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Dunkeltier's impossible quest - Remastered

Current Quest: Horns of the Demon - finished
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Welcome, fellow Gaian!

24th/25th January 2012, somewhere around midnight
I guess I should start believing in angels. How would you feel if you came online and all of a sudden your quest was finished?
Amazed? Thankful? Confused?
It's all of that for me and honestly, it feels weird.
I've been ogling the Horns of the Demon from my first days on Gaia and it was THE item I wished for. There were many others, more expensive and with more poses but they weren't like this, simple, classic, something you could use on a lot of avatars giving them more personality without distracting from the outfit.
Once questing items without having to be a great artist became possible, I started saving. In the end it was the item I decided to give up everything else for. And I guess this quest was important for me in a way. I should focus more on what is really important everywhere in life, even if that means having to leave behind habits or things that once made me happy.

I would like to use the first post to thank theannacracker who decided to leave Gaia and chose me in her giveaway to get that much wanted item.
[I'll write a bit more after sleeping.]

21st January 2012
It feels like s**t is getting so real. I got half the gold I need (aiming for 8mil because of the inflation) and I just changed the avatar I had for over a year. I took off most of the items I won't wear later so I can sell them.
I still wish I could speed this quest up more but I'm actually getting on pretty well lately. Let's just hope that my items sell quickly :3

Please read on to see how I want to accomplish my quest, why I would be glad if you helped out and to take a look at my wishlist!
The Quest for my Dream

I started thinking about the avatar I might want later. Looking for something really simple.
This is what is on my mind right now, although it will take forever to get a Fall of the Evening Star.

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Total Value: 24,200,000 Gold
After Exclusions: 14,200,000 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Chess Pieces
Fall of the Evening Star
Horns of the Demon

I am very undecided about the top and bottom. I want much of the marble skin showing and I was thinking about one of the Alruna's Rose poses. I'd appreciate suggestions if you have any.

I'll put the questbar for Fall of the Evening star here to find it more quickly:
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The Quest for my Dream - Remastered

How will I do it?
I can't really afford to put real money into this so I will stick with whatever else I can do:
I used to play Booty Grab a lot but it's really laggy lately so I don't go looking for threads anymore and just click whatever crosses my path while posting.
I currently try selling some of the items I got in my years of being here. Sadly, the items I like the most are also the most expensive ones but it's a start.
My art isn't really good and takes forever to finish, so it's not really an option but I will consider it if I happen to get a generous donation.
I can probably help you with problems you encounter using Windows, Linux, programming in Java and web design so just ask.

Why would I need help?
University keeps me busy and I need to see my friends, too.
There's more but it doesn't really belong here.
Dunkeltier needs you!

Why I would greatly appreciate your help:
I know that I could do this pretty much on my own although it takes forever. But every bit added to my quest takes away a little of the pressure to reach my goal before the price pops up to impossible.

How can you help?
Of course there is no need to donate to me to help me. Bumping this thread helps as well. And wishing me good luck with my quest also makes me happy heart And I love art, although this is totally off topic!

If you feel generous though, I'd be happy if you
* tipped my post(s)
* donated gold, random items, whatever
* made me an offer if you are selling Horns at a cheap price whenever you feel the money I have suits you (although I'm still far from that point...)

Any donation, no matter how small it might be, gets you listed as my donator! I will not forget you.
Who is Dunkeltier?

You might wonder who I am and why you should give me anything. So here's a little something about me.

* My name's secret ^^ This is the internet after all. Just call me by my screen name.
* I'm 20 and from Germany.
* I study informatics.
* I want to code engines and AI (artificial intelligence) for computer games later or maybe simulations for the industry.
* I'm highly interested in the architecture of computer operating systems.
* I like to draw and chat.
* I'm quite good at speaking and writing in English but I'm a bit shy when it comes to talking to native speakers redface
* I enjoy travelling a lot.
My Donators

wahmbulance This needs attention:

The wonderful Dinky has just recently finished questing her horns and posted this lovely something in her quest thread:
Dinky Demon

Charity Quest Aider Thingy =P

So I've been feeling a little demonic delight since I got my horns <3 And I've decided to spread the joy, I'm going to donate 20k to one person every time I make 100k towards my current quest. Currently as this thread has not been noticed I've been donating to Dunkeltier. I met them in a charity thread when a girl called Toxic Jello was leaving Gaia and giving away all her items. Since then the people of that thread have regrouped and formed a new charity thread you may wanna check out here. Dunk and I visit from time to time =D And if you fancy a donation from me yourself just hang around here and provide a link to your quest thread ;0

Total Donations: 40k

Isn't she the best? If you read this, please stop by her quest thread and say hello so she won't be lonely.

outdated sad

Horns of the Demon:
KeokiBunny sent me some random items! heart
Demynxis donated 20k gold. heart
Azn_kitsune donated 9251g heart
reokoe donated 30k heart
-[Toxic Jello]- donated 100k to my quest! 4laugh heart heart
Nox Vulpes donated 100k! 4laugh heart heart
Unsavory Cactus donated by an awesome anonymous person rofl
Jenovaproject_12 donated 20k! heart
i C h e w K i d z donated 10k heart
O-Mokona-O donated 500g 4laugh
Isves donated 2,000g heart
FoxTailAngel donated 20k heart heart
reokoe donated 15k heart
killer sand cat donated 10k heart
Jenovaproject_12 donated a Crystal Box (14.700g) heart
the wonderful Toxic Jello Charity donated an Octopus Plushie mrgreen
the wonderful Toxic Jello Charity also donated a Blue Sweetheart Teddy heart
Cariella donated 10k heart
II Yuki Angel II donated 20k heart
Tsuko donated Grape Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top & Goldfish Scarf heart
Irreplaceable Smile donated Irrawaddle Dolphin's Bubble Ring (sold for 15,680g) heart heart
[x] Bob-IT [x] donated Enchanted Wooden Trunk 4laugh
Dinky Demon donated 20k heart heart
Dinky Demon donated another 20k heart heart 4laugh
Soung donated an awesome 60k heart redface Much love!
Dinky Demon donated 20,000g redface You're my hero ^^
Quest for Charity charity donated 5k heart
Dramatic Climax sent me a Toothy mrgreen
Dinky Demon donated 20,000g again heart
daydreamer11691 donated 20k heart
reokoe donated 15k heart
C h e x x e r donated 32.5k heart
nightmareBK donated 10k heart
Wolf_n_floW donated a Golden Fleece heart 4laugh
devils_sweet_lullaby1 donated 2k
MizerysChild donated Fausto's Bottle 2nd Gen., Enchanted Strings and Rock Hard (Demonic Mic) heart heart 4laugh Enjoy real life 3nodding
Rainnyy Days donated 15k heart
theannacracker donated Horns of the Demon, Powdy Pengy, January Birthstone Cape, Let it Snow, Love Wrapped, Atrum Egg, Magical Girl, Fox Tail, Pink Neko Cosplay, Clover Cap, Frigit Night Jewel, Mythrill Coin, 100k eek heart

Marisathief donated Basic Black One Piece Swimsuit

Random items from my wishlist:
i C h e w K i d z sent me a Cecil heart heart
Jenovaproject_12 donated Exalted Rook heart
a generous anonymous person gave me a Star Lantern heart
rilsin-b gave me a June Birthstone crown heart

by Bramblepelt101 heart Love her!
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My other Quests // My Wishlist

My wish list:
This is reduced to the Horns for now.

I finished questing these:
heart marks donated items

Wild Armor
Black Wolf
Uncanny Form
Autumn Glory
Dreamer's Dust
The Lusty Scoundrel
Cherry Blossom
Samurai Yoroi
Acid Teru Teru Bozu

and some others not worth listing
(all above between 1.11.09 and 10.12.09)

Fall of the Morning Star (10.12.09)
Silent Night (12.12.09)
Fremere's Guard(13.12.09) <- this was a hard one ^^
Holiday Cardinal (18.12.09)
Dec09 Letter (24.12.09)
Voracious Fog (25.12.09)
Silver Laurels (25.12. 09)
Nitemare Bustier (26.12. 09)
Gothic Veil (26. 12. 09) late at night..^^
Sprinkles Scarf (26.12.09)
Bacon Bits (28.12.09)
Birthday Crown (1.1.10)
Zookeeper's Jacket (7.1.10)
Holy Gauntlets (7.1.10)
Cecil - donated by i C h e w K i d z (17.1.10) heart
Exalted Rook - donated by Jenovaproject_12 (20.1.10) heart
Layla (27.1.10)
Majnun (30.1.10)
Star Lantern - donated by a generous anonymous person (31.1.10) heart
Kiki Kitty Mylar Birthday Balloon (1.2.10)
a Juvie Camp Striped Hoodie from an anonymous benefactor heart (7.2.10)
Banners & Links

Links in:
Note to self: Link in
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Links out:
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My Donations

I stopped keeping track of these. I feel like showing off when I do. Just spy around Toxic Jello Charity and you might see my name somewhere.
Open now! *cuts ribbon*

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