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Allo there. Welcome to O K I B I.. The Charity.
We are no ordinary charity; we respect everyone, new and old,
and help revive their hopes on their long and weary quest.

Welcome to our family. <3



<- December 1, 2006 ->
Wompers, Sorry guys. A big lack of everything lately.
Doodle has been busy... same with swan. :S
Sorry, my biggest apologies.

Because I've been so busy, there might be a charity closing.

but that might not happen. <3

Let's just make the most of the time we might have left.

<- November 11, 2006 ->
beggar/noob contest: OVER ! :3
congrats Lumiii, Renee the Rabid Squirrel & 24monkey_lover24
prizes were: 5k to Lumiii and 2k for monkey & renee

contest section revamped


[-Ni-] -----------------Rules.
[-San-] -------------Charity.
[-Shi-] ------------Contests.
[-Go-] -----------------Staff.
[-Roku-] -------------Funds.
[-Nana-] ---------------Lists.
[-Hachi-] ---------Donatees.
[-Kuu-] ------Of The Month.
[-Joo-] --------- Shinbunshi.
[-Joo Ichi-] -----------F.A.Q.
[-Joo Ni-] --------Upcoming.
[-Joo San-] ---------Mascot.

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As with all threads, rules are needed to keep EVERYONE under control.
Hopefully, as always, people actually read the rules
and fully understand them. But if there any questions,
feel free to ask in the thread. And in case you are confused about rules..
Here's a little spheal on them. :]

Rule  /rul/
Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation [rool] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation, noun, verb, ruled, rul‧ing.
1. a principle or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement, etc.: the rules of chess.
2. the code of regulations observed by a religious order or congregation: the Franciscan rule.
3. the customary or normal circumstance, occurrence, manner, practice, quality, etc.: the rule rather than the exception.

But please know to follow these rules.

::Follow Gaia's Terms Of Service.
::Follow these rules.
: razz lease don't quote anything on the first page.
: razz lease do not stretch the page.
: razz lease be as literate as possible. Just so we know what you want to say.
: razz lease be respectful to everyone.
::I can change these at any time. :]

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Remember to have fun. :3
Hey There, if you found this, let me know!
Put, "I love bananas" somewhere in your application. ;D

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The meat and main purpose of out thread is right here, in the charity section.
Our purpose is to help you.

We understand fully what goes on, we have seen almost everything on Gaia, and know what it feels like to quest, and for it to be difficult.
That is why we have brung you our charity, so that there is hope for you to carry on.

But we love manners and politeness more than anything from a quester. Those who understand that concept of common courtesy are those who understand how to be a gaian who deserves.
That is why we only donate to those who have shown kindness of heart, or have been extremely polite.

We have no specific application, and we would love it much more if you used your own creativitey and ablity to make us believe you deserve this donation.

The questions below are good to know. But please, to bring yourself a better chance of a donation, please don't run into the charity and blindy ask for donations. Introduce yourself, get to know the regulars, for they influence donations a lot.
Please, we would prefer casual talking to others than bumping alone when other people are obviously around.

I will give donations to people who are here a lot or have done a lot for the charity.

    :: How long have you been on Gaia.
    :: What are you questing for
    :: How much do you have
    :: Do you have a quest thread?
    :: How long have you been questing
    :: Why do you deserve a donation

Now, throughout the time the charity has been open, creativity is widely respected. :]
Although if you feel a lack of creativity, feel free to fill out the form above.
Here is an extremely creative way we have recieved an application.

Renee the Rabid Squirrel On Page 228
*taps microphone*

A-hem. Check. Check one two.

*turns on the beatbox*

Yo, yo, yo listen up char-ity
I'm gonna telll ya my tale with lotsa ver-ity!

You see I want this hat
an' ma problem's only that
it gonna take a lotta bling
for me to up an' buy this thang!

That shiz look like candy
and fo'sho it'd be handy
for the Hallowe'en party
yo homie, party hearty!

*backs up from the mic*

I think that's enough before some decent rapper comes along and schools me. xd
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last updated: november 11. for all questions related to contests, PM its swan

page contests:
last post on every 100th page &first post on every 50th page will get 1k. a random poster will get a random prize at every consecutive page number (ex 123, etc).

random number: from 1 - 1000, get one of the following numbers and win 1k: 500, 999, or 101. feeling lucky? take a guess at what your random number would be (any guess between 1-1000), if youre right, you`ll win 2k.

christmas themed tektek contest: ends on christmas day (:
prizes will be determined on amount of entries, &amount of funds near deadline
you have to incorporate the colors red and green in it. it's an additional bonus if you can make it seem very wintery, but that's optional. please use less than 10 items, and keep the total price of all items under 75k, tickets included (tickets priced at 2g). use tektek.org and any layering there will be accepted. when entering, just state that you are entering, and copy & paste your results from tektek. include all of the info, as in items and total price. also, please POST your entries, PMs will be ignored. if your tektek doesnt match all of these standards, it wont be accepted. D: there are no limits to the amount of entries you can enter, so what are you waiting for? >;0
entries: x x x x x x x x x x x x
*there are more than 1 entry per link. each link links to 1 page.

suggest a contest, contest: ends on december 1st
its basically what the title says, this is a contest to suggest a contest. the more i like the winning contest, the more the prize will be. specific details are not necessary, a general idea is good enough. when suggesting, please keep in mind: if only some people can do what your contest suggests (ie drawing) or if stealing could be done, those ideas wont be accepted.
entries: x x x

past contests: note: these contests are OVER
    - beggar/noob contest: imitate a beggar. winners: Lumiii, Renee the Rabid Squirrel & 24monkey_lover24. prizes: 9k in all, 5k for winner, 2k for each honorable mention. end date: november 11th

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The staff is here to help and make sure everything runs smoothly. :]

User ImageSPACER! User Image

User Image SPACER! User Image

User Image SPACER! User Image

User Image
Oh my, what would a charity be without its funds. A charity is not only a source of hope and recovery, it's also our secret stash of goodies for everyone else to have a piece of. And most importantly the funds allow for more contests, and even more fun. :]

Current funds---> 47k
* This is the current gold count on the charity's mule.
Fund status----> <33 !

* The status is very important for it gives a generalized overview of the charity's health.

# Of letters for the month: None, yet.
November is coming up everyone, a new flock of letters are coming!

--- [ A little side note? ] ---
The charity runs on a few things, and sometimes we need a little bit of help.
A donation to the charity is completely your choice and therefore a donation is never required.
And because a donation is special to us, we take a long time to accept the donation.
( Trust us, we are very stubborn people. :3 )

We feel that it is our duty to donate, not yours. :]

    Gold Donations:
    Thee Fuzzy Ninja Penguin -------------------------- 30k
    CrosS ------------------------------------------------ 14k
    its swan ----------------------------------------------- 9k
    asian_girl_4_ever3cc -------------------------------- 5k

    Item Donations:
    ODestined0DeathO ------------------- Sealed Envelope
    Jenikyula -------------- 7k 2K5 & 5 2K6 Easter Baskets

We would like to give out a huge thanks to everyone who has helped the charity, and an even bigger thanks to those who have donated. <333 : D
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These list, although to many, may not seem important. But please remember that these lists are to be kept seriously.
And because of this, those placed on these lists are either given recognition, or complete intolerance.
These help us keep a record of who has broken rules and have been saints to the charity.

White lists:

*People here have been extremely helpful and have been even more loving than anyone else.
Any member of the staff.
`S k i t t l e s
Thee Fuzzy Ninja Penguin
Renee the Rabid Squirrel

*These people, on the other hand, have disrepected members of the charity, or have been breaking rules, or maybe a combination of both! >O... And to justify putting people on the blacklist, the reason is stated next to the name.

InuyashaGirl1500 [ Not only did she not read the front page.. she continued to be very annoying and disrespectful ]

    Please remember that being on the black list is not the greatest place to be, it shows to the rest of gaia how much of an ignorant, disrespectful, rude person that you can be.

User Image
This list shows who recieved donations from the charity.

Asian_Girl_4_ever3cc ------------ [ 32k ]
Vastion -------------------------- [ 5 k ]
Black and Pink Shoelace. ----- [ 10 k ]
[chibi kagami] ------------ [ Doll ears ]
Snowychloe ----------------------- [ 5k ]
Alatria ----------------------------- [ 5k ]
Hikarud3d4d6 -------------------- [ 4k ]
Melandru ------------------------- [ 7k ]
I.C.E.Y. --------------------------- [ 5k ]
its swan --------------------------- [ 5k ]
Thee Fuzzy Ninja Penguin ------- [ 8k ]
` S k i t t l e s. ------------------- [ 4k ]
Sparkity -------------------------- [ 5k ]
Krismck ------------------------ [ Pixie ]

Halloween party Prizes+Donations: 21k

Up to date. This charity has donated.. [ 132k ]

*Needs some updating. @__@;; 11/9/06
User Image
To nominate a member, you must pm this mule with who you want to be nominated, and what catagory.

Please note that each member cannnot win all of them, so choose wisely.
(You can only win once for each round. You can only win in one catagory each month!)

Round one ends November 15!

Okay, so I believe that each month there should be something special for everyone. So here it is.. Of the Month.

:: Here, I'll list people and avatars and some other little odds and ends for the month. Let's say, the Avatar of the month, is Username1. He/she will be shown here and will be given either a sealed for that month OR 5k.

:: To be eligible for Of the Month, You must have NEVER been on the black list and have posted atleast 30 times. (Meaning, be a regular or stays here after they post their donation application.) (The owner (D o o d l e) cannot win, but other members of the staff, can win.)

:: All Winners will be announced that last day of the month!

Catagories for Of the Month.

:: M.V.P -Most Valuabe Player-
------[ This person takes it all. They are always in good spirits, help the charity, and is here most of the time. Not only are they always in good spirits and attendance, they help any way they can and they make everyone's day brighter. ]

:: Light Bulb
------[ This person takes happiness to a new level for everyone. They come with a good attitude and in turn makes everyone feel better. ]

:: Most dedicated
------[ This person is truely dedicated to the charity. They are here, they are everything this charity loves. ]

User Image

*AHHHHHHH, Sorry I'm late, I'm working on it guys! sweatdrop

This is the charity newsletter!

Every two weeks, the charity will have a newsletter that will be sent out to the members of the charity so that everyone can be updated regularly.

Some info in the newsletter will include new features, the gaian community, and overall fun for the charity.

This is a great way to let everyone know of the charity events and where they will be happening as well.

The first newsletter will be released in the next week or so.


To recieve the newsletter, please request to be friends with this mule. <3
User Image

Link us!

Want to help spread the charity to everyone?
Here's our banner so that everyone can get some lovin`. ;]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[url=http://tinyurl.com/nlvp3] [img]http://tinyurl.com/yz3lbq[/img][/url]

<-- Would you like to be affiliates? Send me the link via PM to the mule. -->

User Image

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image
To keep everyone posted on the events that are happening, or are to be happening, the events are listed here. Please remember that all events are tenative, for they may be canceled or be happening earlier than expected.

-Thanksgiving Party?
-Christmas secret santa
-Make a wish.

Bold:: Happening now
Italicized:: Still unsure of
Underlined:: Happening, but not yet.

User Image
Every little while, we get a new mascot.
They will be changed everynow and then, and then be put into the charity Mule's journal so that we can take care of them forever. (:


[ Spirit ]
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 21, 2006

Here's some info on Aki's stages and growth. (:
"There are three stages;
Spirit - This stage is also known as the "egg" stage. It will hatch in one week.
Baby - Your Spirit's a baby! At this stage your Spirit needs lots of attention and care! This lasts for 1-2 weeks.
Adult - Your Spirit has reached adulthood! Congratulations! This stage lasts forever. "

She is currently in her 'Baby Stage.'

User Image

Aki was aquired from..
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
------------[ W E [ A R E ] O P E N ]------------

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