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Welcome to Demon Wings | Angel Heart! I'm Dwah_hawD, the charity mule account. To get a donation from the charity, you will need to fill out the application and PM it to me.

But wait! Can it really be that simple? Yes it can. Of course, you will need to follow the rules listed below, but I think you'll find nothing too onerous there. There are rules for posting in the thread too, so even if you are here just to chat I suggest you give it a looksie.

Below you'll find the thread navigation. You can use ctrl + f to jump directly to the post you want by searching its number.

Now that that's out of the way, I hope you choose to stay here for awhile! We may have many pages, but don't be fooled. We're one of the friendliest charities in the forum!

You see, many charities do things like require you to post a certain number of times or post a certain length of time in their thread. This fulfills the two-part function of making their thread grow and showing your dedication to your quest. It's a way of doing things that is very beneficial for many! But when we (the three co-owners) started DWAH, we deliberately avoided that and have ever since. We found it coercive. It may help your post count in the short run but it doesn't give you kind, wonderful, loyal members in the long run. Everyone that's here is here because they want to be. Simple as that.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Read what some of our DWAHians have to say.

Dedication to DWAH by ChiiSaku

Though this thread may appear to be a charity...
The best donations that are made here have little to do with money.

It's about trust, love, friendship and appreciation.

This thread...
DWAH - Demon Wings|Angel Heart.

A one of a kind family.
One to treasure.
One to hold.
On to sacrifice the world for.

The best biggest donation one could get by visiting and applying:::
Friends to die for. <3

by Akatsuki Neyo
Depravity and morality
Wishes become reality
User ImageAbandoned desires
Hope to acquire

Demon Wings
Angel Heart
Feel like Kings
Get your start

A charity
Full of light
Quite the rarity
An awesome sight

Come and play
Enjoy your stay
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You should probably read these.

Rules for posting [read and follow these if you intend to post in this thread, whether you are applying for a donation or not] There is a passphrase in here that you will need to post if you want to start chatting in the thread. Posting it amounts to agreeing to abide by our rules, so please read them because if you post the phrase it will be assumed you have read them.

-Bumping is allowed, but not preferred. Do it only if no one's around to talk. Hey, talk to yourself even.
-No advertising! It's okay in your signature, but please don't spam. We hate spam. Also be aware that linking to things within your post style is a no-no. (Gaia's rule, not mine)
-please write "ding dong ferret", your birthday (not the year), and your favorite color in your first post. (: Otherwise you will probably be ignored/reminded till you do. (only the passphrase is required, the rest comes into play if you become a regular. >3> )
-If you don't feel that people are responding to you well enough, please don't whine about it. It's an annoying attempt at getting attention and no one likes it. Strike up an interesting conversation or contribute to one going on. If no one's around, come back later.
-Similarly, don't fish for donations by throwing out hints like no one's donated to you in awhile or your quest is really hard. If you apply, you get a donation. That's what the app's for.
-This isn't really a rule, more like a caution: an an usually high number of regulars in DWAH are not the same gender as their avi. The reason why can be found in the events post, but anyway, just proceed with caution^^ no one here will be offended if you get their gender wrong, however.

Rules for applying [read and follow these if you intend to apply for a donation, whether you are posting in this thread or not]

-You must use the application form, located in the next post.
-You can only apply for and receive a donation once. Give others a chance!
-Applications must be sent to the charity mule [Dwah_hawD] via PM with the supject title "DWAH Charity Application" or similar. If it's a no subject PM or it's posted in the thread, it just won't be seen.
-You don't have to post in DWAH, but your donation will be better if you do and you will probably be giftbombed now and then if you stick around. If you choose to post, be sure to read the rules above and follow them.

- If you read the above rules this should be clear, but we still have people that miss it (yes, really): DO NOT post your application form in the thread! Send it to Dwah_hawD in a PM!

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Psst. There are rules for applying. You should go read them.
For example, do NOT post this form in the thread!

[color=blue][b]1. Username:
2. What are you questing for, little pea?:
3. Link to your quest thread (if applicable):
4. How did you end up here at DWAH?:
5. Favorite thing to do on Gaia:[/b][/color]

Because we give a donation to everyone that applies correctly (i.e. following the app rules), our average donation is smaller than what you might see elsewhere, depending on the charity's funds at the moment. A high number of people apply, so this is to avoid bankrupting the charity. It is still possible to get a very large donation, however, if you stick around. Don't stick around just for that reason, though, or you will be disappointed. Your donation may take up to a week. If it takes longer than that, double-check to make sure you sent the form to the mule with a subject title of some kind. If so, we're running late and you can PM Blaize or Mrs S to speed things up.

Why We Give Daffodil Bouquets

When you get your donation, it will come with a daffodil bouquet. The yellow daffodil is a symbol of strength, renewal, and hope, chosen as an icon for the fight against cancer by the American Cancer Society and others. Everyone in DWAH is a big supporter of cancer awareness, and every April our regulars make up a large portion of the team captains in The Daffodil Movement. The event is run by charity owner Blaizekit.

For more information, please visit: The Daffodil Movement

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Namely, the people who have access to DWAH's mule accounts, Dwah_hawD and Ding Dong Ferret. C:

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Blaizekit- Current owner and manager of DWAH.
Hello everyone! I am one of the three original founders of DWAH, who took over total control sometime after. (That makes it sound like a coup? lol) In December 2011 I ended my solo career by inducting Mrs S as a co-owner. Now we run it together and she is the wonderful~. What is most important for you to know about me? I like people that are good-natured and I hate elitists. I respect someone that thinks I'm wrong and can tell me the exact reason why. I talk too much when I get excited and I overexplain things in general. I am sort of turned off by extreme emotions of any kind. I have a vain streak that I try very hard to keep under control so please ignore anything selfish that I say. I am very protective of my friends and I'm always willing to make more.
Other than that, just enjoy the thread and please try to have fun!^^

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Mrs_S_Snape- Current co-owner and secretary of DWAH.
Hi guys! I met several of the regulars here at DWAH via The Daffodil Movement and the fun that I had with them during the event continued when I started posting here. Soon acquaintances turned to friends and friends turned into family. From there I took on making a birthday list for the regulars, collecting first posts from new people and gift bombing people, both new and old, just because I felt like it. >.< Thus, with all my secretarial work, Blaizekit decided to make me an official staff member. And so here I am! So now that you know my connection to DWAH, here’s a little bit about me. I’m presently 24 years young and currently in graduate school working on my masters of library science. Um, some of my IRL friends swear that I radiate sunshine and I’d like to think it’s true. ^^;; I’m a usually happy person always willing to give & receive hugs and listen & give advice to the best of my ability. I’m very excited to be able to help DWAH even more now and I hope you decide to stick around and talk with me and all the other random regulars. <3

User Image

TomorrowsQueen- Co-Founder

One of the 3 founders of DWAH, currently on indefinite hiatus, but still holds honorary status

User Image

Old Man Xi- Co-Founder

One of the 3 founders of DWAH, currently on indefinite hiatus, but still holds honorary status

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Special Events

Christmas came and went and I was busy and lame and didn't get stuff organized. *sighs* I'm a failure but what else is new. sweatdrop I'll get my stuff together eventually have and some stuff for you guys.

Leaving this here for now so I remember to updated and save it.

For now enjoy our annual DWAH Christmas tree! Anyone is allowed to hang anything (or anyone) on the tree as long as it complies with Gaia's ToS.

Kayi Eto: *drags out a Christmas tree and hangs a Navi ornament on it*
Gekkoki: [she hands a waffle on the tree]
Gekkoki: [hangs a cookie on the tree]
Gekkoki: [hangs jayden from the cookie on the tree]
Gekkoki: [hangs voodoo doll of jayden on the tree in her place]
Kayi Eto: *adds a tickle feather to the tree, right next to the voodoo doll*
Evil A: *sneaks sound system into the tree*

GNT said he might make a picture of the tree this year, so be creative. ><

Avatar Contest
Several months ago I was contacted by someone who wishes to remain anonymous, and asked if I would be interested in hosting an avatar contest in the charity to help bring in some new people. Since then this person has left Gaia but as I still have the gold they gave me to use as prizes I’m still going to host it. The theme they wished me use was Angelic vs. Demonic since it fit with DWAH. So we will have 2 categories (angelic and demonic). Each person can enter 1 avatar into each of the categories.Bonus points will be given if you can still make it holiday-ish. I don’t remember how much gold they gave me, so once I figure that out I’ll post prize amounts. Contest ends on December 31st.

Prizes: TBD! [When Snape feels like doing math. xD]

Avatar Submissions

gaia_angelleft Angelic:

gaia_nitemareleft Demonic:

DWAH's Annual Holiday Raffle
Snape hasn't gone shopping yet or decided how much to charge for tickets, so this is still a work in progress. But it will happen. ><;;
Prize donations are welcome.


As some of you may or may not know, we have t-shirts going around the country that regular DWAH members can sign 3nodding . All you have to do is sign the t-shirts (3 different shirts total), and then send them off to other fellow Dwahians. This, of course, will involve exchanging of personal information and you guys paying to ship off the shirts to each other, but I don't think this should be a problem for anyone here. All info. can just be exchanged in PMs, and there's no need to post about anything like your address here in the thread. Please send PMs to J-kun or AnimeJunkie-kun. He is keeping a list of who has signed them and where they need to go next.

Here's a list of everyone who has signed them so far:
- Blaize
- Snape
- me (J-kun)
- Arashi
- Kayi Eto (Chibi)
- bikingrhino
- GNT4addict
- Yami

Just PM as soon as possible so we can get this project on the road. literally xd ! After all the shirts have been signed one will go to Blaize & J-kun at HQ (their apartment), one will go to Snape, and the last one will be raffled off to one lucky Dwahian!! I'm not 100% sure, but I think we decided to only allow those who sign it to be eligible to receive a shirt... We'll sort out the details later.

Thanks! We are really excited about this little project, and I hope all of you are as well whee

Ongoing Events

Weekly Themes: Everyone in the thread dress up according to the theme! The themes are generally decided via a poll vote. We have two weeks of theme, then a break, then two more weeks, etc. Each week has its own theme. If you have any questions about what a poll option means, just ask.

Every 100 Pages Prize Draw: a random number is generated. Then another. One represents the page number, the other the post number. Whoever wins gets a little prize. This contest is held on every 100th page, and the page pool for the random generator is reset every 1000 pages.

Annual Events

DWAH Christmas: Usually runs the whole month of December. The events vary, but we always have a superfantastical raffle as the main event! The other highlight we have every year is an RP Christmas Tree. Basically, there is an imaginary Christmas tree in the thread, and everybody mimes putting something new on the tree every day. We get some very interestingly decorated trees this way.

The Daffodil Movement: [Each April for the entire month] This event doesn't actually happen at DWAH- however, it is necessary to mention it here because all functions of DWAH will be slowed down at this time. Consider it a one-month hibernation for the charity. Your application may not be touched for awhile if you submit it during this month.

Gender Bender Week: [The week of April 29 or first week of May.] This event week is a festive extravaganza meant to vent off some of that built-up insanity we get in those pre-summer days. We celebrate DWAH's anniversary (April 29) and become comically relieved of stress from exams as well as The Daffodil Movement (which is tiring as it is rewarding). How? Everyone changes the gender of their avi for this week! DWAH is willing to pay for fees related to gender change and hairstyle/body potion recovery.
The curious side effect of this event is that many people do not change back after a week, so be aware that many, many of our regulars are not the same gender as their avatars. I suggest checking their signature for a disclaimer or asking them if you are unsure.

Silliness aside, the management of DWAH hold that everyone could stand to be a little more genderblind. These are differences that are extremely arbitrary, especially on the internet. If it makes you uncomfortable to look differently on the outside than what you feel you are on the inside for a mere week in pixellized form on a small patch of mostly anonymous internet... imagine how it feels to be born into that situation.
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Number of Gaians DWAH has helped to date:
(based on application donations)


The lovely donators who've given to us:

Anna Dear_: 100k
lilgemangel: 10k
X.xHashbrownsx.X: tickets, zOMG items
Kristinn-items donated!
Ellechan-15K and thank you letter
PremiumHeart's Charity ball- a lot. Like a lot a lot.
Jack-105,384g, items, daffodils
-Mizu teh artsi- 10K
Someone who wishes not to be named-163K, Letters from 08-09
PinguOftheSand-Jack's grabbags 2k6
Jack-160k, Kottan Bell 5th gen
WolvenMoon- Jack's grabbags 2k7, items
ChiiSaku- 16k
the hidden ghost- 10k, Christmas items
asian_girl_4_ever3cc- 5k
Evil Zombie Girl- 45k
I2adi0 Mage- 30k
Kaboom Mule: Gothic Veil
Nidhogg13- 381k, items
Daniel...san: 1k, items
azndreams: 500k, Western Zodiac, Aerial Ribbon Dancer, Demonique items, game items
Cheesecake of Doom: 100k
Kiss The Sky Charity: 1mil gold! heart
Imperial Fantasy: 500k
Qinkie: 800k
Mirumoto_Tsubasa: 100k, Thank you letters Jan/Nov 2007
I am Ferret: 2mil + trade full of random items! eek heart
Jace Quin: Superprize 2011 x2 + 34k!
Faebella: 1.5 mil gold! heart
t-t-ten million fireflies: 35k + daffodils
MerrVincit: 1.5 mil gold! heart
Cheesecake of Doom: 72k & daffodil bouquets
Xiyiri: 10k & daffodil bouquets
techpriest35: 360k
Etipaph: 1.5mil, 3 Thank You Letters from 2008 heart
QueenDarkSide: 100k
Elachu: 1.7 mil gold, Lusty Scoundrel, Shadow Spirit, Lover's Anarchy, Sugarsuite, and more heart
Avant_Marionette: Some event items, bouquets
18xy25bg: Some event items, birthstone capes, 422k
MusicalChili: 35k
glow n dark: 600k, random items
I Red Panda I: 1 million gold! heart
siskataya: 500k for winning the Gaimanitarian award! whee
Kotatsu Hobo: random items, 2.5k
Senorita Hope: 53.7k, random items; 296k (TSNE 2k13)
iSystem: lots of Jack's 2k7 headphones
FollowingInTheWolvesSteps: 10k
idleRAT: daffodils
Koji Kamina: 100k
Anon Naru: 10k
Ziansu: Holy $#17, Gimpi, Atrum Egg, Deluxe Daffodil Bouquet
Leader Clair V2: gold, deluxe bouquet
Charity Mule-Aalyve Wyyre: 100k
YamiTyger: 250k
Rubi Cinaed: Assorted Christmas event items 8D
eroki: game items
Sex With A Blender: 670k!!!
Iuna chi: 200k
inside my mouth: Kitty Slippers, Gift of the Goddess, Keiko's Cake and other assorted items
Sex With A Blender: 1 million gold!
UTOPIAN: 8 million gold!!!!! heart
[Nix]: 750k
TimeKeys: assorted items and gold!
Kinku Honda: Ra-Horakhty's Cape
The AngeI of Love: Gold Wrist Watch
Anna Dear_: 150k
The_Witch_Aryllia: assorted items!
BeckaBaka: 500k & assorted items!
Sex With A Blender: Mythrill Coin Package (500,000,000 Gold)
Kaze Rune: 2,000,000,000 gold!
Ensign Redshirt: Assorted items!
mn_426: 100,000,000 gold!
ox-coco-xo: 200,000,000 gold!
Sex With A Blender: 4,504,380,000 gold & Astra: Wisteria Breeze
Davidicus Bellefonte: 484,698,791 gold!
Sexy Fox Samurai: 100,000,000 gold!
TheSkye: 1,000,000,000 gold!
Foxy Samurai Charity: 30,000,000,000 gold!
Rea Nez Bit: 5,000,000,000 gold!
UTOPlAN: 5,000,000,000 gold!
Leader Clair V2: 89,353,774 gold!
maeroh: 5,000,000,000 gold!
Whovian86: daffodils!
Kavalis: The Lovers, Kithulu, Bunny Brigade, & Much More!
blind bondage: 10,000,000 gold!
Esoteric Muse: 30,000,000,000 gold!
TimeLadyMeg: Assorted daffodils!
Revenant Noir: 12 Assorted items (including 3 wing sets!)

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Special thanks to these users, without whom DWAH would not be what it is today. C:

0h Baby: Who donated a Nitemare Scarf to Blaize and caused a chain-reaction of giving among the friends that essentially led to DWAH being created.

Keynir and MoonDwarf: Whose contribution to the charity has been vast and irreversible. They were DWAH's very first regulars and they have supported, protected, and helped us grow ever since. There is something unbelievably lucky about having not just one, but two great supporters right from the very beginning.

PremiumHeart: This Gaia mod chose DWAH to be one of 2 (!!) charities chosen for her Christmas ball and raised lots of gold and exposure for us. We can't thank her enough for putting that amount of confidence in us.

THE Santa Claus: Not only by allowing us to be on THE list did he help us a lot- being included in THE events, exposure at the top of the forum, all those good things- but his work has benefited the entire forum and the people who use it. Hats off to you, sir. Fuzzy pom-pom tipped ones.

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We love banners. Make some for us? Smaller ones are best.
Click below to view them~

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

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User Image

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User Image


User Image


User Image


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Click on the images for the larger size. ^o^
If you'd like to submit art of DWAH's mascot, Bling Bling Furret or any other kind of art with DWAH members or the charity's mules, send them via PM to Blaizekit.
Screencaps and links are of neat things involving the charity, or thread regs showing their stuff in the wider Gaia world. <3 So proud~ *sob*

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Where we put random stuff that doesn't go anywhere else.

This isn't the original thread of DWAH. The first one was started nearly 3 months before this one and it reached 915 pages. We had to re-start it because someone gifted stolen items to two out of three of our co-founders, and since the OP of that thread was banned, it made it impossible to edit the thread for updates.
Old DWAH. O:

DWAH's Shoutbox! Give us a shout!

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Anti-Hack Guide
We feel that everyone should periodically check one of the many wonderful anti-hack guides here on Gaia. Here is one that happens to be particularly good.

Guide to New Questers!
This is a fantastic guide of the do's and don'ts of questing, making a quest thread, and asking for donations in general. Every word in there is the gospel truth, so read it, learn it, and assimilate it! Mini's Guide to New Quests

YamiTyger's Quest Thread

A very old/loyal poster so his banner is put here.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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