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Je pense à toi, où que tu sois.
Que nos soucis s'envolent
et que nos coeurs fusionnent.
Le moment est venu de réaliser ce voeu.
Et qui sait ?

Donation day, donation day, donation day. *dances merrily*

L'aventure ne sera peut-être pas si périlleuse.
Sans doute a-t-elle déjà commencé.
Nous ne vivons pas dans le même monde,
mais nous sommes sous le même ciel.
Un seul ciel, une seule destinée.
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Devout Giver

I've lost my way

Now, all that's left is to record all the donations on the donation post.

But I will go on until the end.
I've lost my way

Yay, donations are out now!

But I will go on until the end.

Ello thread!

i have FINALLY awaken from the dead

sorry for like not posting for about a week!

i might have said that i wasnt gunna be on last saturday and sunday but not for the whole week


i have been getting side tracked on meez

and yesterday i couldnt do anything because i was in so much pain


but i'm trying to at least let people know that i'm NOT dead.....yet....



kk now i forgot everything else


ok so later?

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I've lost my way

um...Okay Scene! We're so happy you aren't dead!

But I will go on until the end.


i'm happy that i know that at least one person is glad that i'm not dead

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so anyways..

how are you doing today queenie?
awh I have no colors to my text. Im on my mema's computer. and Im being lazy.
so woooo donation day! xD
I've lost my way

I'm pretty good.

I have a job interview on Monday...so...yeah...and I think this one could work out well..

You know, I think I may just have to wear my new skirt..it's casual and yet not at the same time...make a better impression...yeah...I'll do that...Probably....the only thing is it's going to be hot.....

Anyway, hello Rayne how are you?

But I will go on until the end.

thats good queenie


i almost called you blaize


i'm going crazy


all that pain had to mess me up or something

because now it fells like my breath has been shortened

I've lost my way

Scene: What happened?

But I will go on until the end.

idk really

on wednesday i got sour stomach and ever since the time i got it all it did was just get worse

yesterday all i was in was just pain with my stomach and my right side and nothing was helping me

i was like a few different things. but nothing helped

i kept trying to sleep to see if the pain would just go away but it never did

i even remember i fell a sleep in my room woak up and walked into the living room and passed out on the couch, waking up again and went back in my room and passed out again

they even considered taking me to the hospital cause i was in so much pain for so long

until my stepmom went to the store and got some peto bismol.

thats when everything pretty much ended

i took some, passed out, woak up a few hours later feeling WAY better took some more [lol], stayed up till about 4 am [xD], passed out and woak up after 2 pm [yea i sleep late xD]

but for some reason i have shortness of breath.

and i dont know why...
I've lost my way

That doesn't sound good at all. If that happens again I would definitely go to a doctor or something, you know.

But I will go on until the end.
I've lost my way

Hey guys, I'm gone. I'll probably be on sometime Sunday. See you then.

But I will go on until the end.
welcome back luv. hey everybody else. just popped in. Don't know if you guys will see me much this weekend. Got a bunch of school work to do. So hasta luego

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