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Total Donation Total: 4,000,000

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[About Me]:

Hello Gaians. My name's Charlie, but you can call me Elxraich, Elx, Xephi, Xeph, or Char. I've gone by quite a few names here on Gaia. DracoBoy75, rian_number_04995, Lord_Xephiroth, and Elxraich are probably my most memorable. I joined September 27, 2008. In my time here, I've spent most of my time in sign threads, in PYP threads, in CB, Rally, and in The Exchange. So I'm a... different Gaian than most, having taken a lot of personality from each of these sources. I honestly didn't think I'd get anywhere in Gaia, never be a rich man or anything, but thanks to an old friend of mine who donated 60mil, I finally got somewhere. I don't remember his username, and he doesn't talk to me anymore. My inspiration, here on Gaia at least, is the one and only B R A I N. He's the first person I had seen wearing Angelic Halo. I want to be one of the few who own one of them, and I will with your help.

But off the topic of my Gaian existence and onto who I really am. My real name is Larry Charles Francis [error: Can't Find Surname] II. I go by Charlie, though, as I've said before. I'm an 18 year old college student. I'm pansexual. I've had a rough past. I'm a gamer, and a huge Pokénerd. I play Minecraft and Pokémon Y in my free time. I've got fluffy brown hair and blue eyes. I'm 6'2". And for the ladies, yes, I'm single. emotion_awesome
[A Pokemon Trainer's Quest]:

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Submarine Capsule
- / 14,500,000 (ABP)
User Image
Welcome to the World of
151 / 151 complete!
User Image
zOMG Messenger Bag
- / 28,292,500 (ABP)

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[Gold Shop Quests]:

All Baseball Caps (x10)

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
['03 Items]:

User Image
Angelic Halo
- / 1,777,555,000

User Image
Devil Tail
- / 155,000,000

User Image
- / 75,000,000

User Image
- / 18,000,000
['04/'06 Items]:

User Image
Horns of the Demon
- / 27,500,000

User Image
Angelic Pendant
- / 14,000,000

User Image
Winged Anklets
- / 75,000,000

User Image
Ancient Katana
- / 5,800,000
[Art Request]:

Hello Gaian Artists.

My name's Charlie, and I'd like some art of my Pokemon Trainer OC. He is based heavily off of the character's from Gen. I, primarily Green Oak.

Here are the basics.

Age: 18
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 164lbs
Hair Colour: brown
Hairstyle: [sample] [sample] [sample] and a bit based off of my hair [sample] [sample]
Eye Colour: blue with a gold ring around the pupil. [sample]
Clothing: [glasses] [shirt] [belt] [pants] [shoes]
Accesories: [ring]

He uses four special pokemon.

A blue eyed Absol
A black tailed, blue eyed Mewtwo
A Porygon-Z, colored where the Pink is Black and Blue is White. Also, have it's eyes styled more like Porygon2.

I'd prefer it in Sugimori Style if at all possible, but just show me your samples and I will tell you if I am interested or not.

If interested please bump the thread and PM me. I like dealing with things privately. Thank you.

[link to original thread]

Sansuii - 4,000,000

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