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Welcome to Ina-bean's 1k=1g shop! I am so glad to have you as a visitor.

Have you longed for an item that you just can't seem to afford? Does inflation get you down? If you answered yes, this is the thread for you!

What exactly is a 1k=1g shop?
It's a type of charity, only instead of handing out gold, we hand out items for a cost next to nothing! For example, let's say you want to buy an item for 15k. That's 15,000 gold. If you buy that item from here - it's will only cost 15 gold! Each 1000 only equals 1 gold here.

However, you can't just walk in and expect to be able to buy these items. While this threads main purpose is to donate to others, it is also here so you can have a nice 'home' to hang out at. It's here so you can make friends.

The more you come to chat, participate in contests, etc. - the more likely you are to be allowed to purchase an item from my shop!

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March 20, 2009 - I've chosen three people who can buy from the 1k=1g shop this month! Congratulations to amour a r t i f i c i e l, xX Mika onee Xx, and blackjuicebox!
February 20, 2010 - Three people have been selected this month to buy from the 1k=1g shop. Congratulations to - Nerd Love Syndrome, Rezuka, and Aquamarine Pearl Hanon!
February 2, 2010 - The Valentine's day special event is up. Check it out!
January 22, 2010 - We've hit our third mark. The thread has donated over 3 million in gold!
January 20, 2010 - Four people were chosen this month (which is a once in a lifetime exception to the three max rule) as a customers to the 1k=1g shop! Lulu3die_kati3koninginyay, SO-IRONIC, Mon Belle Cherie, and ChrisKun----1. Congratulations guys!
December 20, 2009 - Three people were chosen this month as a customers to the 1k=1g shop! MelonPuff, MoonOverTheSea, & Tenshi No Mizu. Congratulations guys!
December 17, 2009 - We've hit a second mark! 2 million gold has been donated through this thread!
November 22, 2009 - We've hit our first mark! 1 million gold has been given out from this thread!
November 20, 2009 - Three people were chosen this month as customers to the 1k=1g shop! Zelobando, Ciel_Phantomhive_Master, & MVP Neil. The promotional contest has been cancelled.
October 20, 2009 - Two people won the chance to buy something out of the 1k=1g shop! FrauleinD & Cinnamon Swirlz.
October 4, 2009 - I've developed a new section to the thread. 'Random Donations'. It's exactly what it sounds like!
October 1, 2009 - Grand opening!

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Items sold: 18
Gold distributed: 3995k +
Funds: ?,???,???
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In this thread, there are no warnings - nor are there 'blacklists'. It's very simple. If you break the rules, you will be permanently banned from this thread, and (depending on the rule broken) possibly reported. Follow the rules accordingly.

  • Follow Gaia's ToS.
  • Do not beg.
  • Do not ask for an item. We will ask you what item you would like to buy when the time is right.
  • Do not send a trade for an item unless we tell you to.
  • Do not stretch the page.
  • Do not quote the first page.
  • Do not ask me if you can buy an item. I ask you.
  • Do not argue. Keep drama out of this thread. If you have a problem with another user, let Ina-bean know, and she will handle it.
  • Bumping is okay if there is no one around, but if there are others posting in this thread - chat with them!
  • You may decide to keep the item you have won, or sell it. It's really up to you! As long as it helps you out on your quest.
  • Don't get upset just because you weren't chosen to buy an item, or didn't win a contest. You're time will come if you just stick around!

More rules will be added when necessary.

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Q: What does 1k=1g mean?
A: It means that every 1000 in gold in the market place, equals to 1 gold in this thread. If an item is 10k in the market place, it only cost 10 gold here.

Q: How do I get a 1k=1g item?
A: Stay and chat! Participate in contest. Just show your enthusiasm to be a part of this thread. Every month I will choose the most deserving person/people to sell to.

Q: Can I buy more then one item?
A: Ofcourse you can, but one item at a time. If you continue to stick around after you buy an item, eventually I will choose you again.
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User Image My name is Christina.
I am 22 years old and reside in the state of Virginia.
I am happily married.
I work full time as a waitress.

I cooking, reading, writing, movies, shopping, photoshopping, exercising, biking, children, family, Hello Kitty, Marilyn Monroe, The Sims 3, Harvest Moon, Cooking Mama, World of Warcraft, LOST, Desperate Housewives, Hell's Kitchen, Ugly Betty, Super Nanny, Harry Potter, Sailormoon, etc.

Current Quest:
User Image
Updated every 10k.
My funds are completely seperate from the charities funds.
If you plan to donate - please make sure you can spare the gold first.
Also - please label the trade as a donation for me - otherwise I will take the donation as a gift for the charity.
Thank - You:
N/A yet
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Below is the staff of this thread. The entire staff (along with Ina-bean) is in charge.

The mods help Ina-bean enforce the rules and choose who to allow to buy from the 1k=1g shop.
User Image User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Tenshi No Mizu, Nerd Love Syndrome, Zelly the Slave Boy, and Ciel_The_Master

Mule Accounts
The mule account is in charge of storing all of the charity's gold and keeping it safe.User Image
Chronic Purr
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ooooooooooooooBATCH 1oooooooooooooo

User Image
Panda Mood Bubble
"You suddenly have the urge for bamboo..."
MP PRICE: 30,000

User Image
"The Will o the Wisp can be worn as a lovely glowing cloak, a spectral hairstyle, wispy spirit tail, or as orbs of light that dance around you in the dark."
MP PRICE: 34,000

User Image
Angelic Headband
"Two angelic wings to adorn the top of your head. For those who believe in the light."
MP PRICE: 42,000

ooooooooooooooBATCH 2oooooooooooooo

User Image
Frostbite Blade
"The mythic Frostbite, forged in Gaia's lonely glaciers by a particularly chilly association of sorcerers, will send shivers down the spines of your foes. This legendary weapon can take many forms; the hand of its bearer can guide its shape, causing it to crystallize into razor-sharp snowflakes and dire icicles."
MP PRICE: 50,000

User Image
Red Riding Hood
"Celebrating the classic tale of a stylish little girl, a grandma-devouring wolf, and the basket that brought them together."
MP PRICE: 53,000

User Image
Scarlet Sprite
"Catching a Scarlet Sprite is a sure way to improve your romantic luck: this sensuous pixie creates a twinkling red glow and a set of lovely sheer clothing, including a dress, scarf and fluttering cape."
MP PRICE: 55,000

User Image
Chanho the Tiger Plushie
"Happy Chinese New Year 2010. Little Chanho will bring you great luck and prosperity throughout this year."
MP PRICE: 55,000

User Image
Phoenix Circlet
"There are stories that tell of the rise of the Phoenix after she fell in battle. Or so it appeared. The Phoenix, however, did not fall but instead merely cast off the shell that restrained her true power."
MP PRICE: 57,000

ooooooooooooooBATCH 3oooooooooooooo

User Image
Gift of the Goddess
"On rare occasions, goddesses descend on our world to bestow gifts upon truly worthy Gaians. Those who wear them with grace will be forever beautiful, but those who use them for evil will face divine punishment..."
MP PRICE: 74,000

User Image
Prism Butterfly Mantilla
"There was once a race of graceful insectoid beings known as the Doptera. Their queen was said to have worn a mantilla which, when spread open and gazed upon, would fill the hearts of men with a light of joy. An evil king hunted and killed her to steal her mantilla. However, he did not realize that its form reflected that of its owner's heart. And once he donned it, it disintegrated into ash."
MP PRICE: 75,000

User Image
Flame Sword
"The most aggressive warriors of the ancient age solved all of their problems by viciously attacking others for no apparent reason. Because they used swords like these, they were often called "flamers."
MP PRICE: 89,000

User Image
Nartian Star
"Nartians don't wear clothes... They wear the UNIVERSE."
MP PRICE: 95,000

User Image
Dreamer's Dust
"Bring the treasures of dreamland into the waking world with a pinch of Dreamer's Dust."
MP PRICE: 100,000

User Image
Oculus Magica
"The Oculus Magica gives you the power to transmogrify your eyeballs in all kinds of weird ways. They also grant several 'minor' powers, like seeing through wax paper and shooting fragrant air from your tear ducts."
MP PRICE: 104,000

User Image
Pink Bunny Slippers
"The ultimate bunny slippers. Feels just like stepping on the real thing."
MP PRICE: 136,000

ooooooooooooooBATCH 4oooooooooooooo

User Image
Winter Rose
"The Winter Rose is the most beautiful flower in all of Gaia. Its soft petals are durable enough to use as clothing."
MP PRICE: 217,000

User Image
Mythrill Halo
"This mark of good will and generosity adorns the heads of the truly blessed."
MP PRICE: 224,000

User Image
"A delicate little lidded bowl, filled with crystalline sugar. One can never tell what sweet things will come from it..."
MP PRICE: 292,000

User Image
The Lusty Scoundrel
"This dimestore romance will transport you into a magical world of passion, lusty stablehands and supple flesh spilling from undersized corsets."
MP PRICE: 300,000

ooooooooooooooBATCH 5oooooooooooooo

User Image
"Oddly Mischievous, Freaky & Grim Hat"
MP PRICE: 486,000

User Image
On the 20th of every month, I will choose between 1-3 people who have been most active/deserving within the thread, and allow them to purchase something from the 1k=1g shop.

Once I've announced who I choose, they must randomize a number between 1 and 5. Whichever number they randomize determines which 'batch' they may buy from. For example, if a winner randomizes a 3 - they will get to buy an item from batch 3.

Once they've decided on an item, they may send me a trade with the title edited to show me which item they are going to buy along with the set amount of gold the shop is asking for. I will send them the item, and the trade is complete.

Easy enough, huh?
User Image

Occassionally, I will get the urge to donate.
You don't have to fill out a form, or have a certain amount of post, or have a quest worth over one million. You just simply have to be active within the thread! If you stay and chat - I will most likely donate to you.

Here is a list of those who I have donated to and the amount I have donated them.

Kimi Sunshine - 250k
Mon Belle Cherie - 250k
Zelly the Slave Boy - 210k
FrauleinD - 180k
Tenshi no Mizu - 150k
P 0 i s 0 n B e r r y - 100k
Ciel_The_Master - 100k
MoonOverTheSea - 100k
Am_I_God - 100k
Cinnamon Swirlz - 100k
Lulu3die_kati3koninginyay - 60k
Vincent Valentine of FF7 - 50k
crazyanimefan - 50k
longmvp12 - 50k
Lucy Hokori - 50k
Pixel Tori - 50k
Donaphine - 50k
[ DorkiiFull ] - 50k
ChrisKun----1 - 50k
Nerd Love Syndrome - 50k
Sam the dam - 50k
Cetes Forge - 50k
Wako Smitty no Yuuku - 50k
Little Sweet Tartz - 50k
Fighting_dreamer_911 - 50k
A Maggot Named Peace - 50k
Cocoa Bell - 50k
blackjuicebox - 50k
Sin Fang - 30k
ancantsia - 30k
AnyaGrace - 30k
Pastel Prince - 30k
No Info Provided - 30k
Rezuka - 30k
-[.Butterfly.]- - 30k
MelonPuff - 30k
Sweet Sex Pot Revenge - 30k
Silver Death Okami Kyu - 30k
LostKoi - 30k
Elf Kiyo - 30k
Tamafuzz - 30k
Rilriuku - 30k
Aquamarine Pearl Hanon - 30k
Sexually Retarded - 30k
BabylonHedgehogTochiro - 30k
Ol-Kitty-lO - 30k
amour a r t i f i c i e l - 20k
User Image

Catch a Falling Star
If you catch this falling star, you will recieve 50k!
I will randomly post the below image, and the first person to quote it, wins.

User Image


The first person to post on page 6100 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 6200 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 6300 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 6400 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 6500 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 6600 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 6700 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 6800 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 6900 wins 10k.
The first person to post on page 7000 wins 10k.

*NOTE: In order to win, you must have shown dedication to the thread. You cannot just jump right in and win. I'll choose whether you will win the gold or not.
User Image

Special Events will be held to celebrate holidays and other special occasions.

There is currently no special event at this time.
User Image

Below is a list of those who have contributed to this 1k=1g shop by donating items and gold. I thank all of you.

Donations are highly appreciated. However, I do not accept donations from just anyone - because I am here to help. Therefore, your donation must be worth atleast 100k. This is to assure me that you can spare the gold.

Donating will not increase your chances of obtaining an item.

Hawaii2K - Jinxi's Charm
le donateur - Oculus Magica, Aquatica
Luchin Midnight - 200k
One Heartless Angel - 100k, Will-o-the-Wisp
FagigallyGland - Gold Headphones (gifted)
Sailor_Chibi - Orly hat, Yarly hat, Aquatica, Angelic Ear Muffs, Demonic Ear Muffs, Imperial Queen, Devoted Pawn, Immaculate Bishop, Spirit Falcon, Elven Ears x 3
DF - '08 and '09 letter sets
poke-a-tronic - Gift of the Goddess, Flame Sword, Trick or Treat Tote, Phoenix Circlet
ParaPan - 1000k
User Image

This is a list of those who have been chosen to buy from the 1k=1g shop. They have shown true dedication to the thread and thus are considered family.

Cinnamon Swirlz
Zelly The Slave Boy
MVP Neil
Tenshi No Mizu
Mon Belle Cherie
Nerd Love Syndrome
Aquamarine Pearl Hanon
amour a r t i f i c i e l
xX Mika onee Xx
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If you would like to become an affiliate, please PM me with the code for your banner.

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User Image User Image User Image

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Would you like to add our banner to your links section, signature, etc.? Feel free to snag it below!

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