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almost on cue, the sky lightened, since there was no sign of the two Riders, the clouds returning to their usual smoky grey, as the sky returned to a midnight blue. Once restored, a small ray of light shone down towards the earth, before a male's figure could be seen, falling as though he had been thrown. Slowly, the male freed his hands, his amethyst eyes gazing down at what would be his bitter end, or had been, if he hadn't opened his white, now grey jacket to slow his fall. Landing with a thud to his feet, the Fallen One then looked about, as if searching for something, or perhaps someone, raising himself to a stand, and brushed his jacket of some dust that collected when he landed. Fixing his golden curls, he then glanced back at the sky, before raising his fist, shaking it, as he cursed aloud. "Well fine." he began, his once musical voice now as sarcastic as a teenager's: his punishment for speaking his mind. "Who needs you anyway? I'll make my own Paradise, with blackjack...and hookers." he then issued an angelic smile. "In fact, forget the Paradise, and the blackjack" he laughed, as he finished, making his way towards the crowd that had gathered.
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Yay for blackjack and hookers.
Love soon appeared walking out of a cloud of purple smoke, she smiled warmly as she looked for her dark friend.

I got your request for the clan/guild but I am sorry to say I dont play on Zomg XD

Thank you thou!
Hookers are always fun, aren't they?
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The clean ones, yes.
Ah, I must agree wholeheartedly with that.
I always carry My Ace of Spades when playing Black Jack.
And I favour... Privet hookers of personal use, so to speak.

Welcome, Lucifer.
Looks like you have been booted from the big club up there, again.

Lady Love, it's a Clan, it's basically the same thing as a Guild.
You don't have to play zOMG to join it.
Actually, I don't believe any of the current members play it at all.
Private use?
I'd love for you to elaborate on that.

That I could, but I don't think it's a topic for a public forum.

All I can say this female "hooker" would be exclusive to My use, and none other.
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Yes, you have to keep a private one on the side. 3nodding
I'm not much of a black jack person. Poker is more my style.
I also incline Myself more towards poker.
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