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wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT! wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance

On page 500, I will generate a random number of the members that post on that page.

The winner will receive.....Angelic Manner!

Not a member? Don't fret! You have plenty of time to become a member. All it takes is 50 posts. =)
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Charitable Bunny

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Welcome one and all to another charity on Gaia. =P
Here we're looking for some loyal Gaians to help on their quests. You could very well be one of them. =)
So stick around, chat, have fun, and make some friends. =D
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User ImageObey Gaia TOS.
User ImageDo not quote anything on the first page.
User ImageNo begging.
User ImageNo fighting with, or insulting other people in the thread.
User ImageNo page stretching.
User ImageNo advertising, or posting your quest. (Questbar in your signature is acceptable.)
User ImageNo text talk, or 1337. Nobody wants to decipher what you're trying to say.
User ImageNo bumping when others are present. Be friendly! Start a conversation, or join one.
User ImageNo Mule accounts.
User ImageDo not send PM's to either of your hosts, or the charity mule asking for donations.
User ImagePm's are only acceptable when you finish your membership requirements.
User ImageNo large quote trees, please. Maximum of 3. Otherwise other people's posts tend to get hidden among the page.
User ImageRules may be editted at any time, so make sure to check every so often. ^^
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User ImageShinraMistress - Hi there! You can call me Shinra. =) And yes, I am quite obsessed with Final Fantasy 7. =P I have been very lucky since I started Gaia in April of 2010, and now I have a desire to help other questing Gaians. All I ask for in return is respect. 3nodding

User ImageArtificial Sammination Call me Fammy. I love to write, draw, and read. I'm semi-obsessed with anime, especially InuYasha. =D And I'm a hardcore Pokemon collector.

User ImageMuleofWonders - Hey! I'm the charity mule. I pop online at least once a day, and I'm basically the charity fund holder.


User Imagetrippflame - Hi there, my name is Chad, but you can just call me Tripp, or Trippy. I'm pretty friendly. I love art of all kinds and I love tattoos and piercings. I'm also deaf. I like to play Video games, watch movies, and work out in my spare time. if you have any questions just hit me up any time =]
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Please send any donations to MuleofWonders. heart
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User ImageSpecial thanks to b l u m i for all of her encouragement, and --Truth-To-Cliche-- for the beautiful thread layout! heart

User ImageApril 20, 2011 - Thread grand opening!
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User ImageHow to become a member: All you have to do is post 50 times. That includes bumping..(BUT ONLY IF NOBODY ELSE IS HERE), or carrying on a conversation. Just number your posts. If you forget to number them, no big deal. =) Just edit the post, or continue on with your count. 3nodding

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Glowing Kitsune/Ice Spirit Kitsune
iLittle Pocket Ace
DJ Lunaire
Shinigami Ree

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Charitable Bunny

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-Pg-chan: Fancy Virgin Dress, Sims 3 Ambitions Doctor, 2 Paper, 20 tokens
-vyctoriah: 20K
-Stall Lion: 2K
-Gadzooks the Dragon: 15,672 gold
-Glamour Nazi: 5K
-Anonymous Benefactor: Snow Feather
-Dragii: 3K
-Shinos_gurl: 24K, Nihonshu Geisha, Chocaholic Fondue, Astra-XI:Lucky Clover, Celebration Ribbons, Penman's Steel, Black Heavenly Unmentionables, Smok the Baby Dragon, Gavle Goat, Mujaji, Fairy Ring, Angelic Camisole, Cravate Demonique heart
-IScareTheDark: 100K
DJ Lunaire: 15K
SmugglingDreams: 25K
trippflame: Nerdy Mood
icywind1980:Felicia's Beautiful Shoes, G-LOL Blood Mistress Top, and 100 tokens
Ice Spirit Kitsune: 75K
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5k as a welcome to every member =)

~50K to Glowing Kitsune - winner of What IS it? #1. Congrats! <3
~Owlpocalypse to trippflame - Just because. <3
~100K to Glowing Kitsune - winner of Page 100 contest. Congrats! =D
~Fall Groom to trippflame - for his awesomeness. =)
~10K to i_killed_my_dolly - Let's Make A Deal!
~Pink Sweetheart Teddy to i_killed_my_dolly - Just because. <3
~10K to IAmNerdE - Let's Make A Deal!
~Tales of Adventure to icywind1980 - Just because. <3
~30K to Glowing Kitsune - Random Bomb Event. ^^
~30K to IAmNerdE - Random Bomb Event ^^
~30K to trippflame - Random Bomb Event ^^
~15K to trippflame - First place in How Many Items Am I Wearing?
~10K to Glowing Kitsune - Second place in How Many Items Am I Wearing?
~5K to Shinigami Ree - Third place in How Many Items Am I Wearing?
~Path of the Orochi to iLittle Pocket Ace - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D
~Eternal Rivals to Ice Spirit Kitsune - Just because. <3
~Pandy Pack, Panty Raider, and Kiki Kitty Plushie to i_killed_my_dolly - Get well soon gifts. - SPECIAL THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO DONATED FOR HER <3
~Enchanted Strings to Reznoir - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D
~Gothic Veil to icywind1980 - Surprise Giveaway! =)
~Deinocti's Oath to Guam123 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D
~Ruru Kitty Plushie to Ice Spirit Kitsune - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D
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Charitable Bunny

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Only members are allowed to participate in the games.

BID AN AVATAR: Every so often we will post a tekteked avatar with at least one item on it that's worth 50K+. Your job is to start an auction on it, only instead of bidding gold, you bid tokens. =)
Thank you goes to b l u m i for allowing us to use her idea on an original game. <3
Avatar #2: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Start your bids! Note: Please quote Artificial Sammination with your bids. Highest bidder on May 27th, wins all items on the avi.

Highest Bidder: Kiocah - 70 tokens

HOW MANY ITEMS AM I WEARING?: You will guess the number of items on a given avi for a quick 20K. COMING SOON!

DRESS ME UP: Your basic tektek contest. COMING SOON!

WHAT IS IT?: From time to time, we'll post a close-up pic of a random item. Whoever guesses the item wins 50K. Only 2 guesses per member. Good luck. wink

Pic #1: User Image
WINNER: Glowing Kitsune <3 [Answer: A broom]


LET'S MAKE A DEAL: When MuleofWonders posts the 'Let's Make a Deal' logo, the first member to quote it will be our lucky contestant. They will then have the option of walking away with the 10k, or putting it on the line to win much more.
Option 1: Take the 10k.
Option 2: Generate a number between 1 and 3 and win whatever that numbered door holds.
The catch: One number will hold a worthless item, and one an item only worth about 5K. Do you dare risk it? =P The last number will be an item worth at least 50K. So really, what do you have to lose? COMING SOON!
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User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Charitable Bunny

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5 Kaara-chan13




14 iLittle Pocket Ace


10 Glowing Kitsune

3 i_killed_my_dolly
9 trippflame
14 Artificial Sammination



13 IAmNerdE
21 icywind1980


Hey there! I'm looking for a avi that says WOW! Do you think you have what it takes?


~Something different, out there, not one that is seen on a daily basis


~I do not like certain items. Namely the following...
*Carlos the Alpaca
*Diapered Egg
*Embarassed Dream
*Rainbow Items
*Lusty Scoundrel
(I reserve the right to add more as I see fit. ^^)

~You may use my inventory, and feel free to add 2 million in items. 3nodding


Deadline is July 15th. The winner will receive 50K, but only if I REALLY like it, otherwise the best tektek will get 25K. =)

Go, go, go!

Inventory: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Ice Spirit Kitsune: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Upon closer inspection, (trying on the above avi), I found that the items don't layer/match as well as they do on tektek. gonk
As a result, Ice Spirit Kitsune will receive 25K as a prize. =)
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Charitable Bunny

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