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Hello there is a new charity version of this charity I suggest you go to the new charity I had made to go there just click HERE
**Welcome To The G.G.C**
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G.G.C or Giving Gold Charity is a Charity none the less giving gold and items of course!
Bring over friends and family over to get them started on their quest!
A chat thread as well!
Kind as threads can be!
Helpful to all!


1,)Welcome To The G.G.C=introduces and holds the charity directory.
2,)Rules=There holds the DOES and DON'T of the charity.
3,)Announcements=The recent happenings at the charity.
4,)Donators=People who donate to the charity.
5,)How To Be Donated To=Where the instructions on how you can have a donation.
6,)Dream Avatars!=Here is where peoples dream avatars are put.
7,)Contest=Here is where all the contests are and the instructions as well.
8,)Mods And Staff Of The G.G.C=here is where the names of the mod or staff of the charity is put.
9,)Apply To Become Mod/Staff=Here is where the instructions on how to become a mod/staff on the charity
10,)Links And Affiliations=Here is where links to others threads are put also sponsors are put here
11~15,)Reserved=Is under reservation and will be used if needed
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1,No spamming and page stretching!
2,Nothing against the ToS!
3,As much as possible stay and chat.
5,Speak in the most proper english as you can.
6,Be Kind and Polite
7,Do NOT send trade to Demonic Sealer or Regen Master We will send to you!
8,Do not be picky be happy for what you get please.
9,Try to stay and chat bumps are very welcome to
10,Be patient we will sometimes be late at giving the donations so please wait and be patient.
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1,Need bumpers(extra bumpers)

(This Will be Updated weekly my time)
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BEST HELP arrow >Zero Poet-100K<

3,Regen Master
5,empress rose - 1524
7,II Goddess of Beauty II
9,Ghost of Ryuu2
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*How To Be Donated To*

To be Donated to just post this on the thread!

To Be Donated To

Reason To Be Donated To:
Opinion on Thread(optional but I would love the feed back):

Just Post That And Wait For Regen Master or Demonic Sealer To Trade You!
P.S: you can come here for donations 2 times a week also the trade from Regen Master or Demonic Sealer will be titled From The G.G.C! thank you.
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*Dream Avatars!*

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

^^from Visionary_Revolution^^


User Image

Total Value: 926,961 Gold, 2,500 Tickets
After Exclusions: 925,871 Gold, 0 Tickets
[Item Information]

^^from Mystirious_love^^

User Image
Estimated Value:
1,822,055 Gold, 80,000 Tickets
User Image
Estimated Value:
5,485,118 Gold

^^from AbyssWallker^^


User Image
Total Value: 5,941,315 Gold
[Item Information]
User Image
Total Value: 752,067 Gold, 55,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

^^from jacz-M^^

User Image

~Fallen wish

^^from pocko4361^^

if you want help on your dream avatar just send me a PM of it with or without the price list and I will put it here.
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Dice Contest!

Roll a 100 Sided dice Ten times and get a...
10 to win 5K
1,000 to win 10K
555 to win 5K
999 to win a RANDOM ITEM
if you win PM Regen Master the link to that page please

Random Number!

Generate a random number between 1~10,000
Get a 5,555 to win a Random Prize
if you win PM Regen Master the link to that page please

Bumping Contest!

55 bumps will get 2K
111 bumps will get 6K
222 bumps will get 12K
(number your bumps please)
First to Bump on Page 100 gets 10K
First to Bump on Page 500 gets 10K
First to Bump on Page 1,000 gets 15K
(First to bump ok not First to post it must be a bump)
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*Mods And Staff Of The G.G.C*

Demonic Sealer-Owner of the Charity!
????????-A shy person who has helped the charity a lot!
Regen Master-The Banker and co-owner of the Charity!
Cutie_Blooming-The Organizer of events for the Charity and the one who PM's the posters if they win or something happens!
FR33_FUN-Official bumper of the charity!
Lunar_Stealth-Official bumper of the charity!
Misa Moo x_x-Mod(Being processed due to lack of presence in the thread)
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*Apply To Become Mod/Staff*

Just PM me a copy of this with you answers
To Apply To Become A Mod/Staff

How many post do you have:

There easy right!
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*Links and Affiliations*

Here are the links and affiliations if you want to help out then below every link/affiliation is the code for the banner/link they have so you can put it in your sig,THANK YOU.

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Demonic's Quest!
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[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/demonic-s-quest/t.51998433/][img]http://i634.photobucket.com/albums/uu70/merve93/final fantasy/Animation4.gif[/img][/url]

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Save The Earth
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Thank You for visiting our sponsors!
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