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Original Millionaire

well, i'm multi-talented.
i may not be good at programming, but i'm excellent at psychology, math, economics, sociology, ancient history, and other stuff like that.
what i'm not good at is biology, english, and foreign languages.

Same here.
I'm good with anything that's artsy, or requires logic.
Though, I can't learn languages other than english to save my life.
French was never my best friend in elementary school.
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Original Millionaire

i get french, i just suck at speaking it. i can write it no problem so far though.
I seriously fail at french.
Though, I only took it when I had to in elementary school, and no further.
Then weasled my way out of the course my freshman year of high school to take both art and music while everyone else had to pick one or the other.
But I do wish I knew another language. Something epic like German or Russian.
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Original Millionaire

my high school made us take two years of either spanish or german.
i chose spanish. x]

but my college does offer both german and russian! i chose french though. haha
Here you have to have one french credit to get your high school diploma .
Beyond that they don't care if you take it again. They offer spanish too.
Not that anybody takes spanish to learn the language. It's a massive bird course.
But me being special I just substituted a senior credit for my french.
If there was german at my high school I would have taken it though. German is such an awesome language.

My college doesn't even offer language courses.
Not that anybody would have room to take them.
Since most programs have enough mandatory classes for 5 classes a semester.
The only elective there is that I can even think of is pottery. Lame.
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Original Millionaire

there are a lot of electives here, but that's because i'm at a university with eleven colleges in it x]
one of the electives i'm taking is going to be sculpture.
Unfortunately for me I go to a tiny college with a little more than two thousand students.
The sad part is a vast majority of those students are at the school on exchanges from China/India. It's sad when the Asian exchange students out number the local students.
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Original Millionaire

haha well we have a lot of foreign exchange students too.
most of them are from the middle east though.
My college has an affiliation with some business college in China so we have tons of students from there.
Then there are a ton of people in China taking online courses from the college.
They alone out number the students taking classes on campus.
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Original Millionaire

oh wow
well, good luck with that!

all our foreign students actually come here for school, then go back home after x]

From what I've seen, a lot of them are at the college so they can use it as a stepping stone to get into universities after they finish their program.

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