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What Picture do you want me to take in Japan? I will only be in Tokyo. Contest in Post #7

Food 0.28 28.0% [ 14 ]
Religious 0.12 12.0% [ 6 ]
Nature 0.28 28.0% [ 14 ]
Animal(s) 0.14 14.0% [ 7 ]
Buildings 0.18 18.0% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 50 ]
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Since November 2005

Hello and Welcome to my Charity ^_^
User Image
This Art was made by: EternalFoxX on commission

Current Charity Funds: User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageLow ~ under 25k
User ImageUser ImageOk ~ 25k-50k
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageGood ~ 51k-100k
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageHigh ~ 101k+

User Image Closed for Donations

If funds get 15k or below, I will have to shut down the charity momentarily and be open strictly for Donations.

I started out as questing for a few expensive things and I felt so grateful that I wanted to make a charity in memory of some of my big helpers which are:

heart ~Ketzia~ heart
During my Nitemare Headband Quest, she gave me the actual Headband. I am so grateful to her that this charity is mostly in honor of her and she shall be in my heart for her entirely selfless deed

heart ~Dark Dreams Charity~ heart
This lovely charity gave me a nice boost to help me achieve my goal and thanks to them I have a positive outlook on charities and hope that mine can be just as good

After Ketzia gave me the headband, I used the money I earned questing for the headband to quest for an Angelic Pendant. Soon, I got sick of questing and just wanted to give to people, so I stopped my quest and am now using the gold for the charity 3nodding

User Image

*~Table of Contents~*
~1~ Welcome/Staff
~2~ Updates
~3~ Rules
~4~ Forms
~5~ Donators
~6~ Donatees/Waiting List
~7~ Events
~8~ Special People
~9~ Links
~10~ Gifts

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I have the world at my fingertips ... mwahahahha
This Art was made by: Elvy X on commission


1>User Image2>User Image
1. Amunet022 ~ Owner
2. Crescent~Mule ~ Mule

In Memory of Kaeri (Icarus_Wings)
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Past updates can be found Here

User Image

User Image08.02.14User Image
So I'm going to update the charity in the next month or so. Gold value has changed a lot and I need to catch up. I appreciate all the bumps!

User Image04.21.14User Image
This is embarassing because I just disappeared.
I have had a rough year and to top it off I completely forgot my password. Yeah.
My deepest apologies redface

Though, I am excited to FINALLY remember and reward those that participated last year ^_^

User Image02.02.13User Image
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!
I am back after CRAZINESS! I will be sure to hang around a bit more before I leave again.

I will be in Japan Feb. 5th - 12th
I will be unreachable during this time. But I'll have some lovely photos to share once I get back ^_^
Due to my absence, the new donation date will be February 14th heart

User Image12.24.12User Image
Please stop by the link below to participate in many festivities AND support the Crescent Moon Charity ^_^
Old Link]
We will be hosting the Fortune Teller Booth at the festival ^_^

I will be spending time with my family on the 24th - 26th, so I will not be on much, but I will pop by to take care of some events.

Merry Christmas!

User Image12.06.12User Image
Nothing was done for our Birthday Celebration, perhaps next year won't be as hecktic x.x
In the meantime, I will skip the Dec. 5th donation date and send out all approved donations on Christmas Day (Dec. 25th).
I will also try to make things a bit more festive ^_^

User Image11.11.12User Image
This month is the Charity's 7the Birthday!
Once I get some time, I'll do something special ^_^

User Image10.23.12User Image
Voting is ready! Also, donations have been sent.
If you do not accept your donation by tonight, I will not be able to confirm the trade until October 30/31st

Why is this? Well, I'm going to Disney World tomorrow! So I shall be gone for about a week. I will have some internet access but will not be updating much.
Be sure to bump the thread to get more votes!

User Image10.06.12User Image
Next donation time will be held on the 23rd instead of 25th due to me being gone on vacation from Oct. 24 - 30th. I'll donate a few days before. If we don't get any new applicants, I'll switch it to Nov. 5th.

User Image10.02.12User Image
The Halloween Event is up! Please spread the word!

User Image09.29.12User Image
I have worked out the new big activity that will be a regular 'event' here ^_^ The name is 'A Traveler's Diary'.
In the mean time, I need help with other activity ideas that will entice more people to try and get free gold! You'd think free gold would be enticing enough, right? *shrugs* So please vote in the poll and/or post/pm!

User Image09.21.12User Image
Back from London! Working on activities and I'm planning on a bigger activity for the charity smile

User Image09.17.12User Image
Will be in London from September 17th - 20th & then be busy until the 22nd. Please hang tight and when I come back, I'll have activities ^_^

User Image09.14.12User Image
Donations will be put on hold until next month. This is due to me going to London starting this Monday. I'll be a bit busy. But new things are coming!
If you have any ideas for the Charity, please PM me smile

User Image08.25.12User Image
Donations moved to tomorrow afternoon!

User Image08.16.12User Image
I'm Baaaack wink
Yes, I've been gone for a very long time! So much has happened: I got married, Adopted a cat (Luna), Traveled the World (Japan, England, Paris & 2 Cruises to Mexico!), Graduated University & landed a nice job with United Airlines.
That's just to sum it up xp I'm back now though and ready to help people reach their dreams, so, without further adieu ....
We Are Open For Business!

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Thread Rules

User ImageFollow TOS
User Image DO NOT PM me asking for donations, those that do will not get a donation.
User Image Respect everyone.
User Image No Begging (ex: Give me Gold). Just fill out the form Please.
User Image If you've read this far, please say something about the moon in your form somewhere.
User Image We are LITERATE here, this means no 1337 or chatspeak.
User Image Keep quotes to a maximum of 5.
User Image No stretching the page, spamming, or quoting the front pages.
User Image No Advertising. If you wish to advertise, please see post #8

User Image

Donation Rules
User Image I only donate to the people listed in the 'Approved Applications' list twice a month: On the 5th and 25th of each month
User ImageNew!
All Donations will come from the account Crescent~Mule

User Image

Questor Rules

User ImageWhen you recieve your donation, please add: Crescent~Mule to your friends list. This is my mule for the charity. If you have questions about this rule, please PM me @ Crescent's account
User Image Be on Gaia for 3 Months or more (not donating to newbies at the moment)
User Image Have a quest thread that is at least 7 Pages
User Image Have 500 Posts or more
User Image New!
Your quest must be 100,000 Gold or More for your item
User Image You can request donation multiple times but ONLY one request per quest. (You can come back and request another donation after you're done with your previous quest)
User ImageIf you are on the waiting list and achieve your quest (Congrats! ^_^) but fail to notify me before I give donations out, you will be taken off the waiting list.
User Image To make sure you read this far in the rules, please say something about Rubber Duckies in your form
User Image You have a total of 2 chances to get the form correct. After that you will have to wait till your next quest to come back and try again.
User Image Please stick around and chat a bit BEFORE you submit your form. You may stay or leave after submitting a form.
User Image Please do not complain about the amount of gold you get compared to other people or if it isn't as much as you hoped. I only have a limited amount so far.
User Image If you think I have overlooked your application, kindly PM me with the page number ONCE. DO NOT re-post it.
User Image I reserve the right to not donate to anyone

User Image Confirm trade within 3 days or I shall cancel the trade. A note of thanks is also appriciated
User Image And if you have read ALL the rules, please put "Kris & Rupert are ment to be" somewhere in your form

User Image New!
Avi Art is ALWAYS a wonderful Thank-You Gift and Much Appreciated ^_^ ~ Not Required at all
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Whoot! Form time heart Just copy/paste the code below ^_^

[b]Application Date:[/b]
[b]Date Joined:[/b]
[b]# of Posts:[/b]
[b]Item you're Questing for:[/b]
[b]Cost of Item:[/b]
[b]Gold Saved:[/b]
[b]Quest Thread:[/b] (Please give me the URL, not "in my sig")
[b]How did you find this Charity?[/b]

Forms that are submitted in any color than Cyan will be ignored.
Reminder, you only have 2 chances to get the form right.

confused BANNED confused
Adorkable =]]
` r e t a r d s o c k
Sweety Britney
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If you wish to donate to the charity please Send trade to Crescent~Mule with the title: Crescent Donation.

These are the people that have donated to the charity or me in any way ^_^

Charity Thread of the Celestial Bodies ~ Enough heart heart heart
Kusic ~ 5,485g
Bump and Donation Charity ~ 2,000

??? ~ 30,000 eek heart
-Please PM me and let me know who you are so that I may give you proper credit-
Windum ~ Curly Elf Shoes
Little Washuu ~ 375g
Anzcrazy ~ 15,000g
Poetic Surreality ~ Bugs 'n' Paper
Master Assassin Katie ~ 1,200g
Shadowed Dragonfire ~ 460g
supergirl148 ~ 900g
Peep101 ~ 3,000g
Jerzeeboii ~ 1,000g + Clothes & House Items
Shadowsage ~ 5 Zurg Drinks + 5 Red Bino Drinks + Shirt & Dessert
Colt...45...06 ~ 500g + Spirited 2k6 Candy Cane
Under_Darkness ~ 10,000g heart
darkwolf10720 ~ 2,500
CelestinaStar ~ Flowers + Ink + Paper

User Image

Donations from Events

Valentine's Day Art
Diaage ~ 1,000g Art Drawn
Jaxome & JzznJasmine ~ 1,500g Art Drawn
Anzcrazy ~ 2,000g Art Drawn
TheJet20 ~ 5,000g heart
THE Charity Conspiracy Project
THE Santa Claus ~ 1,500g
THE Charity Safari!
THE Santa Claus ~ 1,000g
THE Charity Christmas Event
THE Santa Claus ~ 2,901g
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User Image
To see the whole list Click Here

Here are the people that I have helped ^_^
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. = 2012 Halloween Event | User Image = 2012 Holiday Event

126~ iiNeaPoliTan 3k
127~ Psionu ~ 10k
128~ cutefaty ~ 15k + Oculus Mythica
129~ BloodAngel95 ~ 1.5k
130~ Kitsune of Silver Flame ~ 7.5k + 5kUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
130~ Sir Thalion ~ 5kUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
131~ music-fan4 ~ 5kUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
132~ Kyress ~ 10k + 5kUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
133~ Aensland eXo ~ 5kUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
134~ CrackaLove ~ 15k
135~ Silent Heaven x ~ 5k + 5kUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
136~ SPONNNGE ~ 5k + 5kUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
137~ Cutefaty ~ 5kUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
138~ Miss_agenda ~ 2k
139~ oddlyalli ~ 30k
140~ Quirkily ~ 100kUser Image
141~ Kitsune of Silver Flame ~ 25k

*~Approved Applications~*
Remember * All donations will come from Crescent~Mule

Alas, only a select few can be donated to on the 5th and 25th of each month, so here is the place where approved applications wait to get their donations ... ha ... Captain Obvious am I ninja

When the list fills up, all other applications will not be accepted

~ Next donation date = February 14th heart ~

1} Forensics Goalie
2} Kistune of Silver Flame

ninja Waiting Trade Confirmation ninja

Amunet022 rolled 0 4-sided dice: Total: 0 (0-0)

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User Image

Japan Event
User Image

I'm going to Japan! Feb. 5 - 12th

What better way to get you guys involved than to have a contest? There will be separate sections of this contest and will run until I get back smile
I will have limited internet access, but I can still check the progress of the competition while I'm in Japan.

Poll Contest
User Image

This is a simple competition. Vote on the poll to this thread, THEN post the specific item/building/plant/animal you want the picture to be of. If the poll option wins, and you have guessed the picture that I took, you win 10,000gold!

1 - Vote Food Category in Poll
2 - Post the exact food you'd like the picture to be of (Okonomiyake, for example)
3 - Win ~ If Food Category in poll is the winner and I DID take a picture of Okonomiyake, you get 10kg!

I will also post the pictures from the poll winner smile

End Date: February 13th

Quartzi ~ {Food} Onigiri
Ambika69 ~ {Religious} Torii

Bump Contest
User Image

Simple, the most bumps win 25k gold!

You must number your bumps & include a phrase that includes Japan, so I know the bumps are for this event

End Date: February 13th

Kitsune of Silver Flame ~ Bump Start - ??

Random Number Contest
User Image

Generate a number between 1 - 50. Winning number gets 10k + Hiragana/Katakana Japanese Calligraphy of Name (or Gaia name).

Example of Calligraphy
User Image

End Date: February 13th

Kitsune of Silver Flame ~ #17 & 7
Ambika69 ~ #42
Sanjyuu ~ #12
Mark_Karev ~ #13

User Image

* All pictures in this post was taken by ME (Amunet022/Kris) during my study abroad trip in Japan, 2010. Calligraphy created by ME (Amunet022/Kris).
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User Image

Here are some people that helped me with the Charity and they have a special place in my heart ^_^

~ Anzcrazy ~
Helped me out with application forms and organized them so nicely! Did a huge job all on her own and I thank her deeply for it heart

~ Kyoni Malkat ~
Made all the wonderful Headers and my sig Banner for me ... not to mention an AWESOME person and a MINDBLOWING graphics maker heart

User Image

And here are the wonderful people that have donated to me for any of my 4 Quests. If I have forgotten you, please let me know and I shall kindly add you.

heart Ketzia ~ Nitemare Headband
heart Dark Dreams Charity ~ 1,600g

Kyanni ~ 100g
Shadow - Dragon ~ 50g
Anti-Apathy Charity ~ 100g
The Black Lace Charity ~ 150g
*...~~Mooncat's Charity~~...* ~ 100g
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User Image
Please Upload all banners to your own server

Link(s) to the Charity

User Image
Donated by: xxpinki heart

User Image

Here are some cool links that you should check out ^_^

~x~ Petitions I Support ~x~

User Image

~x~ Charities/Helpful Links ~x~

User Image
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

~x~ Quests ~x~

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image

If you would like to have a link to your Quest/Charity/Art Thread/Etc. please PM me with your banner and link.
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User Image
Art Drawn for Me ^_^

Here are some lovely things that people gave me ^_^

User Image
User Image
User Image
Aqualina V
Dear the Crescent Moon Charity,

It it my pleasure to say thank you for giving me such a gracious donation! You've allowed me to climb many steps closer to my wish of purchasing Fairy Wings. I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel to know that there are people genorous enough to help others complete their dreams and you've most certainly confirmed that statement.

It has been my wish to own Fairy Wings ever since I first started Gaia but I never got around to questing for them. Now that I am, I can't tell you how thankful I feel towards you for helping me when you could've blown me off or denied me. You will always be in my heart, thanks again!

-Aqualina V
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Invisible Giver


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