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Alli the Elf
I would like some help smile
-ruru kitty
-fragrant heartbeat
-juno's lace
please heart

okay, I'll go for ruru kitty smile
oky heart thank you
razz Brown Paper Bag please
Alli the Elf
winter rose please heart

Sure thing biggrin
thank you!!! xd
Alli the Elf
Trick or Treat Tote please biggrin

No problem biggrin
thankies !! 4laugh
Alli the Elf
may i have a 300k gold donation please

ehh.. I don't like donating that much gold... I try to keep my limit with at 100k, is that okay? smile
sure biggrin
I'd appreciate anything. I'm gonna aim to buy a gimpi soon
thank you
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Alli the Elf

Button's Tea Party? :3
It's 75k, and I tipped you by the way. c:

Whoops, I almost forgot the ♥.
[so sorry. DD:]
emotion_kirakira fragrant heartbeat emotion_kirakira
Alli the Elf
could you help me get antique shop for the my dream avi please?
(It would be the hair )

okay, no problem smile
thank you!!!! 4laugh 4laugh
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Super Cat

Alli the Elf
im questing carlos the alpaca and wind security blanket, any donation would really help biggrin

Okaay, I don't mind donating some gold ^_^
thank you, any help is welcome heart
can I have ruru kitty plushie....
Would you be do kind as to help me obtain Hollywood Tease, anything helps
Alli the Elf
Hai Im Zer0
help me? im trying to get days of the weak. :3

No problem smile

thank you!~ biggrin
shall i send trade?
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Alli the Elf
Heya everyone smile I used to join a charity guild, but I went on hiatus for a while and now it's like a ghost town so I was thinking of making a new one when I had the money, but then I thought to myself "Why wait, there's still the forums" so here's my proposition... give me the name of the item you want, and I'll get it for you. I'm not saying I'll get it for in like an hour, it might take a long time depending how much it costs but I promise you will get it. First come first serve. So just keep this in mind when you ask for something:

gaia_star the more the item's worth the longer it's gonna take you to get it. (so if you want something that costs like 400k, that's going to take me awhile if I only do bootygrab, although I am gonna try to get gaia cash cards again)

gaia_star I don't wanna go over 1 mill...that was my old limit back in my guild when I had cash cards.. but atm I only have booty grab so I'm really not sure what my limit should be now... I'm gonna go 500k. So please don't ask for items over 500k smile

gaia_star I do have my own dream avi and I'm not making you give back to me, but if you would be so kind, just to give me a thousand gold, not even, it could be one gold I don't care, to put towards my dream avi I would love you all forever smile

gaia_star I think that's about it... so yeah, just post what you want and hopefully I'll be able to help biggrin
(again, sorry if I don't get to you ^_^)

gaia_star I almost forgot, I donate gold too, not just items ^_^

gaia_star and if you're a donator too then feel free to donate to people on this thread too, make my job easier biggrin

im working on my dream avi and need to get all the items on the one in my siggy help plz
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Dedicated Member

help me get Demonic Style?
im just 300k short. >.<

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