are considered bumping here)

7. No bots/hackers/scammers/mules/any other forms cheating to get more donations

~ We'll be more than happy to donate if you follow these rules

8. Put the word "Robot" in your first post
~ That way we can tell you're not a robot!

9. Have fun!

~ This is also a place to hang out and chat!
.:*:. Donations .:*:.

Donations to the Charity

fictions_reality ~ 100k + Ancient Katana
Faceless Wardens ~ 5k
Facade of Emotions ~ 4k + Easy A Pin + White Neko Cosplay
aquaorator ~ 400k
casandra render ~ 50k

~ Thank you all so much and we love you forever! ~

Total ~ Approx. 2.150 mil


Immortal Dragon Knight ~ 30k
The AKM Family ~ 30k
Ledrif ~ 20k
OceanSlate ~ 20k
Epitaff ~ 20k
Through Glass Eyes ~ 20k
Mt Oceans ~ 10k x 19 (Event)
Electronic Diva ~ 10k (Event)
Mistress Deevine ~ 10k (Event)
sexybunniluv ~ 10k (Event)
Youkoonna ~ 10k x 15 (Event)
NonExclusive ~ 10k (Event)
Artits ~ 10k x 2 (Event)
Epitaff ~ 10k x 7 (Event)
Amychesis ~ 20k
KinkyRice ~ 20k
Mt Oceans ~ 8k (Event)
xXRed Moon VampiressXx ~ 20k
Binary Peaches ~ 20k
Miss McAdri ~50k
Angel_of_Death1665 ~ 50k
casandra render ~ 50k
rinkuka ~ 50k
konekomaru ~ 50k
Anzen Hatsukoi ~ 50k
Duff_The_Fallen ~ 50k
Amy_29star ~ 50k
Phanna ~ 200k
sycophantic courtier ~ 200k
XYLIQZ ~ 200k

Total ~ 1,718k


30k - AnkeaEnkeli - First donation from our charity >D
30k - Manami Luna
20k - Seika Arai
20k - Rawr goes the Dinosawr
20k - Jessk
20k - Choxiie
20k - The Fun Ghoul
80k - Mt Oceans
30k - Youkoona
20k - Epitaff
20k - Anonymous Secret Keeper
20k - Toxicbubblegum1

Total ~ 330k

Thread Regulars'Donations

Bazenine's Donations
darkdiamond87 ~ 20k
Hattey ~ 25k

Total ~ 45k

.:*:. Total Thread Donations ~ 2,048k .:*:.

06/11/2011 ~ .:*:.From the Ashes.:*:. Charity has risen!
12/25/2011 ~ Christmas Giveaway
2011 ~ Avatar Contest
2012 ~ Bump Contest
10/31/2012 ~ Hallow's Eve Giveaway

.:*:. Contest/Events .:*:.

~ None at the moment ~

We reserve the right to review the eligibility of contestants during out contests

Alumina Kisarri
Flowing Icicles
Mt Oceans


apehlia the vampire (created a banner for us)
Somzz (helped us to start the charity)
Toboekyo (created a banner for us)


Currently no one :3
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Just ask a staff member and we'll be sure to add you here!

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Hello! I'm Mario_Maniac and currently live in Virginia. I love music, games, technology, food, friends, etc. That's about all that I'll put here =P

The .:*:.Loveable Outkast.:*:. Charity was one of my few haunts that I've been a part of for years and to see it's final days was a tragedy. Thanks to some of the other Outkast regulars, we were able to create a whole new charity. I have done my best to make sure that this charity would be near perfect in design and would be able to live longer than its predecessor.

I hope you all enjoy your time here and find fortune in your quests! <3
Well I figure this needs to be updated a bit.

I'm Dm, Hailing from the Great White North!
I have been a member of Gaia for a while now, not quite as long as Mario but whatever, And I don't really care about questing anymore, so I just figured I'd help give back!
Sadly due to not being on as much I run out of funds sometimes and dive into the mules eheheheheh... Still, I hope to give back to the community what I can |D
I am a huge gamer, I play lots of Computer games such as;
League of Legends
Starcraft II
Diablo 3
World of Tanks
Bloodline Champions

And so on, I am also a huge music nerd |D I play the guitar and I used to play the piano, I am very interested in many different styles of music but my favorite band will always be Streetlight Manifesto.
I am also a huge art lover and mediocre hobbyist of the arts.
If you want to get a hold of me but I'm not online you can also hit me up on my Deviant Art or Tumblr.
I look forward to hanging out with you.

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