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              ● ● ● Welcome!
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                    Come in, take a look around and make yourself comfortable! Yes, we are another charity thread, but seriously...there can't be enough of these, right?^^ Above all this shall become a nice hangout thread with lots of fun and many events and chances for gifts and prizes - consider the donations as an extra. We are still a bit busy with setting up and renovating, but don't let this hold you back! We are very friendly here...as long as you follow the rules. So please make sure that you read them.

                    ATTENTION! The shop's going back to business. Starting on November, 9th, you can apply for donations again. A new event is coming up, too.

                    Oh, before I forget ...here take some candies for free:
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                    [You can copy and save them]
                    This great customised piece is made by Flammable Rainbowz...if you use them, please give credit to her. You can find more of her wonderful pixelart here:
                    And please let me know in the thread, if you took it, so I know if I should add more wink

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                    and now:
                    Enjoy your stay at the Candyshop! smile


                            User ImageMAHARETA
              - the shop owner

                                Hi there smile You can call me Maha if you like. I'm two years on Gaia and even though I wanted to quit pretty quickly, I decided to stay (thanks to the great people I met and my Gaia-family <3). I'm a retired zOMG player and fisher, nowadays you find me in the exchange or playing RW. I love avi art and I recently fell in love with pixel art. This is actually my second charity thread. I already established one after I finished my first huge quest (the Pale Marionette), but looking back I think I was still too new for that. So here's my V2^^ with a concept and a million ideas. There are still some things on my wishlist, but I obtained pretty much all items I really wanted, so I decided that it's time to help others with their quests.
                                Hm...what else about me? I'm not a native speaker (my word order makes it obvious^^), my username already tells that I have a huge addiction for vampires, I love to read, listen to music, watch movies & TV-Shows. And my favourite candy? Chocolate! If you like to know more about me...just ask wink

                                User ImageCANDY (full name: candy_shop_charity)- the shop assistent

                                  Also known as the charity mule wink What she likes? Candy of course! Her favourites are Skittles, because they taste like the rainbow and cotton candy, because it tastes like clouds. She's the little fairy who delivers you your filled bags (in other words gifts and prizes) and the cashier. Please send all your trades directly to her and keep her busy.
                                  Oh, and she also loves to play RW.

                                  User Image
                              BEAUTYFULLY MEANINGFUL - the shop manager (aka Mod)

                                    Hello there! A lot people call me Bea, instead of my full username and I've been around Gaia for 5 years. I've seen Gaia's ups and downs, and watched it grow into a huge community! I read tarot cards and love music and art! I have run charities and in the past, and quest from time to time.
                                    Hm...I have 8 piercings and 2 tattoos, and I fully enjoy changing my hair color. If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask!

                        User Image
                        goes to:
                              Pericardium05 for making this wonderful thread layout (she also made the banners for my buying thread and Candy's shop). It took me forever to find an artist with a style I was looking for and who didn't back off...and then I found her smile She opens her shop only when she has enough time for orders...hopefully again in december...

                              Lailahy for encouraging a stranger with her crazy ideas, giving helpful tips, being a great artist and the kind person she is. We met through her great shop, which is currently on hiatus. I'm wishing you all the best and hope you'll make your way back to Gaia soon!

                              Dark-Velvet-Revolver for supporting me this much. She helped me the second I told her about my crazy ideas, shared her pixel art with me, explained how to work with these in gimp and made all (except when stated otherwise) pixel art in this thread. So go and check her shops wink
                              Thank you so much!

                              all links to the shops can be found here

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                              Announcements & Suggestionbox
                              VIP Customers
                              Gumball Machine
                              Shop Window
                              Offer of the Day
                              Sales Promotion

                              ★ ★ ★

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                  The rules are here for a reason, so please make sure to read and follow them (otherwise your chances of getting a donation decrease significantly)

                  Follow the ToS!

                  Be friendly ! - this is a happy place wink A group of individuals also means arguments can happen...be mature enough to solve them ★ Be polite - This includes saying hi before you apply for a donation - would you give to someone who doesn't even take the time to be polite? It also helps to get into a nice conversation - we are a pretty chatty bunch and some are here for a while now, but we also welcome everyone who is new smile

                  No text speak! although not being a native speaker myself, I find it annoying (the usual acronyms are allowed of course)

                  No Bumping! I appreciate the intention behind it, but muddling through 20 pages consisting of only those 4 letters isn't that much fun, is it? It's not always easy to come up with something, but a "hello", a nice quote, good luck wishes, a good song,...the oppurtunities are endless and so much nicer than just "bump" :3 (or a repeated smiley or anything else that falls into this category)
                  (Keep also in mind that the forum rules say that if a thread is on the first page, bumping isn't needed. Thanks!)

                  Please keep quote-trees to a maximum of 3 posts!

                  Don't quote the main posts!

                  Say thanks when you receive something! you could assume that's common sense, but sadly I experienced other cases sad

                  Send all trades to Candy, the charity mule ! It's easier for me and the transactions will be quicker

                  the codeword is "milky way" (this is only important if you apply for a donation - make sure you read the requirements carefully- but stating it in your post gets you a star for deligence wink )

                  this is a candy shop, so eating and drinking is absolutely allowed! wink

                  no advertisments - exception: signatures - if you're hosting a contest, open a shop, looking for a worker, I'm happy to promote it here, but please ask me beforehand! If you like to affilate, I'll gladly add it, but please post the coding in the thread (no pms)

                  We are a democracy - yes, there is an owner and a mod, but a good thread can work without punishment. Some people are here for a while, so if one of them recommends you to read the rules, follow it - they know what they are talking about it. We don't have a blacklist, but that doesn't mean we don't keep an eye on your behaviour wink

                  begging will be ignored! wink

                  Read! I can't stress enough how important that is and most questions are already answered somewhere. Updates are posted for a reason. If you're still having a question, we are glad to answer it :3

                  Did I already mention that bumping is not allowed?^^

                  no mules, please!

                  and last but not least: have fun!

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                  October, 14th 2013 winners & changes
                  After my absence the Candyshop will be revamped - at least some parts of it. Stay tuned smile

                              February, 23 th2012 winners & changes
                              Maybe you already noticed it (if so, you're getting a star for diligence^^): some of the tanks
                              are added to the first post...your chance to get some gold for you and us quickly...be so kind and bump when we are glowing. I also added a calendar for a better overview over events, deadlines and birthdays and added or changed some of the rules. Please make sure to read them, even if you're an "old bunny"^^! If you wanna see your tank there, too or that your bday will be added, please fill out the form.
                              After three months of existence, it was also time to add some people to the white list. Thanks a lot for making this charity into such a great place! I don't have the feeling that we really need another mod as I noticed very happily that the regulars already taking care, but if someone would like to become one (especially as I start to work soon), please let me know :3
                              Currently I'm working on the next event and the mini shop, to release both before I start with my new job.
                              And last, but not least: the winners of the art, card and poem contest are chosen! Thanks a lot to all who joined!!

                              February, 8th2012 Ophiuchus-contest winners & new event
                              Finally: we have the winners of the Ophiuchus-contest. Congratulations to those and
                              thanks to all who joined! The art contest is still up, but I took down the Falling Star-contest
                              as I'm going to release the Vday-event tomorrow...so everyone can get excited^^.
                              Don't forget to keep quote trees to a minimum and to post your birthdays and tanks!

                              January, 17th 2012 New event & Additions
                              Let's have a good start into the new year with a new event! And the first time we host a lottery... smile
                              I'd also add some things: a birthday calendar, people's tanks and either a newbie event or something permanent (like a donation option for newbies). Any ideas or you'd like to participate? Please fill out the forms on the first page and post them in the thread. Thanks!

                              November 10th, 2011 The Charity is officially open! smile
                              We're finally open *yay
                              Don't forget to send your entries for the tektek-contest to Candy until 11.24.2011!

                              December 21, 2012 End of the World
                              Prepare yourselves! The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic
                              or transformative events will occur on the said date. ; )

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                  User Image

                  User Image

                              Is something missing? Do you have any suggestions to improve the charity or ideas for contests? Let us know and get rewarded, if we implement it...Please use this form for it:

                              [quote="Mahareta"][/quote] [size=18][b][color=#FF9A78]...I would like to give CANDY[i]![/i][/color][/b][/size]

                              [color=#D95B43][b] My name is[/b][/color] [i](your username)[/i]
                              [color=#D95B43][b] I think you should improve[/b][/color] [i](insert here)[/i]
                              [color=#D95B43][b] What I don't like here[/b][/color] [i](insert here)[/i]
                              [color=#D95B43][b] What I like here[/b][/color] [i](insert here)[/i]
                              [color=#D95B43][b] My idea[/b][/color] [i](insert here)[/i]
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                  ● ● ● How to apply!
                  ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃

                  Copy the form below and paste it into a reply in this thread. Delete the text in the brackets and the brackets themselves and type in your answer instead. Press the "submit" button wink . Don't send me a pm, please. If you did everything correctly, I will quote you, saying that you are considered. Then wait.^^ As I'm giving out bigger gold amounts (>150k), I want to see that you're actually putting effort into your quest. Therefore make sure that you meet the requirements. When I'm persuaded that that is the case, you'll receive a trade (either with gold or an item), please complete it within 7 days.


                  Yes, this isn't a hit-and-run-charity, although I offer possibilites to get gold and items more quickly. If you want a bigger piece of the cake, show me that you're worth it wink and make yourself comfortable here.
                  You're questing this multiple-million item for ages now, because you fell in love on first sight? Or you quest it for someone else? You're selling your invo or offer your artistic ability in a shop to raise the gold? Then expect me to donate to you. The more you do, the more you'll receive.

                  However, I won't donate to people,who

                  ...are questing 6273846127384 items, I'm sorry, but that's not my definition of questing, that's my definition of wishlist. If you quest this one item you're dreaming of or this one dream avi, then go ahead and fill out the form smile

                  ...just setting up a quest-thread and bump it for three days in order to get a donation. I won't set up specific numbers, like your thread must be xy days old or need yx pages. You don't even need one, as long as you can show me that you're working for your goal. If you have established a quest-thread recently, that's also fine, it will just take longer until you receive something. I just want to make sure that I donate to the right people. I also check (if you have a quest thread) how active you are, if you just bump it once in a blue moon, you don't meet the requirements.

                  Other rules: If you apply, you must have reached at least 40% of the amount you need. You are only allowed to apply with your main (mules are in general not allowed), your profile must be open to public, tell a few things about you and show your registration date. No hit-and-runs means you should be active in the charity, if you just apply, chat for a day or two and never return you'll be deleted from the list. If you have read and understood the rules...add the 2nd code word midnight to your application. I'll make exceptions whenever I feel someone works for his/her goal, but don't rely on that. Also applying before you even said "hello" doesn't bring you very high on my priority list.

                  You don't quest an item or a dream avi? But you do have an original quest?
                  Like collecting 1000 "Turkey Dinner" to gift them to people on Thanksgiving or 1m Tropical Flowers [zOMG loot], because you love hibiscus flowers? Perfect! I love those crazy quests.
                  (collecting ink, all EIs or letters don't fall in this category, sorry!) Let me know about it and I'll support it :3

                  User Image

                  [color=#ECD078][size=8][b]I have been a good boy/girl and now...[/b][/size][/color]
                  [size=18][b][color=#FF9A78]...I would like to get CANDY[i]![/i][/color][/b][/size]

                  [color=#D95B43][b] My name is[/b][/color] [i](your username)[/i]
                  [color=#D95B43][b] And I'm questing[/b][/color] [i](name of the item you're questing)[/i] [color=#D95B43][b] for[/b][/color][i] (how long are you questing?)[/i] [color=#D95B43][b]now[/b][/color]
                  [color=#D95B43][b]I [/b][/color][i] (insert here what you are doing to raise gold) [/i][color=#D95B43][b]to achieve my dream[/b][/color]
                  [color=#D95B43][b] You can find proof of it here[/color][/b] [url=(insert link here)]you can add a title here[/url]
                  [color=#D95B43][b] But I still need[/b][/color] [i](insert amount here) [/i][/color][color=#D95B43][b]to make my dream come true[b][/color]
                  [color=#D95B43][b] I have been good as gold, therefore I know the codeword is[/b][/color] [i](insert the codeword here)[/i]

                  [size=16][b][color=#A0DECE]...Will you sweeten my day[i]?[/i][/color][/b][/size]



                  I have been a good boy/girl and now...
                  ...I would like to get CANDY!

                  My name is Maha
                  And I'm questing white body dye for 1 year now
                  I exchanging and trading to achieve my dream
                  You can find proof of it here
                  look at my buying thread
                  But I still need 98 white inks or 490 red/blue/green inks
                  to make my dream come true

                  I have been good as gold, therefore I know the codeword is You can find it on the front page wink

                  ...Will you sweeten my day?

                  ★ ★ ★
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                  ● ● ● How to donate
                  ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃

                  I'm basically doing this on my own, but I thought there might be some people who feel generous and want to help . I'm fine with raising the funds on my own, but I won't stop you from donating, so more people can be helped and this becomes a nice place. I love art, so it would be great if some artistic people might offer a piece of art, a sprite, a sign,...(you get the idea) and we could host an auction (which would be featured in this thread) or something like that.
                  Ways to contribute:

                  Feeling generous?

                  The easiest way to help is by sending gold or items or junk, of course.
                  If you would like to do this, just send a trade to the charity mule:
                  >>click here to open the trade<<
                  Please title the trade *donation*, thanks!
                  Aside from getting all my love, you'll get on the donors list, of course.
                  I decided not to state the amount someone sent, because it doesn't matter if you're giving 500g or 50k, it's the thought that counts (and I think it discredits people who weren't able to raise a lot of gold, but still are generous enough to give some of it away).

                  User Image

                  Sell it!

                  You feel generous, but as everyone else you could use some gold, too? You have some items in your inventory you never really use? Great, sell them to me wink
                  I'm an exchanger and this is how I acquire most of the funds. In other terms: I buy cheap and sell it for higher in the mp. Please keep in mind that I don't pay market price...aside from taking the risk to sell the item and paying the tax, I need a margin to be able to make a profit with it. An exception from this are items I like to use as prizes for this charity, then I offer closer to mp.
                  For this, visit my buying thread:

                  User Image

                  My policy and the way I work is explained in the first post. Please read it and check if I'm currently online or offline (it's stated in the thread title). In case it's not urgent, you can leave me an offer even though I'm offline, of course and I will get back to you.

                  At this point 100% of the profit I make with the shop are going into the charity!

                  User Image

                  Buy it!

                  Shopping and helping a good cause? Possible! smile
                  True to the motto "One man's junk is another man's treasure", Candy is going to sell all the junk we find it our inventories: a wide variety of game items, giftboxes, fish drops, clothes,...
                  100% of the proceeds of the sale are going directly into the charity.
                  If you'd like to buy a bigger item, she's going to take off the 2% tax if you send her a trade.
                  You can find her humble shop here:

                  User Image

                  User Image
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      User Image

                  ● ● ● Investors!
                  ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃
                  These generous people get all our love, because they contributed to our cause:

                  heart II_iMuddy_II
                  heart Beautifully Meaningful
                  heart Teacup Creations - twice!
                  heart Hee-ho-kun/Kira's charity - three times!
                  heart Bunny Hopsicle -twice!
                  heart Zara Moughon - twice!
                  heart Synthetic Aiishi
                  heart Lorelei DiAngelo
                  heart Kadesha
                  heart Indigomagenta
                  heart GetRichOrDieTryn
                  heart Phat Rack
                  heart Shoot for the Stars Charity - twice!
                  heart Arashi Erina
                  heart Diabolica-III
                  heart Rogue Cerise


                  heart phantomlimbs-
                  heart machiroux
                  heart deoase2
                  heart moonlight34
                  heart BlackFoxAkujin
                  heart King Racoon
                  heart Spirit evee
                  heart The Solarised Night
                  heart CREATIVE AMPUTATIONS
                  heart White Fox15
                  heart Chadwick Malcolm/ Bianca Wolf - twice!
                  heart ll k a g a m i ll
                  heart ^Jaymee^Raine^
                  heart Tsuzukiga - twice
                  heart Love_is_You_You_and_Me
                  heart moonlight34
                  heart kawaii189
                  heart TurtlesAndStars

                  heart I Am ferret - left Gaia, but although never been a regular of the charity, she donated
                  a big amount of valuable items...thanks a lot for that and all the best
                  for your real life!

                  heart Synthetic Aiishi - I'm sad that she leaves Gaia, but thankful that she donated half of her
                  Gaia invo to the charity. Hopefully you come back someday - we will
                  welcome you :3


                  heart Tristan The Sorrowful
                  heart NaTuresEnvy
                  heart Sanguinaura Bloodstone

                  User Image

                  ● ● ● Customers!
                  ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃

                  We were able to help these people with their wishes:

                  heart Hel-Sama (OMG-hat quest): 250k [applied]
                  heart Peaceful Angelic (Wild Dawn-Quest): 50k [applied]
                  heart Schizophrenic Chicken (Mini Angel Wings-Quest): 500k [applied]
                  heart fyrefly requiem (angelic pendant-quest): 50k [chosen by Maha]
                  heart Colored_Markerz (OMG & Pandalita-Quest): 350k [applied]
                  heart Inferno Breeze (Blessing-quest): 350k [applied]
                  heart The Valkyrie Ryu (electric Blue Quest): 100k [chosen by Maha] & Ascended Demon [Applied]
                  heart Flammable Rainbowz: 50k [chosen by Maha]
                  heart mindless moans: cute cloberer [chosen by Maha]
                  heart Vaiche (Angelic scarf): 200k [applied]
                  heart Teacup Creations (quest thread): 100k [chosen by Maha]
                  heart iiStrawberryPocky (The Sandman): 250k [applied]
                  heart Benedict Hitler (Dream Avi quest): 100k [applied]
                  heart Ziarinaa (eyes quest): 350k [applied]
                  heart Beautifully Meaningful (pale marionette quest): 150k [chosen by Maha]
                  heart LadyDean_2 (being hacked): 150k [chosen by Maha]
                  heart The Solarised Night (Custard quest): 500k [applied]
                  heart Child of Horus (Persephone quest): 350k [applied]

                  Gold given in total since 11.10.2011: 4.06m

                  User Image

                  ● ● ● Sells!
                  ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃

                  These prizes were given out so far:

                  Prizes & gold were given out from 11.10.2011 to 12.31.2011 in total:
                  4.186.000 winners and prizes can be looked up here


                  Summer during Christmas Contest:
                  heart summer gardener (won by Schizophrenic Chicken)
                  heart vibrant sunshine + 100k (won by HoshinaUtau120)
                  heart summer grass field + 50k (won by Peaceful Angelic)

                  2011: Top 5 - contest
                  heart The wasp (won by Inferno Breeze)
                  heart McSaintly's cache (won by iiStrawberryPocky)
                  heart Sir Percy (won by Vaiche)

                  2012: resolutions - contest
                  heart Raider Shi's Garment (won by Inferno Breeze)
                  heart Scarlet Promise (won by Schizophrenic Chicken)
                  heart Painted Rose (won by Crystalized Cherri)

                  1k pages event
                  heart Legendary Mage (won by Schizophrenic Chicken)
                  heart Kitty Slippers (won by F1 KEY, Solar, Doppelganger Love)

                  Zodiacal (12th gen) Lottery
                  heart won by Schizophrenic Chicken^

                  Ophiuchus Contest
                  heart Radiant Galaxy (won by The Solarised Night)
                  heart Starlit Bride + 20k (won by Inferno Breeze)
                  heart Celestial Wrap + 10k (won each by Dollie Missy & Louisa Iris)

                  Catch a falling star
                  heart Prizes for 220k

                  Talk a little Love contest
                  heart Pebbled Heart (won by Schizophrenic Chicken)
                  heart Cupid's Crown (won by Child of Horus)
                  heart Painted Rose (won by Inferno Breeze)

                  Write a little Love contest
                  heart Love Charm III (won by Benedict Hitler)
                  heart Giacomo's Charm (won by Inferno Breeze)
                  heart Raging Night Jewel (won by Colored_Markerz)

                  Craft a little Love contest
                  heart Checkered Remorse (won by Schizophrenic Chicken)
                  heart Love Charm III (won by Benedict Hitler)
                  heart 2x Love Wrapped (won each by Inferno Breeze & Doppelganger Love)

                  Zodiac Art Contest
                  heart Divided Stars (won by Ingerno Breeze)
                  heart Starlit Promis (won by LadyShizika)
                  heart Lunar Birth + 125k (won by Kinein)

                  Love Bingo
                  heart Love's Warrior (won by Child of Horus)
                  heart Knave of Hearts (won by Schizophrenic Chicken)
                  heart Sexy Present (won by Peaceful Angelic)
                  heart Baby Love Plushie (won by Inferno Breeze)
                  heart Love Charm II (won by Schizophrenic Chicken)

                  Maha gives Candy
                  heart 384.108g in total has been given out

                  Buy Candy...an auction
                  heart Tangy Citrus Deluxe for 16g to x R a w r I E a t C h u u

                  Craft a Fortune Cookie
                  heart Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (won by Doppelganger Love)
                  heart Candy Pink Sweet Lace Dress (won by The Solarised Night)
                  heart Kanoko's Frostee Sweets (won by Child of Horus)

                  Candy Factory
                  heart Berry Mousse Royal (won by The Solarised Night)
                  heart Strawberry Charlotte (won by Child of Horus)
                  heart Flavors de Alpaca (won by sgkat)
                  heart Kiwi Chocolate Creme (won by Coloured_Markerz)
                  heart Giant Rainbow Lollipop (won by Peaeful Angelic)

                  Guess the Candy
                  heart Sweetie Delight (won by The Malfoy Mistress)

                  Pot o' Gold
                  heart 50k, Medusa, Crystal Flower, Sunny Mood Bubble, Autumn Glory, Spear (won by The Solarised Night)
                  heart 15k each Colored Markerz & Ziarinaa

                  Lucky Grab
                  heart 35k in total has been given out

                  Egg collecting
                  heart Moonlight Guardian (won by Ziarinaa)
                  heart White Bunny Hoodie (won by Nu-0 cool
                  heart 35k (won by izJessRawrz)

                  Bunny Hunt
                  heart EASTERn sun and western moon (won by Nu-0 cool
                  heart Ranunculus (won by sgkat)
                  heart Bani the Bunny won by Ziarinaa

                  Easter story
                  heart Dander (first gen) (won by Solar)
                  heart Pink Bunny Slippers (won by Peaceful)
                  heart 100k (each won by Tranquil & Colored)

                  Egg painting
                  heart April 2012 Sealed Letter won by Lady Shizika
                  heart Spring Rose won by Peaceful Angelic
                  heart Celebration Ribbons won by The Solarised Night

                  Chicken catch
                  ✿10k gold won by Child of Horus
                  ✿ Basket Looh won by Shining Wizard
                  ✿ Cheepz won by sgkat
                  ✿ Crystal Flower won by Peaceful Angelic
                  ✿ Giant Rainbow Lollipop won by izJessRawrz
                  ✿ Talsi's Sash won by Spanish Leek Squared
                  ✿ Owlpocalypse won by Pixy Stix Junkie
                  ✿ Imperial Queen won by The Solarised Night

                  Other contests & events:
                  heart angelic mood bubble
                  heart egyptian jewellry box
                  heart Zoo Snacks
                  heart Memphis Wing Bra
                  heart Wolf Ears
                  heart Race Start Gun
                  heart Angel Imp Potion
                  heart Spring Bride
                  heart Spring Wanderer
                  heart Spring Nymph

                  November 2013
                  heart Giant Rainbow Lollipop x2
                  heart Orangeade Style
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                  Become a regular, contribute to the charity and you'll get a place here...I decided that I don't want to have something like a black list and I hope it won't be needed in further times...but that doesn't mean I don't keep in mind when someone doesn't obey the rules...

                  These wonderful people have been here since the beginning or for a long time and helped to turn this into a great place... heart

                  Schizophrenic Chicken
                  Zara Moughon
                  Inferno Breeze
                  Peaceful Angelic
                  Teacup Creations
                  Boss Mikado/Kira
                  Louisa Iris
                  The Solarised Night
                  The Valkyrie Ryu
                  Magical Maiden
                  Dollie Missy
                  Doppelganger Love
                  x R a w r I E a t C h u u
                  Child of Horus
                  Spanish Leek Squared

                  User Image

                  ...stay on the white list and you'll receive the membercard. There will be contests and events hold especially for owners of it as well as special offers and little presents.

                  User Image
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      Dedicated Vampire

      User Image

      User Image

      yellow pink red purple blue green

                  As crazy as it sounds, but one of my nicest childhood' memories is related to a gumball machine. When we were kids, my cousin and I collected coins when we had a family day at my grandma's and ran to the gumball machine. We hoped to get one of the items, but always ended up with lots of gumballs. I guess this was the first hint of how unlucky I am when it comes to gambling *lol. And no, the gumballs aren't what makes the memory so precious, sadly my cousin died young and when I look back, those were the moments when the world was fine, full of excitement and the biggest disappointment was not getting the cheap plastic ring you wished for. wink
                  And now I want to bring back a bit of that feeling. Just without the disappointment...there won't be any gumballs in my machine...only items smile .

                  How it works

                  Easy wink . Contribute to this charity and you shall get rewarded. The ways are infinite: make this your home and become a regular, make a sign, come up with a contest idea,...
                  If we like what we see, you will be quoted and receive this coin:

                  User Image

                  Then you choose a colour from the ones stated above (if a colour is striked out, it means someone already took it, so don't choose that one).
                  Send a trade to Candy and label it with the colour you chose, she will put the item which is hidden behind the colour into the trade.
                  >>click here to open the trade<<
                  Accept the trade and enjoy smile
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      Dedicated Vampire

      User Image

      User Image

      User Image

      Two years ago in november, the Candyshop opened its doors to the public.
      Due to my personal real life we didn't celebrate its first birthday. Time to
      make up for it and celebrate its 2nd! Since the Candyshop is doing everything
      a bit differently, we are celebrating throughout december and until
      january with a mix of revived old contests and brandnew ones. They will be
      added gradually: so make sure you check back smile

      and now: Let the party begin!

      User Image

      What is the best part about a birthday party? The presents! In this case the birthday kid gives presents instead of getting them: to all the great people who kept and keep the Candyshop going (aka the ones on the white list).

      ✰How it works✰

      You can wish for everything that lays within my reach: from an item for yourself, a donation for someone else to whatever the mini shops or similar offer. The limit is 100k.

      ✰ Rules ✰

      You must be a customer of the Candyshop Charity (means your username
      must be on the white list)
      The limit for your wish is 100k
      Post 3 different wishes
      Post those here - posting in the thread or via pm doesn't count

      ✰ Deadline ✰
      The deadline to post your wish is December, 20th 2013

      User Image

      Candy is currently on her CRAK-mission ( = Candy's Random Act of Kindness), wandering around the forums to find people who deserve a little gifting.

      ✰How it works✰

      You can help Candy on her mission. Do you know somebody who could use a little smile in form of a present? Anyone who deserves a little gift, because (s)he is such a generous person? Anyone who's questing for ages and could use a little motivation? Anybody with a crazy collection anda goal of collecting 1 million sunflowers, goldfishies or polo shirts? Suggest a name and Candy will see what she can do...she will also hold a little raffle for all the suggesters

      ✰ Rules ✰

      Just send a pm filled with the following to candyshop_charity (the mule)

      (name) deserves a CRAK!
      Because (state a reason here)
      A great gift would be (state here)
      You should also know (is there a quest thread/link, profile, any other information?)

      ✰ Deadline ✰
      The deadline to suggest someone is December, 28th 2013
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      Dedicated Vampire

      User Image

            ● ● ● Gummybears gone wild!
            ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃ ▃▃▃

            I don't know why, but it looks like our gummy bears are very lively creatures. Once in a while one of them seriously tries to get away. We can't allow that. So if you see the following picture:
            User Image

            be quick and catch the bear by quoting. If you're the first one who quotes it, you'll get a reward.

            User Image
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      Dedicated Vampire

      mahareta's avatar

      Dedicated Vampire

      User Image

      *Under construction*
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      Dedicated Vampire

      User Image

          User Image

                      Although we all love Gaia, our pixelated items and the fun we have here, we shouldn't forget that there are people in the world who are less lucky. No, I'm not going to lecture about how spoiled you are wink , but this a charity after all and I would like to introduce you to a great website:


                      I think everyone heard of the horn of Africa. Hunger and malnutrition are still the number one risk to health today. Isn't it unbelievable that one in seven people doesn't have enough food to live a healthy life? In numbers: there are 925 million malnourished people in the world!
                      An awesome way to do something against that is freerice.com. It's a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme. The programme has two big goals:

                      Provide education for everyone for free
                      Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

                      How does it work? All you need to do is spending some time on the website and play quizzes. For every question you answer correctly, the programme donates 10 grains of rice. The longer you play, the more questions you answer, the bigger the donation becomes. You don't even need to register as a user. The quizzes ranges from vocabulary to math which makes it a great oppurtunity to show off your knowledge, improve it and do something good at the same time.
                      If you'd like to learn more about it or start playing, just click the banner above.

                      User Image
      mahareta's avatar

      Dedicated Vampire

      User Image

                  Links in
                  A charity couldn't be one without people who keep it alive. If you like us, please advertise us.

                  User Image

                  [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/take-me-to-the-a-d-s-op-a-i-uc-dnp/t.75830317_1/#1][img]http://i867.photobucket.com/albums/ab237/sourgirl19/Charity Thread/Candyshop/Charity_Layout/300x80-1.png[/img][/url]

                  User Image

                  [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/take-me-to-the-a-d-s-op-a-i-uc-dnp/t.75830317_1/#1][img]http://i867.photobucket.com/albums/ab237/sourgirl19/Charity Thread/Candyshop/Charity_Layout/200x40real.png[/img][/url]

                  User Image

                  [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/take-me-to-the-a-d-s-op-a-i-uc-dnp/t.75830317_1/#1][img]http://i867.photobucket.com/albums/ab237/sourgirl19/Charity Thread/Candyshop/Charity_Layout/small_button.gif[/img][/url]

                  ✦ ✦ ✦

                  Links out

                  If you have a charity/shop/thread, we do the same for you:


                  User Image



                  User Image


                  Shops - free services

                  User Image User Image

                  User Image
                  An Avi Stylist Shop.
                  Come check it out.


                  ✦ ✦ ✦


                  These shops/guilds/threads supported us in one or another way, therefore we would like to thank them by posting their buttons...please visit them smile .

                  User Image currently on hiatus!

                  User Image

                  User Image & User Image

                  User Image
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      User Image

      These wonderful banners, art, signs,...are made by our lovely customers smile Thanks a lot for these! heart

      User Image
      by sarcastic pop tart
      User Image
      by shiniiBBY
      User Image
      by Schizophrenic Chicken

      User Image by GetRichOrDieTryn

      User Image by Teacup Creations

      User Image by TranquilDisturbance

      User Image by YourBeautifull

      User Image by Le_Cupcakes Love

      User Image by iChocoCandy

      User Image by iChocoCandy
      User Image by MistressDeevine
      User Image by Dollie Missy

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