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Welcome to Dreams to come True Charity.

Here's a bit about me before you reach the Introduction.

I started out as one greedy user - it may seem hard to believe but yes. All I wanted was gold, gold and more gold (lol). I helped a bit here and there but it was mainly about me. After being quite rich, which then was only like 5-7M, I saw the user Shuryn. He had a quest for the Angelic scarf and I thought to myself how hard this must be for some users that don't know how to make gold as I do, and so I helped him; I gave him about 400-500k, but again back then that was quite a lot because the scarves were only 800-950k so it helped him a lot, and after that I felt good about what I did, it made me want to help more people. So here and there I helped more users . I had gotten into art which I thought was a NO WAY for me.. but I love it now!
I met someone who changed me a lot. His name is Devyn-m and he helped me sooo much by showing me what friendship is and what's most important. He was hacked and had a Charity Art Auction to try and get back his items. He had lost over 100M in items and the auction AB was a high - Angelic Minis (which were 2OM then). I Ab'd it for him so he could get his items back!
And so after making myself over 1OOM in items and gold I made this charity! I really care for the users. I spend soo much money to help everyone - it makes me feel really good about myself, because really pixels aren't everything, this is just a game.
I plan to have this charity for as long as Gaia is around! Even if I were to leave I have very professional staff that are here to help everyone.

Everyone please go read the rules to find out the latest things!

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1. You're here C;

2. Rules

3. How To Become A Member

4. Event Items

5. Contests 1

6. Contests 2

7. Contests 3

8. Staff List

9. Banners

10. Links

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Rules --
[rōōlz --] a standard, law, ruling, guide, precept, order.
Rules are put in place to keep the community or society from falling into complete chaos. They are not to be broken. In the event of rule breaking, one may find oneself banned from the thread. If you have any questions about the rules or the charity itself, do not be afraid to ask a staff member.

1. Follow T.O.S. This is a given, particularly around the entire community. To break the Terms of Service would not only get you reported but you also jeopardize yourself being banned from this thread AND banned from gaiaonline.

2. No fighting with other users. Debates are fine, as long as they don't become too personal. If a debate does become personal, we expect the subject to be dropped. If you have a concern about a user, please talk to a staff member and explain your situation.

3. Do NOT , I repeat, do NOT beg ANYONE in the charity for a donation. This includes no commenting on profiles begging for donations, PMing someone for a donation, and/or sending a trade asking for a donation. Asking to "borrow" gold or items is included in this. This also applies to sob-stories.

4. Please use a semi-literate diction. Be polite, use proper grammar, have patience, and enjoy yourself. You don't have to be perfect with spelling or grammar, just make your sentences understandable.

5. Avoid overdoing "bumps" or emoticons in one post. Example. Typing "Bump" over & over & over in one post. Or posting so many emoticons in one post, with no meaning. Spamming will NOT be tolerated. *During events we ask that you limit bumps*

6. Please avoid page stretching and advertising your thread or quest, etc, in your post. Keep quoting trees to a maximum of five. (*If you wish to be added to the AFFILIATES part of the thread, then please pm us, and not post it.*)

7. During events, even mini-events, you are not allowed to use ANY mule (a secondary account) for entry to any contests. You are only allowed to use your main account. This can get you banned from the charity.

8. Please Leave a Comment in each of the staff's Profile after getting an item for contests and giveaways.

9. Keep us alive by donating, advertising us without breaking TOS, becoming a regular in the thread, and posting links to the charity to your signature, profile, or quest thread.

10. Members are only allowed to enforce the rules in a friendly way when there are NO mods around. So be responsible!

11. Only members of the thread can participate in event contests and page prizes. Please attach your membership card to the PM when you are sending an entry to the mule. If you would like to become a member, you must complete the application requirements and then submit your application to the charity mule.

12. When participating in ANY contest (i.e dice contests or event contests), you must label your PM with the contest you are entering for and place each entry in separate Pms. Any entry that is not labeled will be discarded. We should not have to play guessing games as to what you are entering for.

13. If you do not accept a trade from the Dreams to Come True mule or staff members after 30 days, we have the right to cancel the trade.

14. And lastly have fun; enjoy your stay. This rule is basically self explanatory. Enjoy your self. Make new friends. Isn't that what gaia is really about? <33

**These rules may be subject to change at anytime**

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Become an official Charity member!

- Post 100 times. Please do not only bump for your posting count.
- Be literate and able to use good spelling and grammar
- NOT be a mule
- Follow all rules stated in this thread
- Be ambitious, active, kind and dedicated to the Charity.
- When PMing the Charity mule please put 'Member Application' as the subject title
- Once all these are completed you may PM the Charity mule -- Mule's Profile And than you'll receive a member card like below-

User Image

Charity join date? *what was the date you joined the charity*
Have you read our rules?
Do you agree to follow all the rules?
If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
Nick name?
Did you post 100 posts before sending this? ( If so please provide us with the link showing proof )

Please make sure when you fill out this application that you PLEASE Pm it to the charity mule- Profile

Please attach your membership card with your PM when sending a contest entry to the mule.

If you have any questions what so ever, please pm one of our staff!

Thank you. C;
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Are ya ready fer some games?
'Ere ya go mates!
Be sure t' read th' directions carefully now!
We don' want any.. mishaps. Ya know?

User Image

Yo ho yo ho and a bottle of rum! Waaaait. Whatare these things they be askin'? Questions? Who be questionin’ me crew? Well that be fine. Let ‘em ask. We be knowin’ things too! So we’ll answer them questions an' sendin’ 'em in to Dreams To Come True to get 'em treasure of 30,000 shiny gold coins User Image. But we gotta get ‘em right boys!

1. Happy it's summer?
2. Favorite thing about summer?
3. Are you gonna go to the beach?
4. Will you hang out with friends?
5. Will you stay up crazy hours?
6. Love/hate the summer heat?
7. Can't wait till Fall?
8. Do you miss school?
9. Ice cream or Snow cones?
9. Pizza or BBQ?
10. Pool or Beach?
11. Jog or walk?
12. Going to the movies or watch at home?
13. Sneakers or sandals?
14. How long is summer?
15. When does fall start?

16. Gaia or Facebook?
17. Yahoo or Hotmail?
18. Mall or Outlet?
19. Mountain climbing or Mountain biking?
20. Shorts or jeans?
21. Favorite TV show?
22. Favorite website?
23. Favortite food?
24. Favorite song?
25. Favorite movie?
26. Soda or juice?
27. Anime or Manga?
28. Steak or Chicken?
29. Book or magazines?
30. Truth or dare?

User Image

Aye mateys! There be treasure afoot! And them staffers be holdin’ it back from us! They be fightin’ hard to keep ’em but we'll steal ’em all 'way! There be nothin’ they can keep from us! All we gotta do is solve these clues they be givin’ us to figure out which item they be holdin’ back. But ye be warned, they be only be givin' us one chance. So use y’er noggin’ and guess them items right so we can be takin’ them treasures User Image back to land! Once we know we need send 'em in to Dreams To Come True.
[Take a gander at that treasure map!]

Look fer the clues hidden by our staff an' send us a picture of each one!

[b]Zoey's Treasure:[/b][Number of Zoey's Location]
[b]Monkay's Treasure:[/b][Number of Monkay's Location]
[b]Tusia's Treasure:[/b][Number of Tusia's Location]
[b]Silver's Treasure:[/b][Number of Silver's Location]
[b]Soccer's Treasure:[/b][Number of Soccer's Location]
[b]Marshmallow's Treasure:[/b][Number of Marshy's Location]
[b]Doppel's Treasure:[/b][Number of Doppel's Location]

User Image

Words? Whatda we do about this one mates? I don’t know them e’s from them h’s. So you gotta help me find them things! First ten to get it done gets them gold! 10k mates! That’s 10,000 shiny gold coins User Image! After them ten we can only get 2,500 gold but it’s better than nothin’. So, get crackin’! Just be sendin' ‘em to Dreams To Come True.
[Get ta work!]

User Image
User Image

User Image

Who they be thinking’ we are?! To put us up against them ninjas?! We’ll crush ‘em and they’re way of sneakin’ around my ship! They be wantin’ everyone to chose a side I be hearin’. Ya got to fill out this here form they be giving us. After this here first three weeks of the event they be no longer takin’ entries for whose side you be choosin’. After this week they be startin’ up some kind of votin’ system. Once they be up them people will be votin’ on who should be winnin’. Then, at the end they be tallyin’ up who made the most strikes on the enemy. Everyone who voted on that person gets some kinda number for ‘em, based on when they chose that side, and then they be put into a public Random Number Generator in the people postin place. I think they be callin’ it a thread, mates. And the three people who be chosen get themselves a prize User Image. One that we’ll steal from ‘em. So brush up on y’er shootin’ skills mates! It be our time to shine!

Oh, an' don't be forgettin' to send this feller in ta Dreams To Come True or yer entry won't be tallied!

[b]Ninja or Pirate:[/b]

User Image

Damned ninjas be takin’ our sails again! This be the fifth time this week. That be it! We’re gonna trick ‘em mates. Use this picture and design us a new sail for the wenches to be makin’. They won’t recognize the new symbol and then they can’t be takin our sails no more. But what be in it for us? Loot of coure! And the good stuff. The mate who be makin’ the best sail for us be getting User Image. Just send your one and only design to that Dreams To Come True fellow and ready yourselves for the trick of a lifetime.

[Set Sail!]

User Image

-Cap'n & Crew-
Lookin’ good matey. And make the hate a big one. We been lookin’ fer a new look. And we be leavin’ it to you. Send in a tektek to Dreams To Come True. No! Make it two! One be the captain and one be the crew. The ones who be lookin’ the best wins something’ shiny User Image. But remember mates, we gotta be able to identify if they be our crew member or our captain . Whether it be a same item in both tekteks or a same color scheme. Just coordinate ‘em for us bloaks.

-The Great Enemy-
Just look at ‘em boys. They be lookin’ like creepers in every way. Ninjas. But I think they be changin’ on us. Looks like they be getting’ a new look too. Make y’er best ninja get up so we can pillage and pilfer ‘em. We gotta look just like ‘em to get in. So make the best get up ya got and send ‘em to Dreams To Come True for a nice lookin’ prize User Image and a bottle a rum!

User Image

Every third Friday of the month they be talkin' bout givin' us some free stuff! OOOOH! FREE STUFF!
Watch out mateys 'cause they be functionin' on Eastern Time.
Keep yer eyes of that clock cause the free stuff is gunna be tossed ashore at 7PM til 9 PM EST!

User Image
User Image

User Image
Whatcha be lookin’ at mates? Oh. These questions I be seein’? Them be givin’ us a lot to do I be seein’. But we will do it mates! Not jus' for the treasure this time but to show ‘em what we’re made of! Them creepin’ bloaks won’t know what we be knowin’! I be hearin’ that everyone who be finishin’ these long worded things be getting’ 30,000 shiny gold coins User Image if it’s done by the end! That be a good prize for us all to be bringin’ in. All we gotta do mates is send a bottled message to this Dreams To Come True folk to get our prize at the end. So get crackin‘!

User Image

1.What is a pirate flag called?
2.What was a punishment for a captured pirate?
3.What does "X" mark?
4.What is an article?
5.Who was Edward Teach better known as?
6.Who captained the Adventure Galley?
7.What was the Golden Age of Piracy?
8.Which pirate became Governor of Jamaica?
9.What is a Dinghy?
10.What is a common pirate drink?
11.What is a "scurvy dog"?
12.When was Blackbeard executed?
13.Who wrote the book Treasure Island?
14.What is a popular pirate weapon?
15.Why do pirates wear eyepatches?
16.Why did pirates keep parrots?
17.Why did pirates get scurvy?
18.What is traditionally on a Jolly Rodger?
19.How was "Black Sam"?
20.What was the name of Black beard's ship?

21.In America, shinobi are known as _________?
22. Ninja's are also called what?
23. What era of Japan did they originate from?
24. What are some of the specializations of a ninja?
25. How obscure is trying to place the origin of a ninja?
26. Around what century did the art of the ninja "die out"?
27. When was it revived again?
28. What region of the world did this originate?
29. What was found there?
30. Were there any religious beliefs tied into the art of the ninja?
31. What is a misconception, an ability, that people often think ninja's can do?
32. What does "shinobi" mean?
33. Around when was this term first used?
34. What major event in the West brought the use of ninja more?
35. Why did the Western people start using that term?
36. Is there a plural form to ninja?
37. What is it?
38. Who were ninja more likely to be hired by?
19. Under their employers, what was their major rolls?
40. Was assassination one of them?
41. Could ninja confuse enemies in battle?

42. What did pirates think piercing their ears would help with?
43. What superstition did pirates believe about women?
44. Why would pirates take over bays?
45. When did most of the pirating take place?
46. What century did pirating most likely begin?
47. What was the most common disease that pirates got?
48. What was it a lack of?
49. Another disease was the Yellow Fever. How did pirates get it?
50. What were the effects of it?
51. What happens to a pirate if they catch gangrene?
52. How did they most likely get it?
53. What was a main reason that pirates stole ships?
54. How did ships that were sailing in the seas do to avoid getting attacked by pirates?
55. Why was this?
56. Are parrots worth a lot of money to pirates?
57. What was one of the reasons that pirates kept them around?
58. Was the captain of a pirate ship really its master?
59. About how many pirates were on a ship?
60. Did pirates actually exaggerate the "r" in some words?
61. Davy Jones is a slang term. What does it stand for?

62. What is 'ninjutsu'?
63. What kind of disguises did ninjas use?
64. How many types of ninja weapons are there?
65. What is another word for 'ninja'?
66. How many skills are there in ninpo?
67. What is a 'shuriken'?
68. What is a female ninja called?
69. What is a 'tanto'?
70. What kind of jobs did ninjas do?
71. What is 'kuji-in'?
72. What is 'kuji-kiri'?
73. What happens when a ninja uses kuji-kiri & kjui-in together?
74. Was espionage a chief role for the ninja?
75. What did it involve?
76. Eventually, were ninja used for intelligence?
77. When the ninja were sabotaging someone, what was the primary thing they did?
78. What was the primary target?
79. What is the most famous things ninja do?
80. Have many deaths of famous people been counted as an assassination by a ninja?
81. Are ninja specifically trained in this?

82. What famous warlord had several attempts on his life?
83. Using an arquebus, how many times was Nobunaga shot at in 1571?
84. Did he die?
85. What was the name of the ninja who tried to kill him?
86. Was he eventually caught?
87. What happened to him?
88. In 1573, who tried to assassinate Nobunaga again?
89. Was he successful?
90. After it failed, what did he do?
91. Was his body displayed in public?
92. Were there countermeasures to defend against ninja?
93. Was a nightingale floor one of them?
94. Pirates or Ninjas?
95. Why?
96. Have you ever dressed up as one?
97. Do you own a eye patch?
98. If not would you like to?
99. Do you watch Pirate related movies?
100. Treasure Chest or Ancient scroll?
102. Sword or Gun?

103. Do you like Captain Jack Sparrow?
104. Have you been to Davy Jones locker?
105. Whats typically on a Pirates ship's flag?
106. What was Blackbeards first name?
107. Did you know that red flags on a pirate ship meant death to all that saw it?
108. Whats a common alcoholic drink that pirates drank?
109. Whats is the "Gallows point"?
110. What Pirate assisted America in the War of 1812?
111. Whats a Jolly Rodger?
112. Was Jack Sparrow actually a real pirate in real life?
113. What does "Avast ye!" mean?
114. "Yo ho ho and __________."
115. What’s another name for a pirate that begins with “B”?
116. What is the gold coin of Spain and the Spanish America’s pirates plundered?
117. What did a pirate call a comrade? Matey
118. Are you a Ninja?
119. Do you think a Ninja could beat a Pirate?
120. What is a shuriken?
121. Do you watch Naruto?
122. Who's your favorite character? If no, bump.
123. What color do ninja's typically wear?

124. Do you want to be a Ninja?
125. Where did Ninja's originate?
126. Whats the difference between a Ninja & a Samurai?
127. What was the chief role of a Ninja?
128. Do you own a ninja outfit?
129. Dressed up as one for Halloween?
130. Can Ninja's walk on water?
131. What's another name for a Ninja?
132. Have you played "Ninja"?
133. True or False. All Ninja's own cats.
134. Are Ninja's awesome?
135. Are Ninja's short?
136. Are Ninja's sneaky?
137. Are Ninja's unbeatable?
138. Are Pirates awesome?
139. Did you know Pirates still exist today?
140. How did a pirate address a younger man?
144. A cutlass is what?
142. What three handicaps are associated with pirates?
143. Who wrote “Treasure Island”?
144. Did you know there's "Talk like a Pirate day"?

145. When is this day?
146. Do you participate?
147. What was the punishment for piracy?
148. Whats the name of the Pirate in Peter Pan?
149. Whats a common phrase a Pirate say's?
150. why would Pirates get scurvy?
152. How do Pirates hide their treasure?
153. How was Blackbeard killed?
154. In the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, what's the name of Jack Sparrows ship?
155. What was a Pirates telescope called?
156. "Arrrrg! Shiver me _______."
157. What do Pirates call their treasure?
158. Ninja's or cake?
159. Ninja's or cats?
160. Ninjas or the internet?
161. Ninja's or Jack Sparrow?
162. True or False. Ninja's say Rawr.
163. True or False. There's not a lot of info on real Ninja's.
164. True or False. Ninja's can shape shift.
165. True or False. Ninjas are vampires.

166. What is a Ninja?
167. Could you be a Ninja?
168. Ever watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
169. Who's you favorite? If no, bump.
170. Whats a lower level Ninja?
171. Post the Ninja Emote 4 times in separate posts.
172. Spell out the word "Ninja" in separate posts.
173. Did you know there's a Ninja Google?
174. Have you seen a Ninja?
175. What would be a good Ninja name?
176. Do you watch ninja anime's?
178. If so, whats your favorite? If no, bump.
179. Post the Pirate emote 4 times in separate posts.
180. What do you like about Pirates?
181. Did you see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?
182. If so did you like it? If no, bump.
183. Did you know there was Female Pirates?
184. Pirates or cupcakes?
185. Pirates or Pizza?
186. Pirates or monkeys?

187. Pirates or books?
188. "Yo ho ho, it's a Pirates life for __"
189. In fictional stories, Pirates usually have what on their shoulder?
190. "Arrrg! walk the _____!!"
191. Whats the name of the 2 Pirate in Spongebob squarepants?
192. Do you read Pirate stories?
193. Have you seen One Piece?
194. Have you seen Treasure Island?
195. Name 3 Pirates.
196. Name 3 Pirate ships. (can be fictional)
197. If you were a Pirate, would you have a parrot on your shoulder?
198. Spell out the word "Pirate" in separate posts.
199. Did you know Privateers were pirates?
200. What is the job of swabs?
201. How long was the Golden age of piracy?
202. Did you know that were was one?
203. Did you know in most cases the selection of Pirate captain was by the crew?
204. On a Pirates ship, saying you're "going to the head" means what?
205. What was the home base for Pirates? Hint; starts with a T.
206. The English word "Pirate" Is derived from which Latin word?
207. Did you know, Julius Caesar was attacked by Pirates?

208. Did you know Viking's were the most famous and extensive pirates in medieval Europe?
209. Name a Ninja movie.
210. Name a weapon of a Ninja.
211. If your best friend a Ninja?
212. Ninja's or Harry potter.
213. Ninja's or Candy.
214. Ninja's or Edward Cullen.
215. Ninja's or Godzilla.
216. Would you go to Ninja school?
217. Would you hire a ninja?
218. Would you live with a Ninja?
219. Do you think these Ninja Question are weird?
220. Do you like the Ninja question's better?
223. What is Ninjutsu?
224. Ninjas: Yay or nay?
225. Name a fact about Ninja's.
226. Name an opinion about Ninja's.
228. Name something that isn't true about Ninja's.

229. Do Ninja's use the internet to buy their weapons?
230. Do they build their own weapons?
231. Is there a National act like a Ninja day?
232. Is there a Ninja sing?
233. Have you seen Ninja Assassin?
234. If so did you like it? If no, bump.
235. Are your cats little Ninjas? If you don't have any, bump.
236. Can dogs be Ninjas?
237. What do Ninja's eat?
238. Can Ninja's teleport?
239. Do you like Pirate songs?
240. Would you own a ship?
241. What do Pirates eat?
242. Would you ever see a Pirate in a Cadillac?
243. Why do Pirates wear eye patches?
244. Why would they have peg legs?
245. Do you own Treasure?
246. Do you like Pirate legends?
257. What is a Kraken?
258. Is there such thing as a Kraken?
259. Are pirates fun?
300. If so why? if no, bump.

User Image
User Image

Here are our Staff of the thread!

Son Zack - OWNER - [Profile] [Comment]

User Image

I started out as one greedy user, it may seem hard to believe but yes. All I wanted was gold, gold and more gold lol, I helped a bit here and there but it was mainly about me. After being quite rich which then was only like 5-7M. I saw the user Shuryn, he had a quest for the Angelic scarf, and I thought to myself how hard this must be for some users that don't know how to make gold as I do, and so I helped him; I gave him about 400-500k but again back then that was quite a lot because the scarves were only 800-950k so it helped him a lot, and after that I felt good about what I did and it made me want to help more people. So Here and there I helped more users, I had gotten into art which I thought was a NO WAY for me.. but I love it now!
I met someone who changed me a lot,his name is Devyn-m he helped me sooo much by showing me what friendship is and what's most important. He was Hacked and had a Charity Art Auction to try and get back his items. He had lost over 1OOM in items, and the auction AB was a high Angelic Minis which were 2OM then. I Ab'd it for him so he could get his items back!
And so after making myself over 1OOM in items and gold I made this charity, I really care for the users. I spend soo much money to help everyone, it makes me feel really good about myself, because really pixels aren't everything, this is just a game.
I plan to have this charity for as long as Gaia is around! Even if I were to leave I have very professional staff that are here to help everyone.


Zoey_100 - Co-Owner! [Profile] [Comment]

User Image

Hey there, my name is Zoey_100 but you can just call me Zoey. I am currently the third oldest staff member as well as the second in command (: Anyways you might not see me around all the time but more likely than not I am around keeping an eye on things ;P The main thing I want is for all of you guys to enjoy this beautiful thread and to become a part of this lovely family we have here <3


monkay0266 - Elite Staff! [Profile] [Comment]

User Image

Hallo! Ich heisse Monkay! ^^ For those of you who don't speak German: Hello! I'm Monkay! I have been on Gaia since June of 2006. During my first year, I wasn't very active, so I was a noob for a year. During the summer of '07, I became more active as a Gaian user and got involved in many guilds and threads. I joined Dreams To Come True approximately a year ago now. Sometime in Fall 2009, I became a member of this wonderful charity, and have loved it ever since. I have worked my way up on Gaia little by little. I don't bite, so feel free to start a conversation with me. ~^ Currently, I am a sophmore in college with a declared major in Anthropology. My plan for a minor is German. :3 My birthday is in April (Taurusssss! FTW!) and the date is of the 24th. I like it when people actually remember my birthday~! It makes me feel loved. ❤ I'm basically always on Gaia, and generally lurking in fifty places at once. :3 Imma master lurker! Kira-chan is my name twin, and I luff her for that~ Tata for now and enjoy your stay here in Dreams To Come True Charity. ~^


Tusia - [Profile] [Comment]

User Image

Who: Tusia
Age: I'm almost 20! biggrin I have birthday 5th October, if you consider buying me any gifts or art or anything ninja
From: Poland...do you guys know where this country is? I will tell you. In Europe. Middle Europe, next to Germany, before the Russia and under the Baltic Sea.
Adds: I like to be helpful person. I'm not as cute IRL as I'm here, I don't have msn (maybe I should have...whatever..), I don't like raisins, especially in cakes! >.<, I like learning languages (to be honest I can't do anything more xD). Just ask about more infos.
Have fun here!


Magical Maiden [Profile] [Comment]

User Image

Hey guys, the name's Silver, though I go by anything you can think of. I came to this thread a couple years ago, and haven't left since. Behind the computer, I'm a 20 year old woman who is friendly yet quick to anger. At the moment, I'm going to a community college, though even still I'm here with a game system or controller in my hand.


soccerstars10 [Profile] [Comment]

User Image

" Hola! My name is soccerstars10, just call me soccer or stars >.<
I joined Gaia in 07' and have been a member of this charity since summer of 08'. =] I'm now a junior in high school and my B-day is on Oct 23rd.
I really love this charity and every one in it, it's helped me so much and I've made good friends too. =] just follow the rules and everything will be ok & if your talking with me & I suddenly disappear I'm sorry! my laptop just sucks sweatdrop <3 "


Marshmallow C o n d o m s [Profile] [Comment]

User Image

Hey, I'm Marshmallow. You can call me that, or just Marsh. I don't mind. I'm fifteen, and from Canada! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I found DTCT several months ago, through an old friend. I may randomly disappear when talking to people or posting, but I'll always pop back in, and I lurk a lot. But basically, I love this charity lots, mainly for the amazingly awesome people here. :3


Doppelganger Love [Profile] [Comment]

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Ohhay there, this is Doppelganger Love speaking. Call me anything you want, just make sure I know you're referring to me. I'm basically the newest staff member here, joining Gaia in '10 and all. I'm 14, and my birthday's the 5th of Sept.

I tend to have a shorter attention span as the day drags on, so the safe thing to do is quote me. Hope to see you round. <3


Shanyume - Thread Artist! [Profile]

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Hello my name is Shanyume but please call me Shan. If you call me by my full name I feel like I'm in trouble sweatdrop . I am a recent college graduate and have an Associates of Art and Bachelors of Interior Design. I started playing Gaia in2003 however I didn't make this account till 2004. During my time here I've been doing freebie art for people because I love making people happy. A little note about me is I'm fairly shy and easily intimidated, but I love meeting new people and making new friends . Since I have been around for quite a while I was familiar with this charity and Zack however I didn't officially meet him until November 2009 when he complimented my water mage avatar entry in the weekly Gaia contest, which dumbfounded me mind you. Since then he's become one of my few but amazing friends. Recently he had asked me if I would like to be the charity artist and so here I am. I look forward to meeting everyone.


Dreams To Come True Charity Mule! - [Profile] [Comment]

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This is the charity mule!

If you have any questions at all, please PM this account.
If you want to donate to the charity, please send it to this account!
We will always send out giveaway's and contest prizes from the charity mule!

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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/dreams-to-come-true-charity/t.27041265_1/][img]http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i101/sonzack/OTHER STUFF/link_in2.png[/img][/url]

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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/dreams-to-come-true-charity/t.27041265_1/][img]http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i101/sonzack/OTHER STUFF/link_in1.png[/img][/url]

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