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You remind me of the babe.

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Hello. Welcome to my quest thread. I call it a shameless quest because well I feel no remorse for my approach. haha. I am a user here on Gaia that likes to collect items. I use them, naturally, but I don't ever have a dream avatar in mind.

Thus I shamelessly quest for items that I can find uses for.

Feel free to stay and chat, maybe give a bump or two to help me along. Otherwise thanks for stopping in!

Given all of the inflation and the signs that it isn't going to be getting any better. I am hereby closing my thread until further notice and stopping all of my questing. I can't take it anymore.


02/19/13 - Wishlist/Quest List updated. Gifted items and items no longer wanted cleared out.
03/01/13 - Further updates to Wishlist/Quest List. More items removed and cleared out.
03/03/13 - Lost Film quest completed. Start of quest for Astra-58:Shrouded Night
03/10/13 - Updated the side quests section
03/29/13 - Quest Completed. Contemplating what to quest now
05/02/13 - Quest Completed. Starting final current quest
06/10/13 - Quest Completed. Changed mind and will pursue Devil Tail. Quest Started.
09/26/13 - Thread Closed until Further Notice
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First Post: Intro
Second Post: Table of Contents
Third Post: Rules
Fourth Post: About Me
Fifth Post: Quest Item
Sixth Post: Quest Item
Seventh Post: Quest Item
Eighth Post: White List
Ninth Post: Black List
Tenth Post: Affiliated Links
Eleventh Post: Links to Me
Twelfth Post: Completed Quests
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1. Follow ToS (of course)

2. I appreciate any bumping done but I do prefer conversation over emotes and the word "bump".

3. Be respectful of myself, any other users and my thread.

4. Please keep PM's directed to me at a minimum.

5. I don't bite unless you tell me to.

6. I do not expect perfect spelling and grammar but please make it acceptable

7. No advertising. In your post format is fine so long as it is tasteful. None of that big ornate s**t going on.
**EXCEPTION: If it is a charity event or something to help my quest along you may post it in the thread.

8. No Begging. Period. Ever. Only people I will tolerate this from is my regulars and even then it must be in jest.

* These can be changed at any time.
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Ello! I am a guy, and over the age of 18. I've been on Gaia for...years now. I have taken small breaks or have had life go crazy on me so I haven't had the time but I always come back. Something about the people and the fun of dressing and changing an avatar from time to time. Um I guess at this point you'd like to know a bit about me.

I am a big fan of Dr Who. Love it. I also watch some other random shows like Supernatural, True Blood, and Torchwood. Are you noticing a theme yet?

I am slowly becoming a fan of a lot of British TV. Right now I am watching QI, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, and 8 out of 10 cats. I have tried Mock the Week and it wasn't bad just didn't really hold my interest.

I am a huge music junkie. I really enjoy talking about sharing with folks and I used to play but fell out of it. I still like to dabble and explore new bands and music. And not always limited to English. In foreign music I mostly listen to Japanese and German but dabble in a bunch of others. I am trying to improve the amount of Russian bands I listen to.

So...I think that covers the conversation starters. haha. If ya wanna stay and chat more than welcome to.

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I joined Gaia on February 8,2005. I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff as well as confused by it. I will also admit I was discouraged by how impossible it seemed to make gold at the time. So like a pathetic little newbling I departed Gaia thinking I wouldn't ever come back.

Fast forward about 2 years. I suddenly find myself stuck at home with no other recourse on how to occupy my time and then I remember Gaia. I log on and fall head first into it. This time it all clicked for me and I found it to be me so much more fun. I found places to hang out and new people to talk to and really started a traditional Gaia experience. Which is in no way a bad thing. I personally found it to be awesome.

I am at that awkward stage of a Gaia life where a lot of my friends here no longer log on or we just lost touch because they are too busy to get onto Gaia. So we'll see what happens. No intentions on leaving and trying to cycle into new people and new experiences. Who knows right?

So there ya have it. If there is anything else you simply must know feel free to ask. Just understand I might not tell you razz
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Gold Quest

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

1,500,000 - UpintheClouds Charity OMG!!!! heart

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None at the moment

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None at the moment

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None at the moment
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Previous Side Quests

Halloween Side Quest

Current Goals

1. 9/10+ 10th Anniversary Mini Halo & Winglets

2. As many 2k12 Rejected Olympics Team Neckerchiefs as I can

3. 7/10+ Easter 2k12 Diedrich Skin Slippers
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2. Kada-Chu
3. la chatte kiwi
4. Empty Spiral
5. xFyreBritex
6. Youkoonna
7. blueshadowbird
8. Ithaya

Thread Titles

Me121212 - Honorary Thread Terrorist
blueshadowbird - HNRO (Head Ninja Resource Officer)
Youkoonna - eternal Frenemy
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They snapped my final nerve.
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-all dates are dates finished

My First 20 Quests

Quests 21-40

Birthday Gifts
*Set to friends only to stop potential spamming of those who were excessively generous

Quests 41-60

Quests 61-80

Quests 81-99

100. Golden Laurels 12/08/11
-Stuffed Out - Myriad Item Trade

101. Baby Seal Slippers 01/28/12
Lackadaisical Hopes - 200k Gold
Orange Squeeze Charity - Lost count of the assistance they've provided
MizerysChild - Cecil, Rich Camp Hired Help, and Brass Raving Goggles

102. NeoGaia Hero 02/01/12

103. Winged Anklets 02/07/12
King Bing Bing - 240k Gold
La chatte kiwi - many items worth a lot of gold

104. Kiki Kitty Plushie 02/09/12

105. Prince of the Sea 02/11/12

106. Sainte Ciel: Agape 02/16/12

107. Interstellar Bounty 02/28/12
Zeleria - Sno Yeti Pillow Plush
Orange Squeeze Charity - Several Donations

108. The Watchmaker 08/02/12
Orange Squeeze Charity

109. Sable Monarch 09/21/12
Orange Squeeze Charity

110. Astra-12:Lost Film 03/03/13
Orange Squeeze Charity - Many donations all of which are appreciated
I Need a Kitten - 10k Thank You!

111. Astra-58: Shrouded Night 03/29/13
Orange Squeeze Charity

112. Nitemare Scarf 05/02/13
No_Happy_Hours -500k holy s**t O_O
Orange Squeeze Charity - many donations

113. Ghoul's End 06/10/13
Orange Squeeze Charity
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8,650 Points
  • Brandisher 100
  • Bunny Spotter 50
  • Risky Lifestyle 100

Good luck, love!

Imma stick around and keep the place all lively-like.

Yarrr! XD
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Let me draw a rainbow in the sky
For you, my love, don't ask me why.
Through the clouds which hide the stars
And through the snow which covers cars,
I paint the red and orange and yellow
Across the sidewalks that shine like jello.
And then the green and blue and purple
And... (oh ******** nothing rhymes with purple).
Then we dance along, if you don't mind.
Hand in hand, arm in arm, bodies intwined.
The colors spread across city and park
As I have fun with my rainbow in the dark.

Forever, your Worthless Lust

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