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Accounts must be 3 months old 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 4 ]
The lowest you can send is 200m. Be it pure gold or an item. 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 7 ]
No sandwiching, no deleting posts, don't quote someone to say they skipped you 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 6 ]
HAVE FUN 0.5952380952381 59.5% [ 25 ]
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Our lovely thread graphics (not the one above) were made by Artistic Wizard! Thank you!
The beautiful banner was created by our lovely mod The Nephilim Rosier!

Chat Thread Open <3 -click here-

Hello all~ Thanks for stopping by the thread. This is based off Cg Sacrilegium's and Feline's threads since both OPs have stopped coming on as much.

Reason for the thread/what do I do in it?:
Post here, maybe include some items you'd like/are interested in.
Gift the user above your post.
Keep in mind, most people won't have the funds to get you 10b items. So try to include some cheaper ones.
You may send a Trade too, with Gold/Items.
Please follow the rules or you will be blacklisted and check all the rules before you post or send someone a PM.

Why make a new thread?:
Sadly, Feline became quite busy. And the mods are a bit...gone? Aside from two or three.
With so many people breaking the rules, and no OP to ban them we decided it best to make another, with a higher minimum (who knows, we may lower it)

Give us a <3 to show your support! It gets us noticed and can bring new people into the thread. The more the merrier!

Feel free to add this to your signature if you'd like to show your love and support for the thread! ^-^User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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1 ) Minimum gifting amount = 200m.
This includes store value and MP value.
Gifting at/below/slightly above bare minimum several times will get you banned. Profiting is not tolerated and will result in a ban. Profiting also means sending VERY little gold/a cheap item when others are gifting above and beyond the minimum. (ex; you only send 100k when others are sending 1m+ each time. You only send 1m when others are sending 50m+ each time or 200m when others are sending 600m and so on)
1.b ) NO sponsor/freebie/event items granted by Gaia are allowed to be gifted alone. ONLY if the user above specifies they want it can you send it alone. Otherwise do NOT send a sponsor granted item/free item granted by the site. It's a free item you got, don't just pass it along. Links to threads that list free grant items. DON'T gift these items: link 1 link 2 link 3
1.c ) Do NOT. I REPEAT. NOT. Send junk to people!!!!! No one wants to be used as a dumpster, so UNLESS they ask for junk AND it meets the minimum of 200m, do NOT fill a trade with junk. Just because you put in one good item/gold amount does NOT give you the right to offload your junk onto others.
1.d ) You are not allowed to change the amount put into a trade. You can only raise the gold amount or add an item. Anyone caught removing items/gold will get a warning.

2 ) Check item prices in MP.
Sellback MUST be above 5k (this means anything that says "Sellback Value" when you search it in the mp, so it includes fish, zOMG things, gold shop things, rig items and anything else with the sellback option. No items that are artificially inflated. ABP MUST be above 200m. Due to Flynn's rear end, many 2k items are being sold for 45k. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. Check the graphs, if it shows under 200m a month ago, don't gift it. You cannot give trash/several things to add up to the 200m min. This means you can't send 2 100m items to get to 200m or 150m and a 50m item.
(If you're unsure about an item, ask a mod or myself ^-^ )
If you get a pink link/any form of item where you open it to get another gift it is your choice to open it. If you get a 1g item from it you cannot request another gift.

3 ) No accounts under 3 months and no mules. wahmbulance
This is so new users can get on their feet. We understand sometimes people have to make a new account, or change accounts, but please understand our reasoning. If you'd like, send us a PM and we can shoot you one back as a reminder when you're old enough!

4 ) If you post, you agree to gifting.
You must gift within 30 minutes. If someone posts below you and it's been 15 minutes without getting a gift, you can PM them a reminder.
YOU MUST wait 15 minutes before doing that though
If you have to send someone a PM to remind them to gift you, PM Angels Alibi to let her know you did.
. wahmbulance

5 ) You MUST gift the person above you before posting again.

6 ) Do not gift rule breakers.

If you see an underage account or someone breaking a rule as far as posting rules go, don't gift them. Instead, PM myself or an online mod then gift the user above the rule breaker. If the rule breaker PMs you, reply and tell them the reason you skipped them is in the rules and leave it at that. If they become rude, forward the PM to me and ignore them.

7 ) ALWAYS take issues to PMs.
Do not bring drama about skipping/bad gifters/nominations to the thread. wahmbulance
Failure to keep drama out of the thread will result in a temporary banning.
-Note- This applies to mods and myself too. We ALWAYS take issues to PMs. This is why many users seems to think we've only spoken to them. Trust me, we've talked to a lot of people, but we keep everything in PM to keep it private. You will NEVER know we spoke to someone about an issue unless you were involved.

8 )Please have your profile and PMs set to everyone if you're going to post.
This makes it easier for people to see your wishlist, and for them to contact you. If something arises and your PMs are blocked, you will be banned if you break another rule.

9 ) Sandwiching people is not allowed. If you do sandwich your gift must be at least 300m
This means you cannot post, then another user then you again. We do this so no one feels pressured. If I post, then you, then me again, you might feel pressure to give me better, as if I'm judging you and might take it out on you. We understand it happens, and it's okay. But we just don't want users constantly going back and forth.
It's alright if it happens once by accident but that's about it.

10 ) NO deleting posts
Only mods/the owner can post -skip this post- things. Anyone else that posts, you must gift unless told otherwise. (Meaning if they are not supposed to be posting and didn't get banned yet, and a mod has told you not to gift them then you don't have to.)
If you post by accident (computer error or something) PM me first. DO NOT delete your post until I have given you the okay to. If you post twice in a row (Me, you, you, someone) just edit the second post to say it was an accident.

11 ) PM Angels Alibi or a mod with complaints/reports. Also please PM Angels any time you have to PM someone a reminder to gift you. wahmbulance
Include usernames, incident(s), any page numbers and possibly screenshots. If it's an underage account, provide a join date. Title the PM with the issue. (Skipper, Underage, Rude, ect.)

12 ) No anon gifting to the one above you.
This way someone doesn't believe they got skipped. Feel free to just do it for fun though, but make sure whoever you post below KNOWS it's from you and for that post.

13 ) Do not expect to receive as much as you gave.
We all have times where we gift nice things. Don't expect to get nice things all the time. But by giving nicely, others will notice and want to do the same.
Give forward. Meaning if you get a wishlist item/quest item or just something nice, try to make someone else feel how you did!

14 ) Follow the TOS. (Gaia site rules still apply here along with our own)
The biggie to follow
"2. Advertisements:
Please do not advertise in another person's thread unless it clearly states that you may do so as this is not allowed."

Please don't post your quest threads OR ANY OTHER THREADS to ask people to go visit them UNLESS I have given you permission after you've PMed me.
Rudeness towards fellow gifters will not be tolerated. Taking gift revenge (You gifted me junk so I'll gift you junk) won't be tolerated as well.

15 a) NO DRAMA! wahmbulance And no talking about gift sizes during wars and such (No bragging about sending x amount or x item or telling people to top that)
Do not post drama in the thread. This means no talking about gifting issues, being rude, posting about thread issues in general. Don't do it.
14 b) Show respect. For your fellow gifters and for the mods and myself. The mods work hard to keep the thread in order and keep bad gifters out, so if you don't show them respect you won't be forgiven as easily as others who do show it.
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10/24/13 - We're open!

11/12/13 - Secret Santa sign up open!!!! Check this thread out for information about the event. Please post at least 10 times in this thread before posting in the Secret Santa thread. Yes I will check.
11/17/13 - Thread Feedback requested. Please check for information about the upcoming Secret Santa event
11/18/13 - Thread mule up and running. Our first contest concerning it has started! Dress the mule for Christmas. Please see the first reserved post, which will act as our contest section for now, for more information. Also check the Secret Santa thread for new information regarding how the event will run.
11/21/13 - BIG NEWS
Title winner to be determined Sunday night, prize to be sent out that night as well. SS entries closing Dec 1st, PMs to be sent out the 5th. Tektek contest ending Dec 1st, winner to be announced the following night at the latest. January 1st will mark the start of our new minimum amount of 15k. The other rules will change accordingly so please be sure to check on those.
All times are accordance with EST (Eastern Time Zone)
Please be sure you check what time it is for you when it changes to be January 1st or any other day of contests ending/starting.

12/2/13 - Cheeky Nini won our first tektek contest with Inkstone in second place!
12/23/13 - Secret Santa gifts about to be sent out tomorrow! The min is going to change on the 1st so be ready for that.

1/1/14 - New minimum is set in place. 15k is the new value. Mod apps are now open, everyone who submitted before is required to submit again. Please read the post about applying.
2/2/14 - New tektek contest up for Valentine's Day!
5/8/14 - New minimum in nominating people. Please only nominate those who gift 500k+ in gold/item value. Only list items if one is above the 500k mark

8/10/14 - New minimum in nominating people. Please only nominate those who gift 300m+ in gold/item value. Only list items if one is above the 300m mark
8/30/14 - NEW MOD! azuneko1 is our brand new mod! Please be kind to her as she learns the ins and outs and don't be afraid to PM her or anyone else that mods the thread.

11/17/14 - Secret Santa feedback needed! Please check this thread for information
11/20/14 - Secret Santa Sign Ups have started!!!! Please read over all the information before signing up. Secret Santa Sign Up Thread

1/1/15 - New Year, new min! Minimum for gifting has been raised to 200m
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The ones who help this thread and the owner. LISTEN TO THE MODS.

PM the thread mule account (listed below) if you would like to be one!

But you must meet the requirements! :
- A frequent user in this thread.
- Follow the rules diligently!
- PM the thread account with any issues you have or see.

If you believe you meet these requirements, send a PM entitled "Seeking to be a mod" or something similar
Please fill out this form if you want to apply;

- Why do you want to become a mod
- On average, how often do you come online every week
- Do you have a Skype account (this is just so we know if we can contact you through this. You don't need to have it.)
- What new ideas do you have for Floating Wishes (Should not include things about minimum raises.)
- What do you have to offer to the mod team (Art skills, different time zone, creative ideas, ect)
- Tell us one piece or two things about yourself (Things I don't already know)
- Tell us one thing you know about ME (Angels Alibi) and our co owner (The Nephilim Rosier)
- What kind of dessert would you be
- Name one rule that has been added or changed in Floating Wishes (NOT a rule about minimum change)

Our lovely mods are here to keep things in order. Please respect and listen to them, their word is as strong as the thread owners. These pictures link right to their profiles if you need to quickly contact one of our mods.

Thread Owner - Angels Alibi
Angels Alibi is my PERSONAL account. The "thread account/mule" is The Floating Wishes. Angels Alibi is NOT an account made for the thread, it's MY account for MY usage.
That being said...hello my lovelies <3 I'm just a normal chick that enjoys gifting people. I got tired of trying to find charities so decided to check out gtpays. Sadly, the one I went to had a lot of rule breakers, so I made this~
Feel free to come chat with me and hangout~
User Image


Co-Owner- The Nephilim Rosier
Um...hiya! I'm just a clumsy second year uni student who had the luck to meet an amazing Angel in the course of gifting, and I'm always so glad I met her, mainly because she's a great friend, but also because if I didn't, I probably wouldn't be here in this thread! I'm not scary at all and not good at talking about myself like this, so feel free to throw a cookie at me if you wanna talk c:
User Image


Thread Mule - The Floating Wishes
All contest funds will be on here and only I have access to it. Feel free to send it a friend request if you'd like. Many events go through this account as far as submitting entries.
User Image

Mods -
User Image
Jensen Quackles -Hiatus-
User Image
User Image
User Image

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Here we will put users who have gone above and beyond in gifting!
We thank you for showing your love for the thread and others.
At the end of the month, the user with the most nominations will get a prize. We tally the nominations every Sunday. DO NOT PM people asking them to nominate or even suggest it, let them do it on their own. Anyone found begging/asking for nominations will not be eligible for the months prize.

Please nominate anyone who has gifted you an item/gold amount of 300m+ here
If you've been gifted and they weren't under you, include them here.
If they gave you something as a giftback (meaning you sent a trade and they gifted something as a way to say thank you) include them here.
(*) this name will always remain in the list but will not be counted in the end of the month prize.

1 ) *PandieKisses - Donated a full trade of VERY awesome items to be used in future thread contests!!! Whenever we do a contest using one of her donated items it will be noted
2 ) n o m a b I e -
3 ) azuneko1
4 ) l2eita
5 ) Jensen Quackles
6 ) Paiglet
7 ) Devon Bon
8 ) Sera-love
9 ) l3e l3eautiful
10 ) Ixora fen
11 ) SaratoninSunshine
12 ) tinkerboricua
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This will be a list of people who always return to the thread. A white list of sorts.

We do have our generous gifters list, but I also wanted a place to put people who keep the thread moving and flowing well.
Anyone who helps out with reporting issues will also be listed here as a thank you.
We do have our mods but even they can sometimes use help gathering info.

1 ) l2eita
2 ) azuneko1
3 ) Devon Bon
4 ) l3e l3eautiful
5 ) Paiglet
6 ) tinkerboricua
7 ) SaratoninSunshine
8 ) x-WhattaBeastt
9 ) Cheeky Nini
10 ) Ixora fen
11 )
12 )
13 )
14 )

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For those people who gift junk and expect more for what they give / are rude when people remind them of the rules / don't even gift at all / give the bare minimum all the time.

If you run into someone like this, PM a mod or the owner. DON'T wrongfully report anyone. If you're unsure about something, PM a mod and ask for help.

Perma Bans:
mii on the wii - known for not gifting users in all threads he goes to. Didn't gift here either. Insta ban for being a known scammer

Cheeky Chi and Cheeky Dreams - Posted in the thread without reading the rules. Had PMs and profile set to private and when I quoted him in the thread about it he deleted his post instead. Which is also against the rules. Cheeky Dreams is his mule account.
X-KauLoveSlave-X - Posting in MANY gifting threads and never gifting anyone (I PMed them to ask)
bleachgirl9 - Consistent and constant breaking of the following rules;
Gifting under the min
Gifting the min itself
Gifting just at the min
Putting junk items in trades
Deleting posts
Suspected profiting

Chinaa Lee - SEVERAL rule breaks in just a short visit;
Private profile
Failure to gift a user and taking over 30 minutes to gift
Needing to be prompted to gift a user
Gifting JUST AT the minimum when a gift finally was sent

Groped by an Angel - Rule violations: Sandwiching a user. Minimum gifting several times. Asking to gift multiple items. Gifting free event items. Suspected attempt to profit.
Azn S8ter - Gifting bare minimum several times, not gifting at all, sent ME a pm about needing to gift him after only 9 minutes of my posting, and had PMs and profile set to friends only so I could not even contact him
TokerkingNEW - Ignoring several rules after I discussed them for at least an hour with him, causing unneeded drama, reporting people that did nothing wrong, ect
iNerdyDorkyAsian/ll Vi3TZ ll - mule accounts
Hasta Lemonista - absolutely 100% rude. Flipped out on me when I nicely asked her to send a user a new gift since the one she sent was only 2k
Unicorn Loser - Sent me a trade with three items all under 5k so I send a pm asking her to check the rules and she replies with "none for you b***h" so banned for being rude after undergifting
MlxNova - underage - PM sent and told to stop posting, he replied and posted again anyway, once again told and explained why he can't post and he once again posted anyway. Banned for disregarding the rules
trishalee66969 - Originally just a temp ban, changed to perma after she contacted me from two alt accounts and threatened to report the thread for reasons that are not accurate and after being told by Feline to stop harassing me
Flankie/Flochi - Had a temp ban until they said rude comments about the thread and me and lied about things happening in the thread. Changed to a full ban due to posting drama and lies. Since this IS my personal account and the user is rude to me/about me the ban will remain.
Mista Pickles - Broke TOS by advertising then replied with "You are not worth my time.
Honestly, everyone was right about you.
Kill yourself."

xsyq - High suspicion of being a mule of woxje and several others, rushing several users into accepting trades within only a few minutes of them being sent, changing the amount in a trade because a user didn't accept within 2 minutes of it being sent.

Temp Bans: Piksiuke - 3 days

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Thread Run Contests (Either by myself or Rosier or both)

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User run Contests (Meaning not run by me)

Sesshy's Bunny Bonaza!
A series of mini-contests run by Sessh-kun.

Posters participating are still obligated to gift accordingly.
Sandwiching is is allowed only for the duration of the contest. Make sure you don't go crazy though. (Meaning the same two people shouldn't be posting over and over and over)
We will keep watch make sure there is no confusion or chaos. <3
Contact Sessh-kun with the prize you wish to claim.
I will list what items have been claimed.

Keep an eye out for her posts.
She will occasionally dress up as a bunny while posting.
If she's dressed like this, you know a contest is in play.
-She will only ever dress that way when a contest is in play!-
All winners get to choose an item from her Prize Bank.
Claimed items:
Cassiopeia Cutie
Gold Winking Dashing Eyes
Black Knight Vanguard
Princess Manner
Angelic Staff
Angelic Sash

Bunny Catch Contest:
She will sporadically dress in her contest bunny suit. *see above link.
Watch out for her posts. She will spontaneously post "Hop, hop, hop."
The first person to quote her and say "I caught the White Rabbit" wins an item from her Prize Bank.
She may do this several times in one day or only once in a day. You'll just have to catch her. emotion_yatta
You may only win this ONCE per 24 hours. She may do it several times a day, so let's give more than one person a chance to win.

Funny Bunny/Rabbit Riddle Contest:
This contest will also be signaled by her contest-bunny dress up.
She will post a rabbit related riddle/joke. Yes, it will be cheesy.
The first person to quote her with the correct answer wins!
They will have their choice of an item from her Prize Bank.

*Hippest Hopper Contest:
This contest will be signaled by an announcement post made by her.
She will also be dressed in a version of her contest-bunny dress up.
She will spontaneously post "I am the Hoppiest Hipster ever!"

Throughout this contest, she will be dressed as a very cluttered version of her bunny self.
Her equipped list will be disabled. You'll have 30 minutes to guess what she is wearing.
Whoever guesses the most of what she is wearing in that time wins an item from her Prize Bank.

Guessers are allowed as many guesses as they like within the time frame.
All guesses will be sent to her (Sessh-kun) via PM to avoid clogging the thread.
The PM subject must be Hippest Hopper Contest. She absolutely requires it.
She send a list of her equipped items to me (Angels Alibi) beforehand so I can compare.
I will also be sent a copy of final guesses to determine who is closest.

If there is a tie all winners will receive prizes. All get to chose from the Prize Bank.
The order of who chooses first is chosen by who sent their final guess first.

If only one person guesses everything she am wearing, they get 2 prizes.

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classified_jet DUN DUN DUN gaia_kittenstar
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Angels Alibi

Your avatar is adorable <3
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AWMG YES NEW ONE! hi people xD

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