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Hai thar and welcome to my Charity/Quest thread~ ♥

On behalf of my good friend Mr. Penguin, I would like to ask you to make yourself comfortable and read everything on the first page. :D

OR if you're not planning to stay with us for very long then:
skip to the forms, fill one in, post it,
you should receive a donation from the charity mule (KDYal)
within ten minutes of my noticing your form.

Needless to say, if you stay and chat and get to know me and become my friend and make me love you to bits
you'll get more. xD

Oh and you can reapply later for more. BUT no more than once per fortnight.

Oh, and Evil Kitteh Kitteh gets a special mention in the first post.
Cos he's awesome like that and we all love him so. :D

This charity is closed as of the 17th of December 2010.
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♥ Announcements
♥ Rules
♥ About…
♥ Moderators
♥ Goodlist
♥ Badlist
♥ Donators
♥ Current Funds
♥ Donatees
♥ Forms
♥ Contests/Games
♥ Quests
♥ Art
♥ Affiliates
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♥ 5th Aug 2010 – Thread under construction!~
♥ 6th Aug 2010 – Thread open!
♥ 2nd Sept 2010 – Donated 200k+!
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♥ Be respectful towards everyone …except those on the BadList. You may tell them to gtfo.
♥ Don’t ignore newbies to the thread, help me make them feel welcome.
♥ Don’t steal any art I do or any of my titletings.
♥ Don’t be impatient about the donations. And don't PM me. Ever.
♥ Don’t use mules to get several donations.
♥ You may only take part in the contests/games on ONE account per day. And don’t try to cheat them, I WILL notice.
♥ If there are people in the thread already, talking, don't come in and post a load of emoticons. That's SPAM.
♥ EVEN IF there are no people around, PLEASE do not behave in such a way that would put people off posting in my thread, i.e. shiz like 'BUMPBUMPBUMPBUMPBUMP...' etc. or lots and lots of emoticons, or HEEEYYYYY HEEEYYY HELLOOO HIIII.. you get the idea. (view page 60 for a perfect example of what NOT to do as far as this rule is concerned).
♥ Don't beg. 'PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!!!' counts as begging. If you want a donation, use the form. Once. Mhkai?
♥ I may add/edit rules whenever I feel like it, so check back on this post.
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Generous Perfectionist

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I’m female, eighteen, living in London, UK.
Lucky to be in love with and loved by Ryuukouen.
I’ll save him over the rest of y’all any day, I’m selfish like that. :D
Been on Gaia since 2006, but went on a semi-hiatus for a bit.
A student at Imperial College University of London, studying maths

…the charity:
Why help others?
Well, because so many have helped me. If you visit my profile, you will find somewhere in there a list of every person who has ever donated to me since I first joined Gaia, back in May ‘06. I am deeply grateful to those people, and I now wish to do the same for others.

…Mr. Penguin:
The official little mascot of this charity
8cm tall
Loves hugs and cuddles and making people happy ;D

I lost him somewhere in May ’10. I cried. I will always miss him. To me, he symbolized my love, cheered Ryuukouen and myself up when we weren’t there for each other. We shared him and he was ours, a personification of our relationship.
I’ll always regret taking my eye off him that day.

User Image User Image
User Image

A poem about Mr. Penguin, by Deus Ex Insula;
"Mr. Penguin, full of fluff
Made me smile when the times were rough
A special friend through everything
By my side he'd always cling
And though he is no longer here
And for his loss I shed a tear
I know he always thinks of me
And how our times were filled with glee
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Generous Perfectionist

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These people’s word is almost as good as mine. O:< So listen to them!~

♥ Youre a Smart One
♥ Evil Kitteh Kitteh

User Image
Yayayay, I like you :3

♥ Ryuukouen
♥ Evil Kitteh Kitteh
♥ Lee0012

User Image
Yaya- I mean, YOU SUCK D:<

Angry Iceprincess - because you're a mule.
lalaitzAmy - because you spammed, didn't read the game rules, PMed me about getting a donation, and were generally a nuisance.
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Generous Perfectionist

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♥ Ryuukouen - 100,000g to the charity + lots of inks and bugs! ;-; heart
♥ Youre a Smart One - lots of inks and bugs + Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins, Light Purple Leg Warmers, Purple Medical Shoes, Violet Pompom Scarf, Lex's Dark Gloves, Violet and Purple Reversible Bracelets, Frosty Blue Earmuffs, Charcoal Bubbles Tankini Bottom, Deoxygenated Apocaripped Knit Gloves, Blue Torque Shades ;-; heart
♥ Gigabyte - 3,810g to the charity~ <3
♥ Deus Ex Insula - inks and bugs <3
♥ Aizle Syracuse - bugs <3
♥ Marujoreinu - bugs <3
♥ Evil Kitteh Kitteh - 1,000,000g to the charity o.o heart
♥ Apoplexic - Buckteeth, bugs, and inks, and other junk <3 + Whip of Ice O.O + lots and lots and lots of starter items xD + Gimpi O.O;; + Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy O.O;;;; + INARI'S BEADS!! heart heart heart
♥ Sugar Vuitton - Shadow Spirit heart o.o
♥ Hotaru Imai - Invention - 8k to the charity + buckteeth to me xD
♥ ArwenVengence - Great Old One heart
♥ Poshis2ham - Goti the Kid heart
♥ i D A E M O N S - a bug and some inks
♥ Lee0012 - Lots of bugs :D

Thank you to all who have donated to my charity. :]
I’ll take anything, gold, trash, tokens, tickets, items, whatever.
If you wish to donate to the CHARITY, send trade to the mule KDYal
If you wish to donate to ME personally (to help with my quest), send trade to my main account Kaydee Yaleni

User Image

♥ xxcheesiex - 2,000g
♥ F a s h i o n i s t a s - 2,000g
♥ -x-Keep Smiling-x- - 2,000g
♥ Deus Ex Insula - 2,000g
♥ Anilates - 10,000g
♥ meia_cutie - 3,000g
♥ xx_shinpachl_xx - 2,000g
♥ My Rainbow heart - 2,000g
♥ Cowfrog - 2,000g
♥ Aizle Syracuse - 3,000g
♥ Disturbed_ Prayer384 - 2,000g
♥ xXpoison_lilyXx - 2,000g
♥ You Need A Cookie - 10,000g
♥ Elf Kiyo - 3,000g
♥ Rhealc - 2,000g
♥ AB91 - 3,000g
♥ StarBurst123321 - 2,000g
♥ Horror Story Knock-Off - 5,000g
♥ Marionetta-Chan - 1,000g
♥ mandycakes - 2,000g
♥ Lil Riot - 2,000g
♥ Logotorix - 10,000g
♥ CuteeLilAsianz - 2,000g
♥ Yooxcutaayy - 5,000g
♥ lalaitzAmy - 500g
♥ ArwenVengence - 5,000g
♥ SeungHyun-J - 5,000g
♥ Akki is om nom kitty - 3,000g
♥ The Insane Toaster - 2,000g
♥ iRAiNBOW MANiAC - 7,000g
♥ guest_081596 - 5,000g
♥ sissy perry - 2,000g
♥ heartblood - 2,000g
♥ yamitohikari - 2,000g
♥ Skydeki - 5,000g
♥ the little lion - 5,000g
♥ my_eyes_bleed - 10,000g
♥ Lee0012 - 500,000g (I had my reasons.)
♥ Rey-Ultra Ryan - 5,000g
♥ xXxX_Alone-In-Fear_XxXx - 3,000g
♥ ~Michiko Mint~ - 10,000g
♥ Minor DOWNFALL - 5,000g
♥ Mistress Kittles - 5,000g
♥ S h o u s u - 2,000g
♥ iDash -x - 3,000g
♥ Sugar Filled Teacup - 3,000g
♥ Pinku Me - 5,000g
♥ Eugene-sama - 5,000g
♥ Hitler 12396 - 1,000g
♥ Number XI - 2,000g
♥ Reese_Air - 5,000g
♥ i D A E M O N S - 5,000g
♥ Corsets and Lace - 5,000g
♥ [Nickie] - 5,000g
♥ CloClo21 - 5,000g
♥ l_iSai_sama_l - 3,000g
♥ Bittersweet_Embrace - 2,000g
♥ silly little shiloh - 5,000g
♥ Apoplexic - 20,000g
♥ Our16BitWar - 2,000g
♥ ElegentlyCamelus - 5,000g
♥ Aut_Ducky - 2,000g
♥ Xx_Muffinz-0f-Doom_xX - 2,000g
♥ maddyj1995 - 2,000g
♥ Dionysus IX - 3,000g
♥ -x- Hushed Love -x- - 3,000g
♥ Rainnsmartiee - 1,000g
♥ II Seeker II - 3,000g
♥ XxXlusty-vampryXxX - 1,000g
♥ Chopsticks x3 - 2,000g

You’re very welcome :D
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Generous Perfectionist

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Requesting a donation:
Copy, paste, complete and post the following form in the thread (answers go after the three colons):

Item you’re questing for:::
Why are you questing for this?:::
Link to quest thread if applicable:::
Amount you hope to get from me:::

Applying to become a moderator:
Copy, paste, complete and PM he following form to me (Kaydee Yaleni):

Date you joined Gaia:::
Why you would make a good mod:::
Any previous experience (link to thread if possible):::

And I can't believe I'm having to say this, but PLEASE ONLY POST THE FORM ONCE.
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Generous Perfectionist

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(main accounts only!)

First on page 10, 20, 30, etc. will get 300g!
Page 10 winner: (me! xP) Hotaru Imai - Invention
Page 20 winner: Marujoreinu !
Page 30 winner: (me! xP) (Evil Kitteh Kitteh! D: ) xXpoison_lilyXx
Page 40 winner: (me! xP) Hotaru Imai - Invention
Page 50 winner: Madame Waffles
Page 60 winner: lalaitzAmy
Page 70 winner: Akki is om nom kitty
Page 80 winner: KireiKatt
Page 90 winner: Kei Akihiro
Page 100 winner: AB91
Page 110 winner: iDash - x
Page 120 winner: Hotaru Imai - Invention
Page 130 winner: Number XI
Page 140 winner: Hotaru Imai - Invention
Page 150 winner: Apoplexic
Page 160 winner: Apoplexic
Page 170 winner: XxXlusty_vampryXxX

First and last on page 23 will get 2,000g!
First and last on page 23: (me again ;-; ) Aizle Syracuse and Marujoreinu !

First and last on page 42 will get 5,000g!
First and last on page 42: PandaGirl_LovesCookies and PandaGirl_LovesCookies ! xD

First and last on page 69 will get 3,000g! xP
First and last on page 69: Akki is om nom kitty and Ryuukouen !

First and last on page 86 will get 2,000g!
First and last on page 86: PandaGirl_LovesCookies and PandaGirl_LovesCookies ! >.>

First and last on page 101 will get 10,000g! :D
First and last on page 101: AB91 and AB91 !

First and last on page 123 will get 5,000g!
First and last on page 123: Hotaru Imai - Invention and Hotaru Imai - Invention !

First and last on page 147 will get 1,000g!

First and last on page 147: Bubblegum Factory and Apoplexic !

First and last on page 166 will get 2,000g!
First and last on page 166: Maestro Jig and AB91 !

Six 6-dices:
get less than 12 or more than 30 to win 20,000g!
get 17, 23, or 28 to win 500g!
(Can only win twice per day!)

Past winners:
Hotaru Imai - Invention (won 20k!)
PandaGirl_LovesCookies (won 20k!)
CuteeLilAsianz (won 20k!)
AB91 (won 20k!)
iDash -x
Ungodly Visage
XxXlusty-vampryXxX (won 20k!)

Random number between 0 and 1000:
Once per day ONLY, get whatever number you roll!
e.g. roll 456 to win 456g!
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Generous Perfectionist

User Image

User Image

Demonic Anklets (bought)
Inari's Beads (THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to Apoplexic)
Frosty Blue Earmuffs (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Black Tribal Bottom Tattoo (bought)
Blue Torque Shades (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Let it Snow (bought)
Deoxygenated Apocaripped Knit Gloves (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Angus the Scottie Plushie (bought)
Whip of Ice (thanks Apoplexic) heart
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Apoplexic, THANK YOU SO MUCH)
Charcoal Bubbles Tankini Bottom (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Blue Heavenly Unmentionables (bought)

User Image

Dark Halo (bought)
Demonic Anklets (bought)
Violet And Purple Reversible Hair Pins (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Great Old One (thanks ArwenVengence)
Violet PomPom Scarf (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Lex's Dark Gloves (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Purple Stripes Right Arm Tattoo (bought)
Violet And Purple Reversible Bracelets (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Shadow Spirit (thanks Sugar Vuitton <3 ..and also Apoplexic, kind of. >.< ) heart
Gimpi (thank you Apoplexic heart )
Sparkling Eyes Clown Makeup (bought)
Inari's Beads 12th Gen (THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to Apoplexic)
Ebony Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top (bought)
Light Purple Leg Warmers (thanks Youre a Smart One)
Purple Medical Shoes (thanks Youre a Smart One)

As a secondary way of raising funds for the charity,
I’m questing for all bugs and inks!
Basically hoping to get body dyes and then sell them in the marketplace.
The gold I get will be split between charity and my own personal gold 75-25. (I keeps a quarter of it for me. :3)

So please donate any bugs and inks you don’t want to my main account, Kaydee Yaleni!
Red, blue and green are wanted in particular~ ♥



Every year, I quest some EPIC presents for my EPIC closest friends on Gaia :3
And because the presents have to be so epic, they tend to be rather expensive.
And so, every year, I have to start around September or earlier.
That time has come.


330,600g / 2,000,000g

Donations are very welcome,
and I also want
your JUNK

That is:
your tokens
your starter items/ any other clothes you never ever use and want to get rid of
your fish baits
your fish/cans/boots/tyres
your aquarium items (especially that Christmas tree thing)
unwanted zOMG items
unwanted recipes!
anything that can be sold from the inventory :3
(i will also accept gold)
Send this stuff to my main account, Kaydee Yaleni
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Generous Perfectionist

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Yayay, I draw avatars!
I don’t have many recent samples
so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say
it won’t be fugly and I’ll put lots of effort in!
I usually do headshots or shoulder-up. Sometimes waistshot.
Full body, well, you’ll have to bribe me for that~
I only draw one person at a time. :]

Currently drawing: no one

Waiting list: none.

Already drawn:
Evil Kitteh Kitteh

Here’s a form to complete and PM to me:

[size=24]I want art![/size]
Avatar::: (do NOT say current, don’t be lazy, put a picture here)
Headshot, shoulder-up, waistshot, or full body? :::
Sketchy, neat, lineart, coloured, whut?:::
Bribe if applicable::: (only send trade after I have replied to your PM)
Delivery::: (PM or post art in thread?)
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Generous Perfectionist

User Image

The Truly Impossible: A Quest/Charity


User Image

(Thanks to Evil Kitteh Kitteh for this one!)

User Image

(Thanks to ArwenVengence for this one!)

Feel free to make some more for me ;] ♥

Oh and just for the sake of old memories...
My Dear Old Quest Thread <3
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Generous Perfectionist

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Generous Perfectionist

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Generous Perfectionist

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