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I honestly still don't get why people drink. Most alcoholic beverages take like crap. Kinda lame that some people drink to loosen up too. Just practice being more assertive. There are too many people out there either endangering or making complete asses out of themselves.

Hm. I may have a solution to your problem, apparently pure honey with cinnamon powder cures a ton of common bodily complications. I'll link you'll the full list when I'm on my computer, but it deals with fatigue, stomachaches, longevity, acne, etc. You should try it. I'm personally gonna cut down on the three cups of coffee a day and switch to that. While we're discussing natural remedies, strawberries mixed into a paste with baking soda whitens your teeth. Tried it firsthand.

That's unfortunate. I hope they get fixed soon. In the meantime, you're gonna get fantastic thighs. I've gotten pretty fit without working out because of the amount of walking I have to do just to get between classes. I'm ruining my feet because my orthodics don't fit into any of my boots, but at least my legs are toned. :/
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Terro! Help me! What is wrong with my avii? It seems off to me, but I don't know what to channge! I'm a fail! D:

A large portion of those who do drink often aren't doing it for the taste.
It's often for the buzz.

The only problem with that is I have neither of those things. Were it that I was home they'd be around, but I really don't want to purchase something that will probably not be used a whole lot.
And as interesting as the strawberry thing sounds, I can't ingest them.
But, reducing your caffeine intake is probably a good idea. That's one of the things that makes me glad I can't stand coffee.
I don't end up ingesting large quantities of caffeine.

Surprisingly, the two were fixed by time I left for class this morning.
Which is pretty fortunate considering the combination of three hours of fencing practice and the journeys up and down the many flights of stairs have resulted in sore calves.
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Terr ;; oh, well, I'm glad you're glad about it :]

Reality ;; I kind of like it now that I'm getting used to it. ^-^

Even after trying Windows 8 via a virtual machine, I wasn't any more impressed than I was after reading a variety of industry reviews and seeing images of the GUI.
If Windows shenanigans hadn't pushed me toward owning a Mac years ago, Windows 8 definitely would.
The metro interface is fine for a tablet, but makes very little sense on a non-touch machine.
Even on a touch enabled computer it's still pushing it a bit.

At least you're getting used to it, I guess.

Fancy that, I've now had this same avatar for one hundred consecutive days.
I really ought to change it...
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Lupine Guildsman

Terro! Help me! What is wrong with my avii? It seems off to me, but I don't know what to channge! I'm a fail! D:
Oh shoot. Sorry, man. I log on, like, every three days or so these days. Busy with school and Gaia's a bit slow right now.

Okay, you and I both know that out styles differ substantially, so you might not like the changes I have in mind. I personally would remove the demonic imp and leave your feet clear to showcase your outfit better. I would then include some sort of cool item (maybe something colourful to liven up your avi) for your left hand. Gimpi's optional, but your avi would probably look a lot better with something big and dramatic where Gimpi is now. Maybe something gold to match the gold accents already included in your outfit?

And you're not a fail, darling. You're fabulous.
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@ Reality: Pretty lame, I'd say.

Ooh, strawberry allergy?

I dun goofed. Have had three cups of coffee every day since our last conversation. I just can't deal without it. I need one to wake me up, one from Timmies in the middle of school (to keep me active and warm my insides from the -30 degree weather), and another in the evening when I'm studying at home. But, of course, the coffee I have at home is that gourmet cappuccino with the shroom that I mentioned to you a while back. It's actually pretty healthy and actually helps me relax, rather than making me jittery. If those three cups were from Timmies or any other brand, I'd probably just stick to a cup a day.

Aww, your sexy thighs will rely entirely on the fencing then. But at least your calves get a rest. Are you okay?

Yeah. I don't drink either, so it's not exactly my idea of fun,


Which is pretty understandable.
I drink an absurd amount of tea in the winter months. The fact that I got an awesome set of travel mugs for Christmas just means even more tea.

There's plenty of stairs around campus. The one section of campus is raised compared to the rest, so it's surrounded by a variety of outdoor staircases.
My calves are finally recovering.
Yesterday they were pretty sore, however.
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Lupine Guildsman

Lame. What else are you allergic to? I feel like we've had this conversation several times before, but I have no recollection of it.

Travel mugs. Sweet.

I was about to tell you not to use the stairs, but I guess it's more environmentally friendly. Whatever you're comfortable with. I've managed to injure both of my big toes from God-knows-what. Did I already mention that? I dunno. Anyhow, walking's been difficult. I wouldn't have this problem if the campus was smaller, but nothing can be done about that. I'll just have to look for a more comfortable pair of shoes. I usually enjoy the stiffness and the tightness on the sides (since I have really skinny feet and the width's too loose 9/10 times) of my punk boots, but my feet need a rest from time to time.

I'm pretty sure the strawberry thing has come up before.
Anyway. I'm also allergic to metals. So, I can't wear jewellery.
I can't even wear my belt too many days in a row, due to the buckle/studs irritating my skin so much when there's minor contact throughout the day.

Mhmm. I brought the gorgeous blue one with me, while the silver one is at home.
I love them to death, though. They keep things hot for ages.

It's pretty impossible to avoid stairs around here.
Most of my classes are several floors up, and it's quicker than waiting for the elevator.

Jeez. That's not good.
I can imagine how painful that must be.
A comfortable pair of shoes might be a good investment.
Before I came back to Ottawa I got these pretty comfortable boots that I've been wearing almost all the time.
Not to mention, I adore how they look. Since they kind of make me think of steampunk-ish things.
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Lupine Guildsman

Yeah, I know you have an issue with cheap jewelry and such. I think I was just confused about whether it was you or Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man who's allergic to strawberries. I guess it's both of you.

Niice. I have a favourite mug too. Has my name on it! :D My mom brought it back from her trip to Ghana last summer. Wasn't actually customized though. A lot of other Ghanaians share my supposed "English name" because it's actually an honorific that corresponds to the day I was born and goes in front of my actual name. But the name on the mug's easier to pronounce, so English name it is.

Hmm. Kinda annoying.

These shoes were bloody expensive, so I expected them to be more comfortable. Or maybe they were once. I've managed to wear out the bit of lining at the bottom. The fact that I have all sort of foot/leg issues doesn't help. I'll wear some of my less awesome looking shoes that actually fit the insole for a bit. I just hope they keep my feet warm enough throughout the day. So much show outside.

Ooh. If possible, take a pic of your boots? I'll take a pic of mine too if you like, though they look kinda shitty after all I've put them through.


Mine's just blue.
But, that's pretty cool that yours has your name on it.
I've got a aluminum water bottle with my name on it, but it's at home due to me constantly forgetting to bring it along.

You learn to deal with it.

Even expensive boots/shoes do wear out eventually.
Though expensive doesn't always mean comfort.
Warm feet are a good thing to have. Wear thicker socks?

Sure. I'll have to lace them though. The entire midsection has lace hooks so the laces are mostly undone.

Look, boots and again.
I'd take better pictures, but I'm being lazy.
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Lupine Guildsman


My canteen's old and worn. :( I think it once had a cool design on it but it's rubbed off.

I already wear two pairs of socks to school. Gonna be touch getting a third in there. :P

Looking good. Didn't think you'd show me so soon though. I thought tomorrow afternoon or something. I really don't want to travel downstairs and to the cold front entrance right now. lol. Tomorrow, tomorrow. Just remind me. I've been forgetting practically everything for a while now.

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