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The bathroom connected to my room just has a shower stall. No tub.
So, that's not really an option. Not that I'm really much of a sit around in a bath type to begin with.

The aches will go away eventually.
I'll take this over how I felt yesterday any day.
At least I can concentrate on studying.
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Original Millionaire

you should try to relax your body more often, especially if it's sore a lot.

Usually I'm not this sore.
Only occasionally from fencing I'll have a bit of soreness and some bruises.
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Original Millionaire

well still, it's important to take care of your body~
that way you can have a long, healthy life. ^-^

Which I do try to.
I think I just slept oddly or something last night.
The bed here isn't the greatest, so that's probably the cause.
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Original Millionaire

yeah, my bed's not too great either. it's pretty old and i wish i had my own bed (which is in indiana).
i don't sleep very well on it and wake up tired often and sometimes i sleep wrong as well, so i understand how you feel.

Age isn't really as issue here. This building is really new.
But, the mattress is like a rock, and smaller than I'm used to.
My bed at home is a double with a foam mattress, so the bed here is more than awful by comparison.
Honestly, I'm surprised I haven't fallen off the bed onto the floor in the middle of the night yet.
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Original Millionaire

maybe you should get one of those things they put on mattresses to make them more comfortable? i was thinking about getting one, but i'm not sure how long i'll be in this bed.

Were that it was so easy.
The mattress is a twin xl, which is longer than a regular twin mattress.
Twin xl stuff is absurdly hard to find.
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Original Millionaire

it's pretty easy to find here. i have a set that my parents now have that i had gotten for my college bed. after actually getting to the college i discovered the beds were regular twin sized, not the longer ones as it said on the information sheets we were given. it made me very mad to not have a bed set that actually would fit my bed.

Around here that kind of thing is hard to find.
So, my sheet on the bed is a larger one that the sides have been tucked under.
I don't mind using my larger blankets since that means I have plenty to snuggle up with.
Proper twin sized blankets just aren't wide enough for ample blanket snuggling.
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Original Millionaire

got my new computer~
it's windows 8 and so weird. lol. still haven't figured it out yet.
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Lupine Guildsman

Emo Punk Mistress
you don't sound too pleased about that, terr. oxo
Well, I sort of am. I was still in a horrible mood when I wrote that.
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Lupine Guildsman

Reality Fallacy
It's good to hear that you're feeling better, Terr.
Sounds like that was quite the party.

Last night for me consisted of being kept up by the drunk people on my floor being loud all night.
Waking up at three am to the sound of my res fellow telling them they were be too loud [ironically in a loud voice] was definitely not my idea of a good time.

And today I have somehow become a big ball of ouch.
Just about everywhere hurts.
And doing just about anything hurts.
How this happened I'm not exactly sure, but it did.
Hate it when people choose to be noisy particularly when I want to sleep. Any chance that earplugs will help. I sometimes put on my earbuds when my brother's practicing the piano in the morning and I want to sleep in.

That's weird. Rough night?

Mistress -
Windows 8 is something I throughly hate.
It's just Windows 7 with Metro slapped on top just for the heck of it.
On a desktop/laptop Metro is completely useless.
If I had a windows machine that came preinstalled with Windows 8 I'd definitely be downgrading to Windows 7 immediately.

Terr -
Yeah. That kind of thing will happen from time to time on a Friday/Saturday night in res.
What with people getting drunk to varying degrees.
I honestly don't like to sleep with things in my ears.
Normally once I'm asleep the noise from the hall doesn't bother me.

Saturday as a whole was pretty rough.
In the middle of fencing warmups that morning I suddenly felt really weak, and generally unwell.
As a result I ended up having to leave early, and spent the following six hours in bed in the attempt to sleep it off.
Which didn't work. For the rest of the night I felt awful.
By the time I tried to go to sleep again I was having a hard time sleeping, and woke really easily after I did manage to fall asleep from seer exhaustion.
It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that I actually started feeling better, but was incredibly sore by then.

And today a new record has definitely been set for breaking elevators in my building.
This evening there were two working elevators, by the time I came back to change for fencing a few hours later none were operational.
I don't have high hopes for them to be up and running any time tomorrow either.
The woes of living on the tenth floor.

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